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GLMax - February 8, 2005 08:46 PM (GMT)
I have almost finished!

Here they are. Beedrill be glad tyo use them for the site!

The Pokemon Journey

Tribuzz Town- This is your hometown. It doesnít have anything. Not even a mart or center. No contest or gym here. The only thing here is the pokemon laboratory and a few neighborsí homes. Your house and your rivals house too. Prof. Maple is the head of operations at the lab. He will give you your first pokemon. After home is Gurby Town.

Gurby Town- This is the town right after your Tribuzz Town. There is a mart and center and a few houses. If you go to the house on the far left the man inside will give you an egg containing a mysterious pokemon. You also have to get a package from the mart to bring to Prof. Maple. Your rival will show up here looking for a quick battle.

Sunnyvail City- Is a rather small city. It is where your sister is a gym leader. They have both marts and centers. She is an expert in grass type pokemon. To battle your sister (Amara) you must have 9 badges. She has six pokemon all of high levels (Tropius, Vileplume, Gloom, Victreebell, Sunflora, Jumpluff). When (if) you do beat her she will give you TM solar beam and the Solar Badge! After you beat her, your rival will show up for a battle. In the far left top corner of Sunnyvail is a man that has a sunstone for you. He collects them, and if you beat his Bellossom and Roselia he will give it to you. They are both level 11. Also later when you get a pokemon with surf in the bottom right corner you can surf to look for an item (pokeball x 2). There is also a pokemon Museum here, so you can learn about pokemon.

Flazzville Town- Is a very, very, very small, little town that comes right after Sunnyvail City. There is one gym there. The leaders are brothers. The older brother (Ken) has an Arcanine and the younger (Kyle) has a Magby! It is a double battle. Arcanine is level 20 and Magby is level 16. They both share a Lv. 18 Flareon. After you beat Ken and Kyle they will give you a TM fireblast and the Magma Badge. There is a pokemon contest here too. It is your first one, and the normal rank contest! There is a pokemon clinic, mart, and center. A young family in the house next to the gym will give you a TM, but only if you beat there niece and there nephew. They will be a double battle also. Battle them first for exp. After you beat the gym they will give you the TM. Ashley (niece) and Nick (nephew) have a Torchic and Cyndaquil, which are both level 14.

Cain City- Is an island that containsÖa mart, a center, gyms and a contest. It has another normal rank competition. There are two gyms there. One is real the other is not. The real one mainly uses dark type pokemon. The leaderís name is Yasmin. She has pokemon from level 30-33. She has 4 PKMN, an Umbreon, Houndour, Murkrow, and Poochyena. Beating Yasmin will give you the TM moonlight and the Shadow Badge! The other gym is for trainers who like to use fighting. If you beat all 7 trainers (including boss) that have 27-29 level PKMN the boss will give you the choice of receiving a Machop or Makuhita (both level 24). Both have similar attacks so it doesnít really matter which you choose. Since you donít have SURF yet, you will have to take a boat over. It costs $300. That is a good deal because you need the badge. The boat is the S.S. Splash. Later you will be able to surf to Lime Town. In the house near the mart an old man will give you an old rod, but only if you answer some questions to help him become cool like his grandson you will meet later. The only other important thing in this town is that there are many items hidden, that you need to find with the ITEM FINDER.

Kwanee City- This large city is home to the power plant. There is no gym or contest here. It is mainly home to the workers at the power plant. Except no one has been working lately. The rumor is that a mysterious group of electric pokemon went berserk (probably because of their trainers). There is a mart, center, and a few houses, but thatís about it. Some of the workers will give you info if you beat them in a match. The only family that really lives there are the people that own the plant. They carry electric pokemon. The daughter will trade you a Pichu for a Volbeat or Illumise. There are a lot of electric PKMN in the city, but itís hard to come by Pichus unless you breed Pikachus or Raichus. Volbeat and Illumise arenít common in the city, but right next to Kwanee City is the Verland Forest, which contains many bug pokemon. In the power plant there are a few rare electric pokemon that visit it. You can also get a bike here for 2500 dollars or get a bike voucher in Jullie City.

Verland Forest- This forest connects Kwanee City and Azure Town. Many bug and grass pokemon live in this forest. There is healer in here to rest your PKMN if they get weak and tired. You can find two important things here. One is a TM (head butt) that lets you bump trees to find PKMN in them. The other is a HM (cut) that lets you slash trees. You better catch a PKMN that can learn both of them; youíll need them both in the forest. There is a small pond there where some pokemon live (you might want to use your old rod there). Many berries grow throughout the forest. You can collect a total of 13 types of berries. A woman came into the forest to get some berries. If you find her and help her get out then she will give you a RARE berry that only grows one place in the entire region. In honor of the berries that grow here, in another city there is a wild PKMN catching contest.

Teal Town- One of the middle sized city in the region. It has the main things a center and a mart. Teal Town has the third PKMN contest and it is one step above normal ranking. There is also a gym here. This gym leader has all water type PKMN. His name is Corie. The people in the town call him ďCorny CorieĒ. It rains a lot in Teal Town, mainly because Corie is sick of having everyone tease him so he tells his team (Wartotrtle, Campearl, Gorebyss, Huntail, and Vaporeon) to make it rain. Corieís pokemon are about level 37- 45. Corie will reward you with an Aqua Badge and a TM called tidal wave! So everyone that lives there doesnít really go out much. That means that most of your battles (with adults) will be inside. But there are 6 battles outside, mainly with children who are splashing in puddles. This town is were you get the HM surf. Corie will battle you outside in a pool. The only place to get PKMN in Teal Town is at the lake (Cloud Lake). Many water pokemon live there. In one of the houses you will receive a Good rod. Once you try and make your way out the town your rival from home will show up to congratulate you for getting this far and then try to beat you in a battle.

Cloud Lake- A medium size fresh water lake that contains water pokemon. Not much is known about this lake, except that some people say an ancient species of pokemon lives at the bottom. But the only way to explore under there is by using the HM dive that you will have to get somewhere else. Since you know have surf you must surf across the lake to get to Maroon Peak. You should also use your rod here!

Maroon Peak- Is connected to Cloud Lake. After you get out of the lake all you have to do is go up a hill to the mountain. Since it rained a lot in Teal Town, it snows a lot in Maroon Peak. There is a mart and center and even a contest. Yes, there is a gym. Lindsay is the gym leader and she has 5-ice type pokemon (Sneasel, Dewgong, Delibird, Jynx, Swinub). Most of her pokemon are level 50, her Dewgong is 51 and her Jynx is 52. To get to the gym you have to go through the Snow Cap Caves. If you do beat Lindsay you will get an Icicle Badge and the TM hail. There is an ice-skating rink in the lower middle of the town. Many young couples hang around there. This city is pretty busy because of the tourists that like to have vacations here. You can also take the short cut back down the mountain (cable car/chair lift). You canít catch any pokemon on the lift. Or you can choose to go down the mountain similar to the way to come up (but on the other side). There are a few wild pokemon there. The pokemon that are there are mainly ground, a few ice (at the top of the mtn), and one fire type (a group of five, but all the same species) worth catching, that is the only source of heat to Maroon Peak. There has been suspicious activity around the peak. Some people think Team Rocket has an under ground warehouse. After you complete everything you set out to do in the peak then go down the mountain heading for Jullie City.

Team Rocketís Underground Warehouse- The boss of team rocket is up to something. Search the warehouse to find out what. Be careful for hidden traps and trainer battles. You will run into a few wild pokemon. Youíre looking for something, the only hint you get is: CD.

Snow Cap Caves- A small cave that connects the town to the gym. It is also a good place to catch ice type pokemon. Make sure once you get to the gym you have a good fire type in your pack. Your rival will be here waiting for a fast battle (donít worry, he/she doesnít even have all of his/her pokemon).

Jullie City- This is a medium size city. There is no contest here, but there is a gym, a mart and a PKMN center. There is a game corner here. The gym leader here in Jullie City has mainly ghost type pokemon. His name is Eduardo. He has only 3 PKMN, but they are tough (a Misdreavus, Gastly, and Sabeleye. His Gastly is level 56 and the others are 58). You will get TM shadow ball and a Phase Badge, for beating Eduardo. The city isnít very populated. It is mainly deserted. A lot of the residents hang out at the game corner. Eduardoís younger brother and sister use his pokemon to scare away the passing travelers. Their parents died in a fire, along with most of the town. Eduardoís girlfriend, Ana watches his siblings (Pedro and Maria) at the game corner while he is at the gym. Ana will give you a coin case for the game corner if you beat her level 46 Abra. There is also a great restaurant here where you can find leftovers, lemonade, and other treats to help your pokemon! The only source of water here is from the well. Also try to get a bike voucher from Pedro and Maria.

Jullie Town Game Corner- Is a great place to win money and free pokemon.

Well of Rhellie- This is a well that supplies water to Jullie City. The name came from both Jullie City and Rhen Town. It only gives water to Jullie City, but most of the people who dug the well were from Rhen Town.

Rhen Town- This town is right after Jullie City. This town is about the same size as the one before it. There is a no contest here, but a gym. There is the usual mart and center too. The gym leader is Tasha. She uses normal type pokemon (she has two Eevees, a Aipom, a Snubbull, and a Furret. Her Eevees are level 60 and the rest are 61). For beating Tasha you earn TM body slam and a Stealth Badge. She raises Eevee and the two she uses for battle just had a litter. She will give two of the babies if you give her $300 and an Eevee breeding kit. The Eevees are level 25, one male and one female. The kit costs $750 at the mart. It is a good deal because you can evolve the Eevees. The only wild pokemon are in the northern part of the town. The types of pokemon in the grass are normal and flying. If you catch a Pidgeotto, you can trade it to the woman in the house near the center for a rare Teddiursa, to add to your collection. Tasha owns the day care center.

Day Care Center of Rhen Town- You can put two compatible pokemon in it, and they might have an egg! It does cost money. Eggs are free, but if a pokemon gains a level it costs $100. Even if it doesnít gain any level, it still costs $100 to have him in there and take them out.

Entrino City- This is the city right after Rhen Town. The town is also of medium size. There is also a subdivision part of Entrino Town called Nutrino City. It is mainly for the people of Jullie Town. It hasnít opened up yet because of mysterious mishaps. There is something going on underground that you might want to check out! Entrino Town has another contest that is the next highest level. They have the regular pokemon centers and pokemon marts. There is also a gym here where a married couple battle. Their names are Tim and Pat and they use rock type pokemon. So you better have a strong water type pokemon! They are trainer reporters. They each have two pokemon levels 65-68. Ty has a Nosepass and an Onix and Gabby has a Sudowoodo and a Gravelor. Beating Ty and Gabby earns you a Hard Badge and TM earthquake. They are rich, and they are the ones funding Nutrino City, to make them selves feel a little younger. Their son Harold is the manager of the new city, but they have lost contact with him ever since he went to fix something under the city. Harold is an experienced trainer and has two pokemon (Both 42 Geodudes). If you beat him and show him the badge his parents gave you, he will give an egg with a rock or steel (you choose) pokemon inside along with 4 potions and 5 berries! There is also a Pokemon Tower.

Entrino Town Pokemon Tower- A great place to catch ghost pokemon. Actually it is the only place. The only items to get here are 7 berries, a HM, 2 TMs, and a mystery egg containing a ghost pokemon.

Nutrino City-Is a newer version of Entrino Town. There are a lot of weird things happening down there. The reason it is being built is because the people who wanted to live in Jullie City that canít can live here (The reason they wouldnít be able to live there is because of the ghost pokemon). A few people who have been here heard something about three sisters fighting. And that the fighting is causing all of the destruction. Other people even know their names (Regina, Janice, and Gretchen) and their pokemon (Jigglypuff, Drowzee and Kecleon). All of the pokemon are said to be of low levels (about 41-44). Maybe Tim and Patís son got caught in the cross fire between these battling babes!

Lime Town- This town is right after Entrino City. Lime town is a LARGE town with its own department store. It does have a mart, gym, center, and a contest. The contest is the next level up. The gym leaderís name is Cady and she expertise in flying type pokemon. Their levels are 71-78. Her team is a Pidgeot (77), Fearow (75), Swablu (72), Tailow (74), and a Noctowl (78). Cady gives the TM gust and a tornado badge for defeating her. If you keep talking with her, she will give you a poke-flute. This town is a chance to obtain a flying pokemon just for curing a Minun! The flying pokemon is a Hoot Hoot (and it is for free). The Ampharos works in the Lime Town Light House! There isnít a lot to do in the city except for go to the department store (Lime Town Department Store) and shop your heart out! There are a few houses, but mainly stores! Be warned, as you try to get into the department store your rival will come out to fight. To get to the next town you will have to surf down a river! Then youíll be close to Azure City!

Lime Town Light House- A light house the helps boats navigate between here and another island. The other island has a Plusle working the lighting.

Lime Town Department Store-There is a reporter there waiting for young trainers to interview that have beaten the gym. On the top floor there is a rummage sale (only on Saturdays and Wednesdays). There is also a battle room where two special trainers hang out! There is poke-maniac Josh and poke-collector Larry. Josh has a level 50 Dugtrio and Larry has a level 55 Stantler! If you beat them Josh will give you an item and Larry will give you a pokemon! The pokemon is a Lickitung (Lv. 25) and the item is a hold item that boosts normal type attacks!

Azure City- This is city is right after Lime Town. This city is built on crystal clear water. There is no contest, but there is a center, gym and mart. The gym leader is Zach and he uses mainly poison type pokemon. He has a Muk (80) Venomoth (80), Grimer (84), Gulpin (79), and Weezing (82). Zach is very popular because his pokemon helped make the water so clean. Even though other poison pokemon trashed the city, Zach had his pokemon clean it all up! Zach will give you a TM with sludge bomb and the Cure Badge.The little boy (Oliver) in the top left corner house wants a battle. He is tougher than he looks, and he has an Ekans (47), Arbok (57) and Seviper (54). Even though his pokemon are weak, he has a lot of super potions. If you talk to his dad, then he will give you a Super Rod to go fishing with! Oliverís younger brother (Shawn) is swimming outside next to the house. You can battle him too. He has a Tentacool and Ariados (both level 48). He is just like his older brother and has super potions. If you beat Shawn, his dad will give you a poison heal. If you beat both in a double match (only on Mondays) will his dad give you a water stone. You can use that water stone to evolve one of your Eevees if you want. Right after Azure City there is a group of islands. There are three islands. Their names are Pear Island, Peach Island, and Pineapple Island.

The Islands Three- Three Islands off the coast of Azure City. A rich man and his wife once owned them. Once they had children, they decided to live on a boat. One day there was a storm and the parents were never seen again. Each of the 3 kids lives on one of the 3 islands. There is also an isle where a rare pokemon lives, which the children do not want to disturb. The isle is called Plum Isle. All the islands have centers and marts.

Pear Island- The eldest of the children owns this island. It is the farthest from Azure City. Ronnie resides on Pear Island. There are marts and centers there. There isn't a contest or a gym. Ronnie, would like to be a gym leader, but he has to worry about his fatherís company. Ronnie uses the pokemon on the island to work for him, in exchange for helping them whenever they need it. Ronnie is a trainer and has 2 pokemon. He has a level 38 Dragonite and a level 38 Flygon. If you beat him, you wonít receive a badge, but he will give you a pendant called the Serpent Pendant, and a TM. Your rival is here, doing some last minute catching and asks for a battle (the catch is you can refuse)!

Peach Island- This is where Fiona and Tina live. They are the middle children. And they want to be coordinators. They run their mothers business. They have 4-dragon pokemon (Dragonair, Dratini, Altaria, Dratini, all level 37). They hand out Shimmer Pendants and a TM.

Pineapple Island- This is were the youngest of the children live. His name is Theo and he loves to play. He doesnít own anything on his island, but he does have a personal amusement park his parents built. He wants to be a breeder. He has 3 pokemon (Bagon, Shelgon and Seadra that are L.36). He gives away Claw Pendant and TMs. This island is the closest to Azure City.

Plum Isle- A mysterious island off the coast of Peach Island. This island is so small; it is more of an isle. No children live on this island, but you must have all 3 of the pendants to get on. You will meet two very special people on the island. There is a rare pokemon that lives on the island.

Behebe Village- This is a small village. The islands are west of the village. This village will connect you to three other towns. There is a bug catching contest at the southern end of the city. To the north there is a Safari Zone. They are both great places to catch pokemon. To the east there is a Cycling Road great for using your bike. Only a mart and center here. The natives to the village have noticed strange people wearing dark clothes. One native saw a ďRĒ on a uniform. Also to the west of the city is a volcano! Yes, a volcano! There is also a lab where you can get fossilized pokemon revived. There is a teenage trainer in the village hoping to be a gym leader. He has Lv. 47 Steelix and Lv. 48 Lairon. Beat him and he will give you great prizes! He has a little sister that trains a Lv. 46 Magnemite. His name is Nate (Nathaniel) and her name is Irene.

Behebe Village Laboratory- Any fossil pokemon can be revived here for free.

Behebe Village Bug Catching Contest- A great place to catch bug pokemon. Prizes include: Sun Stones, Nuggets, Nest Balls and Repeat Balls.

Behebe Village Safari Zone- A safari zone great for catching all types of pokemon. It costs $500 to get in. And you can only take 500 steps, and then you leave. If time runs out, you have to leave.

Behebe Village Cycling Road- A cycling road great for bikers. There are a few trainers. The cycling road gets you to Suque City.

Tyripo Volcano- This is the only active volcano in the entire region! Whereís the other volcano you ask? Under Maroon Peak, but it hasnít been active in the last 80 years. This is a great place to catch fire type pokemon. You will find a few dragon pokemon here too. The items to get here areÖ 3 burn heals and 5 charcoals, 4 lava cookies, and a molted rock (molted rock are new things to be sold for high prices).

Team Rocketís Main Hideout- Way far beyond the other rocket encountering, this is the main hideout. Surprisingly Rocket managed to keep it a secret for a long time. There are two main stations of the hideout. A tree house and a hut. The boss uses them both for his personal business. Use the CD (from the warehouse) and put it in the main computers that are in the Hut and the Tree House. If you do that then you will save the region a hostile take over from Team Rocket.

Suque City- This is where your last contest is held. The highest rank of contests! There is no gym here, but the usual mart and center. There is also a pokemon and trainer fan club. This city will lead you to Victory Road and the Orange Mesa League.

Official Pokemon Fan Club- A club for people who love pokemon. The owner will give you six super potions if you listen to his story. A member will give you a Wigglytuff.

Official Trainer Fan club- A club for people who love to talk about trainers they know or have heard about. If you listen to the ownerís story she will give you six revives. You may also receive a Clefable from a member.

Victory Road- If you make it here you are very close to being the champion! Make it through the road unharmed and you will be at the Orange Mesa. You will have to battle a lot of trainers. You will have to stay on track and not get lost. You will be faced with catching pokemon. Victory Road is one of the regionís biggest challenges. Your rival will be waiting at the end of the road for a long battle, which will be hard to beat.

The Orange Mesa- This is your final step to being the champion of the region! You will be able to purchase some items, quickly heal your pokemon, talk to some trainers, and then it on to the ELITE 5. Once you start one battle you cannot go back. You better have a great party and have helpful items. The Elite 5 trainers are:

Elite 1- Andrew (Bug). Andrew is totally attracted to ever girl he sees. Use fire and flying type against his. His pokemon are Ledian (85), Masquerian (85), Butterfree (87), Dustox (86), Parasect (89), Yanma (83).

Elite 2-Sophia (Fighting). Sophia is a very quiet girl. She only encourages defense, fighting is not her answer (unless she is in battle). Try and use psychic pokemon on her team. Her team is as follows: Machoke (85), Hairyama (85), Hitmontop (85), Hitmonchan (84), Hitmonlee (84), and Medicham (85).

Elite 3-Kevin (Ground). Kevin loves studying the earth. He will use rough moves. Use water, ice, and grass pokemon, but stay away from electric with him. His ground pokemon are: Sandslash (86), Nidoqueen (87), Diglett (87), Cubone (88), Rhyhorn (88), and Phanpy (89).

Elite 4-Danielle (Electric) Dani (as her friends call her) is the first girl electric gym leader/elite 5. Stay away from water and flying pokemon, but use rock and ground. Her pokemon are: Raichu (93), Jolteon (92), Electabuzz (90), Flaffy (91), Manectric (92), and Voltorb (91).

Elite 5- Jade (Psychic) She is the cream of the crop. She can communicate through thought. She can levitate things. She doesnít use her special abilities in everyday life, so instead to learn more about them she trains Psychic pokemon. She has a Hypno (94), Espeon (94), Grumpig (94), Xatu (96), Kirlia (95), and a Mr. Mime (96).

toegdiP - February 9, 2005 12:30 PM (GMT)
that is coll

Cowgirl - February 9, 2005 06:27 PM (GMT)

wow! That is really good! Really, Really good! :D Could I help you with stuff? I can make up some pokemon and make the sprites of them.....Also, could I make up the Trainers? :( Please? I'll be really nice! :)

GLMax - February 9, 2005 10:15 PM (GMT)
Sure, how bout you work on what the Gym Leaders, Elite 5, and Special Trainers I mentioned. I am not doing any new pokemon.

Thanks Pidge!

Cowgirl - February 10, 2005 05:42 PM (GMT)
aww....I think you shoudl do! But anyways......I will try to do them. PM me about how you want me to make them look and I will make the stuff for them :)

GLMax - February 10, 2005 09:15 PM (GMT)
Ok well start with Amara:

Middle Blonde Hair
With a Pokeball in her hand
A green and yellow or white tanktop
A green and yellow or white skirt
Black shoes

Lets see her!

Cowgirl - February 11, 2005 05:14 PM (GMT)
Ok! I'll do her soon! I can make a Gym-leaders card of her too! And a trainers eyes! :D But for know I'll just do the sprites....

Edit: Here it is! I hope you don't mind her having trousers instead of a skirt....Amanda

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