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 Cooper-Williams, Gwen, Torchwood 3. Second-in-Command.
Gwen Cooper
Posted: May 21 2009, 02:40 PM

death is not an option
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Group: Torchwood
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far away, this ship is taking me far away

Full Name: Gwen Elisabeth Cooper
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 34

Species: Human
Home planet: Earth
Allegiance: Torchwood Cardiff
Occupation: Second-in-Command, Field Agent

starlight, i will be chasing the starlight

Face Claim: Eve Myles
Eye color: Brown
Hair color/style: Dark Brown. Medium length, usually straight.
Distinguishing features: A gap between her front two teeth. Freckles.

General appearance: Gwen is about average height and weight, being able to stay fit because of the jobs she has kept over the last few years. Running has allowed her to stay this way, and just because she has managed to keep her weight down doesn't mean she isn't able to keep curves on her body. She has relatively few scars, mostly job-related, but nothing too noticeable. Her light skin features freckles, especially on her face and bit on her neck and arms.

Gwen has dark brown hair that is naturally straight and extends down to about her shoulders. She has bangs/fringe, but she generally sweeps it to the side of her forehead. Her hair is usually worn down, with a part to her right side, and it has layers. She has large hazel eyes, which are her main display of emotion. While Gwen isn't what most describe as 'beautiful,' she has a unique sort of attractiveness. A gap between her teeth is noticeable, but she doesn't let it bother her much.

Gwen usually wears trousers, something along the line of dark jeans or black dress trousers. It is rare for her to wear a skirt, for she tends to go with a more casual look with things. She generally wears a simple shirt, and she likes her jackets, especially a black leather one. She is definitely a Converse shoes sort of person, which is excellent for the running of her job. However, this is not to say that she can't run just as well in heels, for she frequently wears boots as well.

hold you in my arms

Personality: The biggest thing in Gwen's life is her emotions. Her compassion and love come for a close second. Emotions drive Gwen, and everything that she does streams from her feelings. This has proven to be both a good and a bad thing in her field.

The good side of this is the fact that she will use it for determination. She is quite ambitious and will possibly do whatever it takes to get something done. She is a very driven person, whether it is to help others or save those that she loves. Her ability to remain very human in such a strange job is what makes the others see her as the compassionate one of their group, something that made Jack want to keep her around. She tends to look past the details of things so she can see the reasons and understand people. Her kind heart pushes her to do almost anything, even in the most desperate of circumstances.

However, the downside of her emotions is that they can get the best of her. While they can drive her to succeed, they can also be her undoing. Others can use this against her, or perhaps her desire of action isn't always the best because she cannot see so clearly through her clouded thoughts. She is a person of action, and at times, her actions aren't as wise as she hopes. Still, this also shows how incredibly human she is, letting her emotions get the best of her.

Even though its down side is apparent, Gwen's love for others is what shines through the most. Her utter loyalty to Rhys, Anwen, and Torchwood comes out on top, pushing her to do what she thinks is right. Her empathy makes her easy to befriend and confide in. Her leadership skills are also noticeable, as she has headed Torchwood in Jack's absence. Still, most of the time she plays from along the team. She will not miss the chance if the time comes where she needs to speak out, and is quite the fiery one when it comes to showing where she stands.

my life, you electrify my life

Birth planet: Earth (Cardiff, Wales)
Parents: Geraint and Mary Cooper
Notable Relatives: Rhys Williams (husband), Anwen Williams (daughter)

History: Gwen Elisabeth Cooper was born to Geraint and Mary Cooper in Cardiff, Wales. There, she started an average life, a sweet little brunette growing up with all the others. She went through primary and secondary school as any other child would, finishing out somewhere average as well. She enjoyed school well enough, but mostly for her friends and interactions with others, for she wasn't one much for science and maths. Later, she did well enough on her A-levels to go on to the University of Cardiff, where she spent her years after secondary school. Things didn’t end up working out the way that she had planned them, and Gwen eventually decided to drop out.

Instead, Gwen joined the Police Academy, going on following to join the South Wales Police. Her compassion towards other had pushed her desire to take this path in life, and she enjoyed it enough while it lasted. She started up working with her partner, PC Andy Davidson, and even had a brief relationship with him. Soon following, she began a relationship with Rhys Williams, someone whom she had met during college. Though he wasn't someone she would define as much of a catch, he greatly cared for her, and later, they moved in together.

Her average and uninformed life quickly turned upon Gwen's first encounter with the group that called themselves “Torchwood.” She came upon them as they investigated a dead man that the police had also come to investigate. Curious after seeing them bring back a dead person for moments, Gwen began to try to follow this mysterious team. Later, she came upon a Weevil killing a hospital worker, which led her to become even more curious, despite her shock and fear. Finally tracing the team to their base, Jack allowed her inside, where he took her on a tour of the Hub. Upon taking her out for a drink following, Jack retconned her, though she managed to take a few notes before passing out. It wasn't until strange weaponry was mentioned in the killings of a serial killer that Gwen really began to have memories. She came back to the Hub, where she witnessed Suzie Costello killing herself. From then on, she became a member of the Torchwood team as the Police Liaison.

Jack trained her, how to use a gun and whatnot, before she joined the others on the field. It wasn't long before Gwen realized how emotionally involved she would become of her job. She had pointed out to the others that they had forgotten what it meant to be human, but Gwen suffered from the reality that she could not share all the strange, exciting, and terrifying things that she witnessed on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, she started a brief affair with Owen Harper, which she ended once grief took the best of her. However, her love for Rhys was proven as she received a vision that he was going to be killed. She took painstaking efforts to make sure that this didn't happen, and even helped lead a mutiny with Owen against Jack in order to do so in order to open the Rift, an act that she believed would help save Rhys. The Abaddon was released because of this act; Jack died killing the demon. Gwen refused leave his side, knowing that he couldn't die, though he didn't awaken until she kissed him.

Not long afterwards, however, Jack left his team in a chase after his old friend, the Doctor. Since the team couldn't just sit around, Gwen took the leadership position. They were later sent on a “wild goose chase” into the Himalayas, which they found to be a waste of their time. They returned, unaware of the Year that Never Was, and continued onwards. During this time, Rhys also proposed to her, an offer that she accepted.

Upon his return, Jack took back his leadership role and Gwen returned to her old position. Rhys unfortunately became involved in the delivery of alien meat and was able to discover the true nature of Gwen's job. Despite Jack's demand of her to retcon him, she refused, unable to lie to him any more. Later, as Gwen was preparing for her wedding, she was bitten by a Nostrovite, causing her to wake up pregnant with the alien's egg. She refused to cancel the wedding, though later Rhys helped remove the egg with the singularity scapel. Afterwards, she was able to finally marry Rhys, though her guests were retconned so that they couldn't remember the aliens involved in the wedding.

Later, Gwen had to help lead the team once more as much chaos was caused by Captain John Hart and Jack's brother, Grey. There was much devastation in the city, but the worst part of it came when both Owen and Tosh died. Unsure if they could go on any more, Jack tried to reassure them that they had to continue on, despite how they felt. More adventures came later, though it was down to only her and Ianto after Jack left to help the Doctor again. From the Torchwood Hub, they both did as Jack and the Doctor asked them, helping to bring the Earth back home and save it from the Daleks.

It wasn’t long after this that the most unimaginable thing happened. Gwen and Ianto were shocked to hear strange noises from the room where no noises should come: the morgue. They raced in among the dead to find that Owen and Tosh were alive. Though they never found a complete explanation for the strange energy that brought them back, Gwen couldn't be happier to have Tosh and Owen alive again.

The two took a break for a while, obviously needing to be away from Torchwood. This was unfortunately when disaster struck; the 456 came to Earth, and Torchwood 3 was hunted down by the government. Gwen, Rhys, Jack, and Ianto went into hiding, and became like criminals to help bring the 456 down. It was in the midst of crisis that good news came: Gwen was pregnant. She and Rhys had steadily become closer and stronger, and they were overjoyed about their future child. Still, Gwen couldn’t hide her fear from Rhys. Her job, their life, and the current state of affairs involving Earth’s children was far from ideal. Then, the small Torchwood team hardly expected what happened next as they went after the aliens: Ianto was killed by toxic gas.

Both Gwen and Jack were devastated by the news. And after all that had happened since she had been at Torchwood, Gwen struggled heavily. She didn’t know if she wished to continue with the organization, and she was fighting the urge to leave, or worse, to give up completely. They received Ianto’s body days a few days after it was over. Jack said his goodbyes to Ianto – and then to Gwen as well. He left, handing her the keys to Torchwood. Gwen was shocked, as well as unsure about how to proceed. She started with the simplest and most necessary first: the final report on Ianto’s body. It was then that she discovered he wasn’t actually dead; his heartbeat was so light, but he was alive. She brought Jack back, who was overjoyed, and he left Earth to find a cure to bring back Ianto. Gwen and Rhys began to oversee the rebuilding of the Torchwood Hub. She also took care of Ianto until Jack brought back the antidote after working with the Doctor.

After the aliens’ defeat, Torchwood began to go global; governments worldwide started to become paranoid about alien attacks. Though technically apart of the network of Torchwood Institutes, Torchwood Three still remained aloof. Owen and Tosh finally came back. The team slowly started to rebuild in their own way. Gwen still struggled, however, with the effects of loss and the things she saw and experienced with the 456.

One day as she went home, she happened across something she never thought she would see for herself: a Time Lord’s TARDIS. She entered it by accident, it having landed in the elevator of her flat building. Gwen met a different Time Lord than the one that Jack knew. He was called Centauri, and he had a metal dog named K9. They received a distress signal, which Gwen insisted they follow, despite the dangers of her being about seven months pregnant. The pair helped save a team in space from vicious silicate creatures. The event actually helped Gwen to regain her perspective. It was worth it; saving others when no one else could was how she contributed to the world. Not to mention, the danger, the thrill… she loved it more than she wanted to admit. He returned her home, and she went back to work with no more thoughts of leaving.

About two months later, Gwen gave birth to Anwen. She and Rhys immediately had a sudden change in life, with a child to take care of. Despite tensions at times, the two loved it – and her. Gwen was kept out of the field for a few months more, and suddenly, life was even more difficult to juggle.

A year later, Torchwood found a new problem to face. One day, people suddenly stopped dying. The various branches of Torchwood fought to find a solution for this so-called Miracle Day, but it came from the deviated branch itself: Torchwood Cardiff. The team helped it to come to an end, despite the fact that Gwen’s father ultimately died from heart complications. It wasn’t too long after this that other news struck the Torchwood team and began to travel across the globe through the Institutions: the Doctor had died. In fact, the Time Lord’s name had suddenly seemed to disappear. The contact that Torchwood Three had had with him made them curious, but there was no way to find out what had become of the Doctor.

It’s been over a year now since Miracle Day, and things are finally starting to get back to normal once more. Gwen and Rhys have a daughter that is almost two years old. Life is difficult, but they work it out. Torchwood continues, in its own way, and the team continues to patrol the Rift in Cardiff. With things at what can only be described as “normal,” it’s only a matter of time before a new disaster strikes the planet.

but i'll never let you go

Weapon(s): Usually a Torchwood-issued pistol.
Important Tech: Items at Torchwood, but not her own.
Other items: N/A

our hopes and expectations

Sample RP: Gwen glanced as the information came up over Tosh’s computer screen. Rift activity. She leaned back, her brow furrowed slightly as she contemplated. Something must have come through, but apparently it wasn’t posing any immediately danger. At least it wasn’t yet. She nodded as Tosh suggested that they should get a move on. They definitely needed to make sure that they were ready to contain… whatever it was. Or possibly even save it. There was the odd person or otherwise that came through and needed their help to get back home.

Owen had come up, and Gwen looked over at him. He seemed to be tired – perhaps he had even fallen asleep. She gave him a somewhat weary look; he could have been up and doing something. What, she wasn’t sure; they hadn’t exactly had anything besides paperwork coming through, and it was mostly Jack’s stuff that Gwen had been catching up anyway. He went to get a drink to wake him up, and Gwen turned back to her desk. Taking one last swig of her tea, she left the rest of it unfinished on her desk.

She pulled open the drawer and reached inside, grabbing her pistol. After she checked it for ammo and safety, she stuck it in the small of her back. Spinning around, she made it back to Tosh just as Owen did. She smirked a little. He probably had given up, since Ianto was usually the one that knew how to handle most of that stuff.

“Grab a bit of scanning equipment and your weapons, and we’ll take the SUV.” Ianto and Jack had taken another vehicle to leave the heavier one with the tech ready for the team, in case of emergency. Apparently that had been a good idea, because here they were about to go.

A moment later, Gwen was heading with them towards the vehicle. Even if they were down two members of their team, they could handle it. Or so she hoped. They got in and took off. “Alright, Tosh,” Gwen said, switching on some of their positioning equipment. “Let’s track it down.”

hold you in my arms, i just wanted to hold

Alias: Saphira/Saph
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The Master
Posted: May 21 2009, 02:44 PM

Can you hear them?
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