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Posted by: mattblake May 15 2006, 07:58 PM
Reviewed: April 1975
Cert: X

France, 1973
Length: 85 mins (orig running time 90 mins)
Director: Francois Legrand [Franz Antel]
L.P.s: Terry Torday, Femi Benussi, Gabriele Tinti, Paul Lowinger

Plot: Wealthy noblewoman Susanna Delbery leaves a fortune to her daughter. Only problem is that nobody knows who the daughter is, so lawyer Vincenzo interviews five likely - and equally randy - suspects.

Critique: Andmirers of Franz Antel's costume romps The Sweet Sins of Sexy Susan and Sexy Susan Rides Again will have no difficulty in recognising the Susanna of Knickers Ahoy, for it is the same actress and the same lady, with her name changed by the sprightly American dubbing. Within five minutes of the film's opening, however, she lies dead, victim of her own 'highly developed sense of humour', as someone generously terms it (she laughs too much at her maid and an undertaker making love in a cupboard). ; but she returns at odd intervals to relive her adventures in flashback form.

We also see her five attractive daughters in action, frightening a rotund monk with displays of bottoms and breasts, voraciously devouring a library of dirty books (Boccaccio, de Sade, Hans Sachs) and afterwards spinning a few stories in the guise of their own autobiographies.

But it's unlikely that audiences will follow Susanna's example and die of laughter, unless their sense of humour is developed enough to relish a naked girl riding around on a goat or a man's trouser button flying off under stress. Death through boredom is a more likely fate. (Review by Geoff Brown)

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