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 Spiral Arm Chronicles OOC/Codex Thread, It's like a wiki, just with more sarcasm
Darth Sonic 66
Posted: Apr 1 2010, 12:39 AM


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Hello, fellow forumites! This is the OOC thread for my first RP (on this forum, at least), the primary thread of which I hope to post soon. Unlike many of the RP’s that I’ve observed, this one does not take place in an already established franchise, but rather a more or less original universe of my own making called the “Spiral Arm Universe”. It’s only “more or less” because of the mythological existence of Gundam’s, a in-universe faction called the “Holy Tailis Imperium” was heavily inspired by the Warhammer 40K Imperium (though I believe I’ve done enough to make them distinct, but that will be up to you to decide when I post the faction information), and most importantly, the “Insert Phenomena”.

Said phenomena allows you to RP as established characters from across the realm of fiction, and could be said to be the universes main gimmick. But worry not, this realm is no one trick pony. Far from it…

In fact, I had meant to post this weeks earlier, but then every time I start to work on it, I get overwhelmed at the sheer volume of the detail necessary to fully describe this world, it’s races, nations, cultures, rich millennia spanning histories, and various inhabitants thereof. 

Therefore, I’ve decided to make the OOC thread not only a character creation and discussion thread, but also a constantly updating codex of my universe, if you will. I plan to submit my Spiral Arm Chronicles RP in episodic chapters, with a pilot test chapter 0, yet they will all share this OOC/Codex thread, which is updated by information presented in this RP.

That’s right, you help build universe. This is a shared creation between me (Word of God and story writer), Nifar (Word of Demi-god, lore-master, beta-reader, and RPG mechanics GM), and you (helpless divine toys and players).

That’s half the reason I created this RP to begin with, to help flesh out this universe, both personally, and with the help of the multitude of varying viewpoints present on this forum. The kinds of details I wish you to help me create range from planet names, astrography, local cultures (after all, each of the major factions within this universe are each made up of at LEAST a 100 star systems, so they most certainly can’t be monocultural. Heck, America sure isn’t, and it’s merely a strip of land on a single planet), and stories in general.

Anywho, next info dump will have faction and class information, and after that, Nifar will have hopefully have created a functioning RPG system.

Now, here’s something of a prologue to whet your appetites for what is to come….

In their drive to touch the stars, humankind stumbled upon the leftovers of those who have already done so long ago, and have since taken their leave of this material realm. From the knowledge gleaned from ruins of these Predecessors, humans gained new fields of science, technology… and evolution. New races of humans emerged, namely the Hypers, those who channel the primal energies of the universe to cast feats of magic-like proportion and push starships past the speed of light, and Netters, those capable of accessing the Predecessor pan-galactic “Net” to understand and manipulate the fabrics of the universe, like alchemists of lore, and allow for instantaneous intersteller communications.

Armed with these gifts, humanity, now united under the militaristic Terran Commonwealth, make their first ever contact with an alien civilization, similarly endowed with the Predecessors gifts, Known as the Bande’Coo Hierarchy in the year 2842 AD. What should have been a joyous occasion for both races, final definitive proof that neither were alone amongst the stars, instead led to the single bloodiest war in either species' racial memories.

The end of an age, the end of civilizations, the end of histories… the End War.

Before the war, both empires boasted a grand total of over a hundred thousand star systems combined, over the length of the entire Spiral Arm, with a combined population exceeding ten trillion. When the smoke cleared, however, both civilizations lie in ruin, with humanities cradle, Earth, a cleansed pearl in space, and The Bande’Coo homeworld of Den shattered.  Only 2.5 million survived, cloistered away on hidden failsafe colonies located on extreme spiralwards and anti-spiralwards edges of the spiral arm (the only places not developed upon by either civilization), isolated, devastated, and faced with an uncertain future. As if to add insult to injury, most of the more unprepared colonies found themselves pushed back to medievalism when a Predecessor techno-virus, unleashed as a failsafe in case humanity lost the war, left most technology useless, destroying their digitally recorded histories as well. Their racial cultures, histories, and identities destroyed by both the End War and the techno-virus, both species merged what little culture they had left in order to survive. Any colonies that decided to continue the War (and many did), did not tend to survive the decade…

The year is now 3488 After End War (or AEW), and together both Races have once again reached the stars. A multitude of new space-faring nations and cultures have risen from the ash, most citizened by both Human and Bande’Coo. Times are harsh, as many of the more powerful empires have taken imperialist stances due to the less then ideal enviroments they developed in, but happiness is still possible. A shaky peace has been reached by the civilizations that rose from the anti-spiralward colonies after a devastating series of conflicts known as the Artifact Wars, sowing seeds of hope for the future.

However, on the other side of the Graveyard of Worlds, in the massive empire forged by the spiralwards colonies, the drums of wars are sounded. Soon, the Spiral Arm will once again be shakened by a conflict eclipsed only by the End War itself, while in the shadows ancient secrets, dark deities, and a new generation of heroes shall rise to the surface.

The Chronicals of the Spiral Arm begin now…

This post has been edited by Darth Sonic 66 on Apr 1 2010, 05:14 AM

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The fact that there exists a context in which this statement makes sense simultaneously reassures and terrifies me...
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