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 The Devil of Jersey, Tag: Rose
Rose Tyler
Posted: Sep 13 2011, 06:39 AM

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Group: Time Travellers
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Rose knew that John would eventually ask about why she shut him out of part of her mind, but now was not the time to worry about it; there were more pressing matters to attend to. In fact, Eddie's explanation of the Jersey Devil had her frowning with worry - calculated worry, but worry nonetheless. Years ago she might have dismissed the legend as just that - a legend, but years ago she hadn't traveled with the Doctor and John. Now she knew better, and knew how to try and discern the fact within the myth.

She let the story of the Leeds woman circle in her head for a moment, though she took the time to roll her eyes at John's statement. In fact, she found the time to shoot a barb in his direction. Don't even THINK about it, she hissed in his mind. We are NOT single-handedly repopulating New Gallifrey with a race of Time Children! Preemptive chastisement delivered, Rose thought back to the matter at hand. She'd heard of some species of alien whose children transformed into what parents of different places wanted most - Tenza, she thought they were called - but that didn't happen with actual birth. Then again, maybe the story of the birth was exaggerated, and the "devil" was an alien child who was then rejected, and thus morphed into the creature it had now become, having no parental desire or direction to follow. But that was only one of countless possibilities flying through her head.

Rose's thought process was effectively halted in its tracks by John's response to her comment about Jules Verne. The Steampunk TARDIS was bad enough, but the fact that H.G. Wells got his ideas from the Doctor?! Hush, you're ruining my childhood delusions, Rose complained, giving John a mental shove. As if John's revelation wasn't bad enough, he added to injury by embarrassing her in front of a child - an intelligent child, but still a child. Rose gave him a harder shove as he went back into the TARDIS, mentally grumbling. She was surprisingly glad to have time to talk with Eddie.

Rose arched an eyebrow at Eddie's tone when he discussed his mother's wishes. "And I take it you don't want to take up the reins?" she asked softly. When Eddie flushed and nodded, Rose brushed aside, though not unkindly, John's mental reassurance, coming to the same conclusions he was trying to bring her to. "Don't give up on your dreams, Eddie. That's the mistake I made. I was...I dropped out of school for a relationship that didn't work out in the end, and I resigned myself to being a shop worker all my life - the garment district, really," she said with a smile, finding a connection to Eddie's family, knowing it would make him - and her, for that matter - more at ease. " husband was a stroke of luck, really; if it hadn't been for him, I'd still be working in a shop. At one point I did have to go back to my old life, for a time, but I vowed to chase my dreams instead and worked as...a scientist, I guess you could say." Seeing Eddie's look of disbelief, Rose smiled again. "Yes, where I'm from, there are many women scientists. And it was because I chased my dreams and worked hard that I made it back to my husband, and now we have the rest of our lives together. Don't let go of your dreams, Eddie," she said seriously, looking the boy in the eye. "For awhile, yes, you may have to take the reins and support your family, but never give up on your dreams. You'll never be happy if you do." From the solemnity of the boy's nod, Rose knew he understood.

When Eddie inquired about her and John's identities, Rose's smile widened. "Well, yes, I suppose we could be out of 'Fantastic Adventures,'" she said with a giggle. "We really do fix things though. See...." She paused, looking for the right words. "The world is made up of lots of different things happening at lots of different times - some good, some bad. Some things that happen are fixed points - that is, they're supposed to happen, even if they're bad. Sometimes...sometimes bad things have to happen in order for good things to happen in the future. Remember when that zeppelin crashed - the Hindenburg?" When Eddie nodded, Rose continued, "That was one of those things that, bad as it was, had to happen, because if it didn't, the future would change into something worse. If the Hindenburg hadn't crashed, it would lead to events that would eventually cause the downfall of America's government. The country would deteriorate and become a wasteland.*" Eddie widened his eyes in disbelief, as if silently asking if she was serious. Understanding this, Rose nodded. "It's why the Titanic had to crash, it's why the Great Depression had to happen. Some things can't be changed. But, some things can, and that's where John and I come in."

"Many, many bad things - huge events that change history - are of time gone wrong," Rose continued. "Here, let me put it this way, since you're familiar with clothing: imagine that the machine that makes the cloth makes a mistake and puts a knot in the fabric. The rest of the cloth isn't visibly affected as much, but soon, it changes, and the whole thing could be ruined. John and I go back and...untie the knots, so to speak, so that things can run smoothly."

" fix time," Eddie said, saying in one sentence what Rose had given in a speech.

"Basically, yeah."

"But...doesn't that mean...." Eddie's eyes widened as it all sank in. "You're time travelers???"

"Of course not!" Rose said, her tone overexagerrated and dramatic. "We're simply agents for the British government come to investigate these strange disturbances." She tapped the side of her nose and winked at Eddie. Eddie, catching on, grinned and repeated the gesture, also winking. When John came back from his technology hunt, the two of them were chuckling on the stoop.

"So what sort of 'magnificent technology' have you got for us?" Rose asked. "Tracking, analysis, both, or does it just go bing when there's stuff?"

*shamelessly borrowed/stolen from Pendragon Book 3: The Never War.
The Meta
Posted: Jan 9 2012, 11:53 PM


Don't even THINK about it, she hissed in his mind. We are NOT single-handedly repopulating New Gallifrey with a race of Time Children! Wouldn't dream of it, he thought back. There's plenty of people up there already. And, if they don't have a loom set up, they will rather soon I expect. He followed that with the mental equivalent of a raspberry, and a rather quiet spoilsport.

In the 'junk room' of the TARDIS, as Rose so eloquently labelled it once, John was compiling bits and bobs together for the energy scanner. As his hands worked, he listened in on the conversation going on outside and reviewed what he read from the paper. There wasn't much of anything to go on, but the fact that they were whipped around to land in the middle of yet another 'missing children incident' had him nearly certain it involved aliens of some sort. Rose's postulation of an escape pod had merit, and he was hoping that was the case. The thought of another invasion type scenario had him fidgeting. Then there was the sparky young lad that just happened upon them. Didn't smell alien, but he was rather bright. His name was wiggling in the back of his mind as something rather pertinent, but couldn't put his finger on how just yet.

He was nearly done with the fabrication, when he heard Rose 'out' the two of them to the boy. Head popping up, he was a bit surprised by that. Not quite alarmed, but still. That wasn't something usually bandied about. He couldn't help the bits of concern that went through the link over it, but added his trust behind them at the same time. Eddie was a genius, so he supposed that it would come out any way. He would've preferred him to come to that conclusion on his own, but what was done was done. John just hoped that it wouldn't get them in trouble.

Stepping through the console room, he paused to place a hand on the coral. The mental conference with the dear was brief, but she reassured him that she was fine. Giving the beam a bit of a pat, he went through the outer door and let it lock behind him. "So what sort of 'magnificent technology' have you got for us?" Rose asked as soon as he was outside. "Tracking, analysis, both, or does it just go bing when there's stuff?"

"Ding, actually," he said with a grin. "Well, more of a whirring." Holding the palm sized device up, it was grey and beige, with wires sticking out and looping, and a double prong on one end. A rather simple looking radio knob sat on top. "Basically, it's a standard waveform detector. Or, a Geiger counter with a bit of oomph to it, depending on how you want to look at it." He fiddled with the dial and pointed it at the electrical wires overhead. Frowning at the lack of anything happening, he palm smacked it a couple of times and held it up again. It whirred quietly when it picked up the magnetic fields around the wires overhead this time. Grinning, he fiddled with it a bit more to detect higher frequencies.

"Radiation?" Eddie asked with a touch of alarm in his voice.

"Oh! No, no. Nothing nuclear, but a similar principle," he explained. Squatting, he held it so they could see the dial and small needle radial that twitched when it read something. "Picks up all sorts of frequencies. Didn't have the parts for something more specific, but this should do in picking up relative power readings from the decihertz to the exahertz bands, plus a few others." Seeing the wide eyed look of covetousness on Eddie's face, he wagged a finger. "I understand how you feel, but no." Standing, he muttered, "Really hope this one doesn't flash boil eggs."

Looking up, he grinned. "West, right?" Getting a nod, he fiddled with the waveform scanner and did a slow three sixty. Facing West, he adjusted the dial; frowned; then pulled his spectacles out and put them on his face. There was a slight bit of smugness at hearing Rose inhale slightly, but he focused on what he was doing. Later dear, promise.

Bending to put his ear to the device while manipulating the dial, he heard a faint whirring; turned slightly one way, then the other; then looked up. "West by south, and it's in the exoband," he commented. Turning to look at Rose, his grin was QUITE manic. "Allons-y?" His grin got bigger when she put her arm in his with an answering French. Looking over his shoulder, he winked at Eddie. "C'mon!"
Rose Tyler
Posted: Jan 14 2012, 03:44 AM

I create myself
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Group: Time Travellers
Posts: 120
Member No.: 283
Joined: 4-March 11

Ex-CUSE me, John, but I did not 'out' us, per se, Rose defended when she felt John's surprise at having their identities revealed. Besides, he's a smart boy - a really smart boy. He can probably help us more than we can guess. Isn't that what usually happens? She winced the moment the thought was sent, not meaning to have let that slip. She could feel John's curiosity in response, but immediately pushed all related thoughts aside when he exited the TARDIS with his newest equipment.

Rose rolled her eyes a little at her husband's babbling about his newest little gadget, and failed to hold back a grin when he was still forced to perform 'percussive maintenance' on it. His explanation of said gadget and comparison to a Geiger counter made her roll her eyes again.

"It's a similar principle, but not quite," Rose explained to Eddie. "Geiger counters pick up lethal radiation, when really, all light is a form of radiation itself. Even the sun gives off ultraviolet light, but it's not dangerous unless you're overexposed to it or look at it directly." She nodded at John's contraption. "That little thing there not only detects light waves - for lights give off waves the same way sound does - but also abnormalities in the light waves, where light may have actually been...manipulated, I suppose you could say, in order to hide something. There's no actual radioactive material involved." We hope, she added to herself and John.

"Ooohhhhh," Eddie said, relaxing as he nodded his understanding.

Rose smiled at him before looking back to John and immediately had to restrain her reaction to an indrawn breath when she saw him put his glasses on. Foolish as it may have been, she found something about the "brainy specs" to be really sexy. When John caught her reaction, he chuckled in her mind. Later dear, promise. You'd better, she responded rather vehemently, and with those glasses on.

"Allons-y?" John inquired, holding out his arm when he'd pinpointed the correct direction. Rose grinned. "Allons-y!" she agreed, linking her arm with his. When she saw Eddie's confusion, she elaborated, "It means 'let's go,' just about." When he continued to look dubious, Rose smiled and took his hand. "He knows what he's doing, I promise. Well...most of the time." John's resulting pout made her giggle.

To Rose's surprise, they didn't actually break into a full run off the road and towards the grassy hills. She had a feeling that John did it more for Eddie than for her, as she had worn shoes more suited for running this time 'round. While John fiddled with his super-radio, Rose and Eddie maintained cheerful conversation, talking about their mutual interests and sharing family stories.

Eventually, though, the guilt nagging in Rose's mind wouldn't quit (she found, to her surprise and possible happiness, that she had gotten much better at multitasking when it came to thought processes). Still listening to Eddie, she opened the door to her husband that she had earlier slammed shut. John...when you said that...when you said that you wouldn't mind if things were just normal once in awhile, I was going to say.... She steeled herself, taking the mental equivalent of a deep breath. I was going to say that you never seemed to mind when you were the Doctor. She cringed again, almost as if waiting for his anger to strike her like a blow. She knew him better than that, and she knew she knew this, but her own mortification and self-flagellation overrode her sensibility for whatever reason. Finally telling herself that what was done was done, she returned to her discussion with Eddie.

The three of them were hiking through the outskirts of the Pine Barrens when Rose came to an abrupt stop. When Eddie looked up at her questioningly, she glanced down to meet his gaze. "Eddie, do you see anything odd about that part of the woods up there?" she asked, nodding at the forest ahead. Eddie frowned for a moment, then his eyes widened in surprise, suspicion mingled with a hint of fear-tinged curiosity crossing his face.

"Those trees..." Eddie began. "I mean, that one spot in the middle of 'em. They're just...gone, with no reason or anything."

Rose nodded. "Exactly. Not only that, but the ground matches that of the rest of the woods. If it were a clearing - not that it's big enough to be a clearing - the area would be grassier, and have sparse grass surrounding it. Those little bits of grass would be a sign that there's a clearing ahead, but there's nothing here - no warning, no hint, no sign. It's just an empty patch of forest." She glanced at John and arched an eyebrow. "Think this is what we're after?" Or what's after us? she added through the bond, only partially teasing.
The Meta
Posted: Apr 10 2012, 03:35 AM


Usually, yes. I do trust your judgement, dear. It was just a bit surprising this early on. Eddie's a bit... sparky... so to speak. Something about him is tweaking my senses, and I think he's going to do something rather important in the future. No idea what that is, but I suspect it'll be brilliantly fantastic.

Palm smacks to his scanner got a smirk out of Rose, and he eyed her a bit. But, he was grinning again at how she got gobby with the explanations of the device. He watched the light dawn on Eddie's face, and became apologetic. "Yeeahh, sorry. Didn't mean to infer bad stuff. Just... less good stuff."

Rose's declaration of having his glasses part of their 'activities' later, had him smirking smugly. A smugly smirk? Ooh, will have to use that one later. That dropped when she made her teasing remark. "He knows what he's doing, I promise. Well...most of the time." Turning to her abruptly, his eyes were wide while his bottom lip tried to make itself its own organism. "Oi! I'll have you know that I do know what I'm doing. Don't pay any attention to her, Eddie. Though exceedingly brilliant, my wife has a cheeky streak a mile wide and loves to take the mickey out of me." Though, I'm glad we got the Mickey out of you, he added privately with a snort.

Though he didn't break into a run for Eddie's sake - as his legs were, well, short - John had set a brisk pace with his own rather lengthy stride. Listening in to the conversation beside him, he marvelled at how Rose and Eddie were getting along. A strange thought went through his head then, and the idea that Tony would be like Eddie in a few years caused him to grin. This of course had him thinking about ways to avoid Jackie's ire, as the possibility of Tony joining them in the TARDIS became a bit more real in his head.

John was pulled out of his musings as Rose split her focus and let him know what was bothering her. John...when you said that...when you said that you wouldn't mind if things were just normal once in awhile, I was going to say.... There was a pause, and he looked over to see her still talking to Eddie whilst having this conversation. He was rather pleased at how she was multitasking. I was going to say that you never seemed to mind when you were the Doctor.

Blinking at his scanner, his head tilted. Yes? And? The pause had him checking back through, and into her mind. Seeing the mortification at herself, he couldn't help but chuckle. Sweetheart, you do realize what we both discovered not too long ago, right? I threw myself into the hand, so technically, that statement is absolutely correct. I both am, and am not the Doctor. I cannot claim that moniker any longer, as the remainder that was left over is currently in the old girl and running around being completely ridiculous in that absurd Indiana Jones outfit of his. Don't chastise yourself for thinking or saying that, love. I made peace with it, and am honestly happier this way. I got what I wanted... You.

He looked up to see that they were closer to the tree-line, and noticed something extremely odd. The perception filter was easily recognizable, but there was something... else. Whatever it was, was making him a touch nauseous. I think we found it. Pausing when she did, he listened as she pointed things out to Eddie. Watching the lad turn things about in his mind was fascinating. While Rose's observations on the minute details were spot on, there was still something missing. "Think this is what we're after?" Or what's after us?

"Possibly," John said absently. Letting go of Rose's hand, he dug out his sonic screwdriver. Thumbing the slider a bit, he pointed it at the blank spot in the trees. "There is a filter there, but..." he paused, reading the results. "Yup," he popped with half grin, "there's a rather large hole in the ground. This is picking up both that and the second filter that's over it. Ooh, that's clever."

Stepping to the edge of the false clearing, John tested it with a branch from the ground. Finding nothing interesting, he was surprised when Eddie piped up. "That was different. The end of that seemed to want to disappear."

Nodding at that, John mumbled an affirmative and stepped into the field. Blinking rapidly, he focused on the area that the hole was supposed to be. Waving them over with a finger, John went to the place and knelt down in front of a second filter. "Filter within a filter. That reminds me of something. I've seen this type of doubling before, but I just can't remember where at the moment. It'll come to me. But, from the looks of things, the overgrowth matches what would be expected from two years. What's really interesting, is how this was done in at an angle to the hill. Just enough of a slope to walk comfortably. Rather convenient, that is."

The hole looked more like a cave entrance than an impact crater, with rather smooth sides. It just wasn't all that large around, and John would have to duck down to enter the tunnel. "Could've burned their way in, I suppose," he mumbled. Turning his head, he saw Rose kneeling next to him, with Eddie looking over the pair of them with wide eyes.

"How can I see this, when everyone else couldn't?" Eddie baulked.

"Because you're clever beyond what would be considered exceedingly above average. You can see through it, because your mind sees things differently." John paused, thinking. "S'like being able to look at an equation on the blackboard, then simply writing down the solution - without going through the boring bits of writing out all the steps." He looked at him and grinned. "Be careful about doing that though, because teachers can be a pain about details. Might accuse you of cheating or something."

Thinking about that, Eddie nodded. "Like seeing how many patterns can be cut from a single bolt of cloth, arranging it for the optimum amount?"

John's grin was manic now. "Exactly. No wonder your mum wants you to take over the business when you get older. I imagine you saved a lot of money and wasted material." Eddie looked a bit sheepish when he nodded.

Tilting his head back to the entrance of the burned out tunnel, John's brow was up in a bit of a playful mood. "So, what say ye? Shall we go on?" Getting a rapidly nodding head from Eddie and a beaming smile from his wife, he grinned madly. "All right, then. We need to be quiet, so just follow me and don't wander off." Glancing at Rose, he smirked. That was more for him than you. I know you'll just ignore that and do what you think is best anyway. Winking at her, he turned and ducked down a bit as he entered the cave.
Rose Tyler
Posted: Jul 15 2012, 07:08 PM

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Group: Time Travellers
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That...was rather wrong of you, dear Rose replied to John's "Mickey" comment, trying not to make a face as they began walking. She would have made plans to get him back for it later, but she was too nervous about how he would react to her comment about when he was the Doctor. As it turns out, she needn't have worried; his reply filled her with love, relief, and a brief inner chuckle at the description of the Doctor's new outfit. got what I wanted... You. Rose glanced over at John and gave him his favorite smile: the one with her tongue poking between her teeth. And you're everything I want and ever will want. Always you, John. She sent him the smell of applegrass, knowing he'd understand. She also decided that she would make plans to get him back for his comment.

Rose stopped alongside Eddie and John and watched as her husband scanned the suspicious area with his screwdriver. At his pronouncement, she frowned. "A filter over a filter? Why would someone go through that much trouble? And how do the filters not...cancel each other out, or something?" As much as she now knew and was still learning, she was no genius (yet), and she bit her lip as she tried to wrap her mind around the hows and whys of a double filter. When John mentioned being able to walk over it, as it was angled to the slope, Rose butted in with, "Wait a mo' - you're saying that the second filter allows you to walk over giant hole without falling in? Does a dual filter not only alter your visual perception but your physical one as well?" She paused, then went on, "Wait, that wouldn't work either, would it? The filter works on your perception - even if you perceive that there's ground where there shouldn't be, you'll find out soon enough when you walk over it and it really isn't there.Wouldn't you?"

When John freed the hole from its filter and began explaining things to Eddie, Rose took out her own screwdriver and scanned the opening. "They didn't burn their way through - or if they did, they did it a long time ago and cleaned up after themselves. There's no residue of fire damage or any non-organic, non-indiginous flammable material. In fact..." She frowned at the results. "I'm not getting a chemical trace at all - not here at the entrance, anyway." When John didn't answer immediately, she looked over and smiled as she watched the way he and Eddie interacted. It wasn't the first time she'd watched him and thought to herself that he'd make a good father.

Of course, as John deduced, the best course of action was to crawl directly into the hole they'd just uncovered. "All right, then. We need to be quiet, so just follow me and don't wander off." When he added with a wink, That was more for him than you. I know you'll just ignore that and do what you think is best anyway, Rose arched an eyebrow. Liar - that was entirely for me, she smirked, adding a wink of her own.

Turning to Eddie, she said aloud, "I'd think the real wisdom here would be not to crawl into a hole with two complete strangers, but no one really thinks of that sort of thing until another twenty years from now." She ended with a dramatic shrug, making Eddie giggle. Holding her sonic in front of her, she followed her husband into the tunnel while Eddie followed her. "That way if anything happens, you can get out fastest," she explained in a whisper.

The tunnel continued for a surprisingly long time, and only John's and Rose's screwdrivers provided any light. More than a few bugs scuttled out of their way, and Rose was thanking every deity she could think of that none of them saw fit to explore the wrong side of her skirt.

"Phew, what's that smell?" Eddie asked after they'd been crawling for about five minutes.

Rose took a whiff and crinkled her nose. "Probably exactly what you think it is," she replied. "John, don't-"

A rather loud squish and a muffled curse came from in front of them, and Rose winced. "Too late," she murmured, desperately trying to keep her laughter in check while Eddie snorted behind her.
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