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 Milky Way Planets and descriptions, The planets the missions will take place
Posted: May 17 2007, 06:46 PM

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Group: General
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Joined: 17-May 07

Planet SGC Designation Stargate Address:

Abydos P8X-873 A planet once under the rule of Ra. The first planet modern humans travelled to via Stargate, it was liberated by Jack O'Neill's company and is the home of Skaara. From Stargate and "Children of the Gods". Destroyed by Anubis using the Eye of Ra at the end of Season 6.

Alaris unknown Planet seen in "Window of Opportunity" where Jack is golfing through the stargate.

Altair P3X-989 Harlan's homeworld. Seen in "Tin Man" and mentioned in "Double Jeopardy".

Alpha Site 1st: P3X-984, 3rd: P4X-650 A designation for a previously uninhabited world (now a military base) set up in case Earth (or any other Tau'ri-controlled or allied world) has to be evacuated. (SGC designations from "The Serpent's Lair" and "Covenant"). Coordinates for first Alpha Site same as alternate reality Beta Site.

Apophis' homeworld

Ardena New homeworld of the surviving Talthuns.[2]

Argos P3X-8596 Home to the Argosians. In the episode "Brief Candle", Argos was undergoing rapid aging in an attempt by the Goa'uld Pelops to speed up human evolution.

Aschen P4C-970 Home to the Aschen. Locked out of the SGC's dialing computer at the end of "2010" and critical to the plot of its sequel, "2001".

Baal's Outpost P3S-114

Bedrosia / Optrica P2X-416 Home of the Bedrosians and the Optricans.

Beta Site P3X-984 Evacuation site for Earth in the alternate timeline visited by Daniel.[3] Coordinates for Beta Site same as our reality's Alpha Site three episodes later.

BP6-3Q1 Planet of the giant bugs that infested Teal'c.[4]

Camelot PX1-767 Planet where the Ancient Merlin originally hid the Holy Grail.

Cartago P3X-1279 In "Cor-ai", Teal'c was made to stand trial by the Byrsa for previous crimes he had committed while serving Apophis.

Castiana / Taoth Vaclarush One of the two possible locations for Merlin's Ori weapon. [5]

Chulak The homeworld of the Jaffa, like Teal'c, conquered by the Ori.

Cimmeria P3X-974 A planet under the Asgard protected planets treaty occupied by descendants of the Vikings.

Dakara Home of an Ancient superweapon. A symbol for the enslavement of the Jaffa and capital of the new Jaffa Nation. Now destroyed by an Ori warship.

Delmak Delmak was the homeworld of Sokar and, later, of Apophis. The few scenes on Delmak suggest that it is industrialized. The name literally means "Crystal" in Goa'uld, though why the planet has this name is uncertain. Delmak also had a fiery moon called Ne'tu which was altered by Sokar to resemble the Tau'ri description of hell.

Dar Eshkalon A planet where the Progressive Free Jaffa met to try to reform their government.

Earth/Terra None
() Homeworld of the Tau'ri and location of Stargate Command. It was homeworld and capital of the Ancients millions of years ago.

Edora P5C-768 Homeworld of the Edorans. This planet annually passes through an asteroid belt causing brilliant meteor showers, coined the "fire rain" by the locals. These events caused the gate to be buried and stranded Jack on the planet for 100 days in the appropriately named episode "A Hundred Days."

Enkaran homeworld none no Stargate A small group of Enkarans whose ancestors had been captured and relocated by the Goa'uld were returned here by the Gadmeer terraformer ship.[6] Has an unusually thick ozone layer.

Entac A primitive planet that Martouf said the Tok'ra are hiding their base when Apophis tortured him on Netu. Apophis gained that knowledge by illusions and torturing. Later Apophis was punished for Sokar had the knowledge that Entac was a primitive planet and Apophis had failed him. Apophis managed to flee from Sokar.

Erebus World where Ha'tak ships were built by captured Jaffa.[7]

Euronda Euronda is home to the Eurondans and the Breeders. The Eurondans multiply by cloning, where as the breeders sexually reproduce. The Planet after many years of battles between the two races has become a barren land. The Eurondans hoping to kill the breeders, poisoned the atmosphere and went underground, and since then the two have fought for control of the planet and to eliminate each other.

Gadmeer homeworld P53-381 Intended as a permanent home for a group of Enkarans rescued by SG-1,[6] it was eventually terraformed to provide a new home for the sulfur-based Gadmeer and their entire ecosystem.

Hadante PA5-4Q1 A planet used by a race called the Taldor as a prison. It lacks a DHD, thus preventing escape. SG-1 was captured and placed there.

Hak'tyl Homeworld of the female Jaffa led by Ishta.

Hanka P8X-987 World once controlled by the System Lord Nirrti. The entire population of the planet was killed by a plague while the SGC was there to observe a black hole. The only survivor was a young girl named Cassandra who was later discovered to be implanted with a bomb in a plot to destroy the SGC. Eventually, the girl was adopted by Dr. Fraiser. [8] The planet was again visited when Cassandra developed a condition called "Mind Fire", a result of genetic experiments done by Nirrti. [9]

Hathor's base planet P3X-254

Hebridan P4X-131 Homeworld of the Hebridans. A rich and technologically advanced world inhabited by the Hebridians, a successfully integrated human-Serrakin society.

Heliopolis PB2-908 The planet where Dr. Ernest Littlefield was trapped for 50 years. Contains a database of knowledge from the Ancients, the Asgard, the Furlings, and the Nox. Currently inaccessible by Stargate.

Juna P3X-729 Used to be under Heru-ur's control. Liberated by SG-1. Taken over again by Cronus and liberated by SG-1 and their robotic counterparts again in "Double Jeopardy".

K'Tau P39-865 Asgard protected planet, protected by the Asgard Freyr.

Kallana In the episode "Beachhead" Kallana was the planet that was visited by a prior and subsequently turned into a micro black hole in order to power a supergate.

Kheb P9C-292 In the episode "Maternal Instinct" Kheb was home to the Ancient Oma Desala. It is also referred to several times throughout the series as the Jaffa version of heaven.

Kresh'ta A planet where Teal'c and Bra'tac were ambushed by the Goa'uld System Lords.[10]

KS7-535 Frozen planet where Col. Carter sent Anubis in Colonel Alexi Vaselov's body.[11]

Land of Light P3X-797 Planet which often took in refugees for the SGC.

Langara P2S-4C3 Homeworld of Jonas Quinn, conquered by the Ori.

Latona P2A-018 A planet on which a powerful weapon created by the ancient Latonans resides. The Sentinel, as the locals call it, can destroy all invading Goa'uld.

Linvris planet PY3-948 The planet where the lesser Goa'uld, Linvris, were found. This planet was explored in "Legacy".

M4C-862 Off-world base in "Prodigy".

Madrona PX7-941 Image:StargateGlyph40.svg Homeworld of the Madronans. In the episode "Touchstone", the Madronan Touchstone was stolen. Since the device was used to control the weather, without it the planet was falling into chaos.

Martin's planet B30-255

Nasya P3X-382 Homeworld of the Nasyans; the planet where Jolinar of the Tok'ra was hiding from the Goa'uld when was forced to take Samantha Carter as a host to escape.[12]

Nirrti's stronghold A planet where a group of Free Jaffa were sent on a suicide mission by K'Tano in The Warrior.

Nox Homeworld P3X-774 Homeworld of the Nox.[13]

Oannes P3X-866 Homeworld of an amphibious race known as the Oannes. It is a watery planet, with small volcanic pockets around.

Off-world base Was the off-world base for the NID agents who stole alien technology and reverse-engineered it and sent the plans back to Col. Maybourne on Earth via a Goa'uld long range communications device.

Orban Homeworld of the Orbanians. In the episode Learning Curve, the Orbanians used nanites to enhance their ability to learn.

Origin planet of the Replicators

Pangar Homeworld of the Pangarans. Once Ruled by Ra, then taken over by Shakran then served as his homeworld and was the resting place of Egeria.

P1-269 Planet listed on the glass destination chart during the episode The Enemy Within.


P2A-347 The planet a Talthusian spaceship crashed on "Lifeboat".

P2A-870 World the Stargate jumped to after disconnecting from the black hole planet (P3W-451). Carter disconnected from that address without incident.[14]

P2X-338 A planet where the Eye of Tiamat was hidden by Marduk.

P2X-555 Intended destination of SG-1 in the episode "1969"

P3-110 Planet listed on the glass destination chart during the episode The Enemy Within.

P5-9950 Planet listed on the glass destination chart during the episode The Enemy Within.

P3-575 One of the first two planets (the other is P3A-577) mentioned by SGC designations, recommended by Captain Carter's team as possible destinations for SG-1 & SG-2's first mission, performed concurrently. Initially assigned as Major Kawalsky's first command, O'Neill's team gets it after the events of "The Enemy Within".

P3A-577 Planet mentioned as a possible destination for SG-1's first mission. (See P3-575 and "The Enemy Within")

P3R-233 Also known as P3X-233, its inhabitants brought the Quantum Mirror home from their travels. Their civilization was destroyed by the Goa'uld, but not before they broadcast the warning "Beware the destroyers. They come from ", which turned out to be Klorel's ship.[3]

P3R-272 The planet where the first Ancient repository of knowledge was found.[15]

P3S-452 A Goa'uld controlled planet General Bauer ordered Naquadah extracted from.[16]

P3W-451 Part of a binary system, life on the planet became recently extinct prior to SG-10's arrival due to one of its stars collapsing into a black hole. Seen in the episode "A Matter of Time" and a key component in "Exodus".

P3X-116 Planet where Teal'c got his revenge by killing Tanith who murdered his lover Shaun'ac.

P3X-118 Planet where the "Foothold" invasion originated from. Locked out of the SGC's dialing computer at episode's end.

P3X-234 The planet to which SG-1 escaped to when evacuating the Replicator infested Asgard ship, Beliskner in the episode "Nemesis" [17]

P3X-421 The planet where the first Prior of the Ori arrived in our galaxy.[18]

P3X-439 The planet where Col. Jack O'Neill got the Repository of the Ancients downloaded to his brain for a second time.[19]

P3X-513 A planet with high ultraviolet radiation levels where Captain Jonas Hanson of SG-9 set himself up as a god. Two Goa'uld devices were used to create a shield against the radiation and protect the population.[20]

P3X-562 Planet on which SG-1 found a crystal-based species that copied Col. O'Neill.[21]

P3X-584 The planet on which SG-1 found a human clone of Anubis as well as a second DNA Resequencer.[22]

P3X-888 Homeworld of the Goa'uld and the Unas. Archaeological survey by Dr. Daniel Jackson and SG-11.[23]

P3Y-229 Location of the Battle of P3Y-229, which was the first Ori incursion into the Milky Way Galaxy.

P4X-234 The planet where SG-1 fleed Thor's ship that was in orbit above Earth in Nemesis

P4X-639 The planet where the Ancient time device was located. The device had a malafunction and resulted in a time loop.[24]

P5S-117 One of Baal's principal Naquadah mining sites. Targeted by the SGC in Avenger 2.0 [25]

P7S-441 The planet where SG-1 encountered the Reol.

P7X-377 Homeworld of the Giant Aliens.[26]

P8X-412 A planet where Vala Mal Doran had a store of treasures from when she was Qetesh.


P9X-391 A planet where a science outpost of the Ancients was located. SG-1 found a device there which allowed people to see creatures of another dimension.[27]

PB5-926 While waiting for the Tok'ra on the planet, SG-1 are shocked to see Apophis's deathglider crash land on the planet, where he asks for his help.

PX9-757 Planet where SG-1 went to sabotage Apophis's new prototype Mothership in Upgrades.

Praclarush Taonas Where SG-1 found its first Zero Point Module.[28] One of the earliest Lantean cities. Abandoned when the inhabitants learned their Sun was nearing the end of its life.[5]

Reetalia P6S-2031 Homeworld of the Re'tu.

Revanna Primary base for the Tok'ra, attacked by Lord Zipacna unders orders from Anubis in "Summit"/"Last Stand".

Rogue base

Sahal / Valos Cor One of the two possible locations for Merlin's Ori weapon. [29]

Salish planet PXY-887 A planet inhabited by Native Americans whom are protected by the Goa'uld by a race of aliens called the Spirits in the episode Spirits.

Serita A planet in the original Tollan solar system whose inhabitants destroyed themselves with Tollan techonology. (Never actually seen)

Simarka P3X-593

Sodan Homeworld P9G-844 Homeworld of the legendary race of Jaffa known as the Sodan who freed themselves from the Goa'uld 5000 years ago.

P5C-353 Planet of the "Orb aliens".[30]

Tartarus Homeworld of the Kull Warriors.

Desert Tok'ra base P34-353J

Talthus Original homeworld of the Talthuns.

Tiernod PX3-595 A planet with an Asgard cloaking device used by the inhabitants for the perpose of hiding from the Goa'uld. The device was stolen by Col. Maybourne's rogue operation in Shades of Grey

Tobin Homeworld of the extinct Tobin.

Tollan P3X-7763 The original homeworld of the Tollan. After the destruction of Serita, a neighboring inhabited planet, Tollan's orbital shift rendered it uninhabitable. Consequently, the Tollan people were forced to evacuate to a new homeworld, Tollana, while their homeworld suffered massive volcanic destruction.

Tollana P4X-377 The second homeworld of the Tollan until their destruction, it did not have a Stargate until the Tollan built one.

Unity's planet P3X-562 The planet where SG-1 discovered a race of living crystals who could take the form of an individual. Unfortunately, few remained as most had been destroyed by the Goa'uld.

Urgo's Planet P4X-884 Planet where SG-1 encountered the alien artificial intelligence named Urgo.

Vagonbrei / Verus Gen Bree One of the three planets Arthur and his knights travelled to in search of the Sangraal. There were no remaining inhabitants since they had all been the victim of a parasite, most likely created by Morgan LeFay.

Velona P3X-636 A planet devastated by an Ancient device which destroyed a Goa'uld attack yet caused extreme weather and climate changes, destroying a whole civilization. The planet was home to the Ancient Orlin who fell in love with Samantha Carter.[31]

Vis Uban P4T-3G6 Jonas Quinn translated the name "Vis Uban" to mean "A Place of Great Power." At the time, SG-1 thought they would find the Ancient's "Lost City" on this world. They found Ancient ruins, and an amnesiac Daniel Jackson. This planet was to be home to the Ancient's "crown jewel" city in the Milky Way galaxy. However, the plague that almost wiped out the Ancients apparently began here. Because of this, the city was never completed.[32]

Volian P3A-194 Homeworld of the Volian Union. Most of their population was sterilized by the Aschen and the planet's surface converted to farmland.

Vorash Previously the site of a Tok'ra base. It was destroyed when the Tok'ra used the Stargate, while connected to a black hole, to cause the nearby star to go supernova. ("The Tok'ra" through "Exodus", and various Tok'ra episodes in-between)

Vyus P2Q-463 Homeworld of the Vyans. Planet-wide amnesia was caused by the "destroyer of worlds", Linea, through experiments with a chemical known as darkhol, and dubbed "the vorlix" by the indigenous civilization. It caused the government and economy to crumble as well as causing the entire population to become much younger.[33]

Planet where the Ancient Morgan le Fay hid the Sangraal, a weapon created by Merlin (another Ancient) capable of destroying ascended beings. Due to Morgans safeguards, the planet can only be reached by Stargate, not by ship. Stargate address is found by combining the addresses of Castiana/Taoth Vaclarush, Sahal/Valos Cor and Vagonbrei/Verus Gen Bree.

P9J-333 Planet where the slug-like creatures related to the Sodan cloaking device were first encountered (episode Uninvited).

P2R-866 Second planet where the cloaking device creatures were found (episode Uninvited).

PJ2-445 The flora-covered planet SG-1 visited in the episode One False Step.

P3X-595 Referenced in Emancipation, an exploratory mission to this planet by SG-1 saw Capt. Carter apparently imbided a mind-altering substance that greatly reduced her inhibitions.
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