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 Catching Up, Mark and Eve
Eve Lloyd
Posted: Apr 27 2010, 10:10 AM

Agent Daredevil
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Group: Time Agents
Posts: 171
Member No.: 164
Joined: 29-December 09

Eve entered the atmosphere and feared that the breaks on her rapidly falling apart ship were either gone or in the process of falling clearing off. The sound that they made when she hit them made her very worried. Thankfully they were working. She steered a bumpy landing to a dock. She could feel the faint smell of smoke sting her nostrils, something was burning very lightly from underneath her. She knew that she would have to do some basic maintenance before she went anywhere else. Eve double checked the weather readings just to make sure that she was dressed the way she needed to. Sunny with a slight chance of showers during the day. Eve was glad of that, at least something on she ship was still working on her ship. She shrugged on her favorite green jacket over a black tee shirt and a pair of snug jeans that went well with the boots that she happen to be wearing. She exited her ship and flipped open her wristband and clicked her invisibility circuit, like an early 20th century earth television it blinked in and out a few times before it was unseen to the human eye. She wouldn’t have bothered but if anyone had recognized the technology then she would have a lot of explaining to do.

The air felt clear and there was a twinge of chill as if the showers were sooner rather than later. She was right she felt a single drop land on the back of her hand as she walked down the dock toward a information station. She had been told that the person she was looking for was most likely on this planet and she hoped that her informant was right. It had been too long since she had seen him and now that she was close she practically ached to talk to him again. Finding the information station working she typed in a last name search, ‘O’Connell’. 100 matches came immediately on the screen. Eve was surprised that there were that many people registered to this planet with that last name. Then She entered in his first name and this time there was only one result. Mark O’Connell. Eve smiled to herself and copied the information into her wristband. She would follow the directions to find where Mark lived. As she stepped away from the information and felt more drops fall on her head and shoulders, she looked up and saw an endless stream of heavy dark clouds. Maybe her weather readings weren’t working as well as she thought they were.

Eve walked down the street looking at signs and seeing endless names and numbers that looked alike. She was glad that she had her wristband with her because she would get lost very easily without it. She finally found the street that she was looking for but by this time the rain had turned from a light drizzle to a down pour. She found the door and knocked on it quickly she waited and let the rain soak her more and more. Then she turned back to the door and buzzed what looked like a doorbell. She pulled her jacket closer to her as the rain began to come down in buckets. Eve hoped that she had gotten the right place. If she hadn’t then she would have to start at square one which she really didn’t want to do. Mark had been her best friend and partner at The Agency. She had tried to contact him before but found just a dead end. Now she wanted to have him come with her to have Mark back in her life was something that Eve wanted more than anything. He knew her, probably better than anyone else in the cosmos knew her, but there were still things in her past that Mark only knew fragments of. She had told him that her childhood was rough and that her mother died when she was younger but that was all. Eve hated talking about the past. Mark had always been there for her, never once had he let her down. They always had something to talk about and Mark was there for her when she had decided to do something reckless and stupid.
Mark O'Connell
Posted: Apr 27 2010, 11:06 AM


Grey, dreary days were not Mark's favorites, but they did allow time for one of his simple little pleasures: reading. Sure, the lawn needed to be mowed, but with rain coming down intermittently in buckets and light showers, he couldn't well do that today. The Agency hadn't needed him this week, and that left him precious little to do. Luckily for him, he'd picked up a few books on the side on his last mission in the 43rd century, two of which he hadn't read before. He'd just gotten settled in his armchair in the back sun-room with a mug of tea when his doorbell rang.

Drat people. It was probably one of his neighbors asking for a cup of sugar or some eggs--the neighborhood was definitely a place where one could go corral free range baking ingredients. With a grunt, he levered himself out of his (very) comfortable chair, set down the book (a 43rd century thriller by the name of Fenoglio), and started towards the door.

Passing a mirror on the way, he realized that he was still in his slumming about the house clothes--a khaki shirt that had seen better days and a worn pair of jeans, but figured that if it was someone wanting the final ingredient for their goodies, then they wouldn't mind. His bare feet slipped on the tile of the entryway as he reached the door.

Upon opening it, he wished he'd changed earlier. Eve probably wouldn't mind (or most likely even notice) the clothes, but for some reason, Mark wanted to impress his former friend and partner. Instead, he stood in the doorway, for once in his life not quite sure what to say.

"Erm, hi," he finally managed to blunder out. It was no 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume,' but since it was out there, it would have to do.
Eve Lloyd
Posted: Apr 27 2010, 09:31 PM

Agent Daredevil
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Group: Time Agents
Posts: 171
Member No.: 164
Joined: 29-December 09

After so much time she wondered how Mark looked, how he had changed, what he would say about the information that she had found. She wrung her hands together nervously. She wanted to go to earth and find the others because it would have been a fantastic adventure, but she couldn’t go without at least trying to bring or in some cases drag Mark with her. Eve touched her wristband absent-mindedly waiting for the door to open impatiently. The rain continued to fall and it seemed to be getting worse Eve could feel her straight hair go frizzy and curly. It was not her best look. She tugged her jacket closer around her waiting until she heard the door open. There was Mark the person that she still considered her best friend, the one person that she knew that she could trust more than any living creature in the history of any universes.

She smiled at him when he looked at her. She was sure that her showing up here had completely shocked him and her suspicions were only confirmed at his stumbled greeting. Eve laughed when all he could do was stare at her and say hi. “Five years.” She raised her eye brows at him and put her hands on her hips. “Five years I haven’t seen you and all you can say is ‘hi’?” She was trying to tease him, to make him laugh at himself. She looked up as the rain beat down on her. It wasn’t that she totally minded rain its just that she wasn’t prepared for it and feeling rather cold. “After so many years your old partner and I presume best friend shows up on your door step completely drenched from head to toe. The least you could do is invite her in.”

She took a look at Mark, he looked good. She loved that he never really cared about what he looked like. There was something in his face, or maybe it was his eyes, He seemed like he was older somehow. Like he had matured. He had always been the mature one of their relationship, always getting her out of trouble and making sure she didn’t kill herself. But something about the way he stood there made her think that he had moved on. She hoped that this moving on didn’t leave her out. She loved him, not love, love, but he was the only person that she was comfortable with saying those words too and truly meaning them. She stood there looking awkwardly at him. “No hug? At least?”
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