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After the Battle for Hogwarts was over, and Voldemort defeated, the wizarding world began to heal under a new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. The end of a long war gave an era of peace, and the wizarding world was quiet. Hogwarts, the famous English wizarding school, fell to a new, young administration under the former-Slytherin Yvonne Taeryn.

But not everything was sunshine and rainbows. Former Death Eaters who evaded capture or death began to find each other. Slowly, like a broken vase being repaired, they formed a new regime under the bitter Draco Malfoy. The heinous acts of this malevolent group have only just begun...

Once more, the wizarding world is being divided between the factions of good and evil. Who knows what will happen in this eternity?


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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Fia Posted on Apr 14 2009, 10:41 PM
Ah, so there was a story behind the reputation. Simple stories, being different from common gossip, were worth listening to, as far as Fia was concerned. And this one, she decided as she listened intently, was interesting. By the end of it, her puzzled, curious look had altered back to a scowl.

"That's not fair," she stated bluntly, with her typical lack of patience for injustice. "Unless I'm going deaf, you said you didn't go along with the bad stuff. So that would be a good thing... gah, some people are so weird," she concluded, shaking her head irritably.

"And you're welco- speaking of weird." She quirked an eyebrow, staring down at Kyle as the boy fell to his knees. Sheesh, this place just was full of surprises, even after the years she'd spent there. She shot a questioning glance at Luke, in case the older student had some idea as to what had happened, and crouched down by Kyle, waving a hand in front of his face.

"Earth calling little Slytherin guy. Hello, kiddo, you okay? Hello-o-o... hey, fuzzy, does he do this a lot?" she added, directing the question at none other than the ferret. No, she didn't actually expect an answer- talking to animals like that was just a habit of hers.
Firewing Posted on Apr 12 2009, 11:27 PM
  Luke sighed, shaking his head slightly. He really was getting tired of explaining this sort of stuff to people. Perhaps it just wasn't worth it anymore and he should just let them pretend to be his friends for all he cared. They could act like it and be happy in thinking that they were his friends, but as he wasn't in the market for them anymore, he wasn't about to start letting anyone in. It was going to take a long time before he started to allow people in, as six years' previous damage had been done, and there was merely a year left in his formal education at Hogwarts. It wasn't likely any group of younger years could change what had already happened in that short of a time.

Ignoring Kyle, as he was sick of his comments and challenges. He was just a first year, and in time he would understand. Hogwarts was just as unforgiving as anywhere else on the planet. And so it would not take too long for that time to come. However, at least the fourth year seemed to be capable of some politeness. But then, Gryffindors probably had better manners than Slytherins anyhow...

"My housemates hate me very simply because of my name. You seem to be from out of the country, so I suppose this isn't as big of a deal for you as it is for those of us here," he said with a sigh. Maybe explaining things wouldn't be all that bad. It couldn't hurt to try to make friends, possibly?
"Well, the Malfoys, my family, took over for the Dark Lord when he lost to the Potters. My father, Draco, is the new dark lord of sorts. And so when I was born and raised, I was expected to follow in his footsteps, learn the ropes so one day I could take over. And for a while, I did follow that," he said, pausing as flashbacks of the event that had changed his mind caused him to cringe for a moment. He fought to regain his composure.
"Well, things changed. When I came to Hogwarts, everyone expected me to be exactly like my Dad, and I did have some of the qualities in me to put me in Slytherin. So when I came, everyone thought I'd be the perfect Malfoy. Well, they were disappointed I was not. And so I was outcasted from Slytherin and the other houses wanted nothing to do with me. And thus I stand here before you."

With that he left an air of silence for a moment before allowing people to take a moment to reflect on thestory He was surprised, hwoever, that the fourth year Gryffindor seemed to think he was at least kind in the fact that he had stopped for an owl. That was nice, to have someone think something he had done was kind.
"Thank you," he said simply, not sure what else he could really say.

As to Kyle, he was continuing to ignore him because he was still tired of the comments. At least he seemed to be making headway with Fia... That was good.
Kylern Posted on Mar 5 2009, 04:27 PM
  Kyle scratched his head as Luke seemed to go on another piety me rant and then up and walk away like their existence was interfering with something. Angrily he yelled after Luke, "Your a coward ya know! Instead of treating us like we're meaningless be happy someone cares about your sorry rear! Go crawl into a hole and wait for end for all I care!"

His face was red and his hands trembling as he had to grab ahold of himself. Short rasps of air escaped his throat as small fragments of images flashed before his eyes. Green streams of magic, broken bodies, and figures in dark hoods were all he could see while his legs gave away. Knees striking the dirt ground he found himself struggling to breath... He couldn't get full pictures but emotion and suffering gripped him like the iron shackles on ancient specters. Quickly he wrapped himself inside his arms fearful of what he had just seen.

"Why... Why would they do something like that?" He was muttering almost incoherently as his mind seemed to have snapped for a moment. It wasn't until a little furry figure crawled around and up the robe did his eyes open again. A small tongue licked his ear and snuggled next to him. They say animals could feel and see things humans couldn't... Rascal knew his owner was having a moment and tried to comfort him.
Fia Posted on Mar 5 2009, 04:12 PM
"Normal code of conduct... what, you famous for something?" Fia queried, puzzled. She tilted her head to one side, scowl lightening so that she looked more thoughtful than anything. His name made her draw her brows together fractionally, but her expression cleared quickly. "Luke Malfoy? Why would my housemates- eh, whatever. I don't listen to gossip about folks I don't know. I'd say 'nice to meet you', but seein' as you disarmed me..."

Fia was truly oblivious, and probably seemed like a bit of an idiot right now- but she hardly payed attention to chatter about any Slytherin in particular. Sure, she'd never wanted to be in Slytherin, but she wasn't stupid enough to think that absolutely every single Slytherin student was a dark witch or wizard in the making.

At Kyle's remarks, she had to laugh. It seemed this would not be one of those occasions where her bad mood would remain. And this Kyle kid was pretty funny, the way he talked to the much older boy.

"Why would people hate you?" she protested, bewildered. "Did you used to bully people or something? You don't seem like a bully- you stopped to look out for a bird. That was a nice thing to do."

Perhaps one could forgive her for her ignorance- she was, after all, not of British nationality. Her light, more-American-than-anything accent gave that away- as did her complete cluelessness about who was who in Britain.

After all, who could take the time to read the newspaper? Bo-ring!
Firewing Posted on Mar 3 2009, 10:02 PM
  ((Excellent suggestion to get Luke a girl... but there aren't really any girls his age, so he's outta luck at the moment))

Luke was not feeling especially threatened by the younger students, but it was rather annoying that the first years did not seem to understand his station at Hogwarts. True, he hated the fact that everyone appeared to dislike him, and stray away from him, but it had been his niche to fill in the school's social system. Then all of these first years had come around and decided to completely ignore the social rules that had already been set up. Why couldn't they just leave him alone like everyone else did? Avoid him, deal with his passing, and move on with their life? It was sad how far he had fallen in his seven years at Hogwarts... maybe he was becoming a vampire. Well, at least metaphorically.

Turning to the Gryffindor, his eyes narrowed. He'd thought she hadn't known who he was, and that assumption had proved to be spot on.
"In case you haven't noticed, which you should have by now as you aren't a first year, that's what the normal code of conduct is for dealing with me," Luke responded, his voice rather cool and controlled for someone who was quickly growing more and more frustrated with the situation he was in. At least he could rest in the fact that the owl would now be left alone.
"You haven't learned that yet?" he asked, almost letting a slight chuckle loose. "Well, I guess I should inform you then. My name's Luke Malfoy, go ask one of your housemates about me. They'll love to fill you in."

And then Kyle had to speak up again. Why couldn't this kid just learn the way it worked and get over trying to be so different? He was a Slytherin, even as a first year by now he should have seen how Luke was treated, as he'd been around the House in the same time that Luke had been... He should have heard. Why did he insist on change? Change wasn't going to happen in a year at school. And he wasn't about ready to try and be social. It only got you nailed down.
"In case you have failed to notice, everyone does hate me. Except for the first years, which for some reason aren't as quick to catch on as they've been in previous years. You can't easily expect change when you are the only one willing," Luke responded.
"So finding a girl, getting friends, yeah, they aren't current options. If they become open, then maybe I'll consider it."

Luke was getting tired of the two. It wasn't that hard to realize they'd completely ganged up on him, and even as a seventh year he wasn't able to say anything to make them stop. Again showing how little respect he got. Well, it was hard to give it when you received none. (teachers didn't count, and even some of them did not seem to like him). He just wanted to go back to the common room where it was quiet and he could be alone. It was much better than being out here.
Kylern Posted on Mar 1 2009, 07:48 PM
  Kyle lifted an eyebrow as Luke gave a 'piety me' comment in response and it irritated him slightly. "Gah your so emo man! Maybe if you quit slinking around in the dark assuming everyone hates you things would be better. I mean come on, your talented, smart, and I don't know! Find yourself a girl and get over yourself." Kyle snapped at the older student like he was just another older brother and not an adult who could curse him. Not that anyone scared him... Even the ones that could kill him couldn't scare someone who didn't fear dying.

He spotted the girl now decide to speak up making him step away slightly to watch. She would give Luke a tongue lashing too and he watched the older Slytherin seem defensive. Did he expect a fight out of them? That would have been silly and unnecessary.
Fia Posted on Mar 1 2009, 04:35 PM
Mildly surprised when the younger boy scolded the older one again, Fia tilted her head curiously at him. They seemed to know each other, if not in an especially friendly way. Perhaps they'd had some conflict before. Nodding her appreciation to the smaller Slytherin student, Fia turned her gaze back to the other, eyes narrowing slightly.

"Of course I'd have stopped to see what you wanted," she snapped, increasingly irritated with this boy. "Why on earth wouldn't I? What did you think I'd do, pretend you weren't there?" She paused. "That's all you wanted? Alright, fine, whatever, sorry for messing with the bird. I wasn't thinking. Happy now? Sheesh!"

"And who the heck are you, anyway?" she demanded in exasperation, folding her arms and scowling up at him. Blast it, she hated looking up at people. How did smaller folks stand it all the time?
Firewing Posted on Feb 24 2009, 05:26 AM
  Luke, normally not one to meddle in other's affairs anyway, hadn't really counted on how people would react to his interfering. Considering the fact that he had been hoping to just slip away as silently as he had come, the apparent uproar, or what it seemed to be, surprised him. However, despite wishing he could just walk away from it all and continue on his way he didn't think that would actually work. Besides, there was a teacher and that could be taken as fleeing the scene of the crime. And then he could get in a lot of trouble.

Well, first to deal with was the boy now hanging out of a tree not far from him. He recognized the boy, Kyle, from being on the Hogwarts Express as well being in his own house of Slytherin. Why did every run in with this boy have to not be a positive one? Well, most run-ins with anyone at Hogwarts were not positive for him, being who he was.
However, he wasn't quite sure what to say about having not confronted the girl. He knew he probably should have... but that never seemed to work out well.
"Perhaps being a vampire would be favorable to being me," he muttered in response, not sure if he had wanted the other boy to hear but feeling it better be said. There were many things he wished he was, and none of them were him.

He turned back to face the girl, the fourth year Gryffindor who had challenged him for his use of a spell and walking away.
"And if I had confronted you would you really have stopped? Would you have taken a second to listen to me? In past experiences both questions would be answered with no. I do what I have to," he responded. Luke could handle himself. Both students were younger than he by enough years he had more than enough spells to at least keep them from attacking him. Hopefully it wouldn't turn to that.

"If she really wants to learn the spell then she should find a dueling partner," was Luke's response to his statement about the spell. People could retaliate and it wouldn't harm them as badly as it would an owl, who was much smaller. They had no defense.
Kylern Posted on Feb 21 2009, 08:20 PM
  "You really think I'm of harm up here?" Kyle still hung upside down while the professeur seemed concerned about him. He grinned before pulling himself up and then in a single smooth movement detached himself from the limb and free fell the sort of high level. He landed in a couched position before rolling through it. With that he was up on his feet looking like he had just performed a spectacular feat of acrobatics. In reality he just performed a judo roll to prevent any bones from shattering in the fall.

"There I'm down. Anything else you need from me?" It was a slightly sarcastic tone he took which what appeared to be an airhead professeur. His glance went then to Luke who was now getting a scolding from the girl he had just disarmed.

"You really could have handled that better you know?" Something then scurried down the trunk and leaped onto its masters shoulders. Its beady eyes shown before he crawled inside Kyle's robe and climbed into a small carrier pocket to nap. "All she was doing was learning a spell. And it wasn't even lethal at that." He knew Luke might take it all wrong and get angry but of course Kyle didn't care. He wasn't the most popular Slytherin anyways.
Fia Posted on Feb 21 2009, 06:34 PM
Quite prepared to throw her wand to the ground in agitation -however childish it would be- Fia was nonetheless more than a little irritated when it flew out of her hand without her doing anything. Snatching it up from where it landed, the girl spun around, eyes flashing, to see a tall, pale-haired boy.... walking away.

Screw the owl. Some stranger disarming her was much more...

...dangerous. Blast it. How the heck was she supposed to compete with someone obviously years older than her? No, she didn't know who he was -four years at Hogwarts had done very little for her social life, and she really couldn't be bothered to make any conscious effort to change that- but he did look just a bit... intimidating; even from behind.

The girl was spared the decision -to argue or not to argue- by the very unexpected voice of another stranger. Fia stared from one to the other, then let out a burst of laughter at the hanging boy's comment. Vampire? The angry flashes in her eyes settled to a sparkle of amusement, then altered to a wary gleam as she looked at the older boy. Slytherin. Great. Just great. Well, it explained why he hadn't bothered to say more than that spell. Still, whoever he was, she wasn't especially frightened of him.

Fia's version of courage bordered on -and was often called- foolishness.

"Listen, whoever you are, if you have a problem with something I'm doing, say so instead of aiming your wand at me behind my back," she snapped at him. It didn't matter to her that his spell had been completely harmless- a spell was a spell, and she wasn't all that thrilled at having one directed at her by some teenager walking past.

Anything else she could have said, however, was cut off by the arrival of -wonderful- a teacher. She nodded in response to the tip of his hat, then glanced up at the boy in the tree, clearly unbothered by his odd hair and eyes, a small smile o her face. After all, they seemed be of similar opinions, at least in this matter. As for his being in a tree with a ferret...

She had done similar things in her lifetime.

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