Women more likely than men to accept globalwarming
  Posted: Sep 15 2010, 05:04 PM

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Posted: Sep 15 2010, 06:41 PM

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McCright analyzed eight years of data from Gallup’s annual environment poll that asked fairly basic questions about climate change knowledge and concern. He said the gender divide on concern about climate change was not explained by the roles that men and women perform such as whether they were homemakers, parents or employed full time.

Instead, he said the gender divide likely is explained by “gender socialization.” According to this theory, boys in the United States learn that masculinity emphasizes detachment, control and mastery. A feminine identity, on the other hand, stresses attachment, empathy and care – traits that may make it easier to feel concern about the potential dire consequences of global warming, McCright said.

I question his theory.

I know this much: I don't need any "gender socialization" to enjoy control and mastery. And from what I've observed, most women don't appear to need "gender socialization" to enjoy empathy and care.

So I hypothesis that those are natural tendencies. This hasn't been tested? I'll bet that the major aspects of my hypothesis have been tested sometime in the last century. The whole nature vs nurture debate has been simmering for a long time.

Also of note...

Women tend to believe the scientific consensus on global warming more than men, according to a study by a Michigan State University researcher.

The findings, published in the September issue of the journal Population and Environment, challenge common perceptions that men are more scientifically literate, said sociologist Aaron M. McCright.

This might be the first *PRO* global warming article posted on this forum. omg.gif

I still love how the global warming people talk and talk about "scientific consensus". Science isn't about "consensus"; science is about facts and theory. Opinion, which "consensus" is, is irrelevant when it comes to science.

So, by ignoring non-scientific arguments like "consensus", it appears that men might be, on average, more "scientifically literate" than women after all. eyebrow.gif

Of course, you can't say THAT, or you might be "gender biased". No no no no no. But claiming women are more scientifically literate then men would NOT be "gender biased".... why, it might even be "enlightened". Ah, the PC double-standard in action again.

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