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Year: 2013

The remaining Time Lords, Gallifreyans, and Outsiders are left to rebuild their world, the Eleventh Doctor is trying to figure out just who is Clara Oswald, Torchwood spans the globe, and the Time Agency has returned. Where's your place in this busy universe?

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 Professor, The
The Professor
Posted: Dec 27 2013, 11:46 AM

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Group: Auditioning
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best of cruel intentions

Full Name: Antares (Alpha Scorpii)
Alias(es): The Professor, Heart of the Scorpion, Red Star
Gender: Currently male
Age: Around 500, not quite 600, but looks around his 30s
Species: Time Lord
Home planet: Who knows…wherever it is, it’s kinda dry and dusty… (TARDIS)
Allegiance: Most likely The Doctor and The Hand of Time/Romana
Occupation: Formerly Patrex Academy The Written Word (Language) Professor, and now he tends to wander acting as an English professor or historian.

no truth, all pretension

Face Claim: Heath Ledger (current regeneration)
Eye color: Amber-brown, “pumpkin orange”
Hair color/style: Blond hair, between ears and shoulder, slightly shaggy and curly when not combed back.
Distinguishing features: He wears glasses at times.

General appearance: Often described as “gangly, lanky, and thin” in his current regeneration, The Professor is about six feet tall, weighing in at one hundred forty-five (145) pounds. He always has a pocket watch hanging from his neck, usually tucked into his shirt, which tends to be slightly fitted yet loose enough to move around comfortably, along with slacks. He feels best in robes and casual suits, his normal uniform for teaching, but will don a pair of jeans and t-shirt on occasion—and whatever else is appropriate attire for his travels. His hair tends to get messy after a while from him combing his fingers through it, shaking his head while speaking, and running about all willy nilly. However, on special occasions he will slick it back. His eyes are amber, a golden brown or—as he calls it—pumpkin colored, depending on the lighting, otherwise they darken to almond brown. He also wears a smile, wide with wrinkles at the corners of his mouth, most of the time. His eyes will light up and expression will brighten when he gets excited, showing a full range of facial features.

you give it, we take it, you build it, we break it

Personality: The Professor is a scholar at heart and values wisdom above all else. If it came down (or should I say, when it comes down) to the end of the world and he could only preserve one thing, it would be knowledge. He’s also a big history buff and is a member of not only the National Gallifreyan Writing Society, but also the National Gallifreyan Historical Society. He records events in history as accurately as possible, so is a stickler for details. However, while abiding by the laws of time and history, he doesn’t mind meddling a bit or getting involved in certain events. He’s a bit feisty that way. Witty and slightly crazy, the Professor is lovable in a way all his own; however, there are certain points where his personality takes on a darker outlook. There are some things he cannot change, nor wishes to, and his heart has hardened over the many things he’s seen in his travels. A wanderer, he never stays in one place for too long—it makes him fidgety—and will probably never settle down (there’s always another adventure, eh?). He also likes to collect things, whether it be pets, accents, antiques, or interesting facts.

He cannot abide by misunderstandings or needless aggression, such as reckless thinking would lead to, and prefers to sort things out peaceably through conversation. Truth, above all else, is the key to survival: it is knowledge, it is life, it is trust, and it is power. Lies only prolong the torment of ignorance, and anyone who tells him literature or history is a lie will receive a very heated and passionate speech on exactly why that assumption is incorrect. He fears ignorance, of himself being oblivious to the truth, other others being unaware of the reality of their situations, and causing irreparable damage because of it. If he ever lost his knowledge, his mind, he would consider himself dead. The human condition of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and amnesia scare him the most. Without logic, without the ability to think, he considers himself powerless and weak. However, he maintains a joyful attitude, playful as a puppy when he’s in a good mood, and never boasts or brags about any knowledge he has. He does get excited though on certain subjects, his eyes lighting up as he gestures and shakes and moves around the room animatedly, but this behavior should not be confused with arrogance.

it’s my red star (steal it), it’s my red star (i can’t let go),
it’s my red star (conceal it)


Birth planet: Gallifrey
Parents: Unknown for now
Notable Relatives: Unknown for now

History: The Professor earned his name by first teaching at the Patrax Academy, mostly English and History, when he was rather young and new. During his time as a professor, before the Time War, he founded The Gallifreyan Writing Society to encourage other Gallifreyans to use their creativity and knowledge through literature. He has been writing a history of the universe, detailing the birth and deaths of each planet in all the galaxies, ever since he joined the Historical Society. All of his travels involve finding out the history of each place he visits, often returning multiple times at different points in history to gain the most accurate version. His entire life’s work is writing a history of the universe told from his perspective. Due to this passion, he left Gallifrey before the Time War to travel across the universe, confused and pained when he discovered what was happening to his home and people. His travels stopped when the war was Time Locked, and he was stuck until the Hand of Time was discovered.

For sentimental purposes, he goes to the beginning of the universe on every century of his birth (every one hundred years). Sometimes he is in a newly regenerated form, which enriches the experience for him (meanings and symbols are important to him, so he enjoys seeing them everywhere he goes). His regeneration cycle has featured both males and females (although the current regeneration is male), and he is in his fifth regeneration currently. After the first Professor began his career in the Patrex academy and regenerated through a natural (boring) cause, the second wanted to explore the universe and began writing his history book, traveling around in his TARDIS to different worlds and points in time. He tried to stay out of the way, to escape meddling, but he often found himself caught up in local attractions while learning about the culture.

During his travels he went through his third and fourth regenerations, due to accidents and getting too close to certain conflicts or disasters. When he was observing a historical event, he tended to put himself right in the middle of it, including wars, natural disasters, unexplained phenomena, and more. Being a pacifist, he never joined in any wars, but sometimes ended up in the middle of a battlefield taking notes and holding onto his glasses. That was how he stepped on a mine and got himself blown to pieces—thankfully there was enough of him left to regenerate. The other time occurred when he fell into an active volcano. Don’t ask him how it happened, he’ll just get this funny look on his face and quickly change the subject to potatoes. It must have delivered a bit of psychological damage.

On his fifth—and current—regeneration, the Time War finally caught up to him. He was able to escape within the Hand of Time, making him restless and agitated. When The Doctor released them, he wanted to start exploring again, itching for someplace new. Being kept in one place for a long amount of time made him fidgety and easily annoyed. He liked movement and change, different environments for every day, smelling fresh air and seeing different skies. Being with The Hand of Time for all those years, cramped on a ship, made him slightly more crazed than normal. Traveling helps him to feel more grounded and will balance him out. Even though he worries for his people and what happened, he knows things will calm down and get sorted out soon enough. What he wants most, now that he can move freely again, is to continue his initial quest of writing the history book and exploring the universe, one point of history at a time.

wasted education, celebrating imitation

Weapon(s): His words—a pacifist at heart, he prefers not to use weapons if he can help it.
Important Tech: Sonic pen and book scanner
Other items: His TARDIS, which has a library he is usually found in. The library has every single book ever written, autographed by the authors because he gets them right after they’re published. Some of them are in manuscript form or early editions. His favorites are in each edition and reprint, from the first to the latest. He will sometimes loan them out to those he trusts but always gets them back.

you feel it, we fake it

Sample RP: The Professor stood with his hands in his pockets, staring at the universe. It was his favorite moment in time, when all things began, everything shiny and new. He watched the birth of all things for the fifth occasion—always on the anniversary of his birthday, to remind him of the beginning of everything, himself included. It gave him a sense of peace and calm, the beauty of life taking its first breath. It was pure, untainted, and fresh. Now was the only instance of innocence, a clean conscience. Not long after, the first dark spot would drip onto the fabric of time itself, rippling across the stars. Until then, though, he could see the brightness of the light, unencumbered by red stains on the carpet, oil in the water. His eyes soaked in the experience, taking it all in before he went back to a place with old, ragged edges. When he died, because all things did, he wanted to come back to this moment and just stay there, suspended for eternity, gazing at the beginning of the end.

For now, he would attempt to finish his life’s work. Restless, wanting to go somewhere—anywhere—new, he hopped into his TARDIS and put in coordinates. As the time machine moved through space, The Professor walked around what was once his home. His feet took him to the library, where he ran his hands over the dusty bookshelves and old volumes. He picked up his favorite and thumbed through the pages, a small smile on his lips. He walked through the rest of the ship, wandering aimlessly, remembering everything and feeling all his emotions from each time he stepped into a room. All of his travels, adventures, things he saw, people he met, what he did…he remembered it all.

Now it was time for a new adventure. Taking out his pocket watch and opening it, he stared at object of time for a moment before heading back to the control room, where the location was set to his earlier coordinates. He hardly remembered what he put in—it was just automatic, numbers and dates and locations—but he was going to step through the door onto new ground. Picking up the large tome—the last one he left off at—and his pack of writing utensils, he pressed on the door. Light filtered inside, nearly blinding him for a moment. He heard birds, the wind rushing through trees, children’s laughter in the distance. He smelled crisp leaves and clean air. Where could he be now?

Absently, he fingered the sonic pen resting in his pocket. Stepping through the threshold, he walked out of the TARDIS.

“Earth.” He breathed. “I finally made it to Earth.”

it’s my red star (i can’t let go), it’s my red star (conceal it)

Alias: Niki
Member Title: “Let’s do the Time Warp again, that was fun!”
Contact Information: PM me for details
Anything else: This is my first Dr. Who site, so I’m open to edits and corrections.

application template made by saphira.
lyrics: "red stars" by the birthday massacre.

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