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 How's it going then?
Posted by Grumpygit - 09-20-17 15:09 - 12 comments
Afternoon all

As we near the last month of this year's RBR, just wondering how everyone is getting on? OK, no specifics until the final bell obviously, but are you going to end up where you thought?

Looks like I've got more
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 Was it you?
Posted by Ralph - 08-17-17 19:09 - 1 comments
Big tourer coming out of the lane leading to LM55 on Wed 16th Aug about 12
I was on a White Yamaha with a Aprilia behind me we waved.
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Posted by Nick - 08-16-17 20:53 - 6 comments
If you think the ascent might be a bit easy, go on a Wednesday afternoon, and you can meet the bin lorry on it's way down.
00 ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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 Come in 154
Posted by Jack - 08-16-17 20:18 - 1 comments
Found your control card (at half mast) hooked to the flag pole next to LM 56 smile.gif

If you want/need it more
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 Scottish National Rally
Posted by RBR - 07-26-17 19:14 - 4 comments
005.gif Colin Pate of the Scottish National Rally has finally come up with a short Saturday run of 250 miles as per m more
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 LM01 - moving date?
Posted by Grumpygit - 07-21-17 09:45 - 3 comments
Morning All,

Look like most of the on line stuff for the LM is on Facebook. As a non-facebookist, does anyone have any idea of when it is moving?

Planning to visit next week. Read 94 times - last comment by Grumpygit   Print email

 Corran Ferry out of service
Posted by Biker Ted - 07-18-17 19:27 - 6 comments
Just come across this on farcebook, worth making a note if going up to Scotland and intended to use this service.

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 Help please
Posted by Ippy - 07-15-17 15:18 - 3 comments
A couple of years ago I did the rally and one of the landmarks was a viaduct. I think it was somewhere northish of the Midlands. I lived in Cheltenham and I think I remember going through Rugby to get to the LM. Can any one remember what said viaduc more
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 Service resumed?
Posted by Paul C - 07-6-17 07:56 - 11 comments
I've not been able to log in for a week or so. Thanks to whoever managed to sort it out.
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 Cake/ Cafe stop LM15 & LM46 area
Posted by Alblade - 06-13-17 21:05 - 0 comments
Managed to visit LM46 and LM15 last Friday - while travelling between them I visited a cafe at 'Dales Bike Centre' just outside Reeth in Framlington. Dales Bike Cen more
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