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 Some 8th Obersavtions
Posted: Jul 18 2010, 05:52 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,760
Member No.: 31
Joined: 27-February 04

Well had a chance last night to finally get a large game in with the 8th edition rules. When I say large is really not that big. But last weekend I played in Games Workshops 500pt Launch Day Touranment. So playing a 2250pts game was a huge step up.

Firstly no bonus for outnumbering really hurts bad. Our support troops had zero chance of taking out artillary crews now. Granted I was attacking Dwarf artillary but still. Before if only 3 Dire Wolves got to them there was a chance of autobreaking. Not so now. Very annoying.

That brings me to my next point. FEAR. Fear is nerfed. Games Workshop has bascially softened the effects of fear so badly that its almost not worth even having the rule in the game anymore.

Iniative is next on my list of 8th edition changes that I'm not entirely sure about. Willl have to playtest more before I can make a proper opinion about it. So far I've been getting royally screwed over. Again playing against Wood Elves is probably not a fair way to base my case though.

Magic. Magic is actually more interesting in this edition. So far I've really enjoyed the way the magic phase plays out.

Powerful Character Setup: Vampire Lord (Trikster Shard, Ogre Blade, Crown of the Damned, Dragon Helm, Dread Knight, Red Fury and Infinite Hatred). This guy shreds everything. 1+ armour save and 4+ward save. Put him in a unit of Blood Knights with my Wight King BSB and Drakenhof Banner. Stupidity not so much of a problem with re-rollable checks. Triskter Shard is pretty sweet.

Overall I like the 8th edition. Don't like how badly Vampire Counts have been hit with restrictions and rule changes however. Oh well guess will just have to plug along until we get a new army book unsure.gif .
Posted: Jul 18 2010, 11:06 PM

Councillor of the Blood Keep

Group: Founder
Posts: 2,547
Member No.: 13
Joined: 26-February 04

Magic is the killer for me in this edition. Played in a one day tournament on the weekend, 3 games at 2500. Lost every single game with my VC. First game to demons was ok but two units of flamers is as broken in 8th edition as it was in 7th. The rest of the demons has toned down nicely. Still tough but beatable.

Second game miscast cost me my general, sucked into the void, at the bottom of the 4th turn. Third game, I didn't even get a turn. My WOC opponent marched forward and hit my lords unit with an IF Gateway, rolling 11 for strenght. Game over without even moving anything. After two rounds of crumble before my first turn I had the Varghulf, Coach and Grave Guard left. No real point after that.

The new magic decks seem to have too many game changing spells in them. Turns the game into a lottery. Magic is killing 8th edition for me. The rest of the game mechanics seem fine.
Posted: Jul 18 2010, 11:37 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,760
Member No.: 31
Joined: 27-February 04


Buddy that just sounds nasty. I have a Grand Tournament coming on August 31 and July 1st. I sure hope that kind of crap doesn't happen to me. I do have one dispel scroll in my list. Hopefully I won't have to use though.

I did notice in my game against Dwarves that getting spells off can be all but impossible. Player had 3 scroll runes.

"Yeah I rolled 23! Oh!?, your using another dispel scroll, yay wink.gif .
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