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Year: 2013

The remaining Time Lords, Gallifreyans, and Outsiders are left to rebuild their world, the Eleventh Doctor is trying to figure out just who is Clara Oswald, Torchwood spans the globe, and the Time Agency has returned. Where's your place in this busy universe?

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 Factions and Groups, finding your place
The Master
Posted: Mar 20 2010, 03:30 PM

Can you hear them?
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Finding Your Place
As a new member - or a current member trying to come up with another character - you might be wondering what sorts of characters you can make. Hopefully this thread will give you a breakdown of our main factions, so take a look to figure out what you are interested in!

Gallifrey Reborn
    » The Hand of Time - The Doctor found a map that led him to a temporal gate between our universe and E-Space. There was hidden, in stasis on a generation ship, many Time Lords that had escaped the Time War with Romana. This so-called Hand of Time included the rebels that still followed their former leader, and perhaps some cowards and outcasts as well. Together, with the data contained on-board the ship and the power of the Bad Wolf and the Hand of Time, Rose Tyler and the Meta-Crisis restored an ancient version of the Kasterborous system to the universe.

    With the power of her twin suns, the Time Lords on board the Hand of Time were able to reclaim much of the power they once had... but some things have been held back. No TARDISes have been sculpted in a terrible long count of years - and the Hand itself has broken into three fragments. Because of this, Romana has put a halt on the continued creation of new Time Lords until their race can once more be united... As if that could ever really happen.

    Characters in this faction would include those involved with politics, the Chancellary Guard, the High Council, archivists, members of the CIA, and so on.

    » The Outsiders - When Rassilon first founded the Time Lord power-base - deposing Pythia and giving total power over time to his people - some Gallifreyans feared that Rassilon desired only to achieve ultimate power of Time and Space for himself. They embraced a simple life free from technology, convinced that Rassilon's embracing of power through technology would lead to destruction. While many believed that the Outsiders would eventually become extinct, the reverse became true in that, over the centuries, rebellious Time Lords and Gallifreyans broke from the Capitol and followed the Outsiders into the deserts and forests of Gallifrey. Some of the most dangerous Outsiders were known as the Shobogans (Time Lords that had dropped out of the Academy or had broken from the High Council). These Time Lords often broke back into the Capitol, sowing chaos and vandalizing the monuments to Rassilon, Omega, and the Other in the hopes of showing that the almighty High Council and the CIA cared only about maintaining the status quo.

    Then came the Time War; gathered together in camps and troops, the Shobogons and Outsiders were forced into service of the very 'god' their ancestors had rebelled against. Rassilon - the ultimate leader - had returned and called all of his people to war... willingly or otherwise. When Romana first began the Master's scheme to create the Hand of Time, Leela and the Outsiders - who had yet to fall under Rassilon's control - began the building of the generation ship and slowly gathered parts of the Hand of Time together. Many of their warriors died when Rassilon discovered what was being done on the last day - but they died for the greater good. Because of the Outsiders, the Sisterhood and Romana succeeded in escaping into E-Space and vanished from the Time War forever.

    Outnumbering the remnants of the High Council and the CIA, the Outsiders were obvious initiates to be trained as a new generation of Time Lords, especially since many of them were rogue Time Lords who had turn their backs on technology. However, Romana and Leela realized that, just because the Outsiders had embraced technology to escape, it didn't mean they were willing to fall under the thumb of another High Council ruling. The thought of being used as unwilling soldiers again might make the Outsiders and Shobogons lash out. So, when the CIA began pushing for the conscription of the Outsiders, Romana (fearing the Time War might begin all over again) gave Leela orders to break from the Council and lead her people out onto the newly regained surface.

    The Outsiders are now the main source of food and medicine to the newly founded capitol. Their simple farms, shanties, and inns dot the mountain around the Hand of Time base. While terms aren't exactly 'good' between the remnant of the High Council and the Outsiders, they're far from the kind of hatred that was brewing before Leela and her people fled.

    Some say a being with enough power might be able to start the very war that Romana fears... though what madman would even consider such a thing?

    » The Sisterhood of Karn - A remnant of the Seers of Pythia (the ancient Matriarchal rulers of Gallifrey), the Sisterhood first entered peaceful terms with Gallifrey through the pact of Rassilon, which ensured protection and peace with the Sisterhood in exchange for access to the Elixer of Life and complete isolation for the Sisterhood. When Morbius invaded their world, the Sisterhood used their ample psychic and telepathic abilities - alongside the Time Lords - to destroy him... and when the Time War began, Romana brokered a peace with the Sisterhood that allowed them access to regeneration in return for their most powerful seers ability to view the future.

    Unfortunately, when Rassilon took control, peace was overturned in favor of enslavement. Using the Rani as a prototype, Rassilon transformed Ohica (the Mother of the Sisterhood) into a Time Lady and forced her to draft the majority of her sisters into service as seers. Forcing many of their youngest to gaze into the Vortex and trapping their minds on the horizon, Ohica was forced to watch the children of her people transform into gibbering witches in service to Rassilon and the High Council. When Leela and the Outsiders put the last portion of the Hand of Time into action, Ohica was freed by them, and the majority of her still-sane sisters were gathered together - using their psychic abilities to hide the Hand of Time hidden until the last day.

    Because of the requirement that Rassilon's seers be able to see all the future at once, the Sisterhood has the highest number of surviving Time Lords in their people. Yet they look upon their transformation as an abomination - and when the CIA began pushing for the drafting of Sisterhood and Outsiders young into a new Academy as Time Lords, the Sisterhood broke from Gallifrey completely, and, with their children and allies, fled to the recently restored moon of Karn that now orbited Gallifrey. While the Outsiders have maintained connections with the Hand, the Sisterhood have completely severed ties; the few diplomats that have been sent to Karn haven't even been able to find their settlements.

    A matriarchy at heart, the Sisterhood has maintained the ancient practices of magic and psychic ability taught to them by Pythia. While the men in their 'government' seldom hold a position of power, the majority of their warriors and scouts are men... and were it not for the fact that Romana was a woman, some doubt they would even speak to the High Council (the few time that Ohica has made contact), unless they were truly in danger.
Time Travellers
    This group is the one that we will really allow few people to join. This group includes canons, like Rose Tyler, the Meta-Crisis Doctor, Donna Noble, and Lucy Saxon. These people have travelled with the Doctor, another Time Lord, or are able to travel on their own.
Time Agents
    » The Agency - The Time Agency has been resurrected since the time of its mysterious fall. They have a base on Terrenus (which can be found on the main forums in the roleplay section), hidden in their own little bubble of time. These Agents participate in missions throughout time and space via their wrist straps that enable time-travel. The missions generally involve the righting of some of event, making sure it does or does not happen, in order to let history proceed as needed. Characters can belong to the administration, go on missions as diplomats, murderers, and whatever else, and even do office work if that floats your boat. Your character could have been apart of the original Agency if you so desire, but they will have been from the 49th-52nd centuries and human. They will most likely be a new recruit, and in this instance, they can be any sort of alien from any time period.

    » The Rogues - These are under the leadership of none other than Captain John Hart. They are at odds with the real Agency, as they obviously have different means by which they go about their duties. They tend to much more unorthodox in how they behave. These Agents don't have a real base, so they are harder to track down. Instead, they meet at a different set of random coordinates each time to avoid detection. They can be either former Time Agents who were turned or completely new recruits.
As is mentioned in our plot, Torchwood has spread rapidly across the globe within the last several years, especially since the Daleks stole the planet. However, we play three Torchwoods here, and two of them involve almost all original characters.
    » Torchwood Three - Torchwood Three is based in Cardiff and will have no original characters - sorry. The events of the 'sling-shot,' as seen in the plot, caused the resurrection of Tosh and Owen. Ianto was actually put into a coma from the virus of the 456, and was later revived with the help of Jack and the Doctor. Despite the presence of global Torchwood facilities, TW3 remains aloof from the others.

    » Torchwood Twenty-One - An International Space Station that orbits Earth. Equipped with signal-bouncing equipment and an exotic alien cloaking device, TW21 was one of the few branches of Torchwood that remained completely hidden during the 456 attack. When Miracle Day happened, TW21 became even more estranged from and less trusting of the other Torchwoods. Your character needs to be a 21st Century human, though they can be from anywhere on the planet. Don't worry, you won't be stuck on the station all the time; your character can take shore leave. This station involves space research, and we can come up with exciting missions if we have some people.

    » Torchwood Twenty-Four - This is the resurrected Torchwood One, though under a different name to honor the dead. It is the most recent branch, though it is also seen as the Headquarters for all the Global Torchwoods. It also mostly involves research, though we have missions ready for this group as well. Your character will need to be a 21st Century human. Their base is in London, England.
    While we do have a few people that are in this group, we'd certainly love more. We also have mission ideas for our UNITeers to carry it out. This group is pretty self-explanatory. We do have a few canons on both our show canon and site canon lists, so feel free to take one of them. However, feel free to make your own captain, researcher, private, or the like. We can do so much with this group if we have members.
The Forge
    The Forge, also known as Department C4, is a black ops organization formed in the 20th century with the purpose of studying and experimenting with extraterrestrial material and technology and using it to defend the interests of their covert organization and humanity. They frequently experiment with genetics, going as far as testing serums that drastically change their human subjects. They're also quite interested in cybernetics.

    Kept in check only by Torchwood and UNIT, the Forge has recently regained much of its former power with the near-collapse of Torchwood and the damage done to UNIT by the 456 and Sontaran incidents. Completely amoral and dangerous, the Forge has recently expanded its powerbase to encircle the whole globe. They desire to take control of the world and use it as a weapon to defeat any and all alien interlopers.

    Those of you wishing to join the Forge must realize that it is led by Nimrod (a part-human, part-vampire, part-cyborg evil genius) and that the organization itself makes Torchwood look like a team of cheerleaders. If you've got an evil character or an amoral genius, then you're most welcome to join in their quest to find all aliens hiding on the planet, steal their technology, and use them for nefarious experimentation.

    For King and Country!
Civilians & Aliens
    These two groups are pretty self-explanatory. You can have a regular person or alien that doesn't fit into any of the above categories, and do... whatever with them, really. They usually end up coming into contact somehow with these other groups, and that's perfectly fine. Just make sure you have idea of what you want to do with characters in these groups so you're not sitting around, wondering what to do.
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