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 Life and Loss, Third Part of Third Plot
Aeria Gloris
Posted: Feb 8 2012, 09:10 PM

The opposite of war isn't peace. It's CREATION.

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Members of SkyClan sicken and die during the blackcough epidemic, among them Ripplestream, Echostep, Rowanheart, Patchfur, and Alderclaw. Goldenfur is named deputy of SkyClan.
Pebbleheart gives birth to, Rockkit, Stormkit, Cloudkit and Stripekit.
Hollyfoot accidentally falls off the Skyledge while rough-housing and dies, and her sister Frostblossom is soon after driven out for threatening the nursery.
A moon later, daylight apprentice Rabbitpaw became Rabbitskin.

Two moons later, Kinkkit became Kinkpaw, apprenticed to Sparrowstar.

In ThunderClan, a patrol finds four abandoned kits. They are later apprenticed as, Redpaw, Firepaw, Swiftpaw, and Mudpaw.
It is discovered that Darkleaf and Robinheart are sisters, Robinheart having been taken from ThunderClan by their father after birth and given to two wandering loners.

In WindClan, Birchpaw, Lilypaw and Brackenpaw are apprenticed to Grayfrost, Willowtail and Sweetfur respectively. Pantherpaw becomes Panthertail and Mousepaw becomes Mousetail.

Featherpaw and Shadowpaw are apprenticed.
During a patrol, Ravenflight and Shadowpaw are badly injured by a badger. Ravenflight dies of his infected wounds.

In RiverClan, Thorntongue becomes a warrior, and Whitefeather is named the Clan medicine cat.
Mousepaw, Flamepaw, Ravenpaw, Tawnypaw, and Cricketpaw become apprentices.
Tawnypaw and Cricketpaw die from eating poisoned prey.

In ShadowClan, Swiftpaw becomes Spiderstrike's apprentice.
Swiftstep miscarries her litter, leaving her and Ratwhisker devastated.


Dance, husband and brother. Dance
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[spoiler=Character Lists]
Flowingstar [RiverClan leader] Moonstar [ThunderClan leader] Goldenfur [SkyClan deputy] Raineyes [ShadowClan Medicine Cat] Silverstone [WindClan medicine cat] Minnowstream [RiverClan warrior] Swansong [RiverClan warrior] Tigerfang [RiverClan warrior] Beestripe [RiverClan warrior] Gustpelt [RiverClan warrior] Pebblefoot [RiverClan warrior] Darkleaf [ThunderClan warrior] Candle [SkyClan warrior] Robintail [SkyClan warrior] Ravenfoot [SkyClan warrior] Bell [SkyClan warrior] Mouseface [RiverClan apprentice] Mistpaw [ThunderClan Apprentice] Foxpaw [ThunderClan Apprentice] Berrypaw [SkyClan medicine cat apprentice] Rockkit [SkyClan kit] Wolfkit [SkyClan kit] Bane [Rogue] York [Loner] Orchid [Rogue] Kite [Loner] Dewfoot [RiverClan Elder] Thunder [RiverClan Apprentice] Buzzardkit [WindClan kit]
Gremlin (dark tabby tom w/ green eyes;Rogue)
Bogey (Cream colored tom w/ brown tabby stripes and light gray eyes;Loner)
Dallas (ginger tabby tom w/ amber eyes;Kittypet)
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