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Kiah McD - May 15, 2007 12:05 AM (GMT)
Isle Koch native born to Germany. She was known as “Buchenwalder Schlampe” (the Bitch of Buchenwald). She was more barbaric than Hitler himself. Hitler didn’t take place in the actual killings like she did.

Hitler sent them to their death by putting them in camps because they were Jewish. She killed them because of their fascinating tattoos by slaughtering them by sports. When they were dead she had them skinned. To preserve the skin she put them in a freezer and later made into house hold materials.

She had lampshades and other materials made. She also had a collection of shrunken heads. All of her souvenirs were placed around the house where she and she husband Karl Otto Koch. Koch was so twisted she was convicted for participating in criminal plans for Buchenwald.

Since she was convicted she committed suicide in her prison cell. She is now known all around the world. Her story of killing and her twisted fascination are still being told by survivors. They tell every detail of her life and ect. She really was Buchenwalder Schlampe.

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