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 Sorry we have been gone
Posted by Kapandaman - 11-2-10 12:19 - 0 comments
Ok over the past few months we haven't been live due to shit going down but now we are back and ready to help you all rock and club ya in the head with brand new music and also the broken xmas special coming in December so we hope you will all w more
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 BBRadio has a Game Zone
Posted by Kapandaman - 08-5-10 18:08 - 0 comments
Yes thats right we will be giving information on the latest games and hardware from the gaming market ranaging from Kinnect to 3DS.

This show will air once a week so that we can get all the information needed to help you all get your gami more
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 Brand New Site is here
Posted by Kapandaman - 08-5-10 18:03 - 0 comments
Yes thats right people the brand new BBRadio site is now live and we hope you like what we have done to the place. We have brand new shows and also 2 new DJ's one your already used to but the other you wont be because we kept it a serect from yo more
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 A Pair O' Nutters is right
Posted by Kapandaman - 08-5-10 17:59 - 0 comments
This is the newest show to BBRadio and it will be the best one we have. DJ Brad and Kapandaman are going to give you a great show why because they are great DJ's joining them together was the best thing for the Radio. We take all and any request more
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 The King Of Pop isn't dead he's rocking with us
Posted by Kapandaman - 08-5-10 17:57 - 0 comments
This show is deicated to the King of Pop because we all love him and want his legend to continue so what better than to honour him and keep his music alive on this great show.
All three DJ's come together to give you this special show.
read more
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 Here comes a takeover
Posted by DJ Brad - 08-3-10 14:23 - 0 comments
Hello BBRadio listeners, this is DJ Brad and I would just like to say I hope you all enjoy my show, and most importantly the radio station. Incase you didn't know I have my own show called Brads Takeover, if you want to listen to my show live yo more
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 BBRadio is gettin a new look and feel
Posted by DJ Matt - 08-3-10 14:05 - 0 comments
Hello all you happy people bbradio is down for a while so that I can design the new site so that you can't see it till its done and also we have 2 new DJ's. 1 is DJ Brad as you know but the other dj will not be revealed till the new site is more
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 The site is back and better then ever
Posted by DJ Matt - 06-7-09 23:47 - 0 comments
As you was all aware Broken Bullet Radio had gone for a while because it was getting a facelift will the makeover didn't happen much but the site might not look that different but the stuff added on to the site sure make up for the lack of desig more
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 BBRadio was faced with a Sue case
Posted by DJ Matt - 03-11-09 11:39 - 0 comments
BBradio had a bad day on Monday because the Old DJ Paul who uses the name Br0ken Bullet wanted to sue me for using his nickname.
But thanks to some friends of mine i was able to find out that you can't copyright a nickname because anyone co more
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 Should BBRadio also have its own Broken Bullet TV
Posted by DJ Matt - 01-22-09 16:41 - 0 comments
Ok so heres the deal here at BBRadio we have music and also we have vidoes of the latest additions to the site but what if we made are very own online TV station where we get vidoes from youtube and play them from the BBRadio Sever so that you can a more
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