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This is the only word that will describe future events in our fair city! Cast aside like a once beloved toy thats been grown out of, the Guild may be booted from their seat of power in Alexandria. How can this possibly happen, you may be asking yourself? Perhaps it is best to start at the beginning.

You see, there is a woman named Serania Michaels. To all outward appearances, she has it all - fame, power, money, and a killer figure to boot. However, it isn't enough to satisfy this certified genius, who also happens to be woefully insane - why does it always seem that the pretty ones are also completely batshit? But I digress... Getting back to the point, Sera's power comes from not only her position as CEO of Montmayne Engineering but also from her pyrokinetic ability.

Oh, did I forget to mention that she's a super villain? Yeah, that's kind of important.

Where was I? Oh yes, I remember now. A highly persuasive (completely psychotic) meta is in charge of a prosperous weapons research facility, and when the military gives said crazy woman several contracts, it's like giving her a green card to attempt to take over the world.

At her side is the man formerly known as Nick Stone but more famously known as Nimbus, supposed leader of all villains in Alexandria. Tragedy has turned this fire-fighting family man into a ruthless killer and his status as figurehead for villains has made him public enemy number one. Not bad for a 31 year old guy who, until a few months ago, had never so much as been in a drunken fistfight.

With Sera controlling behind the scenes and Nimbus raining terror down on Alexandria in the limelight, it's no wonder the Heroes Guild won't see the threat to their status as protectors until the plan is set in motion. What is the plan? Could the city possibly be stupid enough to evict the only people standing between them and total annihilation? That, as they say, is entirely up to you.


Alexandria is the perfect city. Clean, friendly, and extremely prosperous. This city is, was, and always will be the pinnacle of achievement. But things are changing in Alexandria, street by street, hour by hour, the city is being sucked into darkness. Entire blocks are succumbing to poverty, to disrepair, and no one will step up to fix it..


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 WALKER, keliann, karisma
Keliann Walker
Posted: Mar 24 2010, 07:33 PM

Here for You
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Group: Hero
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Member No.: 50
Joined: 24-March 10

WALKER, keliann
user posted image

[*] She is allergic to nuts
[*] She has a thing for men in tuxedos
[*] She’s a huge Beatles fan

I guess you're my hero too

Your Name: Annie
Age: 20
Other Characters: Stephany Blake, Rick Thomas
How did you find us? Through Chris
How can we contact you? PM/Email/MSN

but you need a hero now

Full Name: Keliann Walker
Alias: Karisma
Age: 29
Power: Keliann is an empath. She can feel people’s emotions and send hers to others. She also has the ability to impose an emotion on someone but it takes great concentration for her to achieve it because she has to create it, not only transfer it. Her power works very well in approximately a 10 feet range but can go further when she’s emotionally connected to a particular person.
Alignment: Hero (not yet in the Guild, however)
Occupation: Paramedic

to fight the rising odds

Appearance: Keli is not overly tall but she likes her height at 5’6’’. She holds herself into a high posture that shows her confidence and her professionalism while at work. She has long brown hair which she ties in a ponytail whenever she’s on duty but likes to keep them loose whenever she isn’t. It’s like the job and her personal life brings two different looks.

Of course, being a paramedic means she has a uniform that goes along with the job. Thankfully, they could provide her with one for women that isn’t too large on her slender body. On the other hand, whenever she’s out of duty, at home or out, she likes to wear a good pain of jeans – she has a thing for skinny’s – and an assortment of different shirts, depending on the occasion. She likes to be casual, never over the top and particularly normal looking. She doesn’t like to attract all the sights on her, she prefers to lay low and be herself, nothing too flashy, nor too boring.

Defining marks: None.
Costume: None.
Play By: Kate Beckinsale

no I know I'm no Superman

Personality: Empathy has not become her power for no particular reason. Keliann has always been caring for her peers, even those she liked less. She was – and still is – the go-to person when one needs help in anything, both psychological and physical problems. She can easily keep secrets, even from her family and friends and the best example is possibly her power which she is still the one and only person to know about and has never told anyone. Not because she would be afraid of their reaction, she trusts enough people for them not to freak out over her not being perfectly normal, but simply because it makes things a whole lot easier for her if people don’t know. She can then help people with it without being harassed or looked up at. She is in no way looking for any kind of fame or recognition.

She tends to portray herself as courageous and cold blooded (?) but those personality traits haven’t stuck with her for her entire life. She developed them as she became a paramedic and ever since she started working fighting death every day. She had never imagined when she first started her studies that it would be that hard the first year or so but she had managed to get used to it and can now control herself – and her empathy – when helping someone in need. Gratefully, she can “switch off” her empathy if someone is in too much pain or she would feel it all, something she couldn’t do at first and made everything a whole lot more difficult.

Keliann is a complete workaholic. She loves her job and if she could keep helping people in her sleep, she would. She’s devoted to what she does and believes to have found the perfect path of her life. However, she can party and have fun when the time permits her to. She’s not the “get drunk” type but a beer every now and then never hurts. She had to take the most of it when she can, she’s on the verge of her 30’s and it freaks her out more than it should.

Helping people
Her empathy
Smart and knows how to use her brains
Handles stress well

Doesn’t take enough time for herself
Children getting hurt
Can’t concentrate properly when there’s too much noise (mostly for her power)
Too curious
Thoughts about her mother
Not really physically strong
Sometimes gets confused between her feelings and other people’s

Helping people
Saving lives
Her job
Her family and friends
The rush of adrenaline when they receive an emergency call
Hearing about the Guild’s good doings

Criminals hurting innocent people
Loosing a patient
Being looked down at because she’s a woman
Being referred to as a savior and put on a pedestal
Growing old

Loosing another member of her family
Not being able to pursue her career all of her life

to sweep me off my feet

Parents: Henry Walker (59) – Olivia Silverman (Deceased)
Siblings: Jennifer Walker (25)
Other Relatives: None
Significant Other: None

History: Keliann was born in an average family. She is the first child of Henry and Olivia who also, four years later, had another baby girl together. Keliann became the big sister and has, already at this age, started being overprotective of her sister and keep making sure she was safe and sound. Her altruism didn’t stop there. In school, she was always the one to know everyone’s secrets because they knew she could be trusted and she would keep her mouth shut about it no matter what. Plus, she was always giving out good tips to solve many different kind of problems.

She was a quite smart kid and a straight A student without boasting about it. She liked learning new things and was always fascinated by any form of science because it seemed so central to the functioning not only of the society but the whole world in general. Not only did she find it fascinating but she was good at it and it helped her understand the world and people as well. She never had many true friends but the ones she had were there to stay and were those who she really cared about. In fact, she still sees some of those she was with in high school, whenever she has the time.

At 16 years old, when one of her friends came to school looking slightly depressed, Keli oddly started feeling depressed as well even if she was trying to cheer the girl up. It was really unlike her as she was usually the cheerful kind of person. Later the same week, she started to have odd mood swings and was sent to see the school’s psychiatrist who didn’t find anything abnormal but who simply told her she might be influenced by her friends’ attitudes and want to create a personality of her own, which she knew for a fact to be a false assumption. She dug into the library for the next couple of days and found information on such a thing called empathy and did some of the tests that were described in the books only to figure out she was indeed an empath and that she had a given ability others didn’t have. Of course, this influenced in no way who she was and what she was doing and she learned to have a certain control over it, enough to block people’s emotions relatively well if she didn’t want them. She didn’t want to be seen as different so she never told anyone about her particular power.

When she was 21 and studying medicine in University, she was still living with her parents because she had never felt obligated to move far away from home to study and let go of the hold her parents had on her. She felt well with them and even though she and her sister might have had some quarrels, it was never enough to fed up either of them enough so that they would need to move out. By then, she was starting to get a good hold on her power and one particular night, she felt a weird psychological pain and great fear and she knew it was from someone else in the house. Quickly, she went downstairs to find her father bent down over her mother who was laying on the ground, apparently in pain. Keliann rushed over to her, knowing she was having a heart attack because the symptoms she was showing. She quickly ordered her father to call the ambulance and she tried doing everything she could to help her mother, everything she had been told in her classes. She remembered them by heart but unfortunately she was out of resources in the house and her mother died right in her arms, before the ambulance could get there.

The death was natural but Keli couldn’t help but to wonder if she could have helped her before it was too late if she hadn’t been so concerned about her finals, which she had been studying for on this particular night. She might have felt something was wrong in her mother’s mind and intervene earlier. Instead of bringing her down like it did with her sister, this event helped Keliann grow stronger and want to finish her studies even quicker in order to be able to save people’s lives. She started practicing her power so she could have a better control over it but the ultimate test came only when she first started working as a paramedic where she learned better than anywhere else to control every little aspects of it and even found out that she could send emotions to others, like positive thoughts to patients badly injured. Now, 5 years later, she’s still doing the same job and loving it. She lives alone in a small apartment but she couldn’t be happier.


Your full name: Keliann Walker. No middle name. Or at least none I was ever told.

Any names you prefer to go by?: Kel or Keli. But Keliann’s good too.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less: Well into my job and serious.

What do others compliment about you?: My ability to understand their pain and bring them happiness.

What do you see as your best feature?: Physical? My nose. Overall? I can use my brain.

Name your worst flaw: Worked all my life for my career. I stopped thinking about myself a while ago.

Your biggest fear: Loosing another member of my family.

Your worst memory: Seeing my mother die in my arms.

Your biggest secret: My power. I mean... huh... Hell. Not much of a secret anymore.

The most important person in your life: My baby sister.

Anything else?: Sorry but I gotta get back to work.

but you can't rescue me

Member Title: Here for you
Anything Else? Few things are subject to change as I RP her.
Roleplay Sample:

“No shit, Sherlock.”

Keliann rolled her eyes at her partner’s sarcastic response to her affirmation about them being late. Traffic was a pain at this time of the day and even though the ambulance lights and siren were making it quite obvious that they needed to go through, some people were stubborn enough not to grant them the passage before everyone else. So okay, they wanted to get home after a long day at work. Fine, but someone on the other side of this freaking bridge wanted to live.

Managing to zigzag through the cars and finally get on the other side, they soon reached the house they had been called to. Before the vehicle had made a complete stop, Keli was already coming out of the passenger’s door and running to the back of the ambulance in order to get the gurney out and be ready to receive the injured man. The man had cut himself with the metallic corner of the side of his pool across the arm and had apparently been loosing a whole lot of blood. Banal situation, but the kind she faced every hour of every day. And to her, they were all as equally important.

The man was brought on the gurney and they didn’t even bother strapping him for the time being, they needed to stop the flow of blood first. The gurney was rolled over to the ambulance and pushed in. Keli quickly jumped in the back along with the man and rose his feet a little higher than the rest of his body to increase blood circulation and keep the heart pumping. She strapped his upper arm tight, however, to stop the circulation in that particular area and started working on putting an IV to his other arm. Soon, her partner joined her and concentrated on stopping the blood flow while she gave him some medicines to keep him going until they reached the hospital.

When Clark, the other paramedic, was mostly done, he rushed back to the front of the car and sped up on the road while Keliann strapped the man to keep him from moving and hurting himself while the ambulance was rolling. He was plugged in the electrocardiogram and his pressure was relatively steady, even if abnormal. Sweat covered his forehead and she brought a wet cloth to cool him down a little. Looking down at him, she grabbed his uninjured hand and for the first time, concentrated on his emotions. He was panicked but felt weak all the same and she could feel a glimpse of gratefulness somewhere deep down in his mind. Smiling, she starred into his eyes and transferred some positivity to his already mixed up emotions and slowly, his pressure came back a little closer to the normal level. He managed to smile back at her and from this moment on, she knew he would be alright.

Thanks to cadillacula of white pages for this template.

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James Crichton
Posted: Mar 25 2010, 01:39 AM

This I Know
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Group: Hero (Admin)
Posts: 21
Member No.: 31
Joined: 30-August 08

"Ah, a medic, just what we need in the Guild, Keliann. Welcome, to the team...though not yet entirely."

New char. Awesome, Annie. Titles are set so go right ahead and post!

user posted image
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