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Title: Belschaft IC Regional Affiars
Description: After the Meteor Shower....

Belschaft - January 12, 2011 11:25 AM (GMT)
OOC: I intend to use this thread to log any actions of Belschaft that directly involve the region, be it statements of policy, changes of government, official notices, public announcements or even brief snapshots of government action, all IC. If anyone here wishes to officially send a message to Belschaft the nation, rather than Belschaft the player, please put it here unless it is confidential. I figured I'd put in a brief scene in the immediate aftermath of Unibots destruction by surprise meteor storm to have something here for now.

Belschaft - January 13, 2011 03:43 PM (GMT)
Richard Gale stared at the front page of the New London Times, willing it to read anything other than what it did. Anything. Of course, it would not happen. You can't just ignore things you don't like in reality. Yet again he wishes that this was all as easy as it was in games.

He glanced at the other people in the room. 38 of the nations 39 senators - three from each Grand County, as well as the three from the indigenous peoples - to try to get some insight into what they where thinking. He knew, roughly, the opinions of the men and women of his own Whig party. The real enigma was whether the Tories would stand for this outrage..... how that man expected to get away with this, no matter what his approval rating was. There where limits to what could be tolerated, especially with how weak the new order was. Since the end of the Jacobs Ministry the three parties - Whig, Tory and Green - had been essentially forced to stumble on in perpetual coalition these last eight years, lest popular opinion desert them. Belschaft would not tolerate a descent back into dictatorship, no matter how.... elegantly phrased.

Gale looked up again from the paper as the Chairman entered. The smug smile on his face..... if it were not for protocol, the temptation to hit it would be overwhelming. No, let the mad man have his say.

Tossing the paper across the table as the Chairman sat down Gale asked;

"What is the meaning of this, Walingpole?"

"You mean Emperor Walingpole, surely?" said the other man, smirking. "Emperor William Wareham Wallingpole the First. I really do like the sound of that. The meaning of this, quite clearly is that I am now the Emperor - Co-Emperor, that is - of Dharma. Belschaft is, of course, still a republic. That was your concern, yes? My party is still committed to our.... arrangement, if we shall call it that."

"Semantics" snapped Gale "your actions are rash and foolish. And utterly unconstitutional."

"Rash? Yes, perhaps" replied Walingpole "but quite constitutional. As you well know, Unibot is by custom and somewhat by law the leader of Dharma, and Eduard Heir as their head of state the regions head of state. But now there is no Unibot. Do you know what that means?" By the looks of their faces he could tell they did not.

"If there is no Unibot, there is no Heir. Oh, he is still alive, no doubt getting drunk somewhere. Probably in the Strangers Bar. But he has no nation, no company, no money. The Meteor Shower saw to that. And thus, we have a vacuum of power. I chose to take said power."

"Heir ruled, not due to due to the law, or the constitution - for they both invest power in the delegate - but by sheer force of personality. By chutzpah. Why can't I do that? With Unibot gone the dynamics have shifted. Between Belschaft and Zeppy myself and my Co-Monorch Antóni Jefferson control a larger chunk of Dharma than anyone else; more wealth, more citizens, more anything. And we have support of others within the region. To be brief, the only man who could stop us is right now asleep in a bar, bankrupt." He pauses, looking at their faces. Some seem shocked, others..... less so.

"And thus, I took a chance. Will any of you do anything to stop me? Will any of you call for a vote of no confidence? Will you, Mr. Speaker?"

Richard Gale averted his eyes. To do so would destroy the coalition, return Belschaft to chaos. True, the Whigs and the Greens had enough seats together for a majority, but only of one. And that wasn't the point. The people would not tolerate it.

"No, I thought not. We will wait, and we will see what Heir does. And in the mean time, we will send aid to the Unibotans as they flee their shattered Isle. A little public goodwill never hurt anyone."

OOC: For anyone wondering how serious I am in this, please google Norton the First for an idea.

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