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tonym5 - February 8, 2007 01:12 AM (GMT)
May 29, 1867. After witnessing the signing of the Ausgleich by Franz Joseph of Austria and by Ferenc Deak, the leader of the Magyar delegation, Lillian Faversham was pleased as the newly created Austro-Hungarian Empire was completed, after many compromises and back room deals. Her newly created Faversham bank will profit by the new entity. The former Lillian Fairhoeven was born March 16, 1844 and had married the elderly Frederick Fairhoeven back in 1863. After Frederick's passing late last year and inheriting his bank, Lillian was caught up in the deals with the newly created empire that Frederick had played a major part in.

tonym5 - February 8, 2007 06:08 AM (GMT)
June 4, 1867. Holding little Ausdell Faversham, Lillian burped the young boy of 2 years old. Proud of her little son, Lillian had high hopes for him. It would be after her death onboard the Titanic, that Ausdell would meet his death in the first year of the war to end all wars as a General in the service of the German Army. Ausdell would marry in 1889 to an American woman, Finola, with whom he would father four boys. The second oldest child, Auguste would be killed several weeks after Ausdell died in an aerial battle over France where his biplane would be shot down. Albert, his eldest son would succeed in the world of banking at the Faversham bank and would lead the bank until the late 1950s when he would retire. Andre, the third son would serve in World War 2 successfully and would rise to be a General himself in the German Army. Later, Andre would have a modest career in business. Alexander, the youngest son of Ausdell and Finola would become a professor of Psychology and move to the United States during the early 1950s.

tonym5 - February 8, 2007 06:15 AM (GMT)
1987. Onboard the Titanic after her raising, Dirk Pitt had found some time to explore the insides of the ship before the storm hit. While passing through the luxury class of suites onboard, Dirk decided to enter one out of curiosity. The Suite he picked had the remains of a woman inside the sitting room. He found a valise near her body and looked inside and saw what looked to be a journal. Dirk carefully picked it up and skimmed a few pages and decided it would be fitting to have something for the historians to pore over.

tonym5 - February 8, 2007 05:16 PM (GMT)
2007. Adriana Faversham sat in the reading room of the Titanic Museum reading Lillian Faversham's journal. After reading nearly forty pages, Adriana stopped to take a break and took off her reading glasses, chewing the end of it while thinking about a passage that was startling yet intrguing. It may not lead anywhere, thought Adriana, but she knew it was not in her nature to let something go without gnawing on it like a bone. Picking up where she left off, Adriana continued reading until she finished the whole journal. After leaving the Titanic Museum she drove back to the hotel and called the airport and booked a flight to Washington, D.C. and packed her clothing and signed out of the hotel. Within two hours she was sitting on the jet and thinking, unaware that a handsome man was sitting next to her. He was admiring the young, dark haired beauty but realized she was lost in thought and decided not to bother her. Anthony Corrado wondered what kind of woman she was. He could see that she had hazel eyes that glowed with warmth and humor.

tonym5 - February 8, 2007 05:28 PM (GMT)
Al Giordino sat in the passenger seat of the roadster as Dirk floored the gas pedal through the Virginian countryside road on this warm and beautiful spring day. He could tell that Dirk was flying and thoughtful and decided not to bother his best friend. Coming out of his reverie, Dirk looked over at Al and smiled. "Hungry?" "Yes!" replied Al, grinning. Dirk mashed the accelerator and made a sharp left turn as Al swore he felt several G Forces press on his strong, muscular frame. In less than ten minutes the roadster pulled into a small parking lot of a small, homestyle restaurant and the two men stepped out of the roadster and walked inside. After being seated, the blonde waitress walked back with a couple of menus, swinging her hips at the two handsome men and gave her best smile. "Thank you, Vera" said Dirk. Three minutes later, Vera returned and took their orders. "I'll have the Meatloaf dinner" replied Al. "I'll have the Salmon dinner, thank you" said Dirk. Vera walked back to the kitchen swinging her hips as Al admired her form. Dirk smiled at Al. "When will you ever learn, Al, that she prefers me" "I will wear her down and win her yet" replied Al with a grin.

tonym5 - February 14, 2007 01:50 AM (GMT)
Anthony Corrado sat a few booths down from Al and Dirk and smiled as the men discussed the virtues of Vera, the waitress. Poring over some statistical analysis that would bore most people, Anthony recalled the young woman that had sat next to him onboard the jet. Obviously she had something on her mind and Anthony hoped it was nothing too serious to bother the young woman. Vera came over and asked if he wanted any dessert. "No, thank you, Vera" Anthony decided that enough was enough of poring over the numbers and got up, putting the binder in the briefcase and walked out of the homestyle restaurant that he has visited over the years on his trips to Washington, D.C. Then driving at a casual pace, he made good time on the way to the CIA Headquarters. Upon arrival and clearing security, Anthony met with the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Adam LeMasters. Presenting his case for the project that had been proposed by one of the many contractors for the CIA, Anthony felt confident in his address to the Director. "You make a very good case, Mr. Corrado, and the people you represent are one of the best in their field. We have dealt with them many times over the past several years and will give it our utmost attention. I will give you a call tomorrow with the answer Mr. Corrado, thank you." Anthony drove the rental back to the city and after refreshing himself at the hotel, went to a play at Ford's Theatre. His seat was second from the aisle, in the third row from the stage. Two minutes after he sat down, a young woman sat in the aisle seat and when he saw her profile, he recognized the young woman from the jet. "Miss, you may not know this, but I recall we sat next to each other onboard the jet down from Boston. You were so distracted in thought at the time I did not disturb the moment with idle chatter or inquiry. May I ask your first name?" "My name is Adriana" she came back with a winning smile as she admired the handsome man as the curtains rose up and the play began.

tonym5 - February 14, 2007 02:11 AM (GMT)
Aldo Alamain, wearing a simple but elegant suit sat in the fourth row in Ford's Theatre, enjoyed the play but occasionally glancing at the young Faversham heiress a few seats away. Aldo, an employee of the Faversham bank that Adriana now owned, was an Economics Intelligence analyst. Standing well over six feet four inches when standing, Aldo was sitting in front of an elderly woman who was craning her head sideways to catch what was going on, on the stage. It was Aldo's business to roam the world and monitor any and all activity that may harm or help the Faversham bank. It was no coincidence that he happened to be in Washington, D.C. when she had come to the United states. Sometimes he felt it was his duty to see that nothing or anything happen towards the heiress. Not exactly a bodyguard or muscleman but Aldo knew that it was in the best interests of the bank to keep an eye on things when it came to the people that Adriana associated with. Glancing around at the audience he recognized many well known people in politics, business and other professional people that made up the population of the elite, governing elements of the United States. He did notice that some of them had recognized Adriana and were chattering about having a European heiress in their midst.

tonym5 - August 8, 2007 05:54 AM (GMT)
Adriana and Anthony were strongly attracted to each other and went to a club after the play at Ford's Theatre and enjoyed the evening together. Later at the hotel, Adriana invited Anthony Corrado up to her room. Aldo walked to Anthony's car and went through the glove compartment to find some personal information and after contacting the local bank to do a search, he learned Anthony Corrado was a false identity despite a history of criminal activities that had been conducted under that name.

tonym5 - September 12, 2007 01:23 AM (GMT)
Tony Salkind aka Anthony Corrado was happy the following morning admiring the young and beautiful heiress laying next to him with her hair swept over part of him and one leg hugging him. Anthony wondered not for the first time if he should give up the criminal but adventurous life he has been living and join most men in suburbia with their wives and SUV's and a brood of rugrats. But the thought passed as it always does and he knew he needed the adrenaline rush of a good caper that would come close to falling apart and always pulling it out of the fire in the nick of time.

tonym5 - August 2, 2009 09:31 AM (GMT)
After awaking and finding Anthony gone and a note on his pillow, "Sorry to leave you but urgent business to take care of and hope to see you later, my dear" Adriana strode into the bathroom and turned on the shower, stepping in and enjoying the tingle of the hot water hitting her skin. Reaching for the shampoo and cleaning her hair for about four minutes then rinsing for another 8 minutes she reaches for the bottled soap she uses and slides her hands first around her neck then down the sternum area before caressing her breasts and circling her hands over her flat stomach. Her hands then sweep down into her crotch area cleaning thorougly and sliding her hands down the legs. Rinsing off the soapiness takes another 18 minutes. Stepping out of the shower, Adriana grabs a regular towel to dry her hair before grabbing a thick towel to dry her body off. She wraps the regular towel around her hair and wraps the thick towel around her body and ties it on. After finishing in the bathroom Adriana steps into the bedroom and puts on her panties then the bra. Sitting on the bed she pulls on the hosiery. Pulling the shirt off the bed she puts it on then grabs the mid size skirt and pulls it up, tucking her shirt beneath it. Reaching for the light jacket she puts it on last. Walking back into the bathroom and putting on some makeup, Adriana hears the phone ring. It is her assistant Freida calling from Switzerland with the news that one wealthy European heiress was seen at the Ford Theatre the night before in the company of a handsome mystery man. "Yes, Freida, I was and am not revealing any details to the media" "A Faversham employee was at the theatre and confirmed the sighting" replied Frieda. "Are you having me followed, Frieda?" "Of course not, Adriana, but it is company policy to have an employe to always be near you no matter where you are."

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