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 [TVB:Scoop] FungYi Upcoming series
Posted by AFwinnie - 06-27-09 09:41 - 3 comments
The scoop clip mentioning the upcoming FungYi series

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 Myolie Prank Calls Kenneth
Posted by AFwinnie - 06-22-09 12:27 - 4 comments
Kenneth Says "I Love You"

Link to the full clip


Translation credits hyn5 (edited by me)

Myolie Wu went on Kitty Yuen and Fama's game sh ...read more
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 My Best "Feel" Actress Is
Posted by AFwinnie - 06-13-09 10:08 - 4 comments
user posted image

Translated by artbox @ AF

Raymond Lam

"My Best "Feel" Actress is..."< ...read more
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 NEXT Award 2009
Posted by hollipop - 03-18-09 16:32 - 5 comments
Abhor from AF posted this video link to Apple Action that covers why Tavia requested to hug Louis when he presented the award to her.

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 Tavia and Paco's Interview
Posted by AFwinnie - 01-11-09 08:28 - 2 comments
Post by 'VX 522' @ AF Tavia Thread

Paco's interview

Tavia Yeung - Take As Much As You Can

Source : Singtao Daily
Credit: jessie1314@ JESSIE'S BLOG
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 Wayne Lai's Views on New Generation
Posted by AFwinnie - 12-31-08 22:25 - 4 comments
Wayne Lai's Views on New Generation of Fa Dan and Siu Sangs

Thinks Highly of Ron Ng

Mak Ling Ling: Out of the new generation of fa dan and siu sang, who do you 睇好?

Wayne: (seriously thinking for a long time) I think the newbies now ar ...read more
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 The Year of 2009
Posted by mango - 12-29-08 23:19 - 2 comments
Original article can be found here : http://tavia.org/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=59...e%3D1#pid293441
translated by vee
*I've only translated Tavia's portion.read more
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 Happy Starting
Posted by mango - 12-28-08 05:01 - 1 comments
Here's an old article that flora translated! I don't know if it's posted here...

user posted image

Step by Step

Tavia has been in the industry for 9 years, ...read more
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 The Next Meal should be Paid by Tavia!
Posted by mango - 11-23-08 21:02 - 2 comments
user posted image

The Next Meal should be Paid by Tavia!

Raymond, who arrived late and missed the group photo, chose to sit at the table with Tavia Yeung and others. Suddenly, he ...read more
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 TVB 2009 Calendar Information
Posted by brian - 11-19-08 03:42 - 14 comments
Credit: sehseh's blog, insanity, asianfanatics.net,asianuniverse.net

TVB 2009 Calendar Information

January -

February - Louise Lee, Susanna Kwan,Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui

March -
...read more
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