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Title: Shorter clip for Marlin .17hrm

ellwoodjake - April 24, 2005 03:57 PM (GMT)
All right guys, hold your applause, but mark this date on your calender. As of today, I , Ellwoodjake, have discovered the Holy Grail of rimfire shooting. At long last, the riddle of the too-long Marlin magazine has been solved. My quest first began when searching online for a lower capacity magazine. I discovered at Cabela's that the replacement mags for the Marlin 22mag and 17hrm were the same part number. Imagine that? A quick trip to my parent's house to look at Dad's 22mag confirmed this. My pool of potential donor mags quickly grew. Another search for all 22mag replacement mags revealed something else interesting. A number of replacement/aftermarket 22lr and 22mag clips were being listed for Savage,Mossberg, Iver Johnson. Apparently, at one time , they were all in bed together. Since all these offered the 5-shot clip that I wanted, I then looked to my gun cabinet to my old Mossberg 640T "chuckster." At first glance, they "looked" different, but on closer examination, the slide rails were identical. I first noticed the slides being the same, when me and my buddy were shooting our .17s. I said," Let me try your Savage mag." It slid on OK, but wouldn't go all the way up due to some protrusions above the rails. His reluctance to let me commence grinding on his new magazine ended my research right there. I now a donor mag in hand, that I knew were cheap and readily available, as I had lost a few in years past. All it took was a few minutes at the kitchen table with a file and now I have a 5-shot clip for my Marlin. The Savage/Mossberg clip is tapered toward the bullet end and is a little skinnier, so it doesn't totally fill the magazine hole, but it fits tight, doesn't rattle, and functions flawlessly. Best of all, the tabs I removed aren't needed in my Mossberg either, so I can swap it back and forth at will. So those of you who want a Marlin, but don't like the long clip; just get a savage magazine to go with it. Until Marlin sees the light and builds a flush clip, I say " If you can't beat them, join them" 8)

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