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Posted by: Andrew Oct 20 2007, 07:06 PM
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List of Featured Scientists:

John R. Christy, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Paul Reiter - Professor of Medical Entomology, Pasteur Institute, Paris
Tim F. Ball - Ph.D. Climatology, Head of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project
Roy Spencer - Ph.D. Meteorology, Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Website: (John Stossel, 20/20)

The globe is warming, it's our fault and the consequences are going to be terrible. So goes the rhetoric spouted by politicians, celebrities and the media.

It's hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper these days without hearing about the horrors caused by our warming climate. We can expect more floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes as global warming continues, and pretty soon we'll have to flee from the coasts as the polar ice caps melt and our shorelines flood.

Children are frightened, too. I spoke to a group of kids who said they worry about their future on our planet. One girl feared that water might rise near her house in Rockaway, N.Y., "and it might flood the whole town."

A few of these kids learned about global warming from former Vice President Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth." The movie has been seen by millions, won an an Academy Award and earned Gore widespread praise in the media. People have proclaimed him a "prophet," a "cultural icon" and a "conquering hero." Just last week, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. With all this news coverage, it's no surprise that 86 percent of Americans think global warming is a serious problem and 70 percent want the government to do something now.

But is it a crisis? The globe is warming, but is it really all our fault? And is it true the debate is over? No. What you think you know may not be so.

Posted by: Andrew Oct 20 2007, 07:46 PM
John Stossel was ahead of everyone on this back in 2002: (Video) (4min)

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