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 Williams, Rhys Alun
Rhys Williams
Posted: Dec 31 2009, 01:21 PM


Rhys Alun Williams

user posted image

far away, this ship is taking me far away

Full Name: Rhys Alun Williams
Alias(es): Rhys the Rant
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Species: Human
Home planet: Earth
Allegiance: Gwen Cooper-Williams... period.
Occupation: Lorry Driver & General Torchwood Support
Any skills: Rhys is a Lorry Manager and is very good at figures and spreadsheets in relation to pound amounts, hours, and the general management of employees. Crazily enough, this man knows how to type and has a rather high word per minute ratio - even though advanced computers confound him. Rhys can take pretty much anything edible and make it taste good.

starlight, i will be chasing the starlight

Face Claim: Kai Owen
Eye color: Quasi mix between blue, green, and some form of hazel
Hair color/style: Short cropped brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Oi! I'm big boned, all right? Just shut up about it!
Distinguishing features: Well defined spare wheel around the middle. Ready grin and equally ready scowl.
General appearance: Rhys has been called pleasingly portly by his friends, and a fat arse by his mum. He wasn't always like that. After university, his physical fitness went by the wayside as he spent hours driving around Wales. Not much exercise involved in driving lorries, and with his eating habits unchanged... well lets just say the calories piled up.

"What's that? You want to know what I'm wearing? What're you, some sort of pervert? They're called jeans you nonce. And a t-shirt! Well, maybe a polo while I'm working, but that's not the point. Shoes. Jacket. And I wear Gwen at night! Stick that in your hat and smoke it you big wank!"

All in all, it's everyday clothes for our everyday bloke. And like he said, it's jeans, sneaks, some sort of shirt that was trendy five years ago, and a leather jacket. However, Gwen is slowly upgrading his wardrobe without his knowledge, and is throwing out clothes that only look good on a homeless person. Don't tell him that though. Let him think it was his idea, all right?

hold you in my arms

    - Gwen
    - Cooking
    - Food in general
    - Beer
    - Football (Soccer for you Yanks)
    - Long lines
    - Being Ignored
    - Lying
    - Politics
    - Anyone trying to move in on Gwen
    - Extremely Loyal
    - Is a good listener
    - Street Smart
    - He's someone you want on your side in a fist fight.
    - Can see the humor in most any situation
    - If there's something that Gwen needs done, he'll do it no matter what. Even if he freezes.
    - Gwen. Anything happens to her and he'll go off the deep end.
    - Extremely Loyal to a fault. If Gwen told him to jump off a bridge, he may gripe about it but he'll do it anyway.
    - Oh his mouth. Get him started on something he doesn't like and he'll go on a rant for hours
    - Hates change
    - Can be rather thick at times
    - Extremely Stubborn
    - Tends to complain a lot
    - Can be very blunt in the most inopportune times
    - Raising a family
    - Growing old with Gwen
    - Being someone that Gwen can be proud of
    - Losing Gwen for any reason.
    - Aliens: They just creep him out.
    - Dying alone
Rhys is what you would call a man's man. That is to say, if there's beer or football involved he's going to be in the middle of it... especially if there's a row going on between fans of opposing teams. He has a well established relaxed attitude about most things, and will crack a joke to break the tension when things get too serious. However, spark his temper at the expense of your eardrums. When he gets going, he'll run a rant into the ground at a rather high volume.

When things are quiet, he can be a very understanding and pleasant person to be around. Gwen even asked him to marry her again when he propped her up during the aftermath of Grey's bombing of Cardiff. Which just goes to show that he can surprise you when you least expect it. As a closet optimist, he can inspire people to do their very best by proving to them that they can do more than they think they can. Put simply, he can be very supportive and is an extremely good listener.

my life, you electrify my life

Birth planet: Earth
Parents: Brenda and Barry Williams
Siblings: None
Love(s): Gwen
Children: One on the way

Rhys got his A levels in business while playing football in Uni. This is where he met and fell in love with Gwen Cooper. He spent three months chasing her before she agreed to go on a date with him. That date included the row he went on in the queue of one of the local theatres, which is where Gwen started to really like him. In fact, during his rant she got into a fit of giggles that didn't stop even after getting their seats to watch a dreadful rendition of Hamlet.

After Uni, Rhys convinced Gwen to move in with him at a small flat. While Gwen was earning her police credentials, Rhys supported the both of them by driving lorries all over Wales. Never stopping for breath, Rhys went where the work was and changed lorry companies often after the company he was at hit a dry patch. He didn't stay with a company until after Gwen got her badge and could help with the bills. At that point, his weight got to be a real problem from sitting down so often.

After about a year of being with the same company, he was hit with a layoff as the company folded. This is where he started having trouble with work in general, and was part of the reason that Gwen agreed to join Torchwood. Not noticing the new influx of money from Gwen hiding it, Rhys went back to one of the companies that he blew through several years prior, and was able to get an assistant management position.

While Gwen was settling in to her new 'Special Ops' position, things started getting hairy between them. The shoe was on the other foot, and Gwen was the one that was gone at all hours. This put a strain on their relationship for a long time until he found out just what it was she did. Their work crossed paths when one of his drivers had an accident, causing Torchwood involvement over the meat that was being delivered. Rhys was thoroughly confused at first, thinking that the meat wasn't certified. However, he convinced Gwen to let him get involved with the underhanded organization. He almost lost his mind when he found out that the meat was from an alien, but kept his head long enough for Gwen to realize that he could handle what she did with Torchwood.

Once things were in the open, their relationship became very close. Even though he didn't have that much involvement, the simple fact that Gwen could talk to him now about the things she did at work was a huge weight off both of them. He had no idea how close he came to being retconned. And he still doesn't know that he died and was brought back to life. Whenever he tries to ask about what happened that day, Gwen changes the subject.

One of his most happiest moments was also his most embarrassing. Rhys tried to propose to Gwen in the traditional manner of being down on one knee. However, his back went out and he had to do it while lying down. While mortified, he was overjoyed when she said yes.

Things came to a rather abrupt head when Earth was being blackmailed into giving up ten percent of their children, and everything was turned upside down. Rhys went from being a somewhat successful manager of a lorry company, to a fugitive overnight. Even still, Rhys proved himself to Jack by buckling down and being helpful when they needed it most, even though he wont ever let him carry a gun.

but i'll never let you go

Weapon(s): Oh Good Lord. You want the man to carry a gun? Give him a cricket bat. It'll be safer for everyone.
Important Tech: His personal computer.
Other items:

out hopes and expectations

Sample RP: See other characters.

hold you in my arms, i just wanted to hold

Alias: Wolfe
Member Title: open to suggestions
Contact Information: PM me here on this account, Meta's or Marcus'.
The Secret Code: And they're still singing... heh
Anything else:

application template made by saphira.
lyrics: "starlight" by muse.
The Master
Posted: Dec 31 2009, 06:57 PM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
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Joined: 24-July 08

Just one little thing. Two paragraphs for appearance, just a bit more. Talk about his clothes or something of the like.

But otherwise, fantastic!! I'm so excited to have a Rhys again!
Rhys Williams
Posted: Dec 31 2009, 10:33 PM


How's three then? wink.gif
The Master
Posted: Jan 1 2010, 03:59 AM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
Posts: 1,274
Member No.: 1
Joined: 24-July 08

*cracks up* That's great. laugh.gif Great! I can't wait to rp with ya! Send me a PM or something when you decide on a member title!

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