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Year: 2013

The remaining Time Lords, Gallifreyans, and Outsiders are left to rebuild their world, the Eleventh Doctor is trying to figure out just who is Clara Oswald, Torchwood spans the globe, and the Time Agency has returned. Where's your place in this busy universe?

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 We're SUPPOSED To Get Along, Anyway, (open)
Carys Barton
Posted: May 29 2013, 05:32 AM

{break} the SKY
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Group: UNIT
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It was working just too perfectly. Whatever frequency the phone was emitting was painful enough to make the Weevil actually run away. Carys would have thought that something that large would have taken a few more seconds of convincing before turning chicken but she wasn't going to complain. Instead she followed Kensington closely down the hall, pulling ahead as they approached the mess hall doors to slam them closed the second it was inside.

As a result, she didn't see the initial malfuntion of the phone. All Carys heard was Kensington's curse, something clattering to the ground, and then the Weevil turned around and looke ready to charge.

Carys pulled the trigger on the taser and the Weevil cringed, but that was all. Definitely not the crippling reaction she should have known better than to hope for. Now it was just angrier. She grabbed Kensington's arm and pulled her back down the hallway in the opposite direction of the mess hall. "Time to make up a plan B!"†

Somewhere with a good sturdy door and two exits maybe. But the mess hall was the only thing with two exits and this thing was a lot faster than it looked. Carys turned left down another hallway and pulled Kensington into the first room they came to. A conference room with a metal door and a small safety glass window that the weevil was only slightly to big to fit through should he break it.

Carys slammed the door shut and locked it just before the Weevil slammed into it after them. The door dented a little, but held and Carys ducked out of sight of the window with her back pressed against the door.

"Well. That could have gone a bit smoother. But we're not dead or even bleeding so it wasn't half bad." The Weevil slammed into the door again and the window started to crack. "Wow that really pissed him off."

She flashed a crooked smile at Kensington. "So...what now? I figure this door has bought us thirty seconds and we've got another two minutes before someone else comes to catch this thing."
Kensington Green
Posted: Jun 24 2013, 04:18 AM

The limit does not exist
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Group: Torchwood
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Ken bit her lip, trying to cobble together a plan or at least an idea while fighting a haze of panic. Really, she hadn't planned to spend the majority of her evening chasing and then getting chased by a rampant Weevil; she had more imagined it along the lines of meeting her brother for a beer or two. Or, at this point, three or four. Or maybe some whiskey.

"Really, after we get out of this, you should talk to someone about the durability of these doors," Ken remarked, trying to use humor to calm herself. It wasn't exactly working. "Um, ok, let's say it breaks through the window first. If he sticks his arm through we can try and...I dunno, hit it with a chair until it breaks - no, scratch that, but if it sticks its head through, we might be able to hold the taser to its head until it passes out?" She was grasping at straws, she knew, but it was something.

Ken did a brief scan of the room again, desperately looking for something the two of them could MacGyver into saving their lives. Then she looked back at the door, the cogs in her brain finally clicking into place and spinning. "Ok, I have what might be a really bad idea but might also work, but it depends on a few things. So, two questions: one, does this building have a security lockdown protocol that bolts all the doors? Two, if so, do you have access to it?" The window cracked a little more at the Weevil's next body slam, and Ken cringed. "Oh, and if we get out of here alive, I'm taking you out for drinks or something."
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