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 The Unabridged Story, the full stories from the beginning
The Master
Posted: May 15 2009, 05:15 PM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
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Joined: 24-July 08

The Storyline...

The story of the Doctor always seems to be full of danger and adventure, followed by a period of loneliness. After the Meta-Crisis Doctor destroyed the Crucible and the Daleks, the proper Doctor led everyone back into the TARDIS to set things right again. With enough to actually crew the ship correctly, the Doctor and his companions were able to take the stolen Earth back to its correct location and save the day once more. Upon arriving back on Earth, most of them left to go where they felt like they now belonged. Sarah Jane Smith left the TARDIS to go back to her son, Luke. Mickey Smith stayed behind in this world, perhaps to go along with Martha Jones in joining the remaining Torchwood Three team of Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones in Cardiff, Wales.

Going back to the parallel world's Bay Wolf Bay in Norway, the Doctor showed Rose Tyler that she had to stay behind in this universe once again because of the Meta-Crisis Doctor. He knew that he could not stay in their own universe, having committed genocide and needing to be helped after being born into the rage of battle. He told Rose that she had to make him better, just as she had done to him after they had first met; the Meta-Crisis Doctor tried to help by telling Rose that he only had one heart and one life, meaning that he could share it with her. Torn and sad the Doctor was, though, to go and leave behind Rose after she had finally gotten back; to make matters worse, he left with the memory of seeing her kiss his half-human self on the beach.

After leaving them behind and closing off the walls again between the two universes, the Doctor then addressed Donna Noble, his current companion. She still had the effects of the Meta-Crisis within her, putting her in critical condition, as there could not be a Meta-Crisis human. In another heartbreaking act, he had to wipe her memories in order to save her; she could no longer remember anything about him, the TARDIS, or any of their travels. The Doctor took her back to her mother and grandfather, leaving her with them once more. He left to return to his TARDIS and his travelling, no companion yet again and fulfilling his role of the Lonely Angel...
The Master
Posted: May 15 2009, 05:22 PM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
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Joined: 24-July 08

The First Episode: The Hand of Time

The universe is saved… the Daleks are no more… and the Doctor is alone…

In simple terms, some things never change. After Donna‘s memory was wiped and the Doctor was left alone, he took to walking aimlessly through the TARDIS. One such excursion took him to the TARDIS Attic. In it, he found a few familiar objects. Setting a memorable crystal ball aside, he found a set of charts and papers that he’d taken off the Valiant the day the Master died. Many of the charts showed designs and information no human mind was ready for… he’d missed one set of charts and look where that had led? The Osterhagen key of all places!

One chart stood out though - one chart showed the constellation of Kasterborous. It seemed that the Master had somehow been researching Gallifrey the day before he came to power. E-Space was drawn in the middle of the constellation itself. Where had the Doctor heard that name before? Romana and K9 mark II had spent many years in E-Space charting it and helping the various people who survived inside it. She’d left E-Space when the Dalek Empire discovered Temporal Shift technology and began to spread into parts of the universe where the Time Lords couldn’t control them. She’d quickly taken the seat of presidency and had been one of the factors that had helped keep Gallifrey alive for so long. When the eye of harmony collapsed after Gallifrey was destroyed the gate to E-Space had closed right along with it…

Why in mutters spiral could the Master be interested in the destroyed relic of a lost empire?

Being the Doctor, of course, the lone Time Lord kicked his TARDIS into overdrive and rematerialized in the rubble of the Constellation of Kasterborous… and almost fell into the star in the very center of the constellation itself! The entire constellation was shrinking! Using the TARDIS, the Doctor discovered that the whole constellation had shrunk two-thirds its original diameter since the Constellation had been abandoned after the time war… and another two-thirds since the Master last charted it. The entire constellation was shrinking or – sinking – into some sort of galactic sink-hole…

Right where the gate to E-Space had been…

The Doctor discovered that the ‘sink-hole’ wasn’t a black hole or a white hole or any hole at all – merely a temporal gate where multiple universes were converging. Like a galactic sling-shot, something inside the very epicenter of the hole was pulling and pulling and pulling the very fabric of the galaxy into one big knot. Eventually the knot would slip and bam! – the whole universe gone in ten seconds. Flying the TARDIS into the heart of the ‘hole,’ the Doctor discovered something he hadn’t seen since all those years ago in his more carefree days, when his hair was longer and the galaxy was kinder.

A generation ship… a generation ship with singularity-powered engines…

That hole was feeding on the energy of those engines – the more the ship tried to free itself, the more the hole in the fabric of space gave way and fell down the sink-hole. Landing on the ship the Doctor almost fell over at what he felt… at what he saw…

The Time Lords… he could feel them! No... not just feel them... they were real! They were so alive... just people! Just everyday ordinary stupid Gallifreyans and Time Lords clinging to life when their own race and creation itself had turned against them.. he could feel them as he remembered them! So pure... clean... free of the warping the President had brought down upon his people. Thousands of minds – thousands of wills and souls! All of them beating and singing softly… in the bowels of the ship he could feel the souls of un-carved TARDIS coral… Gallifrey itself… safely tucked away in the most innocent spot in the universe! That’s what the Master had meant! A new Gallifrey in the heavens! He meant to fight his way to the constellation and somehow pay back the Time Lords for recreating him to fight in the Time War… The Master had a sense of honor (evil and twisted as it was); he couldn’t let himself live with that kind of debt to anyone! All that the Doctor needed to do was turn off the singularity in the heart of the ship, wrap the damaged fabric of space around his TARDIS, and sling-shot back into his own reality!

Before he’d come, the ship would have been crushed if the engines had been turned off… but with his TARDIS - with his mind - he could save them all! He could stop the war! Running to the bridge he almost fainted when he saw two familiar faces entombed in generation caskets. “Each side had secrets,” the Doctor whispered as he put his hand against the one casket containing Romana - the love of one life - and another containing her protector, Leela - the teacher of another. Beneath Romana's casket sat an ancient K9 unit. Booting it up, the Doctor discovered a holographic message left for him.

A sad woman... scarred... not physically... but in her eyes it showed... such deep sorrow... her face marred with pain... tears streaming down her cheeks as she spoke... as Romana spoke of the last days. Her last days as the President... how she had forced herself to regenerate. How she had given of her life, of her soul... of other peoples futures to protect a race that was killing itself... and taking with them the young.... the old... anyone who had even the slightest thought of peace or another path. In those last hours, when she had been deprived. Her powers usurped, her body beaten until she regenerated and abdicated... she spoke of the mockery of her new form and position when she was made naught but the lowly head of a powerless house... as she watched the war escalate... as she watched the stars themselves burn... the lonely, cold, painful nights... nights when she felt she might go insane herself... She spoke of all these things...

Then she spoke of the CIA... the Chancellery Guard... the High council itself - its great 'plans' for war and destruction... how they had all backfired. Reviving ancient warriors - long dead time lords... they had placed a puppet on their throne. Unfortunately the puppet had cut the strings. The Doctor had been there - he had seen what was to come... only a few years later the Doctor would seize the means and the moment to destroy everything this new Gallifrey stood for. This new President - this Rassilon as he called himself - seized full control on that day. The day she'd lost her place on the council. Placed under 'guard' (as with most of the council) she was forced to pass acts and options that would damn her soul to eternity itself. With the council held at Stazer-point she did what any good senator does

She waited

In the light she was a good little lady. Lord Romana passed many acts that sealed the fate of the Time Lord war machine... but in the darkness... oh Doctor... in the darkness... Slowly, so painfully slowly, she gathered the least and the lost of the Time Lords. With the help of Leela she gathered the outsiders. Regained the faith of the youth. On her knees (at his demand) she went to the Master himself, swallowed her pride, and begged him to help her find a way to save and then hide away her people. He told her... in the darkness he spoke of how he liked to see people in that position... and he told her of a place she had been; a hole, a gate, into another reality itself. In the darkness he had provided the salvation of the Hand itself... and then he vanished. On the last day, with those few thousands loyal, she flew the ship itself into the gap between E-Space and our universe under the cover of a battle... she flew her hand - the Hand of Time - through the walls... and they closed.

Romana spoke of her promise - her promise to him, that she would be wonderful. She spoke of her promise to the Hand (as those that were caught and 'disciplined' by the new President were called) that they would return. They would not rise, they would not destroy... they would return. Such a quiet thing... such a little thing... she spoke of how much it hurt her, how much it hurt Leela and the Hand to let him believe they had all died in the Time War. She begged his forgiveness for his great pain at the thought that his last memory of his people being one of pain... anguish and betrayal. As the Doctor watched she explained that for the Daleks to die... for the President to loose his power... for hell itself to end... and for them to survive the hatred of their own people... every survivor had to die for real. In the darkness, Romana spoke of how she had taught the Hand to shut off their minds with the power of this ship, knowing, one day, that the Doctor would find the ship itself. The dearest Doctor, the old one, would find the Hand of Time, and set them all free again. A new Gallifrey would burn in the heavens… life would return to the Constellation of Kasterborous.

Using his TARDIS and the power of the singularity engines, the Doctor yanked the ship free of the bloated gate that had once been E-Space and sent the generation ship spiraling back into asteroid field that had once been Gallifrey. All the while, across the galaxy, a rush of time-energy dissipated as a beautiful blond woman, a skinny geek, a woman clutching a small baby and her husband, a man with spiky hair, all yelled in surprised as the car they’d been driving in vanished and they were sent spinning into the bushes. The Children of Time were reunited again… the power pent up in that sink hole had torn all those that had traveled with or around someone who had traveled through time (such as two certain blonds and the Doctor) and these two had been yanked back to our own universe… namely one Rose Tyler and her family.

In addition, there were those affected in the lines of the Torchwood Three team in Cardiff. Being around the Rift - coating them with the same energy the field itself exerted - all that time put many of its employees in a similar position of being affected by the field itself. This came in the form of a few members that were long-thought of being gone coming alive once more, much to the total shock of the current team - Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper.

And across the world... in a dark cell... sat the salvation and future of the Cult of Saxon... a lone woman named... Lucy.

((written by Centauri))
The Master
Posted: Jan 3 2010, 01:05 AM

Can you hear them?
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Group: Time Lord Admin
Posts: 1,274
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Joined: 24-July 08

The Second Episode: The End of Time

The Doctor, knowing that his days were now numbered - perhaps facing death itself, rather than regeneration, ran as fast as he could. Even when Ood Sigma himself called the Doctor to a conclave the Doctor kept running; anything to avoid facing the potential of the prophecy... and perhaps he ran too far... for too long. And so it came to pass that the Master was reborn - from the DNA he had implanted in Lucy Saxon and imprinted upon his own ring... even those that tried to stop the process failed to prevent the Rise of the great one himself. However, for what we want most, there is a price to pay in the end. Achieving the power he would need to bring anyone to their knee's... he was cursed with a dying unstable form... and a rapidly deteriorating mind.

These all played against the Master when he attempted to supplant the human race with his own DNA... and it cost him when he threw himself against the race that had damned him; the Time Lords. The President - with his faction of power-hungry and crazed Time Lords rallied together - attempted to enter our universe... which would kill all life in the process. The very thing the Doctor had attempted to stop - the very thing the Master had been created to cause - would now come about... if not for the rebels themselves. With a last act of vengeance and defiance the Master shoved the Doctor aside and challenged the president while the Doctor shattered the link between the President and Earth.

The adventure cost the Doctor his tenth life... while a certain Donna Noble was struck ill on her wedding night. Beginning to dream of strange travels in a blue box, of aliens and creatures she couldn’t even imagine, and of an odd skinny man named the Doctor… and across the galaxy, back... back into the time war itself, the Master was drawn. While the Doctor was in the future - while the Doctor was HEALED and reborn... the Master sat. Alone... warped... pained... and twisted. Twisted by the powers that bore him. Through the darkness and the fire and the pain he was yanked. In the last minutes - on the threshold of time itself - He remembered... after all this time in this diseased body he understood... the energy the Doctor had released when he'd rescued the Hand of Time wasn't just energy... it was TEMPORAL energy! Temporal Energy doesn't just 'dissipate'... it flows. Forever ever onward through Time itself for eternity... and by chance... by chance alone... this was the day it passed through the Time Lock. Using his new-found powers the Master lashed himself to the field and road it out of the Time Lock... to freedom... to the hope of a new Gallifrey in the heavens.

Because, Romana's pocket... the Hand of Time... it was just that. A pocket; a Hand... it had no body. The CIA had survived along with the Hand of Time - with the new President in control of the Council, of the head of CIA operations itself, they had been one of Romana's strongest (and most secret) supporters. Yet, through it all, there was no unity... no stability. Time Lords scarred by the war... the old... the children... there was no planet. Just a ship reconfigured into the skeleton of an aging TARDIS that had taken the form of a lone cold station... floating in the endless painful night of the asteroid field that Gallifrey had become. Perhaps... perhaps the Hand of Time was waiting for something - though its members knew not what... perhaps... after the cold and the pain and the storm... the hand itself awaited a head...

Perhaps... in the darkness... it sits... WAITING for its Lord and Master!
The Doctor
Posted: Feb 14 2012, 05:08 AM

i walked AWAY from the last great TIME WAR
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Group: Time Lord Secondary Admin
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The Third Episode: Time Reborn

Since the return of a small rogue band of Time Lords, Gallifreyans, Karnians and outsiders; the beat of four has once more been heard through the vortex... though incredibly diminished. For while they had a home - and a people - they had little hope... for the galaxy had turned against them. Many that once feared or distrusted the Time Lords have united with the new Dalek Empire and its fleet of 10,000 strong ships. While they could never - in theory - touch the Hand of Time... there was little future of the Time Lords beyond survival...

Until Now

Kidnapped by the CIA, on orders of a distrusting Romana, The Meta-crisis created by the actions of the Doctor was 'examined' for his rights as a sentient being. Finding the loss of her love and driven nearly insane with fear Rose Tyler and their newly carved TARDIS flew to the Hand of Time to save their beloved John. Upon arrival however they discovered that John - while no longer a prisoner - was certainly not safe. Romana, still uncertain what damage a human/time lord meta-crisis could do, decided to take matters into her own hands.

John was to undergo the rite of initiation before the untempered schism.

While the rite did not MAKE one a Time Lord, it was this rite that first opened ones mind to fourth dimensional thinking. Unfortunately, Romana and the Time Lords had not thought what would happen if two psychically-bound beings were brought before the vortex... or what would happen if one of those beings happened to have once been - for so short a time - the Time Vortex itself.

The Bad Wolf was reborn.

With the control brought by John Smith, and the passion of Rose Tyler; the Right and the Left of the Lonely God used the power of the Vortex to recreate the whole of Kasterberous. Nearly exhausting themselves in the process, the excess energy was absorbed by Romana. Inducing a regeneration - as she no longer trusted herself - the President cast aside her paranoia as one John Smith took the helm of the Temporal Station and flew it home...

Home to...

A New Gallifrey

Upon the slopes of mount perdition - sunk into a continent-wide crater - now sits the upper-dome of the new Temporal Citadel. Completely shielding the lower levels, hydroponics-farms and various homes within the former-station itself.

The Heart

At the very epicenter of the Temporal Citadel, protected by the Transduction barrier generated from the twin-suns and the stations mass-drivers (thusly keeping the Hand of Time safely one second out of sync with the rest of the universe) sits the Great Console. Constantly attended by dozens of CIA agents as well as various Time Lord and Gallifreyans technicians it is the Great Console that allows access to the newly rebuilt Matrix. That allows the Time Lords to monitor reality and protect it against anti-time incursions... and it is here, that Gallifreyan initiates are allowed access to the Untempered Schism - the initial 'right of passage' that must be taken to become a Time Lord.

However, it is only with the permission of the President that all the 'viewing' and training can culminate in the ultimate sanction that allows one to become a Time Lord... and so far, the Lady Romana has only once 'created' a single new Time Lord... and that was an act with which to save the Doctor's granddaughter. Whether Romana will reinitialize recruitment and reinstatement of the Chapter Houses or even a new Academy has yet to be seen. However, several members of the CIA have been pushing for conscription of the outsiders and other Gallifreyans... though where this will lead only time will tell.

Yet for all that is known on the surface of the Temporal Citadel, there are still many secrets. The greatest of which is the ramp besides the Great Console. Unknown to all save certain members of the Time Lord Elite, this ramp leads into a large theater-like room. Within this room - secured to a scanner-chair and constantly tended and monitored - sits the Rani herself... the last of the seers and the 'mother' of the abominations created by Rassilon during the Time War. Perhaps someday, the Rani's mind will be returned... though that is not the CIA's primary interest - as they fear what would happen to her power should her 'corporeal' shell die. As such it is here that she remains; constantly babbling alongside the deep 'thrum' of the Great Console itself.

And while much goes on inside the station, still more goes on outside it. The Slopes of perdition - ancient site of the Prydonian Academy - now serve as a staging ground that Romana, Rose and John Tyler (along with their fragile alliance with the CIA) now hope to use to restore the Time Lords to their former power.

Yet with some good, there is still much that is bad. Upon learning of the CIA's attempts to force Romana into 'conscripting' Karnians as well as Outsiders into Time Lord service (and fearing a repeat of their treatment during the Time War) the Sisters of Karn broke from their alliance with the Hand of Time and resettled Karn - returning to their worship of the sacred flame and severing contacts with Gallifrey at large. Never ones to be deterred by the 'machinations' of the city-dwellers. The common 'riff-raff' of Gallifrey have made a blow of their own, Uniting the Outsider Clans (Gallifreyans and Time Lords who have returned to their pre-technological ways) Leela, her numerous children and the Outsiders have started to settle the areas around the Citadel and begun to re-plant the fields of Gallifrey and map the lands.

For while they may have a city... they will need the produce of the fields to have a world.

For all of the chaos and hope now gained little has changed. The Hand of Time has a planet - they have a people - but they still lack unity. They are protected and safe. Yet divided on their future. Many of the elite and the CIA want a return to their cold emotionless past... yet they are outnumbered by the outsiders, and those votes keep Romana in office. With that subject between them, there wil never be unity until a compromise is found. Because, for all this action and in-action, they are still a dying species... Romana has said it herself in recent speeches (using her newly regenerated and somewhat 'rougher' vernacular) 'we need to start having babies' - much to the chagrin of MOST of the CIA and the Elite who, along with emotionlessness, believe procreation should be left to the looms.

For himself, through all of this, the Doctor remains detached from this latest 'incarnation' of his home world. To the Doctor NOTHING has changed - no matter what Romana and Leela may think (leading to a somewhat strained relationship between them) as far as the Doctor is concerned he is still the last. Still the only 'survivor' of the Time War. To him this isn't the Gallifrey they lost... this is just a picture of the Gallifrey from a history book - a reminder... for him... a painful reminder. His family is still dead, his friends are still gone... even the sky itself is not the same and there is nothing he can do about it.

Despite Meta's two attempts to track him down the Doctor remains distanced and - as always - detached from Gallifrey at large... leaving it up to Meta and Rose themselves to decide whether to leave Romana to her unstable place in the presidency... or to find 'home' among the Gallifreyan populace.

And what of the Master? Did he truly die within the vortex as so many think... or did his TARDIS - nearly dead herself - break all the rules to save and fuel the stable regeneration of her Master. Giving him the chance that, one day, he may ascend to presidency... and bring ORDER to Gallifrey and all the peoples of the universe...

Certainly not, as THAT would be...well... quite, quite impossible

tap tap tap tap... tap tap tap tap... tap tap tap tap... tap tap tap tap...
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