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 Strk.58 Tor
Posted: Nov 14 2008, 10:13 PM

82% Armaments Designer

Group: Members
Posts: 1,645
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Joined: 10-April 07

Stridskjøretøy 58 (Strk.58) Tor

user posted image
Photo by me with help from No Endorse and ChevyRocks

Discussion thread

The Stridskjøretøy 58 Tor (Strk.58) is a new tracked multipurpose armored personell carrier that is designed to complement the Strk.57 Heimdall family of armored vehicles. To simplify logistics, the Strk.58 shares an astonishing 65% parts commonality with the Strk.57, meaning that integrating the Strk.58 into an already existing Strk.57 force will simplify the logistics process and ease repairs and maintenance.

The Strk.58 is fully amphibious, and is propelled in the water by its tracks. The low-silhouette Strk.58 has a hydropneumatic suspension system attached to the 8x8 road wheels that propel the 550 mm steel tracks. The box-like composite-armor hull has a crew compartment at the front, engine immediately behind on the left side, and a troop compartment at the rear which has inward-facing folding canvas seats for 10 infantrymen. The flat hull roof has two forward opening troop exit hatches. The infantry enter and leave the vehicle by two rear doors which are provided with firing ports. The total of four firing ports also include one on each side of the vehicle. The Remote Weapons System on the right front features a single 15.7 MM heavy machine gun. Standard equipment on all vehicles includes an NBC protection system. Entrance to the Strk.58 is provided primarily by the two rear exit doors. Two additional, forward-opening, troop exit hatches are located on the flat hull roof. These can be used by the passengers in the passenger compartment to fire not only their own weapons from, but also additional air defense or antiarmor weapons, adding to the defense of the Strk.58.

The Strk.58A Tor can haul a total of 2 000 kilograms of supplies in its passenger hold if no passengers are carried, and it can tow an additional 6 500 kilograms. This enables the Strk.58 to be used as a prime mover for towed artillery pieces, as it can not only tow the artillery piece, but also transport its gun crew and some rounds of ammunition. This feature is sure to make the Strk.58 a popular hit among foreign militaries seeking a affordable and capable vehicle for their towed artillery units.

A dedicated Command & Control Vehicle (C2V) variant of the Strk.58 exists, and can provide effective frontline command and control services to indiginous and friendly units through the use of the advanced encrypted communications and information-sharing equipment found inside this vehicle. The Strk.58B Tor C2V was developed in order to supplement and in certain cases replace the similar but more expensive Strk.57B Heimdall C2V in Cottish service. While the Strk.58B costs a bit more than the basic Strk.58, it is still a less expensive system than the Strk.57B while able to preform the same tasks.

The Strk.58C is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) variant which is armed with a pair of Macabees-made Mark 30 "Swift Kill" 45mm autocannons mounted in a revolvable turret in the back of the Tor, guided by a X/Ku-band radar mount on the top of the vehicle that is capable of detecting and tracking aerial targets some 20 kilometers away, making it the ideal choice for a battalion- and brigade-level air defense system. The Strk.58C was designed to complement and/or replace the more expensive Strk.57E Heimdall SPAAG, which has the same armament. In a pinch, the Strk.58C can also be used against ground targets using manual targeting.

Passive Protection
In terms of protection, the Strk.58 is fitted with both passive and active protection. For passive protection, the Strk.58 is constructed using a composite armor called Composition 537. Composition 537’s exact contents are a carefully guarded defense secret, but it is known that it is a composite armor which includes steel and ceramics and allow for a protection level of 1:1.7 RHAe (1mm Composition 537 equals 1.7mm RHAe), with Kevlar armor in the interior to protect the crew and passengers from splinter and fragments in the event of a hit. The thickness of the Composition 537 armor varies from 50 millimeters (front) to around 35 millimeters (sides, roof, rear, floor). This is sufficient to protect the Heimdall from calibers up to and including 20mm APDS (up to and including 25mm APDS-T against the front), grenade fragments and small-arms fire.

Additional armor options such as Non-Explosive Reactive Armor and Explosive Reactive Armor are available for the Strk.58, although these will increase the weight of the vehicle.

For roadside bomb protection, the Strk.58 is fitted with a Mine Protection Plate on the belly of the vehicle, providing protection for explosive charges of up to 10 kilograms of high-explosive.

Active Protection
For active protection from anti-tank missiles, the Strk.58 includes the Tirion Mark 6 APS system, which uses a F/G-Band fire control radar with four flat-panel antennas mounted on the vehicle (giving it 360° coverage) to detect incoming threats. When a threat is discovered, Tirion’s integral computer uses the signal from the incoming weapon and calculates an approach vector. Once the incoming weapon is fully classified, the computers calculate the optimal time and angle to fire the neutralizers. The response comes from two rotating launchers installed on the sides of the vehicle. The launchers fire the neutralizing shot, which are small metal pellets, similar to shotgun shots, and destroy the incoming threats before they can harm the Strk.58. Tirion is designed to have a very small kill zone, so as not to endanger troops adjacent to the protected vehicle, and is designed to work against most types of anti-tank missiles and rockets, including RPGs. Tirion is effective when the Strk.58 is in motion, and can be used several times before it runs out of neutralizing shots.

In terms of concealment, the Strk.58 is fitted with twelve 82 MM smoke grenade dischargers, six on each side, which each fires a white smoke grenade into the air in order to temporarily conceal the Strk.58 and its immediate surroundings, something which enables an effective and relatively concealed escape from enemies that try to destroy the Strk.58.

NBC Protection
The threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons is ever present on the modern battlefield, and the Strk.58 has been equipped with measures to defend its crew and passengers against these threats. The Strk.58 is equipped with NBC filters which cleans the air of any radioactive, chemical or biological particles before it is released into the vehicle.

Crew: 2 (APC; C2V); 4 (SPAAG)
Passenger: 10 (APC); 7 (C2V); 0 (SPAAG)

Length: 6.40 meters
Width: 2.88 meters
Height: 1.87 meters
Weight: 11 500 kg (empty weight); 13 500 kg (combat weight)
Ground Clearance: 0.40 meters

Power Plant: One DABB TDH-24G V8 multi-fuel engine
Horsepower: 320 hp
Suspension: Hydropneumatic
Transmission: 6 forward, 2 reserve
Fuel Capacity: 500 litres
Range: 600 km
Power/Weight Ratio: 27.82 hp/t (empty weight); 23.70 hp/t (combat weight)
Speed: Up to 100 km/h (road); Up to 60 km/h (offroad)
Base: Two 550 MM wide steel tracks with rubber pads

Maximum Gradient: 60°
Maximum Slope: 40°
Obstacle Crossing: 1.0 meters
Trench: 3.2 meters
Fording: Floats
NBC Protection: Full

Main Weapon: One MGM2V 15.7x131mm heavy machine gun on Remote Weapons System (RWS) mount with 1000 rounds available (APC); None (C2V); Two Mark 30 "Swift Kill" 45mm CTA autocannons with 950 rounds per autocannon (SPAAG)
Secondary Weapon: None
Missiles: None organic, but man-portable air defense or antiarmor missiles may be carried inside passenger hold at expense of carrying capacity (APC, C2V); One BLM.80 Kadabra short-range surface to air missile MANPAD launcher with four missiles available (SPAAG)

Smoke System: Twelve 82mm smoke grenade dischargers
Armor Type: Composition 537 (RHAe: 1.7)
Armor Value: 50 MM (front; RHAe: 85 MM); 35 MM (sides, rear; RHAe: 59.5 MM); 38 MM (top, bottom; RHAe: 64.6 MM); Armor Protection Plate under belly of vehicle capable of deflecting blasts of up to 10 kg of TNT
Defensive Systems: Tirion Mk.6 APS

Sensors: CTS-64 Thermal Imaging equipment, encrypted two-way data uplink for easy interface with StridsNett battlenet system (APC, C2V), CAVES Electronics & Sensor Suite (C2V), CFR-47 X/Ku-Band Radar (SPAAG)
Cost: $3.3 million (APC); $4.5 million (C2V/SPAAG)

+++Strk.58A Tor APC Multipurpose Armored Personell Carrier
+++Strk.58B Tor C2V Command & Control Vehicle
+++Strk.58C Tor SPAAG Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Posted: Nov 14 2008, 10:17 PM

82% Armaments Designer

Group: Members
Posts: 1,645
Member No.: 11
Joined: 10-April 07


Cotland: 500,000 (Army, Navy, Air Force)
Questers: 2,000,000 (Army)
Chevrokia: 600,000 (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force)
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