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 there's always a reason., OPEN.
Seth Ashbourne
Posted: Apr 12 2011, 01:14 PM

Seth Ashbourne
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Group: Torchwood
Posts: 248
Member No.: 201
Joined: 7-May 10

25/5/13 -edited because... unsure.gif yeah. Also, I took a few liberties with the room description -so if anything needs to be edited, let me know and I'll happily make all the necessary changes! ^^

user posted image

Damn. bloody. aliens!
    Seth's Office. Torchwood 24.Five Minutes Earlier.

Several heads turned when a harmless alien crossed –and rather politely, to everyone’s amazement- the main door of Seth’s department. Curious eyes watched how the creature advanced slowly past the desks of that very floor, until it had reached its destination. But Seth was too focused on his work to pay attention to anything else. The silver form ad spent the first minute waiting patiently for Seth to finally hung the small mobile phone that he was just then holding.

”No, that’s impossible. It can’t have” he was saying with indignation ”I insist that I personally made sure our best men were sent over for the job. And I must say, th-” short pause ”The body is being fully examined, I thought I just said that” was Seth's cold reply.”No, no traces of venom, just blood pouring out of him as if he were a bloody fountain” and by bloody, he meant, literally, bloody. With a thoughtful expression written in his face, Seth took the photograph that was laid at arm’s reach in his desk, glancing back at it for one brief moment.

My God, what a terrible sight.

”Cicere, look, I’m a busy man” he retorted impatiently to the human that was on the other side of the phone, some seconds later. ”If you have any more questions, just ask the forensics department, I’m sure they’ll be…" there was a short, almost imperceptible pause during which Seth's lips twitched in a meaningful way before continuing " delighted, to explain the situation." Again, he so dearly wanted pointed out --but the man had enough brain width to discern when shutting up was more convenient than worth the try. But he did, however, turn off the small device, with a 'curt-though-dismissive' "enjoy the day” without the slightest care as to whether or not a reply was being delivered.

(a/n: ^ okay that was rude )8)

He gasped audibly (and also jumped slightly in his seat in a rather graceless manner, to his own utter embarrassment) when, after placing his mobile down in his desk, Seth turned his head enough to realize, for the first time, that he had…

Odd company.

Extending his arms in a weary sign of defeat, Seth couldn't avoid a roll of eyes. He got up as the alien handed him Pete’s message. ”Like I have any choice” he muttered, having read it, with tired exasperation. Hell. Couldn’t aliens try and be more discreet --or, just even... careful. Just a little bit --if only just for once. Was that really that much to ask?

Well, of course it was! What was he thinking?! How could that ever be, when there was always jolly Torchwood to clean up all the mess, and ‘Dear Sethie’ to look forward to! Right? Sure! Sethie-Seth can deal with this Government just as easily as we step on human lives. Let's all go have fun and make his life all the more tiresome, so that he doesn't get too bored living a normal, uneventful, ordinary. human. life.

Ah... no rest for the wicked. Ain't that what they say?

... ... ...

It was just an ordinary routine thing. As a Government Liaison, Seth was expected to keep up with all sorts of updates on every issue that came from Torchwood 24 and –if possible- from the nearest branches so he could speak with determined fluency -and even, when needed, certain delicacy- about these tactful matters to those less inclined to regard an unfortunate alien happening with same ethics as those whose life was centred around this unheard-of word.

To Torchwood 24, this of course implied thorough investigation and examination of both events and alien (or aliens) in question. Which, more often than not, proved to be an arduous task.

Having arrived at the signalled door, the tall, dark-haired man allowed himself in, ocean irises searching for a particular trace of human flesh that he could actually recognize. He was distracted between scattered papers and a half-finished sandwich with a drink sitting on a table, and shelves filled with what appeared to be solid forms, fragments or substances he'd honestly rather not know about. And there it was; harder to blend in with the rest of inanimate objects, the back of the silhouette Seth had been hoping to find.

”Finally" the Liaison said simply, breaking the silence. Having taken a few steps towards the nearest shelf -the one that was just beside the table- his eyes travelled from the unfinished meal to what looked like... Goodness gracious -were those eyes? Covered in... gooey substance?

Rule number 164, Seth. Keep your eyes on living things. Fortunately for him, his somewhat acerbic humour remained intact as ever. Turning back to the figure, he went on with his opening line with a smile that spoke for miles.

"I thought I’d never see the day when I'd be invited to a macabre picnic.”
Rebecca Ashbourne
Posted: May 26 2013, 02:23 PM

Life Goes On
Group Icon

Group: Torchwood
Posts: 40
Member No.: 410
Joined: 24-May 13

She had been working in Kensington for Torchwood for two weeks now. Two weeks, and Lillian was no closer to finishing even her initial survey of the information available in this place than when she had started. Lillian’s notebooks scrawled full from her time as a cop had not yet been glanced at much less used. There was simply too much in the archives to go through!

Jars of eyes, bits of bric a brac, collections of feathers, and bottles of goo. Everything needed their own place to be. Everything needed to be sorted, catalogued, and analyzed as best she could. Lillian was not a scientist, nor could she really read too much of the jargon scientists came up with via analysis. In the force, there were scientists for forensics. Here, well, at least there were some notes on each object, but they were not pinned in any given order, leaving Lillian to hunt for every little thing.

Two bloody weeks and she still couldn’t see the surface of her office since there was always so much more to review and organize!

Lillian had embraced the hermetic life Torchwood was currently providing. She was churning out a fairly constant number of data, aside from a few attempts at polite salutations and even fewer attempts at eating or sleeping.

Police training or not, Lillian completely missed the sound of her office door opening, and excused away the sound of footsteps as a tired mind playing tricks. But when the stranger actually spoke, she realized that he could not be only imagining things.

"I thought I’d never see the day when I'd be invited to a macabre picnic.”

Her pen went skittering in surprise, and Lillian bobbed up to see who had walked inside, aiming her flashlight towards the door and immediately lowering the light so it did not meet her guest’s eyes. It was a coworker – she assumed a coworker anyway – that Lillian had not met before. He was fairly tall and world weary; Lillian found the light switch in time to see his piercing blue eyes.

Eyes that looked far too much like her own. How strange it was to see them in another face.

“Picnic?” She blinked, still reminding herself not to stare. “Oh! Forgot I had started eating.”

Finding the plate, Lillian binned the food before looking up guiltily to her stranger.

“Sorry. Have... we been introduced?”
Seth Ashbourne
Posted: Jun 6 2013, 03:03 PM

Seth Ashbourne
Group Icon

Group: Torchwood
Posts: 248
Member No.: 201
Joined: 7-May 10


^ No judging. I just saw it now for the first time. GOOSH, I now want to edit mine as well xD

ALSO! Pretty shitty post, which I don't like, because I wanted to expand more on why he feels the way he feels, rather than just describe what he feels... but yeah. Mercy on me, I've my scariest exam in four days' time. :3 ILU, and hope you enjoy this nevertheless! 8D

/blah blah mode -OFF.

user posted image

He didn’t immediately register it. So during that first split second in which her face came into view Seth only had eyes for that slim profile, those long locks of impossible dark bronze hair and that face… that lovely face which sounded so oddly familiar. So distantly familiar! As if a slow resurrecting of a distant, faraway reminiscence that was itching to crawl back into the remembered memories of his mind was unhurriedly taking place right then. Seth frowned, eyelids narrowing ever so slightly while his brain tried to figure out why she seemed so familiar to him when she was almost positively sure he’d never come across this young woman before.


Fortunately for Seth (or unfortunately, as luck may have it) all those uncertainties that had first showed up were dissipated just as quickly as they had come –and by the time his eyes were solely fixed on those of hers, Seth already knew where he was drawing out the similarities.


His dearest, dearest Rebecca.

It was strange for him to lose his speech, or even the notion of what had brought him there or what he even worked for. Frankly, it was a task which was usually reserved for others while the Liaison typically took to making a snide remark or two about sending Torchwood 21 a rescue signal to bring the target back to wherever it was that he had taken off. Nevertheless, as everyone knows, life has a curious way of paying back. And this time… this time Seth was sure that not even he (he with that dark, twisted sense of humor that people generally found no hilarity in it) would have dared laugh even from a third party perspective at the raging, destructive storm that was starting to erupt in his insides.

Judging by how straightforwardly he was sensing a sudden –apparent- fall of temperature in the room, it was easy for him to suspect that his skin tone may have turned a tone paler -or two. But for the moment, the man couldn’t do much to remedy it. In fact, he couldn’t do much to remedy anything at all –even if a small corner of his mind –however remote- was perfectly aware of the stupid outward first impression that he was causing. But, alas… it couldn’t be helped. Not while every single brain cell in his body was busy screaming to all Heavens and Hell and back, and his heart, thumping painfully with the lethal vigor of a cannon fired in the midst of a war battle; dying –almost literally dying!- to hear the words that he already knew he’d never hear in truth.

…To hear the words coming from the very mouth of someone he was absolutely sure he’d never see again.

…In life.

Seth’s attention only came back to solid present when his eyes found distraction in the form of sudden movement. ”You just binned your meal?” he blurted out, his words a clear sign that his mental processes weren’t quite up to his usual standards. His voice as well –he noted- had turned quite raspy and less determined than his introductory line –which he tried to camouflage with an audible clear of throat. ”I meant to say…” the man tried once again, accompanying his second attempt with a faint wave of arm ”That ---for a meal--” again with the uncomfortable vacillation ”That was quite poor”.

The wildest and most recklessly idiotic part of him felt the last stab shoot entirely across his heart with the aim of her next words. Arm muscles twitched with one powerfully clenched fist and Seth chose to distract his mind by distracting his eyes and looking to the floor until he could tolerate the inward pain. And in response to her, he chuckled. It turned out to be a rather dark one, in spite of him and all the intrinsic worth of outward appearances.
”Oh, believe me… A face like yours,” turning his gaze away from the floor and slowly back to the female, Seth’s orbs searched for her owns again with an almost desperate need. There was a dark edge to his deep voice, mirrored by obscure glint that shadowed his turquoise irises and the crooked smile that he was offering, that the man could not conceal as he finished his sentence off ”…isn’t one I would easily forget”.

Curious that his tone should turn much lighter in a matter of seconds –praising, if only for the poor attempt. ”But never mind that -where are my manners? My name’s Seth.” he chimed with the best charming glance that he could manage. ”Seth… Ashbourne. Government Liaison“ at that he inclined his head politely. ”And here to assist you in anything you may need”
Rebecca Ashbourne
Posted: Jun 9 2013, 04:34 PM

Life Goes On
Group Icon

Group: Torchwood
Posts: 40
Member No.: 410
Joined: 24-May 13

For some reason, the coworker with the too familiar eyes was staring at her, and Lillian had the uncomfortable feeling that there was something on her face. Or maybe he thought there was something wrong with her. It was bad enough not looking (or being) her proper age, but it was quite another for her coworkers to find out about it. Especially for them to just… sense it.. or something. Maybe working for Torchwood had been a bad idea and they had only given her two weeks to acclimate before rerunning their background check and THIS time her uncle’s work hadn’t passed scrutiny.

Or, or, or. It could be a million things, but whatever it was, this man did not seem pleased, and Lillian’s stomach was positively churning.

So when his first verbal response was to make another statement on her meal, Lillian wasn’t sure whether to choke or cry with relief that it couldn’t be anything too terrible for a little thing like that to distract him.

“Only sanitary thing to do, I’m afraid. The archives are a complete mess, and I don’t want to find out if anything airborne gets into my food by eating it. I’m just fine not turning myself into an experiment this early on, thanks.”

Lillian’s tongue was far more poised than she was, but it helped that it was also babbling faster than she could think. That extended to asking the man if they’d been introduced when she KNEW she would have remembered if they had. It was just… there was something about him that made Lillian’s heart twist and that was bizarre and honestly frightening. She didn’t like people. Had only ever really liked one person, and that person had moved on with his life to bigger and better things.

Oh, believe me… A face like yours isn’t one I would easily forget.

That did NOT answer her question, but maybe it was for the best. Perhaps this was the time for her to make a swift and hasty exit before she got invested over a man who looked too familiar and was making her heart hurt just by looking at her like this. Because he was staring, and looking extraordinarily uncomfortable, almost as uncomfortable as she felt, actually.

And then he introduced himself.

Lillian couldn’t help it. She fell. She had just enough time to make it look like she had tripped (not hard to do with all the mess in the room) but honestly, her feet just decided not to work anymore.


Her Seth.

He had to be her Seth. There was no way it was another Seth Ashbourne. The name wasn’t that common for one, and ‘coincidence’ would not explain the absolute ache she was feeling.

Except he wasn’t her Seth, was he? Seth Ashbourne was part of her past. He belonged to Rebecca, not to the woman Rebecca had kicked and fought to grow up to become. Picking herself back up in a moment, Lillian once again found herself rethinking this whole position with Torchwood. This job wasn’t a threat to her identity; it was simply going to kill her from the inside out.

“Lillian Schmidt. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Seth Seth Ashbourne.”

Her attempt at levity was futile and heavy and Lillian knew it, but there was not a whole lot she could properly do about it, because she wasn’t even sure if she was breathing properly.

“And I appreciate the offer of assistance,” she added, much more quietly.
Seth Ashbourne
Posted: Sep 2 2013, 05:56 AM

Seth Ashbourne
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Group: Torchwood
Posts: 248
Member No.: 201
Joined: 7-May 10

“Only sanitary thing to do, I’m afraid. The archives are a complete mess, and I don’t want to find out if anything airborne gets into my food by eating it. I’m just fine not turning myself into an experiment this early on, thanks.”

That was the response that the young lady had given him -and Seth responded with a quick raise and lowering of eyebrows. He thrust his hands in his pockets, as he usually did -though probably unconsciously- whenever he felt smugly sardonic about something. Though there was a darkened edge in his eyes, product of a wretched past being resurrected in his present, as he flashed back a very small but visible crooked smile at her.

"That's the spirit."

Seth viewed as a good sign that there was still humour left in him despite all that was coming back to him. With such neutral, almost casual facial expressions that would have been the envy of any poker player, Seth felt every bit of his insides choking blood out of his veins. He could feel the presence of every tattoo he owned, an almost asphyxiating iced heat --if that was even possible. But words couldn't describe the revival of something he'd fought so hard to forget during all these years --all the guilt and pain that crawled up onto his skin, permeating through his pores.

His agent side, though, was remaining alert -so it came to Seth's reason that the most reasonable thing (aside from a close family member he hadn't known about until now, of course) was that a demon of his past had come out to the arena to toy with him... toy with him for a deadly agony. The second, most reasonable thing was someone -something- who -for some reason that escaped his mind- knew about Rebecca, miscalculated her age and made it her mission to grab hold of his most powerful weakness and then just stab him to death when he could be caught unguarded.

But Seth knew better than to not watch his back. So while his reflexes went right away to catch the youth beauty as she stumbled in her steps, he was also very cautiously on the lookout of any potential weapons she may carry on her outfit.

As he couldn't afford to be too obvious -or seem too indiscreet, alas- he could only ascertain that, at least she wasn't keeping anything pointy where his range of view could afford him to see. His hold on her didn't last long, either, as she quickly went back into full standing position.

Without much need of his aid, he noted.

"A pleasure to meet you too."

What passed as a really awkward pause to Seth -the kind he wasn't really used to, and as the man was fairly unaccustomed to that, it kept him unsure of what to do- was broken by his very words. And knowing full well that what he was about to do was probably going to be the death of him (quite possibly also literally, as was true to his fashion, for the Liaison did have a certain flair for the dramatic) he placed a hand on her upper back -almost near her neck- and beckoned her forwards, towards the door entrance.

"Then allow me to do you the favour of putting a hold on your undernourishment, and take you to Diego's for a proper meal. There are better ways to die."

"Diego's just round the corner, so it won't take us too long to come back to our routine. Anyone asks: you're with me. And either way, no one's going to sue you for taking a small break to eat."
Seth offered a mischievous grin. "Contrary to popular belief, we do like to keep our people alive here at Torchwood 24."
Rebecca Ashbourne
Posted: Oct 24 2013, 06:50 AM

Life Goes On
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Group: Torchwood
Posts: 40
Member No.: 410
Joined: 24-May 13

Panic was clawing its way up Lillian's throat as she watched Seth for a response. If she'd had an ounce less tact, Lillian would have been openly devouring his form with her eyes. It was so very good to see him. Alive, well, and right in front of her.

It has been said that the universe is not a wish granting factory. Mostly this is true, but it did rather feel like one of the deepest wishes of her heart was being granted right now. Of course, the saying 'be careful what you wish for' also tends to be good advice.

"Then allow me to do you the favour of putting a hold on your undernourishment, and take you to Diego's for a proper meal. There are better ways to die."

The edges of her mouth twitched at that with amusement and pain. Dying once had been enough of a trial. Lillian did not want to imagine what dying again - possibly properly - would do to her. Especially not when she had finally found him again. Not acting like a Lord or a barrister as she had half suspected from the very little she had gleaned from their uncle, but working at Torchwood.

Ha, what were the chances?

"Contrary to popular belief, he continued in her silence, "we do like to keep our people alive here at Torchwood 24."

"How very reassuring."

Straightening a few files on her currently obnoxiously cluttered desk, Lillian gathered herself and her courage before meeting Seth's gaze again with a smile.

"And how can I refuse such an offer? Although I do hope this isn't a ploy for gossip." There was a teasing glint in her eyes now. "I'm plenty versed in the art of interrogations. Do try to make it subtle."

Winking, Lillian grabbed her purse before backing out of the room as quickly as politely possible, propping the door open for him with her foot. She needed a moment, just a moment, to breathe. To orient herself.

Way to be overwhelmed on the first day, Schmidt!
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