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 My First Con!, or a photo-video-adventure thing
The Master
Posted: Jul 27 2013, 11:02 PM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
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Joined: 24-July 08

    make sure to click italicized+bolded things for picture (and a couple of video) links
So I officially have gone to my first convention! It wasn't exactly SDCC, but it was still quite fun. Besides some annoyances with organizational stuff on the staff's part, I had an absolutely wonderful time! As many of you know, I decided to cosplay as a female version of the Eleventh Doctor (attempted obligatory action pose). I hunted for the shirt, shorts, and jacket, made the bow tie and faux-suspenders/braces, and was long-ago gifted the fez and sonic screwdriver from my co-admin xD. Oh, and since these are actually the first pictures of myself that I've posted on here (despite having the site for five years...), yes, I am very short. As you will no doubt notice as we continue.

The day started out fine, but word of advice for other first-time con-goers: preregister. Procrastinating this and missing your window is bad. Very bad. And stupid. Because then you have to stand in line for an hour and a half. However, I did get to meet a Silurian and the Sixth Doctor while in line (the guy's face behind them though xD).

My friend was dying to see Gillian Anderson, since she's a big X-Files fan, so we went to her Q&A Panel. She was quite lovely, and I enjoyed listening to her. Also, the Eighth Doctor was there. We went to grab a bite to eat, where I ran into my arch-nemesis: the Master (whom I otherwise roleplay, but today I was the Doctor; it's really confusing). I also ran into Captain Jack Harkness. I bet the people serving food in this food court thought all these costumed people coming in were mad.

On our way back to go to the exhibits and such, I found Pond, who was a bit too busy working to come along. I also found Oswin, a Femme!Jack, and one of the vampires from Venice. Then I ran across some time traveling mates, as well as my daughter (she legitimately called me 'dad').

Then finally, I was able to take a picture inside the TARDIS!! One of the three best parts of the day: I met Colin Baker, who, as you know, played the Sixth Doctor. I talked to him for a bit, told him how much I loved his Doctor, especially in the audio plays, and that many of my favorite ones are his. He was very nice, and he talked about how there were really great scripts and writing for the audios and that he really enjoys doing those. It was just surreal (and AMAZING) to meet one of the Doctors.

We went around the vendor/exhibit hall a bit to buy a few things. We came across this booth that sold autographed photos for tons of different media. My friend's sister and I cried over a Sherlock Series 2 pic signed by both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, because it was too expensive to buy. At that booth, I think something important happened, but I can't quite remember what it was. I later found a mini-me (who was jealous of my sonic screwdriver, because his was a smaller flashlight and mine was the full replica). We had a group of characters happen to come together, with an Eleven, Jack, Ten, and Donna.

Then, we went to a Firefly Q&A. The panel consisted of Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb), Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye), and Alan Tudyk (Hoban "Wash" Washburn). While we were in line, I had a brilliant idea for a question. I... well, my friend recorded it, so you can actually watch it here. Also, Alan didn't get to respond right away, because Nathan Freaking Fillion interrupted my question!! (But seriously, how many people can say Nathan Fillion interrupted them? tongue.gif ) Anyway, Alan was a good sport, as you'll see! Second of my top three experiences!! Absolutely loved it.

Last, but certainly not least, was a Q&A for John Barrowman, who is an absolutely freaking riot. Nonstop jokes (especially innuendos), completely energetic, absolutely awesome. He started the panel by feeling Thor's muscles. I have a few other great pictures of him as well. I also got to ask him a question, which was my third favorite moment - especially his face after I asked. Anyway, the question was actually specifically for you guys. That's right; I mentioned that I had a Doctor Who/Torchwood writing site, and asked a question just so I could come home and post a video from John Barrowman to you!! You can watch it right here. Enjoy!

It was kind of late when we left, and I was almost bemoaning the fact that I hadn't found a River to take a picture with... but on our way out, I found one. I had to steal her from another Doctor, though, but I politely thanked him for letting me borrow her, and he tipped his fez to me. I freaking love Whovians.

Anyway, so all in all, it was a fantastic day. There were some logistical errors that really bugged me (read: absolutely pissed me off) earlier in the day, but with meeting Colin, having "Wash" tell me I was pretty, and asking John Barrowman a question for TSC, everything turned out more than amazing. Certainly won't be an experience I'll forget any time soon!
Owen Harper
Posted: Jul 28 2013, 03:50 AM

Torchwood 3 Doctor
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Group: Torchwood
Posts: 85
Member No.: 191
Joined: 24-April 10

Ahhh conventions! I've been to anime/manga/game ones in the past and yeah, fast track passes are way better. XD Though your con looks way better than mine, there wasn't really any actors or anything. There was supposed to be a few, like the guy who plays Acorn the dwarf in the tenth kingdom, Warwick Davis that's his name, plays Flitwick in HP, but I originally know him as Acorn, but I never saw him there. XD

So glad you included the fez! It's the only part of his costume I ever liked. XD You look great and I can sympathise with the height; I'm only about 5"2' myself. I really feel it at work. XD

Glad it was fun overall! There's always some form of hiccups at cons or at least for me. XD *dances*
Ace McShane
Posted: Jul 28 2013, 08:02 AM

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Group: Time Travellers
Posts: 20
Member No.: 377
Joined: 23-June 12

I have been to two Collectormania 19 and LFCC London Film Comic con 2013 and both were wonderful as I got to see meany guests as well as friends that as cosplay, I meet Bonnie Langford AKA Mel from Dr Who and Lou ferrigno the man that played the Hulk in the tv show the incredible Hulk .

Even thought at my first one I only meet a few guest it was the atmosfear that I feel in love with and realising that thing go way better if you book in advance, As the LFCC had a long queue but not for me as I had a ticket.

I Meet Ling Tai who played Shou Yuing and Angela Bruce that played Brigadier Winifred Bambera from Dr Who episode Battlefield

Not to mention I meet Two Doctors Colin Baker and the Professor him self the 7th Doctor Who Sylvester Mccoy.

As bonus I Meet David HasselHoff he he he,I about a week away from going to my third and that Motor Mouth 2 where I get see Ace her self Mrs Aldred as well meany other old companions of dr who. I will try to get photos and such I have photos of the last I went to but they may a bit big as it were tongue.gif.
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