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Posted by jlhmsh - 06-29-09 00:18 - 2 comments
I don't know if you've noticed or not but dennis is one of your most loyal site user.
i don't know if you just had a bad day or what your deal is,but if your going to start shutting down what little talk is going on ,on this site th more
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 Clone Racing Teams (forum)
Posted by Joshua Warren - 06-23-09 01:37 - 0 comments
If you would like your own Clone Racing Team section on here, let me know and I'll be glad to make you one for free.

Joshua Warren read more
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 New Clone Forum Catagory
Posted by Joshua Warren - 04-17-09 12:27 - 2 comments
I posted a new section under the Clone Engines on this forum.

It is a forum for the Pipes, Carbs, Clutches, Etc. Please post anything about those things on there.

Let me know some other things I can do to make this place better more
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 Sorry Guys
Posted by Joshua Warren - 03-19-09 00:09 - 0 comments
I would like to say I'm sorry that I have not been posting on here lately and I am sorry that I haven't been on here at all.
I would just like to say sorry.

But, I do have a surprise that I have been working on.
Pl more
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 In Case you are Wondering
Posted by Joshua Warren - 01-29-09 14:39 - 0 comments
I deleted some of the Clone Engine Color Forums.

They didn't have any posts on them .

I kept the: Blue, Yellow, and Black on there.

Just trying to get the forum a little better.

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 I'm Tired
Posted by Joshua Warren - 12-15-08 03:00 - 0 comments
I'm getting tired of these (WHERE IS EVERYBODY OR WHY DON'T PEOPLE GET ON HERE ANYMORE) Posts angry.gif < more
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 Does anyone get on here at all
Posted by GIZZYRACING - 11-22-08 17:33 - 6 comments
I guess I'm the only one who ever get's on here . Wish someone would post . wacko.gif
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 come on members
Posted by GIZZYRACING - 11-15-08 16:08 - 2 comments
Come on members lets get to posting. There has to be some one on here that wants to say something. Let us know about your dog or something. Do you have any problems ?Do you have any answers? Looking through the members list I see a lot of knowledgea more
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 New Smilies
Posted by Joshua Warren - 11-6-08 13:01 - 4 comments
I added these smiles
tell me if you like them.

ablowblowup.gif read more
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 Helping 7xracing
Posted by GIZZYRACING - 10-20-08 17:41 - 1 comments
I have been helping 7XRACING by pm's . He should put it on here and it may help someone else.Anyone have a question I'll do my best to answer. I'm no expert by any means but I have been racing since 1962 and started racing clones this ye more
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