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Title: Let The Truth Be Known
Description: FWF - State Of The Union

Jayson Chambers - November 23, 2005 03:46 AM (GMT)
Alright lads, here it is. There's been a lot of talk on these boards lately and a lot of talk behind others' backs as it concerns the FWF, the status, the promotion and everyone in it. So I thought I would shed light on as many topics as possible. And feel free to voice any other concerns and I'll be sure to do my best to answer your questions.

First off, many people were inquiring as to why there has been such a lack of activity on the message board for the last little while. To be completely honest, I didn't even think it was being used until Bill mentioned it to me today. The website has been ca-put (dead) for a while now since they bombarded everything with ads and of course the webshell has been shit for a year or more and hardly allowed me to get in to update. With that in mind, the website has been dead, therefore I didn't think there would be activity on the msg board, and I'm guessing several other people felt the same way. But I'm glad to see several of you are still using it as a means of communication. I'm sure we'll have a new board or forum on the new site being constructed by Takaito and Nipples.

Which brings up my next point - McCann and Kelly (his g/f) are making the new FWF web site. Help them out with as much as humanly possible! It will help them a bunch and will get the site up even quicker. John, I will be sending you some information regarding rankings, champs, contenders, etc as soon as I finish with this post. I will e-mail that info to you. And again, as I said in a different post, thank you for taking this task off of my shoulders and being one of the few people who seem to be willing to do something to help maintain this place! It's appreciated!

There are several problems with the FWF. This comes as no surprise. The direction of the fed is going great. Nothing wrong with that. And by that I mean no one can complain about the direction of their characters or where they are, as EVERYONE has been pushed over the last year with the influx of ideas and myself and Bill agreeing that the FWF is about the younger/newer guys now, as it should be.

Over the last year we've saw Dougie, Big Daddy Nate and XATE reign as World Champions. We've pushed the hell out of many of you and given you all programs to work in. Some of you have helped with working your own programs and coming up with your own ideas (ie. Dougie and Icon). Ryan Mitchells and Shaw Z are at the top of the FWF now. So is Robbie. Dougie as well. Nate was pushed strong. Takaito now is and so will Vander. Icon has elevated himself and his character - he and Shaw Z are 2 of the very few wrestlers we have who actually HAVE a gimmick. So before you want to laugh at Dan for his idea, shake his hand for actually HAVING one!

We pushed Kix strong while he was here, Haas is pushed off and on but is hard to maintain because of inconsistency in the ring, but that's another story. We find Andrews and Haas both are inconsistent at times, but seem to work well together so we stuck with that.

Bottom line here is that you've all basically been pushed and gotten a little more spotlight and this will now only continue. Guys like Bill and I are around just to try to make you look good and put you over, as you have been able to see with the rise of guys like Mitchells, Andrews, XATE, Haas, etc.

So, now that we've got that ouf of the way, let's turn to where the problems actually may lie. We all know we had a problem with a certain wrestler attitude wise, and everyone had some issues there. That's out of the way. Can't use that as an excuse anymore.

The main problem we seem to have is the fact that SO many of you seem to think you have the answers to the problems. And it's totally fine to voice a concern, show that you care and attempt to rally the troops. But often you need to think more so about the WAY you deliver these solutions. For instance, I find that Dan (Icon) has a good way at handling himself when facing situations such as these. Bill does as well. Someone who doesn't is John Dawson lol. No offence John, everyone has known for a while that you were my boy and I always said you had a bright future, but the way you word things on here - like your last post about what's wrong with the FWF... you come off as if you think YOU are the answer to the problems in the FWF. Again, don't be pissed by this, I'm just telling you the way others react to what you say. Bill, myself and I'm sure Dan,e tc felt that way when we read your post. I know you even said you were far from perfect, etc, it's just as if you try to pass the blame and seem to think that you are the saviour of the FWF, that you know all and you have all the answers. It just comes off that you seem to be superior, which in reality, you are not. Now I am just using JOhn's latest post as an example so don't take this to heart Dawson. You know I greatly appreciate the things you do to help out come show time. And again, I say don't be pissed off, just trying to tell you that we all need to watch HOW we voice our concerns.

Also, John you were very wrong with what you said. You said that a big problem is the fact that we don't have flyers for the shows. Well, if that WAS a problem, then someone else should finally start to do something about that. BUT... you were wrong. Because I have been making the flyers for the show. I don't know what you were talking about, because we all see the damn flyers on the door of the Brunner Centre for every show. I also write newspaper articles for every show and place the show in the coming events section of local papers for the 2 weeks leading up to the show. So I don't know what you were talking about there. Bottom line is we DO have flyers. We DO have articles. The flyers may not be as professionally done as when we used to get All Kindz Of Kopiez to do them or when Dougie made them, but we don't NEED that. The FWF is backyard. We don't have to spend $50-$100 just on flyers. And this year we haven't had the money to do it either with the free shows we've had to pull off.

If you're moaning and complaining cuz the flyers don't look oh so pretty, then a) that's stupid cuz as I said the FWF is backyard. It seems many of you seem to forget that because of the success the FWF has had over the years. We were spoiled for many years. Hell, our prime was 2002-2003, long before many of you ever walked through the curtain. Now we'll move on to B) - we can't afford it and c) someone else can do it AND worry about getting the flyers up at LEAST a week before the show at the least possible cost.

Another thing we have to bring up is TAPES. Bill mentioned to me the other day... that with the passing of Eddie Guerrero it was very nice and emotional to see the video memorials and tributes that were created. But it's very fucking sad and pathetic that if one of us died, we wouldn't have any footage to be able to do this or for his family and/or future kids to look back on. Think about that. For 2 years now we've been fucked over on footage of FWF shows and that is just ridiculous. This is a very important issue that we need to figure out, especially when there are ALWAYS cameras running at the shows. It can't be coincidental that cameras and tapes keep just fucking up for 2 years straight! Is it that difficult to bring 2 tapes to each show so u can get all the footage and then COPY IT SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN SEE THE FOOTAGE?! It'd be nice to be able to sell our tapes like we used to too. But hmm... oh yeah, we can't do that without copies of the shows either. This needs to change!

Another thing I am growing absolutely sick and tired of is something I have talked about in my live journal in the past. I know a couple of you have read about this and will know what I am talking about. First of all, we have a total lack of respect in the FWF. Bill and I have been calling the shots for years and this has always seemed to be a problem. HOWEVER.. we have rid ourselves of some of the problem makers, so this may be fine now. We'll see. BUT... egos still remain. There are some FWF performers (Bill and Dan will know who) who seem to think they are far more superior than they really are. Guys, u must remember, this is backyard wrestling, and quite frankly, for the most part, none of us know jack shit about wrestling. A few of us know much more than the others, but the majority of you seem unwilling to listen and learn, and turn this into another show of disrespect. There are those of you who DO listen and learn, such as Ian, who has done a marvelous job of learning how to actually WRESTLE and UNDERSTAND it.

We have to cancel this out in the coming year if you want to survive, because like it or not, the FWF IS indeed on its last legs. There's no way to deny that. It's the truth. Plain and simple. Bill and I have been around here for ages, and we know this. It's been a while coming and we're now finally at that point where we really don't know what the future holds. This is probably a reason why we try to do so much with so many of you continually now.

I'm also sick and tired of hearing talk about 'so and so said this' about me. From the day I went to expand my wrestling background and became a part of PWX, it seemed that very few of you were genuinely happy about this. But I'll have you know I worked my ass off in the FWF for many years and did too much hard work because I love the hell out of this place to have any of you disrespect what I've done with my 'career'. I now attend wrestling school and work all over Ontario for many different feds as a referee while I go through wrestling school and wrestle for PWX. Yet it seems there are a few of you who continually like to think about how I may fail at this and even try to inquire about how bad some of my matches may be rather than how well I am doing. Very nice. I will have you know that I am in fact doing very well and getting noticed. I am slotted to be the next X Division Champion and have grown greatly as a wrestler, picking up on a lot of the vitally important 'little things' inside the ring. I just wish some of you (again, Bill and Dan will know who) would be happy for a fellow wrestler and friend's achievement and stand behind him instead of waiting for a moment to rip him apart just to fuel your own ego. I've heard all of the "Jay has no heart anymore cuz all he cares about is PWX" that I can handle. That's fucking bullshit. Anyone who knows me knows that the FWF is my baby. It means the world to me. I wouldn't put up with the bullshit Bill and I have over the years if that was the case. I walk to the PWX ring with my FWF shirts on, with FWF written on my wrist tape, very proud of where I come from even though that is a no-no in the pro wrestling business. I do that because I'm proud and because I love the FWF and I REPRESENT the FWF! I don't know why that's so hard to understand. I'm taking a huge fucking chance just by being associated with the FWF and having my name on an FWF website, message board, etc. That's NOT ALLOWED either. It's against pro wrestling conduct and basically illegal for me to do so. So if you wanna say I don't care about the FWF, and all of that B.S... again, I say fuck you! You don't know the half of it!

But enough of that, this isn't about me. And I thank those of you who have been very supporting! It means a hell of a lot! The wrestling school is now open and I hope to see more of you join me on the indy scene at some point in time!

Now... another thing I am greatly disappointed in. At the last show Bill and I were told there were certain wrestlers who said they were going to cancel the show because of the lack of fans. That they were embarrassed. For this, I have one thing to say to you. FUCK YOU! First of all, again, Bill and I call the shots. Especially when it comes to these things! I may not be doing my end of the work come next year, but even then Bill and I will call the shots on that type of thing. And you know why? Because we don't give a fuck if there are 2 people in that god damn crowd, the show WILL go on and you'll wrestle your damn asses off! Again, you need to remember the FWF is backyard wrestling! You're god damn lucky to wrestle in a ring at all, let alone in front of 5 people! Fuck guys, we've been doing this FWF thing for 10 years now. When Jer, Bill, Mike, etc started this, they'd work in front of 12 kids... the same ones... every month. We've wrestled in front of 20 senior citizens. We've done a show for 2 cops and my parents! We've wrestled in front of cows! In front of trees! For the other 3 wrestlers who showed up. So for anyone to say they were embarrassed to be a part of it... I'm embarrassed to call you an FWF wrestler. Sorry if that hurts, but I couldn't believe I heard that this had happened. We are all lucky as hell to even be able to step inside a makeshift ring without anyone watching. For those few minutes, we're transformed and the rest of the world doesn't matter. All of our problems in life disappear. Think of all the kids who grew up dreaming of being a wrestler but never had a chance. THINK OF THAT AND REMEMBER IT. I'm getting very tired of telling that story.

Another thing I've heard is someone saying "this is the last show we ever have in Thamesville". Hmm... again it seems that someone else seems to forget that they don't call the shots. This goes back to the very same ego problem I mentioned earlier where we've got guys who seem to think they have all the answers because they know all and are high and mighty. Well, you have another thing coming. Thamesville hasn't given us the greatest crowds lately, this is true. But our sponsor is in Thamesville. And whether you like it or not, we need that. We wouldn't be able to rent an arena all the time and have insurance, liability, financial support, free rental fees, and the help of my parents that we've needed to survive. And the idea to move to Chatham for everything, although interesting, is very questionable. We all know the problems the UWF has caused us all. We don't need that again and it seems some of you keep forgetting this. Yes, we have found out that indeed the FWF should be safe, but such constant bad rep would not be a good thing. I have said I am willing to give the ring to the guys in Chatham to take care of so we can all enjoy BACKYARD the way we used to, and so that the transportation of the trailer can be out of me and my dad's hands. However, we will need a new trailer shortly as the farm tires on the current trailer are pretty much shot and will blow soon lol. Shows in Chatham though... I like the idea, with new fans, MORE people in the area, etc, but I can't see it as a formidable possibility. But we will discuss this and much more further at the FWF meeting prior to the awards night this year which will be held mid-December along with our Christmas party.

At this meeting, we will discuss everything I have mentioned in this e-mail in detail because this and many more things must be arranged to make 2006... well... happen. My tasks will also be handed out as I am finally done with everytihng. And this time it's for real. I'm pretty sure Bill is still going to book but we will find this out at the meeting I guess. I will sign the cheques and rent the hall. Other than that, I'll wrestle. That's it.

I'm sure there's a lot more I want to say too... but it'll come to me. So what IS the status of the FWF? No one knows. I plan on booking all of 2006's shows at the same time. Sertoma's new insurance will let us do this and even WANTS us to do this as its less work for them. It's definitely do or die now, and you guys have to do this together. RESPECTFULLY. Show respect to those who came before you, to those who know what they're talking about, and HELP EACH OTHER OUT! Work as a team, copy our damn videos, don't talk shit, support each other and do your part to make this thing a success.

You can't bitch about the way things may be, or the fans, etc. Especially when the fact is that there's only about 5 of us who even pay attention to the fans and play them before, during and after matches. Work on this. When fans don't react you need to do more to get a rise out of them. This doesn't mean fancy moves. It means wrestling. It all comes back to wrestling. Play the crowd. Basic wrestling. Face shines. Heel cut-offs. Wrestle boys, learn the ways. Don't think you know it all, because in the world of wrestling you never stop learning. And as I said, truth of the matter is, very few of you know very much at all about wrestling. That's not a 'diss', it's the truth. Bill and I always knew more than the rest of the bunch but this last year or so we've found that we knew very little and have accepted the fact that we need to constantly learn. Now the rest of you need to open up and realize the same thing.

And if you want to know why thigns have gone downhill, it's quite simple. The FWF has been around for 10 years. That doesn't happen for the most successful indy feds! Let alone a BACKYARD FED! The time runs out for everyone. Everyone and everything must come to an end. I'm not saying this is going to happen to the FWF or that I want it to happen, because I want this to continue long after I die. But it's the truth. Sure, we constantly have new wrestlers, new faces at the top, storylines, etc, but after 10 years, everything gets a little stale. But I commend the FWF for always being about WRESTLING. Even if we don't wrestle 'properly', I take great pride in the fact that we are one of the very few backyard feds not to rely on hardcore stupidity, lightbulb bashing and barbed-wire carnage. That has always made me proud and always will! But that's the thing boys. Truth is the crowds may not be amazing like they were in 2002 for a very long time. Maybe not ever. Wrestling isn't popular right now. Anywhere. Pro. Ontario indy has been dry for a couple years now. Everywhere you look, wrestling is suffering. WWE especially. Wrestling works in cycles, every wrestler in the world will tell you this. It'll come back some time. In the mean time, every one of you has to do all you can to help promote the FWF, get asses in the seats, help make the shows as great as they possibly can be, WORK TOGETHER, for the better of the FWF, not with your best interest in mind.

If you want answers, well there they are. Nothing in this is said to harm anyone. It all just has to be known. And keep in mind, this isn't directed at everyone or in any one person inparticular. These are just some of the things that needed to be cleared up and the things we need to do to make this work.

And please, just take what I have said and keep it mind. It's real. At one time, many people looked at me as a leader. Bill and I. We kept this place alive and better than ever when it was supposed to die. We made it better than ever. Led it to the promised land. And we gave everyone of you this chance. I have no problem with anyone in the FWF, you all mean the world to me, I just want things to work for all of you and for my baby. Please, just look at me as that leader and take my words as the FWF gospel.

Things will never be the way they were back in the day. We know this. But they can be a whole hell of a lot better than they are. We just need all of your help!

Thanks guys!

- Jay

The Icon - November 25, 2005 01:54 AM (GMT)
* clap, clap, clap *

I see too much ego and finally, we can lay it all out on the table. We need to work together guys. We work for one... everyone.

I want to see a unit back and to do that, we need to be on the same page. Let's discuss this and make 2006 one of the best damn FWF shows we've seen!

Smackdown Ranger - November 25, 2005 02:14 AM (GMT)

2K6 will be our year we will be back on top like it was once

"J-Money" James Perry - November 28, 2005 01:57 AM (GMT)
Everything in this is the truth guys. Work Together.

Next year, I want to be a part of FWF as not only a referee but also a wrestler. We'll see where it goes. As far as Im concerned, I have alot more heart than alot of these guys we have.

But meh.

ShawZ - January 6, 2006 08:54 PM (GMT)
it about time jay u stood up and let ppl know the truth, i know u have heart for the FWF but u have worked your ass off and u desevre everything that is handed to u in feds to come. i will spit in the faces of ppl would don't want to show resect. if u can't resect your freinds then how do u think u will make it in the buz if u plain to move on. see jay is not saying he don't care about fwf what he is trying to do is take the nexted step. i stand with jay. i am evey of jay he's doing what i want to do, and soon enough i will do it to. never know maybe me and jay will even become a tag team u never know. so like so many others have said before me lets work together and have the best year ever. and jay i have wrestled in front of tree before and i got a bigger applause from them then i have the fans that have showed up. so just i though maybe we can bring in some tree to the first show of the year and wrestle for them instead.

later all,
gangsta !! !!
('''' '')

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