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Title: THE FINAL FEED: Escape From Ravenstock
Description: Halloween Gore Fest-Tournament-Prizes

Ares - September 21, 2006 08:07 AM (GMT)
RESPAWN presents:

Escape From Ravenstock

Oct. 27th-28th 2006 - 7pm-2am


The Final Feed is an interactive horror paintball event like none other. This is the first annual event being held by RESPAWN in association with Weekend Warriors Paintball in Olds Alberta. Lots of prizes and swag for the taking.


The town of Ravenstock has been over run by zombies. Your only chance at survival is to work together with your fellow townsmen. Barricaded in the town hall it is just a matter of time before the zombies make there way inside.

The Town Sheriff has a plan. There is an escape tunnel that leads from the town hall through Castle Ravenstock and into the woods. If you can make it past the woods you might find safety.

Your job is, Shoot to Kill. Take out as many zombies, fight your way to safety or die trying. Are you up for it?

The cost for this event is $25 pre-paid and $30 at the door. This will include a weapon, paintballs, mask and a spot in the town hall.
*If you pay at the door you may have to wait for an available slot in the scenario.

For Tickets:


Chad - October 13, 2006 02:03 AM (GMT)
So, do the zombies get guns? Can we bring our own Markers? This might be fun, but me and my buddies prefer are RAM series markers.

Ares - October 24, 2006 06:44 AM (GMT)

Some Zombies will be armed; however we will be allowing guests (paying customers) to only use 'in house' equipment for this event.

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