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Milton Friedman on Libertarianism (Video) (25min)

World's Smallest Political Quiz

Libertarian Blogs:

Anything Peaceful (Foundation for Economic Education)
Cafe Hayek
Cato @ Liberty (Cato Institute)
From the Heartland (The Heartland Institute)
Hit & Run (Reason Magazine)
IEA Blog (Institute of Economic Affairs, UK)
Marginal Revolution
Mises Economics Blog (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
Open Market (Competitive Enterprise Institute)
Out of Control (Reason Foundation)
Power Blog (Acton Institute)
The Beacon (The Independent Institute)
The Daily Capitalist
Voices for Reason (Ayn Rand Institute)

The Austrian Economists

Libertarian Institutions:

Acton Institute
Adam Smith Institute (UK)
Advocates for Self-Government
Alliance of the Libertarian Left
Ayn Rand Institute
Cato Institute
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Foundation for Economic Education
Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF)
Independent Women's Forum
Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) (UK)
Institute for Humane Studies (George Mason University)
Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) (Australia)
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Liberty Fund
Pacific Research Institute
Reason Foundation
The Atlas Society
The Centre for Independent Studies (Australia)
The Heartland Institute
The Independent Institute
The Mercatus Center

Libertarian Books:

Online Books (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
The Online Library of Liberty (Liberty Fund)

Libertarian Journals:

Economic Affairs (Institute of Economic Affairs)
Journal of Libertarian Studies (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
Journal of Markets & Morality (Acton Institute)
Libertarian Papers (An Online Journal for Libertarian Scholarship)
Liberty (A Journal of Culture and Politics)
NYU Journal of Law and Liberty
Policy Review (Hoover Institute)
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
Reason Papers (A Journal of Interdisciplinary Normative Studies)
The Cato Journal (Cato Institute)
The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies
The Independent Review (The Independent Institute)
The Review of Austrian Economics

Libertarian Magazines:

Eigentümlich Frei (Peculiarly free) (Germany)
Reason Magazine (Reason Foundation)
Regulation (Cato Institute)
The Freeman (Foundation for Economic Education)
The Libertarian Communicator (Advocates for Self-Government)
The New Individualist (The Atlas Society)

Libertarian Newsletters:

Acton Notes (Acton Institute)
Cato's Letter (Cato Institute)
Cato Policy Report (Cato Institute)
Religion & Liberty (Acton Institute)
Tax & Budget Bulletin (Cato Institute)
The Free Market (Ludwig von Mises Institute)

Political Parties:

Libertarian Party (US)
Libertarian Party UK (UK)
Partei der Vernunft (Party of Reason) (Germany)
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