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Title: Ben's Dandy New Blog
Description: and new home of the Magical Platypus.

Benjamin - August 9, 2011 03:51 AM (GMT)
Since this place doesn't have a "Shameless Self-Promotion" sub-forum anymore, I thought will share my current activities here in the main forum. For no better reason I decided to start my own blog to bray about whatever nonsense come to my mind. Likely something inane pop culture related.

All potential converts go here:

Enter the Realm of the Magical Platypus!

Tell me what you guys think, and I apologize in advance if this was inappropriate.

Gauntlet101010 - September 19, 2011 08:12 PM (GMT)
Now that you're part of the team, you can have a thread in the general form about your blog. So I'm moving this back here.

Benjamin - September 19, 2011 09:35 PM (GMT)
Huzzah! And to celebrate I will lead your attention to this...

My top eleven Superman: the Animated Series episodes, inspired by the Nostalgia Critic's most recent "Top 11". I thought S:TAS never got much respect, despite the solid scripts and cleaner animation, so I made my own. With my commitments elsewhere I don't think I have the time to do another top (whatever) list for a while but I'm satisfies with how this turned out.

Byron - September 21, 2011 06:42 AM (GMT)
I must say that you're doing a good job on this blog thus far. Your Top 11 series was also pretty cool since you gave clear reasons for your choices and avoided giving spoilers in the process.

Also, thanks for posting about the New X-Men series. I had no idea that was a thing until seeing that...

Benjamin - September 22, 2011 04:22 AM (GMT)

With the closure of Blockbuster Video in Canada, there's no longer any video rental stores in my hometown. James Rolfe's reflection have me waxing the nostalgic of my own childhood memories of going to the neighborhood rental store to pick up a couple VHS tapes on a Friday or Saturday night.

What about you guys?

Gauntlet101010 - September 22, 2011 12:13 PM (GMT)
I don't have Netflicks, so it's a bummer for me. I always rented videos and still have some Blockbuster cupon books which are now headed for the recycling bin. Now I gotta find a new rental place ...

Byron - September 22, 2011 04:46 PM (GMT)
Well, look's like I have a Blockbuster Gift Card I'll never use.

That being said, if you don't want to pay for Netflicks you could always see if the local library stocks movies. I know that in my area they do, and I can find some older titles there.

For newer titles or if you don't have a library in your town, however, you may be out of luck.

Benjamin - October 2, 2011 11:36 PM (GMT)

Just a barely coherent rant on DC's latest attempt at a reboot, and the headache it gives me.

Byron - October 2, 2011 11:53 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Benjamin @ Oct 2 2011, 06:36 PM)

Just a barely coherent rant on DC's latest attempt at a reboot, and the headache it gives me.

Good article, although I'm surprised you didn't mention the shitstorm that occurred because of the blatant sexism in the Red Hood and Catwoman titles.

Benjamin - October 6, 2011 12:31 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Byron @ Oct 2 2011, 04:53 PM)
Good article, although I'm surprised you didn't mention the shitstorm that occurred because of the blatant sexism in the Red Hood and Catwoman titles.

It really wasn't really pertinent to the gist of what I was writing. The "New 52" failed because of the rampant cherry-picking of continuity; one reason why "Man of Steel" and the Wonder Woman reboot made the post-CoIE universe more reader unfriendly than the pre-CoIE multiverse.

...and other news I picked up Aquaman #1, and I liked it.

Benjamin - October 15, 2011 05:27 AM (GMT)

Further proof why the mere act of thinking should be considered dangerous.

Gauntlet101010 - October 15, 2011 03:32 PM (GMT)
Everyone has their own issues and themes. I don't see much difference between being obsessed with sports and being obsessed with comics and such.

Byron - October 15, 2011 07:23 PM (GMT)
I have simular frustrations with the world sometimes; a general sense of everything going wrong and being screwed up beyond all reason and there being nothing one could do about it. Last time I expressed these thoughts I was warned against becoming a misanthope and throwing away the opportunities I did have to change things (voting, etc), so that may be something to keep in mind, I dunno.

Big Boss - October 15, 2011 08:40 PM (GMT)
I think you just need to get out of the house more and converse with people more often. I've been doing that more and more and I don't feel like quite the social outcast as I used to be. Then again, I have a hobby (shooting) that has recently been an excellent jumping point to get together with friends and have a good time. I've gotten friends who would never otherwise be interested in shooting to go with me and suddenly they're talking about which caliber is better, whether they should get a revolver or semi-suto, or how fast they should get their CPL. And from there, I end up hanging out with them in other activities, which leads to even more friends. Hence, I've been a busy man as of late.

It really just depends on what you want to do. You can shut yourself in and immerse yourself in your hobbies, but as I take it you're feeling a bit hollow due to it.

As far as comics books go, there's quite a few celebrities that are open about comic book fandom. CM Punk is a notably huge comic book geek, posting his current readings on Twitter and becoming friends with the authors themselves. He also makes multiple comic book references during his wrestling segments (last Monday he made a blatant Bizarro Superman reference, and he also shouts "ITS CLOBBERIN' TIME" before each match). He's what I use as proof that the old idea of all comic book readers being fat recluses is out of date and untrue, being that's he's a very popular, successful guy.

Benjamin - October 17, 2011 12:28 AM (GMT)
It feels more like a half-empty/hall-full scenario to be honest. I tend to feel more alive when I write my stories and the "hollowness" comes more from the realization that it's only real in my imagination. Some days are worse than others and the pendulum is swinging towards "Half-empty" this week.

Benjamin - October 23, 2011 08:40 PM (GMT)

Wherein I rant about Brian Michael Bendis on the Avengers.

Byron - October 24, 2011 07:58 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Benjamin @ Oct 23 2011, 03:40 PM)

Wherein I rant about Brian Michael Bendis on the Avengers.

Isn't he the guy behind the Spiderman one more day thing?

If he is, then this probably is a bad thing.

Benjamin - October 24, 2011 09:07 PM (GMT)
Bendis only writes Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, which takes place in another universe and has nothing to do with "One More Day". OMD was the brainchild of Joe Quesada, but enough people ranted about that horrid story so I don't need to say anything.

Byron - October 25, 2011 12:25 AM (GMT)
Ah, okay then.

I really did love the Ultimate Spider Man comics, however, so this could be a difference of opinion here?

I haven't read it that much at all since they switched to Ultimate Comics: Spider Man, though. I only know enough to have a vague idea of the general plotline and also the last story arc with Peter Parker.

Benjamin - October 25, 2011 09:00 PM (GMT)

Wherein I am oddly calm about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who.

Benjamin - November 26, 2011 07:30 AM (GMT)

Wherein I do my own retrospective on Dreamwave's Megaman series with the promise to compare it to Archie's series later.

And my blog is big in Bulgaria for some reason.

Byron - November 26, 2011 07:59 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Benjamin @ Nov 26 2011, 02:30 AM)

Wherein I do my own retrospective on Dreamwave's Megaman series with the promise to compare it to Archie's series later.

And my blog is big in Bulgaria for some reason.

Congratulations on becoming a minor internet celebrity, I guess?

Benjamin - November 26, 2011 08:03 PM (GMT)
It's only like twenty-five hit, and most of them are for my STAS Top 11.

Benjamin - December 4, 2011 10:33 PM (GMT)

Wherein I review the first four issues of Archie's Megaman. And bask in the glory of Gutsman's ass.

Benjamin - December 18, 2011 05:13 PM (GMT)

Wherein the Magical Platypus stops for a visit the week before Platy-mus.

Benjamin - January 5, 2012 04:15 AM (GMT)

Wherein I review "Time Keeps Slipping." Finally.

Gauntlet101010 - January 17, 2012 02:46 AM (GMT)
The last post on this was made by me, BTW. The one also bemoaning DC's relaunch.

I guess you can't use your AIM name to comment on Blogger ...

Benjamin - January 18, 2012 02:28 AM (GMT)
I had a feeling it was from somebody I knew, and thanks. I might try to do some mini-reviews of the "New 52" titles I picked up and dropped.

This is a thought that has floated around in my head for a couple weeks now. Should we put the reviews of the (Archie) Mega Man series on the Mechs?

Gauntlet101010 - January 18, 2012 03:47 AM (GMT)
You can miorror them here if you like. After all, we do operate with a Wordpress blog.

Byron - January 18, 2012 09:36 PM (GMT)
Out of Curiosity, why were you guys disappointed by the DC Reboot?

Are there any specific things that left a bad taste in your mouth?

Benjamin - January 19, 2012 12:45 AM (GMT)
It was the fact they sprang it without warning, and brought it in with the mostly-horrible Flashpoint. It was actually a lot like what "One More Day" was for Spider-Man. A complete ass-pull.

Though Aquaman turned out awesome. Green Lantern's still pretty good. I'm enjoying Legion of Super-Heroes and Teen Titans is a guilty pleasure.

Gauntlet101010 - January 19, 2012 01:41 AM (GMT)
The "without warning" thing is part of it for me.

Another part is that the universe I got to know for years is, pretty much, just gone.

But a lot of it is how .... gimmicky it feels. And DC has been pulling this A LOT. Take Kid Flash. First they made him the Flash. In short order they kill him. Then they spend a while with a BIG buildup and bring him back de-aged. In short order they've killed him AGAIN. I mean ... do they even have a plan?

And Jade. They kill her. Bring her back in BD, which was not so long ago. And now ... retconend out of existence! Why even bring her back? Did they really think through BD out? I don't think so. Liek Flashpoint it was just another gimmick.

I dunno, it just sorta convinces me that it's no use following a monthly comic; at least for an extended period of time. It's really all about a run - follow a run you like for a time and then drop it.

Although I'm still more of a monthly kinda guy. Still buy GL. We'll see if I warm up to any of the new DC titles. I already didn't collect too many, though.

Benjamin - January 22, 2012 10:06 PM (GMT)

Wherein I reminisce about my favorite shows from early childhood. Anyone remember their favorites?

Benjamin - September 5, 2012 03:25 AM (GMT)
Decided to restart the old blog

Already posted a couple entries but the latest is on the new Green Lantern, Simon Baz, and how DC thinks I am too stupid to appreciate a character on his own merits.

Gauntlet101010 - September 5, 2012 04:14 AM (GMT)
Yeah, Baz is gonna get a chilly reception from me. Already there seems to be too many humans in the mainline GLC. Now there's another?

It's also sad that Johns has to make someone else a the star of the book to finally do some character writing in GL. We haven't really seen Hal's character in a long, long time. I mean ... how long ago was it since his supporting cast showed up in a regular issue?

Yeah, I'm also kinda sick of all the hype DC's doing. The Goon had it right, most of these things are just to grab headlines.

Benjamin - September 6, 2012 01:22 AM (GMT)
Reviewed Green Lantern #0 and the Magical Platypus hath spoken:

Gauntlet101010 - September 6, 2012 01:57 AM (GMT)
Taking him to Guantanimo Bay is pretty much hitting us over the head with what's going on, but I don't think it ruined the issue for me.

I do lament that Hal's pretty much taken a backseat to his own book for the last few years, though.

Benjamin - September 15, 2012 03:02 AM (GMT)

Wherein I ruminate on one of my favorite comic books of all time.

Benjamin - September 22, 2012 04:19 PM (GMT)

Wherein I review one of the underrated gems from the nineties, the Legionnaires. Gauntlet should like this since it involves the Emerald Eye.

Gauntlet101010 - September 25, 2012 03:29 PM (GMT)
I got the first arc of this for the Emerald Empress stuff. It's a shame that was left hanging due to Zero Hour.

Edit: I don't think it's entirely fair to lay the blame on DC's continuity woes soly on Crisis ... they started the Silver Age by reinventing the Flash completely after all.

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