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Year: 2013

The remaining Time Lords, Gallifreyans, and Outsiders are left to rebuild their world, the Eleventh Doctor is trying to figure out just who is Clara Oswald, Torchwood spans the globe, and the Time Agency has returned. Where's your place in this busy universe?

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 Caleb Spaulding
Caleb Spaulding
Posted: Dec 3 2013, 09:15 PM

The Reclusive Mentor
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Group: Time Lords
Posts: 3
Member No.: 435
Joined: 30-November 13


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far away, this ship is taking me far away

Full Name: Caleb Leroy Spaulding
Alias(es): Cal, The Mentor, The Recluse
Gender: Male
Age: 2,000 + maybe younger, who can keep track anymore.

Home planet: Gallifrey
Allegiance: Which ever he seems fit at the time
Occupation: Watch/clock maker and fixer

starlight, i will be chasing the starlight

Face Claim: Leonardo DiCaprio
Eye color: blue
Hair color/style: dirty blonde
Distinguishing features: his smile is one of those rare smiles that make you want to be near him. He has a scar on his right leg and another on his right wrist.

General appearance: Over time and space he has changed his appearance many times. With each new face he gained a new appearance. He recently changed his face in the last decade to that of a young one. He has dirty blond hair that he tends to keep slicked back. He has intense blue eyes that would be recognizable under any mask. He enjoys wearing suits, sometimes you may see him in jeans, but it is a rare. He has a white suit that he is rather fond of. You may notice over time that he has an old pocket watch he always keeps with him that is clamped to his clothes, but rests in an inside pocket. Other things you may notice about him over time is that he enjoys canes, suspenders, scarves and hats.

hold you in my arms

Personality: Caleb is an odd one. He finds himself liking a lot of the simple things that humans and other time lords may not appreciate as much as he does. He loves porches. The ability to sit in a rocking chair on a porch as a nice breeze comes by or to watch the rain. He loves hearing laughter and seeing smiles, though he hasn't smiled that grand smile since his late wife was around. He does smile, but it just isn't the same. Caleb is fascinated by what drives humans to keep going on. After all they all knew they could die out of no where any day or time. He loves working and learning about watches. Every species/planet has a way of keeping time and he enjoys learning about them.

Caleb dislikes having to give Aria up. He hates himself from running from the war, but at the same loves that he's still alive. The very old time lord also hates flies. He doesn't understand their purpose or why they seem to like to fly up human's noses. He doesn't like it when people try to pry into his past that he won't open up about. He dislikes that he can't allow himself to be as happy as he was with Ash with anyone else. Other things he doesn't like are as follows: talking about politics,being forced to play mentor, beggars who would only use the money to buy alcohol, having to restrict his time travel to night time, and staying still for longer than a half hour

The one major thing about Caleb is that he keeps more to himself. He's more of that mysterious guy that can be nice when you get to know him, but from afar seems a bit stiff and upset. He is The Recluse now and until he finds someone that can make him feel otherwise he'll never think of himself as The Mentor.

Caleb also has secrets that he isn't going to share on any level. He was after all The Mentor. He knew the behind the scene things that the others on his planet didn't know. He was like a mentor to many important people and so he was told confidential things. It is some of these secrets that haunt him today in dreams, not all the time, but the timing seems to be associated with on coming trouble.

my life, you electrify my life

Birth planet:Gallifrey
Parents: Galaleo and Rowena
Notable Relatives: Aria - Goddaughter

History: Being apart of the council was destined for Caleb Spaulding, after all his parents were involved with the governing of their planet. Caleb grew up in the inner circle, forced to be around the kids of other high officials. While the others got what they wanted due to rank or rudeness, Caleb did not. Caleb was a nice boy for the most part, but it didn't mean he stayed out of trouble. He'd find himself stealing things for the thrill of it. Sure, he could afford whatever he wanted, but what was the fun in that. Caleb met a girl during one of his rendezvous who only gave him the name Ash. Ash was the daughter of one of the local business owners that he had decided to try to steal from. She was clever and beautiful and had this sharp tongue and wit that Caleb found amusing.

Caleb and Ash became inseparable after their first meeting. One day Caleb brought Ash home one day to meet his parents. His father didn't approve of the relationship, but his mother was very supportive, which lead to a heated debate that the two could hear from upstairs. Needless to say Caleb rarely brought Ash by the house and instead when he had free time snuck off to see her. Ash's father seemed very intent on trying to make sure Ash ended up with the wealthy son of a Council member. Eventually the two would get together and bear a child, but that would be after many years. Caleb would have gone through five relationships with many years of alone time in-between before Ash and Caleb's time came to be. It was also about the time when he decided to finally accept his duties on the council, because he had been running away from it in fear.

The Mentor was the name he finally decided to go by as it fit his job description and his personality, at least at first it did. One afternoon he was sitting at the council's table and suddenly wondered where all the time had gone between his not understanding a word when he was very little to this point in time where he not only understood but had a voice in the matters at hand. He found himself traveling in his TARDIS to take care of certain troubling matters at hand by talking and when his way didn't go the way they hoped the others would take over.

Caleb's daughter Mnemosyne or Mona was born and he suddenly felt his life complete, but he found himself working more and more. He would travel and instead of getting back at the moment in time he left, he wouldn't get back till weeks later. Too much responsibility too fast, that was how Caleb was feeling, but before things ever got a chance to get better Caleb's world was torn apart. Mona and Ash along with two others were killed by a rogue time lord who had felt the council was beginning to be out of hand. Neither of them had the capability or time to regenerate and Caleb was too far away to give up his own for their lives.

He suddenly started looking at the council in a different light. When he went to work he sat there, that charming smile he once had no longer seemed to exist. He started to play with pocket watches. He engraved his real first name into the back of the pocket watch, the one that only Mona, Ash, and his parents knew. Soon he became to babble about life in forms of soliloquies. He was told to take a rest then return his duties once he was fully recovered from the loss of his wife and child. So he traveled and as he travelled the more odd he had become. By the time he finally came back to gallifrey things had changed. There were new faces in the council and new children walking the planet.

He was drinking one night when he came across Omhegah & Cuadrahnteeh. He felt like the third wheel at first, but eventually it seemed more like a friendship. He had travelled by himself for so long that he didn't realize how much he needed companions. They noticed his engraved pocket watch and wanted him to do the same to theirs. Caleb gladly showed off his skills to his new friends. Their friendship lasted a few decades before there was news of a War. Caleb was given guardianship over Omhegah and Cuadrahnteeh's daughter Aria.

He wanted no part of the war, in fact he thought some of the councilmen deserved what they would get. He stole Aria and instantly brought her to the Ark hoping she'd make it through the transformation, but he would find out that something went wrong later on. After the visit to the Ark he took his TARDIS and Aria and headed far away as quickly as possible. They ended up on earth in the 21st century, where a group called Torchwood tracked them down and took Aria. Once more he was loosing someone he loved very much, but he knew it was for the best.

Years have past since he has been on earth, trying to avoid time travel. He has started to retreat back into himself. He started a business from his home. The business of fixing and making watches. He tends to talk to himself at times. Things that come from his lips might not make sense to someone else, but perfect sense in his own head. After a while he started to time travel at night, eventually picking up a companion t0 join in on his adventure. Now Aria is of legal age and Caleb wants her back at his house where he can continue to watch over her and keep her parents' promise.

but i'll never let you go

Weapon(s): sonic pen, a device that only works on wood, Aria, and a watch that he hasn't even fully figured out what its purpose is.
Important Tech: TARDIS.
Other items: a dog named Mo

our hopes and expectations

Sample RP: That charming smile that sucked anyone and everyone in greeted the bright morning sky on Gallifrey . That smile had been fading the last few days, but once more he realized he had an heir and a beautifully clever wife and that was the cause of the charm returning to his smile. He decided to walk that day and as he did he was greeted by those he passed. There was no signs of anything going wrong and all nearby threats no longer posed as a threat. Little did he know this day would change him inside and out.

Mentor, as he had become known as, took his seat at the council table. Today they were focusing on laws that might help better protect their people and the planet. He allowed his voice to be heard when he felt he needed to speak. The Mentor thought of himself as one that could connect with all the people of Gallifrey. He knew some of the things they spoke of would not pass well. The conversation continued and time passed. They were near the hour of lunch when suddenly someone walked inside and mumbled something to the man who had more power than any of them in that room.

The man then came up to him and Mentor could only look at him with a puzzling face. "What is it old man?" He wasn't sure what to expect, but what came from his friend's lips was that of devastating news. A traitor to our kind has done something rash.. Mentor looked toward the door to see the messenger talking to another council member who suddenly became overwhelming sad. Mentor quickly turned his head, his long brown hair moving with him and his green eyes piercing back into those of his friend. Time seemed to go by so slow as he was informed of his wife and child's murder.

Suddenly the next few hours flew through his head quicker than humanly possible only to slow down moments before his transformation. He had gone off, retreated into himself, spending most of his time in his TARDIS. The sadness was too much for him, the anger was too much to him.How he had changed, that welcoming smile no longer on his face. People avoided him instead of trying to come toward him. No one thought he could handle keeping secrets and giving advice or so he had thought. He hated himself, he hated the man who stole his family away and it nearly got him killed.

The Recluse, as some started to call him, could not allow himself to die and so he regenerated. In his head he could see it all happening as if looking at his transformation from the outside, yet it was all wrong. This vision, this dream of the past, things were mixed up and out of order to the point that he had to wake himself up. He could no longer allow himself to think of such things and decided that the best thing for him now was to paint.

Painting was something had just recently taken to, not that he was great at it. He moved onto his porch, which was an odd site in the part of England he was living in. It didn't take him long to set up his art area. The weather was actually nice for a change and so he felt he'd try to paint a tree, try being the key word. He dabbed the brush into the brown paint and brought it to the canvas. The tip of the brush just hit the canvas when he felt eyes on him. "It's not polite to stare."

hold you in my arms, i just wanted to hold

Alias: Tosh
Member Title: The Reclusive Mentor
Contact Information: Aim: Codemoderoad
Anything else:

application template made by saphira.
lyrics: "starlight" by muse.
Caleb Spaulding
Posted: Dec 9 2013, 10:46 PM

The Reclusive Mentor
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Group: Time Lords
Posts: 3
Member No.: 435
Joined: 30-November 13

The Master
Posted: Dec 12 2013, 05:46 PM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
Posts: 1,274
Member No.: 1
Joined: 24-July 08

Sorry it took a few days to get to this! But he looks great, so have fun with him.

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