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 Filing and Star Gazing, Open
Amanda Banes
Posted: Dec 22 2011, 02:20 AM


Amanda had her glasses perched on her nose as she flipped though the files. She had a file in her hand in need of filing, but the organization system of the filing area wasn't exactly easy to follow, so she was trying to figure out where to put her file. Her gaze narrowed and she bit her lip, glancing at the file names. After about ten minutes of standing there she figured it out, slipping the file into place. She closed the file drawer with a sigh and a shake of her head. It's like a bloody maze in those cabinets. She thought to herself, turning on her heels and removing her glasses, placing them gently in her coat pocket.

She shivered, wrapping her arms around herself. It was freezing cold in the room, like standing in an ice chest. That's what you get for living in space. She reminded herself, smiling. Even after working at Torchwood 21 for roughly four months, she was still dumbstruck by the fact that she was in space. Turning to look out the viewport, Amanda let a small smile make it's way to her lips. She looked out at Earth, at the stars, light-years away. It made her think about the aliens that came to Earth, all the planets out there, the galaxies out in the universe. She walked closer to the actual 'window', stopping about a foot away from the glass. She felt like a kid in a candy store, staring out at the stars, like the wonder of the universe was at her fingertips. The echoing of footsteps in the silence caused her to turn sharply on her heels.
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Gabriel Saint Laorden
Posted: Jan 1 2012, 12:36 PM

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There was always something fun to do there, in outer space.

Gabriel adjusted his clothes in a very smooth, almost smug way as he advanced onwards at a determined pace. A couple of nods in the direction of people with whom he crossed paths with and a confident smile along the way was all he needed to make everyone in Torchwood 21 believe that he was one of them -but he was not. In fact, he was a Time Agent, just then working under John Hart's orders.

Unlike Amanda, it had been weeks. It had been only weeks since he'd arrived and Gabriel was already feeling a bit at home with everyone he knew. Yet he wasn't there at home -this was simply a passing thing. All he needed to do was to find a certain number of files with the information that he needed, and then he was off to Terrenus again, back to his real home ---but until then...

"Oh, hello there" Gabriel said, upon having arrived and having seen that he had company. His lips formed an even wider smile as he beamed. "Fancy that, new face -I haven't seen you here before" and at that he advanced towards the beautiful female, holding out one hand to greet her while his other hand remained quite still in his pocket. "My name is Edward Wilson" his fake name for any given purpose and/or situation. "And your name is..."
Amanda Banes
Posted: Feb 18 2012, 06:31 PM


She hadn't really talked to any of the staff at the base, so she was unaware of anything wrong with this man in front of her. He spoke first, with a rather simple greeting. "Hello." She replied, nodding her head once in a casual greeting. Her expression remained neutral, she remained true to her diplomatic nature. He commented on her being a new face and she nodded. "Yeah. I haven't been here long, about four months." She said. Of course I'm not really trying to meet people. She added to herself.

"My name is Amanda Banes." She said, extending her hand to shake his. "A pleasure to meet Mr. Wilson." She said after retracting her hand, letting it fall to her side. She took in his appearance, the corners of her lips curving up into a small smile. She had to admit, he was easy on the eyes, definitely better looking than people she'd worked with in the past.

"So, how long have you been working here?" She asked, looking up to study his face as she waited patiently for a response. She wasn't planning on pelting him with questions, or asking any super serious questions, just a few simple 'getting to know you' 'five seconds to answer' questions. Even though she wasn't much of a social butterfly, she knew it was best to know your teammates, because she put her life in their hands and vise versa. She brushed a few strands of her hair from her face, tucking them behind her ear.
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