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After the Battle for Hogwarts was over, and Voldemort defeated, the wizarding world began to heal under a new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. The end of a long war gave an era of peace, and the wizarding world was quiet. Hogwarts, the famous English wizarding school, fell to a new, young administration under the former-Slytherin Yvonne Taeryn.

But not everything was sunshine and rainbows. Former Death Eaters who evaded capture or death began to find each other. Slowly, like a broken vase being repaired, they formed a new regime under the bitter Draco Malfoy. The heinous acts of this malevolent group have only just begun...

Once more, the wizarding world is being divided between the factions of good and evil. Who knows what will happen in this eternity?


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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Avi-kins Posted on Feb 16 2009, 10:34 PM
  ((This thread was started a year and a half ago- July 2007. xD))

The absent nurse returned with two glasses some sort of soft blue sleeping draught. It was morning, but it was doubtful that after last night either Gabriel or Andy had slept well, and it didn't matter to the nurse that the two had recently woken. This potion would give them more sleep, help heal them, and give some measure of peace and calm when they woke again.

She handed a glass of the liquid to each of her patients, and gave simple instructions: "Drink this." The nurse turned to Alys, and mildly asked, "Don't you have classes to attend?"

The first year nodded and fled at those words, while Dulcibella stretched, jumped from the bed, and followed.
Nevermore Posted on Feb 16 2009, 09:51 PM
  Andy sat there awkwardly, her hands twisted together and into the sheets. She sniffled quietly and stared ahead of her. She felt stupid, and sorry and pitiful. She felt alone. Andy blinked back tears that had stopped when Alys came in. She wanted her family here. She wanted her mother, and father, and Teddy. Where were they? They would have known about the Incident by now. Teddy should be sitting by her side, her mother holding her while she cried.

Anger at Alys's father welled inside her. If he had never bit Dad, none of this would have happened. But as Andy thought about the past and her father's own 'furry little problem,' he would have never met the other Marauders, never would have joined the Order, never would have met Mum. Andy grimaced and shook her head. She wouldn't think about that stuff. She would only think about the future.

But no, the future was too painful. Who knew what would happen? Who knew how the other students would react. Andy swallowed. She would only think of the now. That was better. That was safer.
Firewing Posted on Feb 16 2009, 08:59 PM
  Gabriel sighed. Things had certainly seemed to take a turn for the worse in their situation. Andy seemed angry and upset, even more so since she had found out that Alys was related to Greyback, but Alys now seemed to be just as upset because of the way Andy was now acting towards her. Was that really fair? Not really... But he wasn't quite sure what he could hope to do by way of reconciling the two.... He was not that great at things like that.

But Andy seemed a step ahead of him in that department. She apologized for her reaction to the name, and then went on to explain her hatred for the werewolf named Fenrir Greyback. So her father had been turned by the guy? That certainly wasn't good... But now it seemed that she was more willing to be friends with the girl if she proved herself to be unlike her father. That certainly was a good thing...

Now really he had nothing to say to any of them, considering he wasn't particularly involved in the werewolf family spat. As far as he knew no one in his family was a werewolf except him... And even then he was a new one. His arm let out a rather painful throb to make him aware of the injury that had caused it.

He sighed and stayed silent, having nothing really to say.
Avi-kins Posted on Feb 16 2009, 12:59 AM
  Alys's mouth went dry, and she swallowed back tears. Her father seemed to still be bad when he wasn't around, and these people seemed nice even if they didn't like her. Even if Andy had behaved angelically towards Alys from the beginning, it wouldn't have helped matters. She didn't trust either of them, she didn't understand them, and yet she was still there although she could have left.

Having not had much contact with people, she didn't understand what Gabriel meant by bearing crosses, but from his tone Alys thought it wasn't a bad things he had said. And the girl didn't seem like she was as angry anymore, even if she didn't like Alys's father...in some strange way, as horrible as her father had been to her, the Hufflepuff felt a little offended that Andy didn't like her dad. Because no matter what, Fenrir was Alys's father, and she felt she still owed some sort of loyalty to him for being family and the few nice things he had done for her. She wouldn't have her very nice robes, clothes, and cat if it weren't for him...

It was confusing, more so since she was scared of these two, yet she had always been told that a werewolf was better than any other sort of being, but they didn't seem to think that. Alys didn't know what she herself believed; she really couldn't form any ideas on her own, and she had always been told.

"He...he's not here," Alys mumbled desprately about her father, blinking back tears. The statement didn't make any sense. "He won't be here."

Her cat yawned, stretched, and then licked Andy's tears from her face with a sandpaper tongue. Maybe the cat just didn't like the negative emotion, or maybe she just liked salt: whichever, it was an oddly sympathetic gesture.
Nevermore Posted on Feb 14 2009, 09:55 PM
  Alys couldn't have done anything. Look at the girl! It seems her father cursed her just like he cursed Dad. She may not be a werewolf, but she stills suffers. We should be nice to her. She seems in the same boat as us.
-grumblemumblegrumble- You're right. Just be careful.

Andy bit her lip, closed her eyes and sighed. She looked at the poor girl, the poor Alys. She was in Hufflepuff. THey were nice. There was no way she could be like her father. Atleast as of yet. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "I didn't mean to-. I just have a distaste for your father. He-" Andy swallowed. Would she really tell these strangers? "He was the one who changed my father when he was a boy." She said quietly. "I'm sorry if I scared you."

Andy glanced down at the cat as tears rolled down her cheeks. Great, now the whole world would know how she became a werewolf. Oh if only her family were here.
Firewing Posted on Feb 14 2009, 09:45 PM
  Gabriel nodded at the name. "Alright, sounds good, Andy," he said, trying out how the name sounded. He had been right about the nickname, and it sure was easier to call someone that than have to worry about the many syllables... Certainly would be easier to converse, especially if they would be staying in the Hospital Wing for quite some time. They'd better get acquainted if that was going to be the case...

The name Greyback seemed to inspire a very negative reaction from Andy. He'd heard the name... knew the horror stories that went along with Fenrir Greyback, another feared werewolf. But how could you get angry at a girl who seemed so quiet and kind? She didn't even seem to act a bit like her father. Besides, when you were a werewolf how could you get mad at someone else for being part of a family. If she was... she could be a help or understanding person for both of them... So why was she glaring and making her seem so uncomfortable? It wasn't very nice...

Gabriel looked over at Alys, who was looking at him as well. She seemed nervous and uncomfortable, probably brought on by how Andy reacted to her name.
"Don't feel too bad... We all have our crosses to bear," he said quietly. No one of the three of them really had the right to judge either of the others.
Avi-kins Posted on Feb 14 2009, 07:40 PM
  The calico cat's purr settled down but never ended, and Dulcibella now curled atop Andromeda's lap, slitted green eyes half-open. The dainty feline loved to be loved and any hand would do; thus, the cat didn't notice or care when Andy snapped at Dulcibella's owner- humans were such silly things anyways.

It seemed like it would be impossible for Alys to appear any smaller or more vulnerable, but she shrank back into her chair even further. Why was Dulcibella staying over there; why couldn't the cat come back her so she could leave? She didn't know what it was to this girl if Fenrir was her father, but the Hufflepuff had learned very quickly that her last name was not a very good one. In deference to the person who was definitely older than her, and very scary, she meekly answered, "Yes."

Alys looked down at her hands and a piece of uneaten chocolate. She took another bite, mostly from nervousness, and glanced over at Gabriel Otto. Right now the girl believed that he was less of a threat than Andy, and he had given her the chocolate. Also, he had an interesting last name, and it reminded her of a furry water creature she had seen in a book once.
Nevermore Posted on Feb 14 2009, 04:43 PM
  Andy sighed. Of course the girl would not be able to say her name. "You can call me Andy if you want though." She said, shrugging. The cat's fur tickled Andy's hand. She liked the feel of it and buried her fingers though the fur. Andy stared at the cat as the other students stated their names. She dimly heard them, but the girl, Alys's name registered.

"Greyback?" Andy's head snapped up, and her dark blue eyes narrowed at the girl. She knew the name well. "Is your father Fenrir Greyback?" Andy's hand clenched. If this girl was the daughter of the werewolf...

No is wasn't Alys's fault. It was her father. She wasn't even born when dad was turned.
So? She was raised by the man! Who knows what the girl is like? She could be a werewolf too! And she could be here on her father's side. He still is at large.
But she didn't do anything yet. Did she?

Andy contuinted to fight herself while she glared at Alys.
Firewing Posted on Feb 14 2009, 07:34 AM
  ((Considering all of us have decided to come back I figured I should post here...))

Gabriel smiled warmly when he noticed how happy Alys seemed eating the chocolate he had given her. Even though she still seemed to be frightened to no end by both he and the other girl, the werewolf one, the moment where her expression brightened at the tastes of the chocolate made him not feel so bad. Even if she didn't like him, at least his actions of being nice had made her happier. That was rewarding at least slightly. Perhaps he could make headway with her through this. He wasn't used to be unliked by people (though he supposed he should start getting used to it...)

Then the cat jumped off him, and he figured she would probably take her leave. However, the cat seemed to have yet a mind of its own, and promptly began to associate herself with the other girl, who was asking to know the names of both he and the other girl. Well, the other girl's name was Alys and hers was Andromeda. Well, Andromeda probably didn't go by that... probably went by Andy. Well, he should give her his name as well.
"Well.. my name's not nearly as notable as either of yours," he responded, sounding humble... for probably the only time in his life. But hey, getting transformed into a possibly violent and deadly creature could do that to a person.
"I'm Gabriel, Gabriel Otto," he said.
Avi-kins Posted on Aug 6 2007, 12:52 AM
  ((Haha. Here's where we could stage what we talked about in PM, Never!))

Names? The girl wanted names? Her name? Alys looked up, completely confused. Well, that werewolf's name was quite a mouthful.
"And-roe-mead-uh?" she said/asked doubtfully out loud, completely unsure of how it was pronounced. Then again, Dulcibella was pronounced Dul-chi-bell-uh.....and Alys was Ah-lee....
"Alys Greyback?" she said with a note of question, still not sure if she had been asked.
The fluffy calico's purr rose an octave as she brushed by Andy's hand, arching her back so it hit right.

((Fire's post...))

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