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 The Mainlands: The Escort (RP 9)
Posted by Ross - 09-28-08 02:14 - 32 comments
A postman enters the Inn as Ross and the others chill out, waiting for something to come up. He calls out to Ross and passes him an envelope with an interesting logo on it. The others come over to read over his shoulder.

He opens the enve ...read more
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 The Mainlands: Catch-up (RP 8)
Posted by Ross - 08-12-08 06:42 - 61 comments
(This is for people who want to participate in RP 9. This is a bit similar to RP 8 - a chill-out thing but yeah.)
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 The Mainlands: Peace Restored (RP 7)
Posted by Ross - 08-8-08 13:18 - 162 comments
(Just continue on from the end of the last RP)
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 The Mainlands: Future Enemies? (RP 6)
Posted by Ross - 08-7-08 07:47 - 157 comments
Ross arrives back at the Inn with a brand new combat suit, "Hey guys, got me new suit. They got that warranty thing yeah. Hah."
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 The Mainlands: Parental Issues (RP 5)
Posted by Ross - 08-4-08 12:11 - 75 comments
While everyone else is chilling, celebrating at the Inn, Ross sits on the roof with his visor up, staring at the Royal Palace.
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 The Mainlands: Go for a Visit (RP 4)
Posted by Ross - 08-2-08 13:05 - 174 comments
The entire group, appear along the outskirts of the Mainland city.
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 The Wastelands: Scorching Sands (RP 3)
Posted by Untamed - 08-1-08 23:06 - 191 comments
Vermac reappears in the wasteland, eagerly waiting for the others to arrive.
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 The Depths of Voltanicity (RP 2)
Posted by Ross - 07-31-08 06:43 - 121 comments
Ross, putting on his shades again in the dark, calls out to the others,
"Hey guys, check this out"
he points towards the inner of the city, where we haven't been yet, there appears to be blackening soulless clouds blocking o ...read more
Read 1,042 times - last comment by Trace-Volt   Print email

 Voltanicity City (RP 1)
Posted by DarkVolt - 07-29-08 07:11 - 66 comments
(This is a city of Voltania... anyone who knows of Volvic will get the Voltcanicity joke)

Hiding in the shadows was DarkVolt... he was always seen as evil just because of his darkness powers.

"Well, well" he said, sm ...read more
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