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 Vacationing in the Kingdom Creative Contest, Contest
Posted: Mar 14 2015, 07:56 PM

GKOL Forum Admin
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My listeners were asked to come up with a creative story about what they would do if they spent their spring vacation in the kingdom. These are the results, I am in awe at how amazing these are!
1st Place: Receiving a Mr. A : Mookieproof
2nd Place: Receiving an Uncle Buck: lagoticspy
3rd Place: Receiving 1 Million Meat: izzycat
Runner up's : Receiving 50k : SpaghettiGirl, gumpy13, LordSurge


Entry 1: From SpaghettiGirl Runner Up

I take my meatcar on a tour of the kingdom and start a quest to find Ed. I start with Spookyraven and do some research in the haunted library. The research makes me hungry and I look in the haunted kitchen for something to eat. After eating an ancient frozen dinner I drink a glass of wine from a dusty bottle of Merlot to wash it down. Then it's time to head out with a quick stop at the campground to pick up my NPZR to accompany me on my journey. I make reservations for the night at the lodge in the twin peak. I drive through the nearby plains on my way to the distant woods to explore the hidden temple. Ed isn't there. I climb aboard my rocket ship and head for the stars. I see some shiny stars near a tower. I drive through it and ‚brvbar;. it begins again.

Entry 2: From lagoticspy : 2nd Place
One morning I woke up with an irritating itch. It began at my toes and crept to my knees. Heading south it jumped to my gullet. I was good and did not scratch but ohhh boy, the itch was upon me.

It began to fade when I realized what it was. I had heard about this, this bug. I sighed and headed over to the only place I knew could cure my ills, the all powerful wiki. I looked up my symptoms, and I'll be jiggered if I hadn't caught the Kolbug. I saw the symptoms and went into frantic reading mode.

I was too late though, the computer screen I was staring at suddenly became a portal. I thought "oh frillylizards I do not have time for this."

Suddenly a bird wearing a silly hat flew in front of me and started to lecture, it was all about adventures and time management. But as I said I was frantic at this point so when a large square of sky grew words and said " yada yada .. give the bird the bird" I put my shoulder against the sky block and pushed. Lo and behold as if by magic a bird flew out of my pocket and landed on the larger bird. The larger bird looked disgruntled but flew off leaving me a sack containing sweat pants and a hat there was meat too and solidified grease and fat. I wasn't feeling too hungry at this point so tucked them into my pocket for later.

"Steak sandwich" I thought, "ew".

Next I saw a sign advertising bunnies. I love those, its even in my name. So I headed over to the petting zone. A big warning block of sky barred my way with dire warn nonsense, but I ignored it because the spelling was awful. I maybe should have been suspicious when I saw the ones hovering above each cute fluffy creature. I knew I had no money with me, but hoped to get a few quick pets in anyway. Suddenly, after walking up to it it became ferocious and went for my jugular. I screamed and realized there were numbers above my own head, numbers slowly decreasing. I thought this was a positive thing, because bunnies are known to be healing, therapeutic creatures so I thought

Perhaps the time was time counting down til my release. Then suddenly a most ominous thing happened, my numbers turned red!

An instinctual thought of red letters of death popped into my head and I turned to run. For some reasons I failed. The bunny dragged me back. I was begging for mercy but my number slowly dropped to zero.
I clenched my eyes and waited for the horror I knew was to come.

I risked cracking my eye for a peek and was so happy to see myself back in my own bed. The numbers were gone, and I knew it was just a dream.
So I could not possibly sleep after that, so I decided to watch some television. That got boring quick so I started juggling. I noticed an odd odor though clung to my sand bags. They smelled..

Sniff, sniff meaty. Sticking my hand in my pocket I pulled out soggy sirloins and gobs of suet.

Argh I cried as I threw it, pants and all into the trashcan. No it was a dream Definitely.

This morning on my way to work I noticed an itch...

Entry 3: From izzycat : 3rd Place
After a seemingly endless winter stuck in my condo in Dread, constant combat and suffering from a bad case of cabin fever, March rolled in and it was finally time for Spring vacation. Friends were heading off in all different directions, what to do? What to do? Skiing in the Big Mountains with a room at the Chateau? Camping in the Spooky Forest? Bird Watching in the Jungle? Nope. Drinking South of the Border? Yup, that's the one! Bags packed and stuffed in my meatcar, Claudia all snug in her cage, off we go, heading south with a promise on the wind and a song in our hearts(and a pocket full of gold nuggets) it was a long and pleasant drive and we hit the border just around sunset, shedding coats and winter blues as we made our way to the beach crash we had rented off the tootoriole list, hoping it was as nice as the pictures showed. It was! Close to town too! After a nice long swim and shower, dressed and ready to go, I perch Claudia on my shoulder and head to town for some din and drinks. Too late for dinner I settle for drinks at a local club. Claudia played a techno remix while I enjoyed (1/2/3?) Divines and tapped my foot to the beat, thinking maybe it was time to head out and then I saw him! The most handsome Mariachi I personally had ever seen and he must have noticed me too! He glided over, made small talk and bought more drinks,and we danced and drank until dawn! Magical! As the sun rose above the horizon, my handsome Mariachi faded like the mists of Dread. A dream?
I acquired an item: A Heart
But when I used it I acquired an effect:
Heartbroken 100 turns

oh well, if Summer love never lasts, what could I expect from Spring?

I sharpened my claw and Claudia and I headed for home. :}

Entry 4: From LordSurge : Runner Up

A week that is free of work and demands
I'd be sure to spend in the warm desert sands
Breaking in the oasis to quench my thirst
Exploring Ed's pyramid is the task I'd tackle first
Dusty old cats, rats and servants galore
I'd smash my way through and examine the door
Cataloging artifacts and mapping out the rooms
Including all the long-forgotten tombs.
When I'd charted those depths and had my fill
It's off to the tavern to drink some swill.
Resting in the Chateau, much needed R and R,
And recovering liquids at the local bar.

Entry 5: From Mookieproof : 1st Place
Spring Break in the Kingdom!

What would I do... what would any of us do?

Arrive and ignore all the tourist traps and shantytowns by the Sea. Cash in some of your inheritance and get a suite at the Chateau Mantenga. Tucked into the Big Mountains, ready for a little skiing and ski-lodging.

Suzy the Arena Mistress is holding a party. Rub elbows with the party ANIMALS of the kingdom. Wake up in a stupor with a turtle under your arm and a bemused grin.

Load up your finest vandalism supplies and infiltrate the Cobb Knob. There's so much there. The Harem speaks for itself. You'll drop off most of the familiars from last night there and they won't ever leave again. That will be the Madam's problem. With the guard's all rousting out the animals, you're free to liberate the stash down in the Labs! All the chemical concoctions you could ask for. A week's supply. And what's this? The key to the throne room? Snap some selfies on the throne and leave the King a little stinky reminder of your visit, right on his seat, you naughty naughty vacationer.

Wandering elsewhere (the Plains will be pretty angry for a bit), lets wander up that Beanstalk and see what's going on...

Ravers, punks, and goths? HELL YEAH! The foodie's kitchen is the place to raid for supplies, and with a tray of ceviche and canapes, you are sure to impress the quiet healer and her BFF the spunky princess. For those who favor the other side of things, check out the well-drawn torso of that Protagonist! And there's the Burly Sidekick. Ahem. Right.

Next day you need some rest and relaxation? Need something to do while the staff reassembles the Chateau after the Airship crashed into it last night? Well then, maybe a trip to the Spring Break Beach is in order. Let's grab a hangover busting greasy diner breakfast and then just chill out and catch rays with Buff Jimmy & Taco Dan. Everyone needs a break sometimes...

Entry 6: From gumpy13 : Runner Up
Step 1: Go to the Airship in the Sky

Step 2: Take it over (it wouldn't be very hard, I'd just put up some waist-high obstacles, everyone knows RPG characters can't get over those)

Step 3: Spend the rest of my spring break as an awesome sky pirate

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