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 Song, River
River Song
Posted: Dec 21 2011, 11:30 PM



user posted image

a fallen star fell from your heart and landed in my arms

Full Name: River Song
Alias(es): Melody Pond, Jefferson Adams Hamilton (Previous Incarnation), Mels (Previous Incarnation), Melody Zucker (Previous Incarnation), Mrs Robinson (Future Nickname)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: Human, with Time Lord DNA
Home planet: Stormcage Containment Facility
Allegiance: Uncertain
Occupation: Archeologist

In addition to the more conventional skills befitting her profession, River's unusual heritage and training affords her a somewhat unusual set of skills:

It may be that River possesses certain psychic abilities associated with the Time Lords, but she has not been trained in any of them, and so, cannot presently use any of them. Since her brief first flight of the Doctor's TARDIS, and her communication with it, she has a perfect understanding of how to fly that specific TARDIS, and is capable of flying any Type 40 Time Travel Capsule, though not later models.

Although while within range of the Doctor's TARDIS she is capable of speaking and understanding any language, her own knowledge is limited to those languages she encountered in her studies: Latin, a touch of Ancient Greek, British English (as spoken in the early twenty-first century), French (as spoken in the early twenty-first century), New Earth Common (as spoken in the fifty-second century, the lingua franca of the Luna University) and a growing knowledge of Old High Gallifreyan (a fundamental section of her studies - see History).

But River Song's youth shaped her to a purpose: to kill the Doctor. As a result, she possesses a unique array of combat-oriented skills: she is surprisingly strong and agile, a brilliant marksman with a penchant for a wide variety of firearms, and skilled in the use of several forms of poison - though her preferred method of administering poison is infamous: lipstick.

the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

Face Claim: Alex Kingston
Eye color: Hazel-Green
Hair color/style: Wild Red-Blonde Curls
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lb
Distinguishing features: River's wild hair is the trademark of her present incarnation.
General appearance:

"Look at that! Everything changes. Oh but I love it, I love it! I'm all sort of... mature."

River's present incarnation appears deceptively mature (she is, by Time Lord standards, very young). Curvaceous and feminine, she appears, nonetheless, by no means fragile, but at times almost formidable. The tangle of her hair, and a subtle madness in her eyes give her an almost wild appearance, and her smile is alternately flirtatious, threatening and brazen. At times, however, in the lines at the corner of her eyes (visible, despite her gradual de-aging), is visible some deeply felt pain: a sorrow bound up in the secrets of the Doctor's future.

"Ah! That's magnificent! I'm gonna wear lots of jodpers.

River dresses in a manner suited both to functionality and to flair: though she has been known to pull out the high heels for a party, and on such occasions expresses a uniquely theatrical style, she more often dresses practically, being always ready to run, or ready to fight - a necessity that has become clear throughout her life.

no dawn no day, i'm always in this twilight

    - The Doctor
    - Guns
    - Handcuffs
    - High heels
    - White Wine
    - Old High Gallifreyan
    - Archeology (particularly concerning the Time Lords)
    - Tombs
    - The confusion and obfuscation necessary when encountering the Doctor
    - Selfish
    - Vengeful
    - Virtually incapable of empathy
    - Irresponsible
    - Obsessive
Dreams: ((min. 3))
    - Escape Stormcage permanently
    - Travel with the Doctor as his full-time companion
    - Destroy the Silence, irrevocably, until no memory of her implication in their activity remains
    - The Spaceman
    - Knowing the Doctor more as he knows her less
    - The Silence

"Oh, I love a bad girl, me. But trust you?"

River's time in the care of Madame Kovarian, her encounters with the Doctor, and her involvement in his death, have left her with a strange, and almost fragmented personality, her motives unclear - not least to herself, at this young age. The psychopathology that she was trained into left her with a lack of empathy, a remorselessness, and a disregard for the consequences of her actions that are far from being removed.

"Look at you... You still care... It's impressive, I'll give you that."

Despite the efforts of Madame Kovarian and the Silence, Melody Pond's first encounter with the Doctor shakes her: the coldness that she has developed is so dramatically counterpointed by his unwillingness to give up while his friends suffer, that the source of it is strange to her. It is, perhaps, a sense of wonder, more than anything else, that leads her to seek it.

"I'll suffer if I have to kill you."
"More than every living thing in the universe?"

As the nature of this man - the man whose murder has always been the central purpose of her life - is revealed to her, and, with it, the person that she, through him, will become, she develops for this strange and wondrous man - a man that she has always been her cause and obsession - a profound admiration, and with it, something that, perhaps, might be called love. Whatever it may be, she trusts him completely, and will sacrifice much - allowing others to suffer, and herself to be imprisoned - to keep him alive.

"You think you know her, but you don't. You don't understand who or what she is."

Whatever River may truly be like is mysterious - she is still young, and besides, she lies. By appearance, she is daring, flirtatious, impulsive and charming, but also manipulative and selfish. Whatever else may lie beneath the surface, perhaps we will never really know.

and in the dark i can hear your heartbeat

Birth planet: Demon's Run
Parents: Amelia and Rory Williams
Siblings: None
Love(s): The Doctor, and half a hundred flirtations.
Children: None.


(Note: Naturally, with a character like River Song, about whom we can know so little with any certainty, it is necessary to make a few conjectures regarding her history. Wherever I've made any such conjectures, I've included my reasoning in the Additional Notes.)

Rule Seven: Never run when you're scared.

For all her mother's promises, Melody Pond grew up scared and alone. Born on Demon's run, and stolen away by agents of the Silence, she, child of the TARDIS, but human, and, thus, manipulable, was chosen to perform the task that they knew must be performed: to kill the Doctor, that he might never reach the fields of Trenzalore. For this purpose, she was to be trained and conditioned for murder, her mind shaped so that she would want his death, and would use any means to kill him, fearing no consequence, and being beset by no moral qualm.

The journey brought her, after several years, to earth, in the year 1966 (1). The Graystark Hall Orphanage, its closure imminent, became her home, and the home of the strange creatures that became her guardians. Melody's memories of the two years that she spent in that place are confused: the queer gaps in her memory, events erased by the Silence which left unexplained thoughts and desires in her mind, frightened her. She watched as Doctor Renfrew, the caretaker of the Orphanage, was driven slowly mad by the spaces in his memory, scrawling on the walls, conflicted between inexplicable fears and the belief that he must care for the child, because they had said he must.

Melody, too, was frightened, surrounded in that room by pictures of herself, and a single picture of the mother who never came for her. Desperate to escape, and frightened of the Spaceman - the space suit that moved by itself (2) - that was coming to eat her. Frightened as she was, she called out to the highest authority that the suit's communicator could find - President Richard Nixon - and begged for help. One night, in 1969, at a warehouse at the junction of Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton, help finally arrived, in the form of a ghost from a photograph, and the man that she must one day kill.

Begging for help, she watched, terrified, as her mother picked up Canton's revolver, turned it on her, and fired. In the confusion that followed, the fresh summer air pouring through the broken glass of the space suit, Melody returned to the orphanage, and, the suit compromised by the bullet hole (3), forced her way out, and ran from her captors, into the Florida night. Alone, and lost, she did what any frightened child would do: she started looking for her mother.

In January of 1970, in the middle of a New York winter, the cold, and the hunger, and the sickness of six months alone had finally sunk too deep into her, and she felt herself beginning to die. Unafraid, she waited for the change she knew would come, and when she recovered, she found herself even younger than she had been - a toddler, alone in the city. With difficulty, she found her way, slowly, over the course of years, found her way to Leadworth, and there found the little girl who shared the name of the ghost from the photograph, and the scrawny little boy who would one day become her father.

Rule Twenty-Seven: Never knowingly be serious.

For the first time, Melody Pond - now Melody Zucker - had friends, and she lived for the stories that Amy would tell of the Raggedy Doctor, being forever drawn to the man whose death was her life's purpose. Forced to wait, as her parents grew up, for the Doctor to return, her antics became wilder and wilder, her unknowing parents trying desperately to rein her in, until, finally, in a field in Leadworth, she laid eyes on him for the first time since 1969. She had every opportunity to kill him. But who could possibly resist an adventure with the Raggedy Doctor? So she took him to Berlin, 1938.

Everything went, to her mind, perfectly according to plan, with the exception of a gunshot wound. It would not be Melody Zucker that killed the Doctor, but a new woman, whose name she had yet to discover. The purpose that had haunted her whole life now at hand, she poisoned him, and escaped into the streets of Berlin: a new body, a new town, and freedom from the terrifying task that had been hers for as long as she could remember. It was a freedom that she barely had time to try on, before the consequences of the murder that she had not yet actually committed caught up with her: "hell", in the shape of her mother.

Rule One: The Doctor lies. So do I.

And the Doctor returned, dying at her hands, but refusing to let her be punished for the crime. This strange compassion - of a kind she had never known - frightened and confused her: it was an emotion that she was not capable of feeling. Even as he died, he struggled to save the lives of her parents, crying out for River - a woman he seemed to believe could save him, and would save him, who was capable of that same selfless compassion. She almost envied her...

The cries of her mother, trapped in the Teselecta, rang out through the restaurant of the Hotel Adlon, as the Doctor called for the mysterious River, and begged Melody to save her parents. Well, it didn't seem to matter, anyway, if they lived or died: the deed was done. She slipped into the TARDIS, and, faced with the console room of the ship, had not the first idea how to fly it, but as she placed her hand on the console, she felt the TARDIS enter her mind, and knew in a moment how.

She watched him say his goodbyes, and as he told her parents that there was no way to save him, she knew it was a lie. Then he gave her his last message - a message for the woman he had called to. "Find her. Find River Song, and tell her something from me..." And how could she not? This strange and marvelous man - what sort of woman could it be that he would call to as he died? And then she was shown her face...

Suddenly it was all before her: that possible future in which she could become something different - something wonderful and loved - in which she would know him, and be loved by him. A possibility dying by her hand. "Is he worth it?" She asked her mother, and when she said that he was - though, somehow, she knew it herself - she gave her lives for him.

Rule Four Hundred and Eight: Time is not the boss of you.

Left behind at the hospital with a bright blue, blank notebook, she suddenly had a new task: she must pursue that future, must become River Song. But how do you find a man who is never in the same place or the same time? Her task would be to scour time itself, and she began studying Archeology, searching for the legendary "Lonely Angel", Ka Faraq Gatri, Karshtakavaar; and the language of the mythical planet Gallifrey - a strange pursuit, and not, in the opinions of her contemporaries, "real archeology". Finally, in 5129, she graduated, but before she could begin searching the Doctor's past, her own found her. After so many years believing that she had escaped the Silence, River was faced once more with her purpose, as the Spaceman came to eat her once more...

She woke to the sound of her breathing, that irreverant hissing filtering through her consciousness like a childhood nightmare, and she opened her eyes to the bright blue of sunlight filtering through the waters of the lake. Without a moment's hesitation, she knew where she was, and when she was. Slowly, the suit began to move, pulling her out of the lake, to where the Doctor waited for his death, and where she was faced with herself, waiting to watch herself kill him.

"Why would you do that? Make me watch?"
"So that you know this is inevitable. And you are forgiven. Always and completely forgiven."

And that confounded man would not run, would not save himself. She knew the price of his life, but also, what he seemed not to, the price of his death. She had controlled the suit once before, and this time, struggling to regain control, she drained the suit's weapon systems, preventing the Doctor's death, and altering a fixed point in time. All of time imploded, forced through needle's eye of April 22, 5:02PM, causality unhinged as everything that had ever happened or ever would happened all at once.

Beyond the widening reaches of the implosion, however, time and space moved on, for the moment, and there remained a hope, there in the beyond, that everything might be righted. Once again, River found her mother, and over the course of several months - as much as time seemed to pass in that lost dimension - they began their long work: imprisoning Madame Kovarian and her masters, and building a distress beacon sending a distress signal to call out beyond the temporal implosion (4).

And then the Doctor was found, imprisoned by the Holy Roman Emperor, and rescued, to be brought to Cairo to see what they had done. But he was not as she had hoped: angry, resentful at what she had done. The Silence - not, in fact, prisoners, it seemed, escaped, and in the midst of the battle, River explained their intentions. "You embarrass me." The words cut deeper than she could bear. That impossible man would not accept their help, refusing to live even as all the universe cried out its desire to save him.

But the Doctor, as always, had plans of his own. Confused, she obeyed as he handed her his bow tie, and began the ceremony, and when he whispered in her ear, she looked into his eyes, and understood. "I just told you my name." The Doctor lies... And as she stared at him in wonder, for the first time, she wondered what his true name was, and if she would ever know. But he would live, and as he kissed her for the first time, time moved again, and they returned to Lake Silencio, where the Doctor, by all accounts, died, and the River who walked back into the Lake was found, arrested, and taken to be held in the Stormcage Prison Facility for twelve-thousand consecutive life sentences.

"You're not allowed to see inside the book. It's against the rules."
"What rules?"
"Your rules."

And on that first night, the Doctor came for her, and told her, for the first time, of the importance of the diary: they would never meet in the right order, and they must be careful not to reveal each others' futures. "Spoilers." A good word. In spite of a few minor hiccups - the details of which she would only learn far later - he took her to Calderon Beta, to the starriest night of all time.

Returned to Stormcage, as she penned the account in her diary, she considered the future: one day, she knew, she would stand again on the beach at Lake Silencio, and watch herself commit the crime for which she was imprisoned. The Doctor would come for her again, or she would find him - if he believed that there was no prison in the universe that could hold her, then it could only be true... But even then, the first seed of fear was sown: one day - a very long time in her future - she would look at him, and he would not know her.

But that time, she knew, was a long way in the future, and for now, if she could only prove the Doctor right, she had all the time in the world.

and i was in the darkness, of darkness i became


River has, in her lifetime, been in possession of several weapons:

- The Jericho 941 with which, in her previous incarnation ("Mels"), she threatened the Doctor in the cornfield, and which, to her later regret, she left on the floor of Hitler's office.
- The Colt Official Police 4" .38, originally belonging to Hitler, and which was, similarly, left in Hitler's office.
- Two MP40 SMGs, acquired from the guards of the Reich Chancellery, and left in the dining room in the Hotel Adlon, Berlin.
- A Strayer-Voigt Infinity, which she possessed in the 5:02 PM timeline.

At present, however, she is in possession only of a Glock 26 Advance, acquired from a Stormcage guard, and the Colt Single Action Army Civilian Model, with which she will, one day, destroy a rather marvelous stetson.

Important Tech: None. Note: River does not presently possess any form of time-travelling device.

Other items:

- Handcuffs
- Hallucinogenic Lipstick

you left me in the dark

Sample RP: ((may be from another board, minimum 2 paragraphs, 200 words; canons: need to be in perspective; Time Lords: needs to have 400 words))

i took the stars from our eyes and then i made a map

Alias: Ommy
Member Title: Hello Sweetie
Contact Information: Preferably Gtalk - amycgoodenough [at] Otherwise, MSN -
The Secret Code: ADMIN EDIT
Anything else:

Notes on River's History:

1 - Doctor Renfrew, in 1969, claims that the Orphanage is due to close in 1967, suggesting that the Silence - and, presumably, Melody, arrived before that year.

2 - There is a brief conversation between River and the Doctor, in which they theorize that the suit can move itself (this is, of course, confirmed in The Wedding of River Song), suggesting that it puts itself onto her - hence her fear that the Spaceman was coming to eat her.

3 - That the bullethole allows Melody to escape is pure conjecture, but, since she is afraid already that the suit would eat her, we can assume that this has already happened (it's a strange thing to fear), and, since she has never previously managed to escape, in spite of her fear, something about the situation seems to have changed.

4 - I've been deliberately vague here, since we have no way of knowing how the Ponds went about their creation -except, of course, that it somehow involved Cleopatra, and (naturally) a gun.

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lyrics: "cosmic love" by florence and the machine
The Doctor
Posted: Dec 28 2011, 07:13 PM

i walked AWAY from the last great TIME WAR
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something you may want to reference
River Song
Posted: Dec 29 2011, 03:34 AM


Doctor, I love you. And also, I hate you. My player feels the same way right now. She just ran out of her room in tears, with a box of cigarettes. She wont tell me why... But I'd best go see that she's okay.

The Doctor
Posted: Dec 29 2011, 03:10 PM

i walked AWAY from the last great TIME WAR
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No you don't, and she doesn't either
The Doctor
Posted: Feb 14 2012, 04:37 AM

i walked AWAY from the last great TIME WAR
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Sorry to do this, really... you have no idea. But I need you to reply to this post to assure us you're still working on this. If you don't - within a weeks time - I have to mark this inactive and move it
The Doctor
Posted: Feb 22 2012, 08:53 PM

i walked AWAY from the last great TIME WAR
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I'm sorry... -sigh-

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