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Andrew - August 14, 2008 12:10 AM (GMT)
3 Reasons The FCC Shouldn't "Touch" The Internets (Video) (Reason)
Net Neutrality for Dummies: Will the FCC control the Internet? (Video) (Reason)

Net Neutrality: A Brief Primer (Reason)

Father of internet warns against Net Neutrality (The Register, UK)

Opening the Internet ó with an Axe (Fernando Herrera-Gonzalez, Ph.D. Economics and Telecommunications)
Net Neutrality: Unwarranted Intervention (Fernando Herrera-Gonzalez, Ph.D. Economics and Telecommunications)

Against a National Broadband Policy (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
Who Owns the Internet? (Ludwig von Mises Institute)

Antecedents to Net Neutrality (PDF) (Bruce M. Owen, Ph.D. Economics)
Net Neutrality: A Radical Form of Non-Discrimination (PDF) (Hal J. Singer, M.A. Economics)
"Net Neutrality" Digital Discrimination or Regulatory Gamesmanship in Cyberspace? (PDF) (Adam D. Thierer, M.A. International Business Management and Trade theory)
Neutralism: The Strange Philosophy Behind the Movement for Net Neutrality (PDF) (The Heartland Institute)
The Durable Internet: Preserving Network Neutrality without Regulation (PDF) (Timothy B. Lee, Ph.D. Computer Science)
The Internet Is Not Neutral (and No Law Can Make It So) (PDF) (Reason)
Don't let 'net neutrality' become a roadblock to progress (Andrew Kantor, USA Today)
Get What You Pay For (Richard C. Notebaert, Qwest Communications, The Wall Street Journal)
Give Me Bandwidth... (Andy Kessler, The Weekly Standard)
Hold Off On Net Neutrality (David Farber and Michael Katz, The Washington Post)
Network Neutrality: Avoiding a Net Loss (Robert Pepper, Cisco Systems, TechNewsWorld)
Net Neutrality: Not the American Way (Richard Martin, Information Week)
Net Neutrality - Tragedy of the Commons (Andrew Schmitt, Seeking Alpha)
Why Im Against Net Neutrality (Larry Dignan, eWEEK)

A rational debate on Net Neutrality(George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
Net neutrality and politics donít mix (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
- Net neutrality extremism versus common sense economics (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
- Net neutrality extremists should stop playing engineers (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)

Fixing the unfairness of TCP congestion control (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
EFF wants to saddle you with metered Internet service (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
Why metered Internet is a really bad idea (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)

Cringely doesnít need no stinking facts to push Net Neutrality (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
Is ESPN committing reverse Net neutrality? (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
Net neutrality proponents flagrantly lie about Craigslist blockage (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
- Craigslist scare story gets even stranger (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)
- Craigslist silently fixes their end in the Cox fiasco (George Ou, CISSP, ZDNet)

How Technology and Markets Made Net Neutrality Moot (George Ou, CISSP)

The Truth about Net Neutrality (Video) (8min)
Why Obama is Wrong About Net Neutrality (Video) (5min)

P2P Bandwidth hogs are mad that Comcast reset some of their Bittorrent connections to allow other paying customers a usable internet experience. They are now claiming all sorts of nonsensical free-speech infringements and are actively pushing for legislation to legally allow them to saturate private networks with P2P (file-sharing) traffic and make it unusable to other paying customers.

Dubious claims about BitTorrent network friendliness (George Ou, CISSP)

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