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 Updating Sehenesmet, The Liche Giant cometh!
  Posted: Feb 28 2012, 10:05 PM

A bug in the Swarm

Group: Nehekharan
Posts: 2
Member No.: 4,937
Joined: 28-February 12

Hey all, Ive spent the last few hours tweaking Sehenesmet's original rules, found here to reflect the newer book.

I diddnt really change the actual character so much as update his stats to reflect Necrolith Colossi, and try to play around with the FOC changes he brings about: thats what I'm really having issues with.

Oh, and the whole "double range to his magic" seems to OP to me, but idk.

Here are my changes as they stand now:

SEHENESMET................................................................ 595 points(?)
Sehenesmet 6 4 2 6 6 6 2 4 9
Weapons: Sehenesmet wields the Sacred Crook of Shapesh.
Armour: Sehenesmet wears heavy armour.
Magic: Sehenesmet is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of Nehekhara
Loremaster: Lore of Nehekhara

Liche Giant: Sehenesmet combines the physical power of a Necrolith Colossus with the mystical arts of a Liche Priest. All of the special rules for both Necrolith Colossi and Liche High Priests apply to Sehenesmet.

Incredible Fortitude; The mere presence of Sehenesmet gives himself and any Tomb Kings unit within 12" Magic Resistance (2).

The Army of Quatar: The army of Quatar is very different to that of other
Tomb Kings cities, and the following rules apply:
• Sehenesmet is both the Hierophant and General of the army. Tomb Kings, Princes and Heralds may be not be included.
• Core units: Skeleton Warriors; Warsphinx; Tomb Scorpion; Ushabti; Seprechal Stalkers; Tomb Swarms;
• Special units: Necrolith Colossi; Skeleton Light Horsemen; Skeleton Heavy Horsemen; Necrosphinx
• Rare units: Screaming Skull Catapult; Carrion; Skeleton Chariots; Necropolis Knights; Heirotitans; Casket of Souls

The Sacred Crook of Shapesh.
Sehenesmet took all of the religious symbols and statues from the great templeof Shapesh, god of the underworld, and melted them down to make this staff. It is shaped in the image of the crook Shapesh uses to herd the souls of the dead to their resting places and holds the power of life and death.The Sacred Crook of Shapesh can be wielded in combat like a great weapon. Keep track of the number of unsaved wounds inflicted by the Sacred Crook in each Close Combat phase. In each Tomb Kings Magic phase, the power of the Crook may be unleashed as a magic missile that cannot be dispelled (before Sehenesmet’s incantations). Pick a single enemy unit within 24" as the target. The unit suffers a number of Strength 4 hits equal to the number of wounds currently ‘stored’ in the Crook. Once unleashed, the number of wounds stored in the staff are returned to 0 until Sehenesmet inflicts more wounds. In addition, it doubles the range of Sehenesmet’s spells.

Sehenesmet is both the General and Heirophant of any army he is a part of.

With smaller games and/or campaigns in mind, I removed the "Has to always be the Heirophant and General forever" rule from Sehenesmet (but he still has to be if included in the army) the reasoning for this is in smaller games, 600 points in lords choices is really hard to do, and in a mighty empires campaign the Liche Giant wouldnt be able to be on all the fronts at once, but that wouldnt change the fact that his army is not lead by Tomb Kings, and that it is very construct-heavy.

I also created a new Lord choice (super necrotect) and gave the ability to ride warsphinxes to Lords/heroes that couldnt normally do so, letting an all sphinx/sphinx-mounted army be possible.

The idea behind the "Heirotect" is so you could try to play a Priest-less army, and that his Hatred-bubble and better regen would make up for the lack of any sort of character-wielded magic.

The additions To Pre-existing Units: Necrotects, Liche Priests, and High Liche Priests can take a Warsphinx Mount at the same points cost as for a Tomb Prince (or Tomb King, in the High Liche Priest’s case)

A Necrotect can be the General and Heirophant as long as no Liche Priests are present in the army. If both a Heirotect and Necrotect are present in the same army, the Necrotect could not be the Heirophant. (the Heirotect would be the main-man behind keeping the constructs going, like a High Liche Priest is in charge of raising the dead)
A Necrotect’s Mount is effected by his “Wrath of the Creator” rule

New Units:

Heirotect: The Head Necrotects of the past are sometimes held to a level above their brethren. These Heirotects are incredibly rare, but a good amount have allied themselves with Sehenesmet to rebuild the glorious city, and for a chance to earn the Liche Giant’s favor.

A Heirotect is a Lord Choice in a Giant Warriors of Khemri army.

Heirotect................................................................ 175 points Troop Type:
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Infrantry (Character)
Heirotect 4 3 3 4 4 3 2 2 8

Hand Weapon
Whip (Additional Hand Weapon)
Light Armour

Can Take a Warspinx (points go towards your
Lord allowance replaces crew) ...…………………….. 210 points

Can take up magic items up to …………………………100 points

Special Rules
- Flammable
- Nehekharan Undead
- Stone Artesian
- Grudge of the Creator
- Hatred

Stone Artesian:
Heirotects are a master of their craft, able to repair and control constructs from far distances, their newfound immortality has led them to become close to perfecting these rituals.

Any unit with of Animated Constructs within 12” of a character with the Stone Artesian rule has gains the Regeneration (4+) rule

Grudge of the Creator:
While a Necrotect is furious about the state of his work, a Heirotect has accepted the fate of his art. But with this acceptance comes a much more calculated, and alltogether more frightening wrath to the lesser races that disrespected his life’s work.

The Heirotect confers Hatred onto any unit within 12” of him for along as he is alive. If he dies, all effected units lose hatred.

A Heirotect is a Lord choice, and can be the General and Heirophant (if a Liche Priest is not present in the army)
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 03:21 AM

Skeleton Warrior

Group: Nehekharan
Posts: 90
Member No.: 4,696
Joined: 8-December 11

i actually like this guy!

seems pretty balanced at first glance -just woke up-
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 08:32 PM

A bug in the Swarm

Group: Nehekharan
Posts: 2
Member No.: 4,937
Joined: 28-February 12

Thanks! I went ahead and changed just a few things, with smaller sized games in mind.
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