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Title: Everything Has its Time
Description: even stars go out

Centauri - July 14, 2009 08:09 AM (GMT)
Title: Even Stars Go Out

Author: Centauri

Characters: This is basically the original death scene I had for Centauri - the companions I reference are Lisa, Sam and their daughter Eli. Originally Centauri was a fan fiction character but the stories were never read so I dropped them.

Scene: Sam, Lisa, Eli and Centauri are in the year eight thousand on Earth for a vacation. Eli was playing a park near the TARDIS and her mom called her to come to the ship so they could leave. When she runs across the pavement a huge hover-truck comes barreling round the corner and Centauri braces himself - knowing what must be since this is where his foreknowledge told him she'd die... just not that he'd be involved in it.

word count: 1486

Red = Sam
Orange = Lisa
Yellow = Eli


"Oh my god! Eli!" the pain that welled up inside the fathers heart as he looked at the prone figure of his beloved daughter was nothing compared to the wailing of her mother as she clutched Eli's bleeding scalp to her chest. Kneeling down besides his daugher Sam cuddled Elli's head in his hands. A tiny raspy squeak of "Daddy?" was emitted from the dying child and Sam realized that somehow she survived the impact, "Eli? Oh god! Eli! Yo-you-your going to be okay... Eli please - look at Daddy, don't go to sleep - please," Eli moaned as more blood poured from her head, "I'm... so sleepy..." her one working eye observed the blood covering her body and she managed to cough out a question, "It... it doesn't hurt... why doesn't it..."

"Eli? Eli! ELI! No... no no NO!" now screaming Lisa shook Eli - almost like she knew the shaking would bring her back to life before Sam pulled her away and wrapped his arms around her, "That bastard... THAT BASTARD!" she screamed as she thought about the truck driver who'd hit their child. Looking up Sam saw Centauri leaning on his umbrella watching the whole ordeal with an almost apologetic look on his face. A crazy look came into Sam's eyes as he got to his feet, "You saw this coming... how did... when you took us off that station... how?!" Centauri looked away, "I can see everything Sam... I told you, I-" Sam started to move towards Centauri, "You SAW This?! You took us off that burning crumbling station and you SAW this?!"

Centauri looked away, "I saw an alternative... I saw a way for Eli to live on if you two survived... if I hadn't you both-" suddenly Sam's fist met Centauri's face and the elderly man crumpled to the ground, "You STUPID old man! We were nice - we were happy... and then what? You take us off there so that my DAUGHTER can die and I have to 'live on' without her?!" rubbing at his chin Centauri looked sadly as Lisa stood up with Eli in her arms, "I can't change things Sam... I can make deviations - I can influence a price but I can't destroy the cost altogether... she had a good life - if she'd died there she would have died afraid, terrified... here she dies content. Peacefully... you live on and-" Sam's fist was clenched again, "PEACEFULLY?! You BROUGHT us here! YOU could have changed it! You KNEW what was going to happen the minute we stepped out of that ship,"

Centauri stared at him pleadingly, "Don't you think I wanted to change things? Its not my area! I'm not allowed to-" Sam threw his hands up in the air and growled, "NOT your area?! Will SOMEONE PLEASE tell me what his area is?! Your a time LORD - a MASTER of time and space!" Centauri leaned on his umbrella, "I cannot change the course of history - I can influence it but there ARE limits! LIMITS imposed by rationality - one thing influencing the next! What if your daughter had been a future conqueror?! What if-" Lisa looked at Centauri in shock, "A conqueror? My Eli? She was innocent! She deserved BETTER than to just fall to time! She was ALIVE Centauri... you played MUSIC for her... you loved her like she was part-"

Centauri groaned, "I know I KNOW... her future..." he looked at them, "She would have had quite the family... you would have settled in the year eight thousand - she'd have led a colony to the furthest reaches of the galaxy... she'd have had ten children and led her family and her world to peace... she would have been a good woman... she was a good child," Centauri shook his head, "That is my curse... everywhere I look I can see these things... threads... shatter points... one push - no matter how small - and suddenly it all falls to the ground. I can't-" Sam, his back still to Centauri, ran his hand over Eli's broken face, "Bring her back," he said softly. Centauri looked at him in shock - which changed to fear, "What?" Sam glanced at Centauri over his shoulder, "Bring her BACK! Or go BACK where you came from... Time Lord,"

Looking at Eli, Centauri swallowed as he held out his hand in Sam's direction, "Sam I can't-" when the man began to pick up the toys Eli had left on the playground Centauri looked hopefully at Lisa, "Please... there are so many laws... so much is so important-" Lisa looked at him as tears streamed down her face, "You break so many laws Centauri... all to help others... to find your family... please... break this one," she swallowed as she handed Eli's broken body over to Centauri, "For her," looking at the tiny child's cracked and bleeding face Centauri closed his eyes, "I'm so old now... so much pain... so much death... so many laws and rules that I'm told I must abide by just to please..."

Slowly, almost painfully, the green glow of regenerative energy began to form around Centauri's body. Exhaling he swallowed as a mist of green light shimmered out of his chest and into the air, "Not today," Centauri whispered as the regenerative energy surrounding his body began to glow brighter and brighter as the warm golden sun shimmered down on him... on the poor child in his arms, "Not this time," Centauri whispered as his eyes opened and the green energy fizzled into a cloud surrounding his arms and then shimmered into Eli's body, "If the last thing to come from my worthless history... is life... let it be hers. Let her be spared..."

Slowly the energy cleared... and Eli snuggled into Centauri's chest. Lisa gasped as her little girl opened her eyes and smiled. Her bones had been re-grown and knitted back together. Her eyes and face - a cracked and bleeding mess - now golden and lovely again. The blood she'd lost... all that remained of it was on Centauri's hands. Sam's mouth hung open as Eli wriggled out of Centauri's arms and ran to her father, "I was so sleepy daddy - are you okay? Daddy don't cry! Thats icky! Boy's aren't 'sposed to cry!" holding Eli in his arms Sam closed his eyes and sobbed like an infant as Lisa wrapped her arms around both of them. Laughing between his tears Sam looked at Centauri, "Centauri, I-"

But the figure standing before them wasn't Centauri... an almost emaciated old man. Sickly yellow eyes staring out of sunken sockets observed them as his withered hands clutched the umbrella he used to walk, "I... I don't have a lot of time left..." smiling weakly he collapsed to his knee's as Lisa and Sam ran to his side. Checking Centauri's pulse Lisa bit her lower lip, "His second heart isn't beating... his first one barely registers... he's dying," closing his eyes Sam squeezed his hand into a fist. What had he done? He'd forced this man... forced him to his death, "We should get him into the TARDIS..." Lisa said as Eli clutched her mommy's skirt and watched the dying form of Centauri.

Suddenly Centauri's hand clutched Sam's and he shook his head, "No..." he rasped, "I knew the cost... its too late - too... late," Eli sniffled as she held Centauri's hand, "No..." Centauri swallowed, "Sam... I'm sorry... I didn't... I didn't finish what I set out to do... oh..." Sam shook his head, "Centauri... I... I didn't want you to-" Centauri coughed weakly, "Lisa... when you have your eighth son..." Lisa's eyes widened, "Eighth?!" Centauri smiled tiredly, "Sam's a very busy boy..." he swallowed again, "When you do... don't punish him too severely when he burns that hole in the carpet..." glancing at Sam, Centauri shook his head, "Of all the people I've met... I understood you the least... thank you,"

Sam swallowed, "Goodbye... my battling friend," Centauri winced, "My TARDIS... don't ever use it... don't ever try to fly it... let it die. Let its song become a distant memory... a ghost story to tell your children... it deserves... deserves the freedom I failed to..." Centauri gasped in pain, "Eli! Eli..." when the little girl sniffled, unable to reply Centauri groaned, "So weak... Eli... I can't see you... please... lead a good life... have a good..." the ancient timelord exhaled as his body released the life inside it and finally died. Eli sniffled into her mothers skirt as Sam picked up Centauri's had and held it in his hands, "He didn't regenerate... he gave up everything... his family he..." Eli sniffled as her mother held her, "Why?" she managed to sob.

Placing the hat over Centauri's face Sam bowed his head and let go of Centauri's hand before saying, "Because he was,"

The End

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