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Title: RE2 Sound Effect List
Description: The long-awaited sequel to the BGM list

tobester - November 20, 2011 03:38 AM (GMT)
Listed By Directory - File

Not a super in-depth list - maybe in the future as I mod the sounds myself. Can't remember if I even checked all the dir's for all the .SAP files, but it's a start.

UPDATE 12-31-11 - Updated some - not all :/ - of the weapons, thanks to Bottlecap for his help. Twas seriously considering releasing a weapons/zombie pack today, but I've run into trouble with sound converting - Sounds that sound awesome outside of the game in a sound editor/player for some reason sound extremely low quality when I insert them, so I'm going to hold back on that for a while.


CORE00.SAP - Leon Pain/Death Sounds
CORE01.SAP - Claire Pain/Death Sounds
CORE11.SAP - Chris Pain/Death Sounds
CORE12.SAP - Hunk Pain/Death Sounds
CORE13.SAP - Tofu Pain/Death Sounds
CORE14.SAP - Ada Pain/Death Sounds
CORE15.SAP - Sherry Pain/Death Sounds
CORE16.SAP - Title Screen Select "BioHazard 2"
CORE17.SAP - Title Screen Select "Resident Evil 2"
CORE18.SAP - 4th Survivor Select
CORE19.SAP - Tofu Select
CORE20.SAP - Extreme Battle Select
CORE21.SAP - Save Screen
CORE22.SAP - Inventory Screen
CORE32.SAP - Leon Death Sound
CORE33.SAP - Claire Death Sound
CORE34.SAP - Chris Death Sound
CORE35.SAP - Hunk Death Sound
CORE36.SAP - Tofu Death Sound
CORE37.SAP - Ada Death Sound
CORE38.SAP - Sherry Death Sound

ENEMY00.SAP - Zombie Walk/Attack/Pain/Death Sounds

1 Zombie Walk
2 Zombie Shuffle
3 Zombie Head Explode
4 Zombie Chewing
5 Zombie Falls
6 Zombie Acid Puke
7 Zombie Acid Hit?
8 Zombie Falling?
9 Zombie Head Punt
10 Zombie Head Squish?
11 Zombie Moan
12 Zombie Moan
13 Zombie Pain
14 Zombie Pain

ENEMY01/02.SAP - Same as Enemy00
ENEMY03.SAP - Same as Enemy00, but used for sewer zombies, so a few differences
ENEMY04.SAP - Same as Enemy00, but used for nekkid zombies, so a few differences
ENEMY05.SAP - Same as Enemy00, except the vocals are different
ENEMY06.SAP - Doggy Walk/Attack/Pain/Death Sounds
ENEMY07.SAP - Crows
ENEMY08.SAP - Lickers
ENEMY09.SAP - Same as Enemy08
ENEMY10.SAP - Bug sounds
ENEMY11.SAP - Spider sounds
ENEMY12.SAP - Mr. X (I think)
ENEMY13-15.SAP - Plant 43/Ivy
ENEMY16.SAP - Unknown - G-Babies?
ENEMY17.SAP - Scenario 1 Final Birkin Monster?
ENEMY18.SAP - Giant Moth
ENEMY19/20.SAP - Early Birkin Monster
ENEMY21.SAP - Final Birkin Blob Monster
ENEMY22.SAP - Mr.X on Skytram
ENEMY23.SAP - Mr. X on Train
ENEMY24.SAP - Not Sure
ENEMY25.SAP - Not Sure
ENEMY26.SAP - Final Mr. X Scenario 2 Battle?
ENEMY27.SAP - Moth Larvae
ENEMY28.SAP - Leon Pain/Death sounds
ENEMY29.SAP - Claire Pain/Death sounds
ENEMY30.SAP - Ada Pain/Death sounds, with a notable added gunshot
ENEMY31.SAP - Sherry Pain/Death sounds
ENEMY32-36.SAP - In each file, TWO sets of the same set of zombie sounds (see ENEMY00)
ENEMY37.SAP - Zombie sounds, with extra Ada pain/death sounds on the end
ENEMY38.SAP - Zombie sounds, with extra Sherry pain/death sounds on the end
ENEMY39-41.SAP - Same as ENEMY32 description.
ENEMY42.SAP - Zombie sounds for when the arms break through the window in the hall.
ENEMY43.SAP - Zombie sounds, Ada death sounds on the end, and another gunshot
ENEMY44.SAP - Zombie sounds with Sherry death sounds
ENEMY45-52.SAP - See ENEMY32
ENEMY53.SAP - Sewer Zombie sounds, with Ada pain/death sounds
ENEMY54.SAP - Sewer Zombie sounds, with Sherry pain/death sounds
ENEMY55/56.SAP - See ENEMY32
ENEMY59.SAP - G-Baby Boss
ENEMY60.SAP - Sounds like Mr. X/Sherry sounds
ENEMY61.SAP - Birkin and Sherry sounds
ENEMY62.SAP - Birkin attacking train/Ada sounds
ENEMY63.SAP - Birkin attacking train/Sherry sounds
ENEMY64.SAP - Birkin Train Fight with moth larvae at the end?
ENEMY65.SAP - Spiders in the sewer/Ada pain/death/gunshot
ENEMY66.SAP - Spiders in the sewer/Sherry pain/death
ENEMY67.SAP - Alligator? with Ada pain/death/gunshot
ENEMY68.SAP - Alligator? with Sherry pain/death
ENEMY69.SAP - Giant Moth
ENEMY70.SAP - Plant 43 with Ada p/d/gunshot sounds
ENEMY71.SAP - Plant 43 with Sherry p/d sounds
ENEMY72.SAP - Final Birkin Battle?


All FS** files are footsteps in various rooms

ROOM000.SAP - Inventory Box Sounds
ROOM101.SAP - Gun Shop
ROOM102.SAP - Alley Behind Gun Shop
ROOM105.SAP - Locked (and unlocked) door - Scenario 2 Police Station Entrance?
ROOM106.SAP - Cabin sounds - Zombies breaking in, typewriter
ROOM108.SAP - Heliport Sounds
ROOM109.SAP - Crow Hallway
ROOM10A.SAP - Detonator/Explosives on Smashed Helicopter
ROOM10B.SAP - Attic Storage room (where the Red Jewels are used)
ROOM10C.SAP - 2F Statue Puzzle Hallway
ROOM10E.SAP - Not sure - has Birkin roar, chess key? click, radio beep
ROOM10F.SAP - Save room
ROOM110.SAP - Unsure
ROOM111.SAP - Clock Tower sounds
ROOM112.SAP - Library Sounds, including zombies breaking in through windows
ROOM113.SAP - Changing clothes/locked drawer sounds?
ROOM114.SAP - Locked/Unlocked door
ROOM115.SAP - Locked/Unlocked door - Stars Locker open sound?
ROOM116.SAP - Locked Door
ROOM117.SAP - Unknown - sounds like Mr. X running around
ROOM11C.SAP - Hunk/Tofu end on heliport?
ROOM200.SAP - Main Hall sounds - computer, Unicorn Puzzle, etc.
ROOM201.SAP - 1F 'Waiting Room' area with inventory box and locked desk
ROOM202.SAP - Locked/Unlocked room?
ROOM203.SAP - "Patrol Report" room - movable stepladder sounds
ROOM204.SAP - Shutter close/spark sounds, door lock/unlock, rest unknown
ROOM205.SAP - Zombies smashing through wood
ROOM206.SAP - Oil Painting Puzzle
ROOM207.SAP - Door sounds
ROOM208.SAP - Darkroom Saveroom Sounds
ROOM209.SAP - Door sounds
ROOM20A.SAP - Door sounds
ROOM20B.SAP - Locker sounds, rest unknown
ROOM20C.SAP - Interrogation room hallway
ROOM20D.SAP - Mayor's Office (torch/gear puzzle) sounds
ROOM20E.SAP - Unknown Glass Breaking
ROOM20F.SAP - Shutters Failing?
ROOM210.SAP - Locker
ROOM211.SAP - Underground Hallway
ROOM212.SAP - Weird drippy sound?
ROOM213.SAP - Electronic lock sounds
ROOM214.SAP - Armory sounds
ROOM215.SAP - Autopsy Room sounds
ROOM216.SAP - Meeting Ada sounds?
ROOM219.SAP - G-Baby bursting sounds?
ROOM21A.SAP - Kennel Sounds?
ROOM21A.SAP - Chess key puzzle room sounds?
ROOM21B.SAP - Chief's Room
ROOM300.SAP - Cheif's Hidden Lair
ROOM301.SAP - Walkway between Cheif/Sewer?
ROOM302.SAP - Splashes
ROOM303.SAP - Chess Key Puzzle Room?
ROOM304.SAP - Splashes/radar sound
ROOM306.SAP - Ada/Sherry Chemical Plant sounds
ROOM307.SAP - Other Chemical Plant sounds
ROOM308.SAP - Unknown... Monstery sounds
ROOM309.SAP - Unknown - Metal door?
ROOM30A.SAP - Splash/Move in Water
ROOM30B.SAP - More Chemical Plant Sounds?
ROOM30C/30D.SAP - Inventory rooms
ROOM400.SAP - Splashes/Center Bridge Moving sounds
ROOM401.SAP - Drippy and inventory sounds - presumably pre-sewer savepoint
ROOM402.SAP - Splashes
ROOM403.SAP - Save Room/Oil Lantern sounds - pre-sewer savepoint?
ROOM404.SAP - Leon Meets Annette
ROOM405.SAP - Splashes
ROOM407.SAP - Splashes and Wolf/Eagle Medal Puzzle Sounds
ROOM408.SAP - Center bridge room sounds
ROOM409.SAP - Ada meets Annette
ROOM40A.SAP - Alligator Room sounds
ROOM40C.SAP - Trash Room sounds?
ROOM40D.SAP - Upper Center Bridge Area?
ROOM403.SAP - Skytram Area
ROOM410.SAP - Splash sounds, with a Birkin roar
ROOM500.SAP - Inside Skytram?
ROOM501.SAP - Post-Skytram with Flare area
ROOM503.SAP - Pre-Train Saveroom
ROOM504.SAP - Train Pad
ROOM505.SAP - Leon Train Battle?
ROOM506.SAP - A single train sound
ROOM507.SAP - Scenario B Train Area (Mr.X smashes camera)
ROOM509.SAP - Hallway between Elevator/Power Room?
ROOM601.SAP - Elevator?
ROOM602.SAP - Unsure - a gunshot, some thuds, a power-up sound
ROOM603.SAP - I _think_ this is for the room with the scenario B box/elevator
ROOM604.SAP - Power Room? A few Ada/Sherry sounds, lava splash sounds, electric sparks
ROOM605.SAP - Switch/Elevator sounds
ROOM606.SAP - Locked door sound
ROOM607.SAP - Save Room
ROOM608.SAP - Main Fuse?
ROOM609.SAP - Locker sound
ROOM60A.SAP - Flamethrower/Gas Puddle Room
ROOM60B.SAP - Shutter switch
ROOM60C.SAP - Hallway between cold/fingerprint room sounds
ROOM60E.SAP - Vines - Ladder area?
ROOM610.SAP - G-Vaccine Machine room?
ROOM611.SAP - Not sure - Ada Death scene?
ROOM612.SAP - Save Room (with the Lab Map/Cameras)
ROOM613.SAP - Moth Room Computer System
ROOM614.SAP - Not sure
ROOM615.SAP - Lower Lab (with the weapons locker)
ROOM616.SAP - Not sure, card swipe and elevator sounds
ROOM617.SAP - Sounds like Scenario A Final Battle Elevator Room
ROOM700.SAP - Final Train Area?
ROOM701.SAP - Final Train Area?
ROOM702.SAP - Train Powering Up
ROOM703.SAP - Another Train Area
ROOM704.SAP - Train/Save Area
ROOM800.SAP - Misc Save Room?

WEAPON01.SAP - *Knife
WEAPON02.SAP - *VP70 sounds
WEAPON03.SAP - *Browning HP sounds (Thanks Bottlecap!)
WEAPON04.SAP - *Custom VP70 sounds (^^)
WEAPON05.SAP - *Magnum Sounds
WEAPON06.SAP - *Modified Magnum Sounds
WEAPON07.SAP - *Regular Shotgon sounds
WEAPON08.SAP - *Custom Shotgun Sounds
WEAPON09.SAP - Grenade Launcher (Exploding Rounds)
WEAPON10.SAP - Grenade Launcher (Flame Rounds)
WEAPON11.SAP - Grenade Launcher (Acid Rounds)
WEAPON12.SAP - Bowgun Sounds
WEAPON13.SAP - *Colt SAA Sounds
WEAPON14.SAP - Spark Shot
WEAPON16.SAP - Flamethrower
WEAPON17.SAP - Rocket Launcher
WEAPON18.SAP - Gatling Gun
WEAPON19.SAP - * Beretta Sounds

Mrox2 - November 21, 2011 01:53 PM (GMT)
Thanks this will be very use full ! Good work ! :cd :cd

ResidentEvil2Fan - November 22, 2011 09:01 PM (GMT)
Exellent work Tobester!! Im sound/audio modding the whole game with my custom made bgm so this list will come in handy!!! :)

WildCard - November 23, 2011 01:53 AM (GMT)
Very nice.

Resiyoyoyo - November 27, 2011 04:54 PM (GMT)
Thanks man! Finally after more than a decade someone bothered to do that and write it all down. Here's your well deserved Claire: :cd

The Mortician - November 27, 2011 05:28 PM (GMT)
great work! This should be pinned in the RE2 info board imho :)

Resiyoyoyo - November 27, 2011 05:30 PM (GMT)
Yep, not many people will notice it here in Experiments. Is EvilMarshyX still around to do that sticky?

John - December 6, 2011 12:22 PM (GMT)
Thanks for this.

EDIT: Any clue as to which file contains the introductory radio call from HUNK/TOFU? ("Alpha Team here, mission accomplished") I may be being blind but I can't see it in the list.

Bottlecap - December 25, 2011 01:17 PM (GMT)
Just thought I'd add:

WEAPON04.SAP -- C. Handgun (for Leon)

DarkSpyda04 - December 27, 2011 05:50 AM (GMT)
Ah, sound files; some of the most hilarious modifications you can make to a game. Just think about the running sound and the sound that TOFU makes when HE runs. Essentially, you can change running to sound like this

tobester - December 28, 2011 04:04 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Bottlecap @ Dec 25 2011, 08:17 AM)
Just thought I'd add:

WEAPON04.SAP -- C. Handgun (for Leon)

Thanks, Bottlecap! As soon as I check and confirm I'll modify the list; It's been slow going due to a combination of rl/how friggin annoyingly slow it is to manually modify the sounds via Novasoft since I can't get SAPMAKE to run.

John: I'll get back to you on that, if I can. This isn't a full list yet, as I don't think I've checked all of the dirs in \Sound

Bottlecap - December 28, 2011 09:45 AM (GMT)
I think WEAPON02.SAP is actually Leon's handgun and WEAPON03.SAP could be the Browning HP soundset, not quite sure but I'll check it out later

DarkSpyda04 - December 28, 2011 09:46 PM (GMT)

MAIN00 - East Wing Stairway, Exterior (Wind gusts and crows)


SUB0A - Sound when you first locate Sherry
SUB0D - Uh... sound like a stomach churning...
SUB0E - FAX machine, YEEEAAAAHH!!!
SUB0F - Sounds like machinery running.
SUB1A - The howling of wind.
SUB1C - Might be associated with a jump scare.
SUB1E - More machinery, possibly the descent of the turntable.
SUB1F - Sound like the staircase being lowered, the one on the third floor.
SUB02 - Static, from after Mr. X destroys the camera monitoring him.
SUB2A - Might be associated with a jump scare.
SUB2F - More machinery.
SUB2F_1 - Almost sounds like the giant crocodile.
SUB3A - Helicopter.
SUB3B - More machinery; almost sounds like a car driving down a highway when inside it.

SUB00 - "Falling Victim to Ex-Neighbors" Music when Kendo is attacked
SUB0B - Unsure, it reminds me of a very dark and creepy corridor. Possibly one of the underground sections, maybe the sewers? I'll edit the post if I ever hear it while playing.
SUB0C - "Hope Against Hope"
SUB01 - "Raccoon City Theme"
SUB1B - "Ada's theme"
SUB2D - "Second Malformation of G Theme"
SUB2E - Not sure, but the beginning reminds me of music from "The Thing".
SUB03 - "Screaming Target"
SUB3E - "Escape from Laboratory"

I'll post more as I go along.

J0SHUAKANE - December 28, 2011 11:13 PM (GMT)

DarkSpyda04 - December 28, 2011 11:15 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (J0SHUAKANE @ Dec 28 2011, 11:13 PM)
BGM topic:

Well then, my work is cut out for me.

Resiyoyoyo - December 29, 2011 05:35 PM (GMT)
Wouldn't say that. Work together with tobester, he'll be happy to have someone else aid him with missing files he's yet unsure about or couldn't locate.

tobester - December 31, 2011 05:46 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (DarkSpyda04 @ Dec 28 2011, 04:46 PM)
The list he wrote

I appreciate the fact that you took the time and started a list, but as the others mentioned, it's mostly done already :P Like Resiyoyoyo said, though, I could use some help finishing it, because I simply can't find some of the unknowns. I posted a mostly-done replacement mod here that also comes with optional replacement musics for the unknowns, in the form of various TV show themes, so they're easier to pick out.

Also, for those who are interested in just the sound effects, I've got absolutely nothing to do today for once, so I'm going to put an effort into verifying the weapon/zombie sounds, and if it goes well, I'll update the list, and probably upload a replacement pack for said sounds. Stay Tuned! :D

RPD490 - February 4, 2012 10:49 PM (GMT)
Which one would be the regular Magnum's soundset? I only see the Custom Magnum's SAP on the list

The Mortician - February 6, 2012 02:47 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (RPD490 @ Feb 5 2012, 12:49 AM)
Which one would be the regular Magnum's soundset? I only see the Custom Magnum's SAP on the list


seems to be missing ;)

tobester - March 15, 2012 05:26 AM (GMT)
Just a little update for those who are wondering, I am still working on this. I finally got Sapmake to work, and am systematically replacing each and every sound to find what goes where. Currently I'm running through all of the ENEMY dir, as it's the hardest and most convoluted - so many sounds, yet so little are used, from what I've found.

The Mortician - July 16, 2012 12:59 AM (GMT)
why the fuck is that not pinned in the RE2 info section? :angry: There are like millions of guys looking for that list :)

Mrox2 - July 16, 2012 09:49 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (The Mortician @ Jul 16 2012, 12:59 AM)
why the fuck is that not pinned in the RE2 info section? :angry: There are like millions of guys looking for that list :)

Indeed , the admins however are not in business it seems <_<

The Mortician - August 18, 2012 11:21 PM (GMT)
That will be dealt with, I will move and pin it to RE2 info boards

John - August 20, 2012 06:49 PM (GMT)
Can you pin my RE3 SFX, Voice and Music lists into the RE3 section too? I'd appreciate it. :)

The Mortician - August 21, 2012 10:40 AM (GMT)
Yes sir ;)

John - August 22, 2012 09:44 PM (GMT)
Thank you :)

paranat - September 22, 2012 06:25 PM (GMT)
thank youuuuu

DarkSpyda04 - February 13, 2014 09:49 AM (GMT)
Thanks again. This has been extremely helpful identifying enemy sounds not in the enemy folder proper.

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