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 [STRANGER] IN THIS {WORLD}, kennedy todd
Kennedy Todd
Posted: Jul 3 2010, 02:47 PM


user posted image
Kenna ∞ Twenty-Six ∞ Texas-born ∞ UNIT Researcher ∞ Taser Lover
First girl in 13 generations, youngest of three. Named after President JFK with her twin.

i ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. you don't happen to like frozen yogurt do you? i love it. you're kidding!
what a crazy, random happen-stance. here.

the one laundry day see you there underthings tumbling want to say love your hair
married here i go mumbling with my freeze ray i will stop the world with my freeze
engaged ray i will find the time to find the words to tell you how how you make make
dating me feel whatís the phrase? like a fool? kind of sick? special needs? anyways with
future my freezeray i will stop the pain itís not a death ray or an icebeam thatís all johnny
on and off snow i just think you need time to know that iím the guy to make it real the feel
ex, good terms ings you donít dare to feel iíll bend the world to our will and weíll make time
ex, bad terms stand still thatís the plan rule the world you and me anyday love your hair what?
ex, stil chemistry no i... i, uh... love the... air anyway with my freeze ray I will stop Ė take it
crush on you slow he looks at me and seems to know the things that i'm afraid to show and
crush on kennedy suddenly i feel this glow and i believe there's good in everybody's heart, keep
fling it safe and sound with love you can do your part to turn a life around i cannot believe my
friends with benefits eyes how the worlds finally growing wise and its plain to see rapture ins
attraction ide of me is on the rise. look around we're living with the lost and found just when
flirting you think you've almost drowned you find yourself on solid ground and you believe
secret there's good in everybody's heart, keep it safe and sound with love you can do your part
in denial to turn a life around i cannot believe my eyes is the world finally growing wise?

people can be layered like that. and sometimes there's a third, even deeper level and that one is the same as
the top surface one. huh? like with pie.

go to hell disappeared is a moral dilemma cause at first it was weird but i swore to eliminate
hardcore hate the worst of the plague that devoured humanity though it's true i was vague
mutual hate on the how so how can it be that you have shown me the light? it's a brand new
revenge day, yeah the sun is high, all the birds are singing that you're gonna die how i hesitate
hardcore rival now i don't know why it's a brand new day all those times that you beat me
friendly rivals unconscious... i forgive all those crimes incomplete, listen, honestly, i'll live
back stabbed/er mister cool, mister right, mister know it all is through now the future's so
dislike you bright and i owe it all to you, who has shown me the light it's a brand new me
dislike kennedy i got no remorse, now the water's rising but i know the course, gonna shock
annoyance the world, gonna show bad horse, it's a brand new day... and penny will see the
tolerable real me, not a joke, not a dork, not a failure. and she may cry but her tears will
love/hate dry when i buy her the keys to a shiny new australia... it's a brand new day, and
by association the sun is high, all the angels sing that you're gonna die, go ahead and laugh
disrespecting yeah i'm a funny guy, tell everyone goodbye... it's a brand new day... he rides
friends turned enemies the nation, the thoroughbred of sin, he got the application that you
respected dislike just sent in, it needs evaluation so let the games begin, a heinous crime, a

the fish rots from the head as they say. so my thinking is why not cut off the head? of the human race?
well. . . it's not a perfect metaphor. . .

practically family here's the story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely thinking love was
attached at the hip fairy tales and trouble was made only for me even in the darkness every
partners in crime color can be found and every day of rain brings water flowing to things
confidantes/color growing in the ground grief replaced with pity for a city barely coping, dreams
close friends are easy to achieve is hope is all i'm hoping to be any time you're hurt there's
party friends one who has it worse around, and every drop of rain will keep you growing,
average friends seeds you're sowing in the ground, so keep your head up billy buddy. will
frenemies you lend a helping hand to shelter those who need it? you just have to sign your
enemies turned friends name, don't even have to read it. will you help? no? how bout you?
childhood friends why thank you hammer man i don't think i can explain how important it is
estranged friends that you stopped the van. i would be splattered, i'd be smushed into debries
sorta friends thank you sir for saving me. don't worry about it, a man's gotta do what a man's
hero worship gotta do? you came from above. are you kidding? seems destiny ends with me
acquaintances saving you. what heist were you watching? i wonder what you're captain of?
just met stop looking at her like that. when you're the best you can't rest. did you notice that
indifferent he threw you in the garbage? my heart is beating like a drum, i stopped the van

i'm sure you will... i wanna do great things, you know...? i wanna be an achiever. like bad horse... the
thoroughbred of sin? i meant ghandi.

parent so they say captain hammer's become a crusader, political, he's cleaning up the streets
sibling 'bout time. so they say that it's real love, so romantic! he signed this. so they say we'll
family have blankets and beds, we can open by monday, thanks to you. thanks to me! it's the
roommate perfect story, so they say, a hero leading the way. hammer's call to glory, let's all be
coworker our best, next up, who's gay? so they say he saved her life. they say she works with
heard of you the homeless, and doesn't eat meat. we have a problem with her. this is his hair. this
heard of name is sooo nice, i just might sleep with the same girl twice, they say it's better the sec-
trustworthy ond time, they say you get to do the weird stuff. we'd do the weird stuff! this is per-
protective of you fect for me, so they say, i guess he's pretty okay. after years of stormy sailing
protective of kennedy have i finally found the bay? there's no happy ending, so they say, not for me
good influence anyway. should i stop pretending or this a brand new day? this is his dry cleaning
bad influence bill. four sweatervests! here lies everything, the world i wanted at my feet. my vic-
stalking tory's complete. so hail to the king. everything you ever. arise and sing. so your world's
fake friends benign. so you think justice has a voice, and we all have a choice? well now your
fake enemies world is mine. and i am fine. now the nightmare's real, now doctor horrible is here
anything else to make you quake with fear, to make your whole world real, and i don't feel a thing.

joy of CAUTION! spent a really long time working
on it so don't take these credits off! all lyrics and the
quotes copyright to the master of awesomness, mr
JOSS WHEDON, they're from his super awesome
musical, dr horrible. special thanks to colourlovers
.net, where i got all the colors and stuff. <33333
Kennedy Todd
Posted: Jul 3 2010, 02:48 PM


please use it and everything, and quote above for colors!

ladies: 99364A
gents: 02607C

user posted image user posted image
been toughing it out for thirty five
years as my secret admirer.

crush on kennedy suddenly i feel this glow and i believe there's good in everybody's heart, keep
back stabbed/er mister cool, mister right, mister know it all is through now the future's so
close friends are easy to achieve is hope is all i'm hoping to be any time you're hurt there's
stalking tory's complete. so hail to the king. everything you ever. arise and sing. so your world's

kennedy says, "you're driving a spork into your leg."

billy says, "so I am. hilarious!"


two 100x100 icons
[size=8][color=GROUP COLOR][font=impact]MISS/MISTER FIRST LAST[/font][/color][/size]
[size=0]been toughing it out for [b]age[/b]
years as my [b]I'll fill in[/b].[/size]


[b]kennedy says,[/b] "don't worry, shug, i'll add this in for ya!"

[b]name says,[/b] "first person history"

Kennedy Todd
Posted: Jul 3 2010, 02:49 PM



where is everyone?
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