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Title: KMS F8 Track Getting Makeover

RacinHawk - May 12, 2017 01:21 AM (GMT)
Exciting news coming out of Whitesville, Ky. The Kentucky Motor Speedway is in the middle of re-configuring their figure 8 track. When the oval track was extended several years ago, it left the figure 8 track out of proportion with one turn bigger than the other side. It also created some very rough and uneven transition areas going from the F8 to the oval part. But now thanks to Brad Payne, the promoter, the course is receiving an upgrade. The F8 straights are getting a smooth makeover along with some new racing surface being laid down. Payne explained, "When the cars would go down the straightaway towards the backstretch wall, they were heading straight for the wall, which was dangerous, and had to make a turn followed by another turn and then another. The straightaway will now make a better angle and will help with navigating that turn." Even though they are putting down some new pavement, the course will still be out of proportion but should help tremendously with the overall product. Payne also added that with the way the new surface will be set up, they will be able to actually run a smaller oval course on that end and possibly run some go-kart divisions on it. But the news of the figure 8 course getting updated will bring on some more possibilities as well. The track is set to run some ministock F8 like they have done before with the first date tentatively scheduled on May 28th if everything gets done on time. But they are thinking of running a street stock F8 event sometime this season if enough interest is shown. Also, on the schedule is a tentative date with the Outlaw F8 cars on September 17th using the tires leftover from the World F8 3 Hour event in Indy the week before.

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