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Title: 14th Seg Obscura, Rod Dispatch
Description: Contact: Tau

kokigami - January 2, 2012 04:42 AM (GMT)
Contact was made with Tau army in Swampy Terrain, on (system, planet, coordinates redacted) early morning, 0400 hrs. <Missions book.. Tau mission.. some kind of ambush.. don't recall>.

The battle field, swampy, mostly difficult terrain. Mud fields rated difficulty, water impassible to foot, very difficult to vehicles (immobilized on 1-2). 14TH moving north west met Tau laying in ambush. High ground on the NE and SW.

user posted image
left flank north to top
user posted image
right flank north to top

kokigami - January 2, 2012 04:52 AM (GMT)
We were moving with ratlings as scouts to our right and left, tanks in center, troops behind, hell hounds on each flank, with rough riders and Artillery in the rear.

user posted image

Zenos popped up in front, and took out the rats in short order. We had no time to document the positions of the rats on the left. Rats on the right were in an abandoned Greenskin encampment.

user posted image

Ill equipped for a night fight, or the swamp, the 14th had great difficulty locating targets at range, or closing across the difficult terrain. Request for Bull Dozers and spotlights have been submitted. The command was given to protect the flanks, expecting additional forces.

user posted image

kokigami - January 2, 2012 05:01 AM (GMT)
Zenos brought reinforcements in from the North East immediately, piranha, fire warriors and battle suits.

user posted image

Squad A (20 men) and their PCS moved up into the Orc village. Advanced a Hellhound to deal with the fire warriors, but it got hung up in the bogs.. still did some damage, but became a major obstacle later on.

user posted image

kokigami - January 2, 2012 05:16 AM (GMT)
Tau third wave brought the piranha in our midst,
user posted image

and new reinforcements on the left. Stealth suits and battle suits. Squad Bravo took heavy damage from the battle suits flamers and braced for assault. The hellhound took no damage from the stealth suits.

user posted image

Their Broad side popped one LR in the squad, and our Vanquisher missed one of their battle suits on the right at close range.. which left the battle suits to decimate Squad Alpha

However, ML team 5 took out the stealth suits and LC team 20 took out the devil fish. user posted image

kokigami - January 2, 2012 05:40 AM (GMT)
Squad Bravo held themselves in good account against fire warriors and a battle suit. HH 35 ran half the fire warriors off the field and should have used the moment to break out against the hidden units in the NW, but came about to assist the infantry and eventually paid the price. The battle, from a tactical point had floundered.

user posted image

The dead Hellhound on the right now left only a narrow channel to move north for the rough riders. The Basilisk had been lost to the opposition Broadside. <you can see a crater being used to hold dice in some of the pictures>. And my vets completely forgot to attack the piranha as it passed by their heads..

user posted image

After all this, the Hammerhead arrived on the right flank, and the Tau occupied the high ground and took aim at the remaining rough riders, who had been assaulted by drones and were locked in combat.

The broadside took out the the vanquisher and the remaining russ was bogged down in the mud.

Orders for the Lascannons to bring down the Hammerhead were not received.

We are happy to report that we have located the enemy so that the empire can schedule their destruction, with a paltry 80% casualties.

user posted image

kokigami - January 2, 2012 06:05 AM (GMT)
0k. It was only my third game, and my opponent has been playing for years. 40k is his primary hobby. So I don't feel too bad about getting whooped, though.. it was Tau..

First lesson, bad going is bad.. most of the time my troops couldn't move a full 6. I lost two vehicles to mud, need to get some dozers and magnets. I also misunderstood him, and he I during set up. He started with 150 more points (2000, to 2150) but he lost a behemoth unit to a bad drop scatter (400 points I think he said) so that wasn't the deciding factor. Though those 150 pts would have bought me dozers spotlights and maybe some smoke..

Night fighting was also a problem. I couldn't find targets at all if I remained where I was, and I couldn't move. Overall, a very bad mission for me. I am guessing Tau don't have this problem, do to their tech?

Major mistakes I made.. The Hell hound on the right should never have entered the water hazard, as the inferno cannon fires out 12 inches and this would have reached the target without taking the risk. Later, the target moved in under the 12 inch range, and I forgot to fire the hull mounted hvy flamers at it. Bolters would have been a better choice on the thing, cause then both weapons would have hit the target the first round and the second one would probably not have even been an issue, but I bought these built, and don't have the bolters to swap yet. Again, a plow might have saved my bacon here.

I was good about keeping my rough riders hidden. They wouldn't have even been on the board, I think, except the mission prevented me from having reserves. Which was a pain because it was hard to cram all those points into one quarter of a 4X6 battle field. But that hellhound blocking their charge line really nerfed em. I held em in because I figured there was eventually gonna be a big beast that needed killing on that flank, but didn't realize how easily they could be countered in that narrow passage way.

I should have skipped the russes and taken my demolisher, as it has a plow and plasma sponsons. It would have also opened up my field a bit, taking up less room. First time I remembered to use orders, so that is progress.

So, how would you fight Tau, in the dark and on the mud?

Pax Urbis Pax Imperi - January 5, 2012 03:31 AM (GMT)
Well, almost all of our tanks come with spot lights and smoke, standard. Were you playing a campaign that you needed to purchase upgrades?

Your chimeras are amphibious, so the impassable water would have been nothing to a Chimera; alas that mud is not water. :P

I would use my Leman Russ superior range and pound the enemy's infantry from a long distance. They only thing they have to match is a "only" a broadside.

I wouldn't worry about rolling a "1" to immobilize yourself (like the hellhound), it happens 16% of the time, and chances are that it will usually be fine. It was only bad luck.

kokigami - January 5, 2012 06:02 AM (GMT)
night fighting rules kept me from spotting anything at range.. indirect fire had a three die scatter and was far more likely to blow up a tree than a troop. but search lights.. damn, I didn't model the tanks so I didn't add the spot lights and smoke, so I forgot they were standard.. That would have helped a lot. live and learn. And I should have thought of that amphibious point as well. Well, everyone looses their first hundred games.

librisrouge - January 5, 2012 06:26 AM (GMT)
Xenos can be tricky, with their heretic 'advanced' technology. Good 'ol superior firepower is the way to deal with them. If they let you get close enough we can also take them in melee but they rarely let that happen. Most of our tanks come with Spotlights, use 'em. Especially the Russes since the AV14 from means they'll likely survive the counter fire.

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