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 The Law, and the act of layin' it down...
Forever Zero
Posted: Jul 7 2006, 11:32 PM

The REAL internet rage machine

Group: Supermod
Posts: 30,124
Member No.: 4
Joined: 29-August 04

Over the past months, the moderators have been working on adjusting the rules of the forum, modifying them both for clarity, precision, and as a reminder of the rules of the forum. In general, most things slide by pretty easily around here, but there ARE rules, and serious enough infractions will bring them to bear. There may be modifications to the rules in the future, and this thread will be updated to reflect any changes that may occur, either to further specify, or strike down old rules. While the rules are as stated, enforcement of them and punishment handed down is ultimately left up to the Moderators on a by situation basis, but these are general guidelines.

The Rules as handed down by the Mods

I. Know what to do.

A. Hatespeak.
1. Being racist is not cool. Not at all.
2. Same goes for being sexist.
3. Same goes for ad hominem attacks. No, YOU suck.
a. Ad hominem means "toward the man" in Latin. Basically, it means that you're using the debater's inherent suckitude to disqualify his arguments.
4. You can debate a point, but don't get into a nerd fight over the internet about it.
5. BE CIVIL. There's a line. If you don't know where it is, the mods will tell you where it is. Please don't tell us where to stick "our" line. That's just not civil.

B. Grammar.
1. No chatspeak. Plz?
2. No leet. K|V0VV VVHA7 1 |V|3A|V?
3. Please limit the usage of chatspeak and leetspeak in an ironic context. Using it too much dulls the edge of the irony.

1. We forumers have the attention span of a crack-addled ADD three year old. However, there are places where on-topicness is appreciated:
a. The Comic Discussion forum!
b. The RP forum!
c. The Serious Discussion forum!
d. The stickied threads in the General Discussion forum!
e. Threads in which the creator asked you to!

II. Punishment

A. First Offense
1. We're not going to hurt you. We'll just remind you that you broke a rule. And you may have to apologize, depending on the severity of the infraction.
2. You can get up to three reminders per day. If you continually abuse this by only getting two reminders a day, it counts as a three-warning day.
3. If you have a three-warning day, you get modsmacked for a week (no access to sig or avatar).

B. Second Offense
1. We'll hurt you. If you get modsmacked three times, we'll ban you for a month.
2. If you do something to earn a mod-smacked while already smacked, you'll be banned for a month.
3. At the end of the month, you may return and try to make peace with any forumites you may have offended. An apology is a good place to start.

C. Third and Final Offense
1. You're dead to us. If you get temporarily banned three times, the mods and demi-mods will vote to permanently ban you. A qualified majority (three naysayers/abstainees) will suffice to pass the ban.
2. If you return under a different username after being either temporarily or permanently banned, you will be permanently banned without a vote.
3. For your first month back after being temporarily banned, you will be on probation. This means that if you repeat the offense for which you were banned, you will be permanently banned without a vote.

III. Problems with the Mods

If you think that a mod was being unfair, please feel free to discuss this with another mod over instant messenger, the forum's personal message system, or even by e-mail. The other mod is free to agree with the first mod, but the other mod is obliged to investigate the matter and report back to you a qualified reason why the first mod took his or her action.

If you have any questions or comments about the rules of the forum, feel free to bring them up in This Thread for discussion.

"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."
- Philip K. Dick
Posted: Aug 1 2006, 12:30 AM


Group: Moderators
Posts: 40,931
Member No.: 72
Joined: 13-November 04

Some explaination of mega-threads, for those who get lost:

Rather than starting a new thread for every topic, this forum tends to focus on having large threads dedicated to a certain 'type' of topic.

Some important ones are:

Games and Stuff - the gaming thread. If you want to talk about a game, do it here. Yes, your topic might die, but your thread would too, so it all adds up, and you can always bring up the game again later if you want to keep talking about it.

Comicbook Thread - threads about paper comics. Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, whatever; as long as it's in print.

Other Comics to Read During Slow Updating Cycles - this is where we talk about other webcomics behind JayDee's back (I kid, I kid!). Basically it's for recommendations about other webcomics you like, and discussion about other comics if you feel inclined to do so. Some of the larger and/or more popular webcomics have their own threads, as well.

Queer Eye for the Sprite Guy - Show off your pixel artwork here. C'mon. You know you want to. There's a separate thread for JayDee to make requests, but this is the place to post any side-projects you might be working on. We've got a few good sprite artists, and people are usually willing to give advice if asked.

Super Plug Thread 2 - the second incarnation of the plug thread after the first one broke. Plug any random websites you find that seem neat or interesting here. Duplicates are acceptable but you'll probably get told it's a duplicate, and don't spam your own site repeatedly, unless you're Alan.

The Kitchen Sink! - Anything and everything can go here. This is the ultimate bastion of randomness and often insanity. No such thing as a topic here.

Interesting news articals - our misspelled but well-loved thread for all the world's news. Not meant for a serious in-depth discussion of said articles, but if you see something interesting, important, or otherwise plug-worthy in the news, link it here.

People Read Books? - one of the quieter mega topics, but loved by a few, discuss any books that DON'T have pictures here. smile.gif

The "S" is for suck! - our oddly named movie thread. Talk about your feature-length film favorite here.

Brain Rot - Like it says, talk about the telly here. If you aren't up on the slang, that means television.

Okay, my ability to make cute and/or creative descriptions of these is going down the tubes, so here's a few more: Share the happy news in your life! alternately, share the shitty news in your life!. Then you can show off your creative writing or artwork - or you could just browse other people's creativity. And give comments. They love that. *cough*

There are more mega threads like this, but I think I've got the gist of it captured here. But if you need to ask any questions, we have a "Random Questions Thread" for ya, where we attempt to be helpful if we can. smile.gif

Live and learn - or die and teach by example.
Posted: Jan 16 2007, 06:07 PM


Group: Moderators
Posts: 40,931
Member No.: 72
Joined: 13-November 04

Due to a few recent incidents, I feel obliged to explain our policy on spamming. Just to make it clear, spam is:

-- Creating an account for the sole purpose of linking something/several somethings.

-- Any sort of advertisement for a product (other than a plug or a requested recomendation). We already have the google banners at the bottom, that's enough.

I hope everyone knows what I mean when I say 'don't do it'. You will be banned. I will cruise this forum for the sole purpose of squashing you like a BUG.

You might have the nicest intentions in the world, giving out links that can cure cancer, but more likely you're just an asshole, and I - or one of our other mods - will delete your posts and ban you.

Fair warning.

Live and learn - or die and teach by example.
Posted: Jan 17 2008, 08:09 PM


Group: Moderators
Posts: 40,931
Member No.: 72
Joined: 13-November 04

Sticking this back up due to popular demand!


It is, generally, bad. Thus, if your computer hiccups and you accidentally post the same thing twice in a row, you must commit ritual suicide.

...wait, I'm not supposed to use sarcasm in this thing. DAMNIT-


Accidental doubleposts are, of course, okay. Someone will come along and delete it. You might get laughed at a little. But it's okay.

Deliberate double posts are a little different. I think it's fair to say that if something has dropped off the first page of threads, double posting is perfectly acceptable. But that's not likely to happen unless it's been a long time, so...

The official rule is "Do not doublepost unless at least 24 hours have passed between posts".

This is, however, rather long on occasion. Thus, the rule has been modified; if you actually have some TRULY NEW information to post that has a good chance to garner interest, the time can be reduced to two hours. This exception is mostly for the news thread. Please try not to abuse it.

Anything under two hours and you will be gently scolded, and the posts will probably be consolidated by a mod. Anything under five minutes and you'll definitely get a grumble or ten, and the posts will pretty much invariably be consolidated into one by a somewhat irritated mod. It's much easier to simply edit your post (if it hasn't been long), wait for someone else to post, or edit your post and draw attention to it here.

...damn, that's a long post just to talk about double posting. Whew.

But while I'm at it, a related topic:


Thread necromancy is fine. Particularly if you can post the appropriate Magic card with it (if you don't someone probably will). The only rule here as far as I am aware is to make some indication that it IS an old thread, such as the aforementioned picture.

However, and while I haven't seen this done here I figure I might as well mention it...

Thread Necromancy for the sake of itself or spam is probably a bad thing. Don't bump an old thread for the sake of bumping an old thread; use it if you actually want to discuss whatever the thread was about.

Oh, and it's only been done a few times, but don't bump old birthday threads when the event comes 'round again...

Live and learn - or die and teach by example.
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