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Title: Home Base
Description: Someone had to stay back...

Box - June 19, 2008 04:51 AM (GMT)
Timeframe: Excatly the same time as the ShadowX battles

Madison Jeffries was hard at work in the control center, monitoring the battle from the headquarters. The data Beast, Havok and the others had proven invaluable, allowing Madison to not only map the abilities of their opponents, but to transmit that data to his teammates to allow them the best chances against them - to know where to hit, what to expect, how they move - it was alot of data to process, but they could do it. He was certain they could.

The space overall was cleared, with the looming Box standing aside the monitor bank, waiting. Madison was not a dumb man. He was almost certain that someone knew he was here, and that someone would be sent to dispatch him if they could. He knew they would do it because it's what he would do if he had found a behind-the-scenes coordinator giving his enemies an edge. Take out the coordinator, take out the edge. It was as necessary a strategy as any.

So let them come, he thought, his fingers nevertheless whirring across the keys, combing over the protocols Beast had provided to search for key weaknesses in Grey's telekinetics - she was the key. The most potent of threats, and if she could be stopped, half of the battle would be won.

Ilsa was not in the basement at the moment, having been sent to the Halfway House to guard the children. It was just Madison Jeffries, alone in the basement.

But that didn't mean he wasn't ready.

Shina Schwarz - June 19, 2008 01:12 PM (GMT)
Her orders, once again, were crystal clear. Find the one trying to hack into the X-Men’s network and turn the tide of the battle in their enemies favor, and remove him as a threat. Rules of Engagement were simple… kill only if absolutely necessary, but do not hesitate on that judgment call. She could see all the signal wiring leading up to the mansion, and tracing this kind of energy wasn’t too difficult… not for her blind eyes. Shina moved like a shadow, the pedestrians possibly catching a glimpse of blonde hair melding into the shadows out of the corner of their eye.

Still, Shina was different now. She had been forced to adapt… and evolve, both in her powers and in herself. Infiltrating SHIELD had proven extremely difficult… but the information she had received, the vital intelligence… was astounding. Still, even for SHIELD… the thought of them resorting to kidnapping and threats was something that seemed a little despicable.

She had to deliver that information, but first she had a new side-mission. She already knew the man’s name she was looking for and a light bit of information on his powers. The Pheonix’s telepathic message had been brief and strained, meaning the war with those who had once been allies was certainly underway. It was sad that it had come to this… suppressing the nice and fun Jane, the original personality of this body to accomplish her goals… The cost was high, but it had to be done.

Finding the man wasn’t too hard. Located in the basement, Shina could see his energies interfacing with mechanical and electrical things around him. First things first though…


The tiniest of explosions and suddenly the connection between this building and the X-Men’s shut down.


Now the main power went out, and Shina moved inside. She knew about the back-up generators that would allow the target to remain able to see, but that didn’t matter too much, as she kenw it would take a moment or two before they could. Silent as Death herself, Shina slipped from the window that she had snuck into down towards where Box was staying. There was no doubt that he was on high alert considering she had removed his connection to the outside world.

But there was a single surprise yet in store.

A single arm reach down from above, melding out of the shadows, attempting to grab the head of Box from above, where she had clung onto the piping in her opportunity of darkness. If she succeeded, she would drain him as much as she could. If not, then this might get difficult.

Box - June 19, 2008 03:22 PM (GMT)
The instant the power went out, Madison was on his feet, ready to move at a moment's notice. Until the backup generators kicked in, he'd be severely impaired, but not helpless. Never helpless.

He felt a hand grapple his head and instead of trying to slip out of it, he reached up with both arms and yanked, wholly intent on pulling his assailant down to the floor.

At the same time, twin beams of red-hot light crossed through the air precisely aimed at Shina. The darkness may have been a problem for any person who did not have enhanced senses, but for a mechanical dog whose primary function was security? Darkness was no problem. As the beams emanated from her eyes, she took to the air and rocketed towards their target as well.

Some kind of drain effect... Madison thought, Gotta break it fast or this is done before it's even begun.

Shina Schwarz - June 20, 2008 12:19 AM (GMT)
The moment that her hand grappled the man’s skull, Shina knew that she had his life in her hands. Honestly, she very well could have ended it right there and then by forcing a strong jolt of energy set to the opposite frequency of his bio-energy, which would have combusted the two energies in his brain, causing his brain to fry, almost literally. But no… she was told to not kill unless she had to, and honestly, she didn’t want to unless it was her only choice… and she also had the advantage.

The moment her hand came into contact with his head, she drained as much energy as she could. Considering it was draining directly through his brain, he likely was going to feel dizzy and disoriented. Still, proof that the man had training was apparent when instead of jumping away or something he instead reached up and grabbed her arms, attempting to yank her down and level the playing field. On most people that certainly would have taken the advantage away from the ex-militant… but she was ranked in the top ten in the country for unarmed combatives for a reason. Using only her legs to keep her aloft, her other hand shot out and grabbed his arm, as well as the other hand moving from his head to the other arm, and then she let herself get tugged onto the floor.

Good thing too.

Twin beams of energy sliced through the air were she had been only moments ago, and it was obvious another assailant was here… one armed with energy weapons. Using as much strength as she had though, she used her height advantage and gravity to try to wrench his arms behind his back, simultaneously twisting to land on her feet. All the while she was draining whatever she could. With Box in between her and her attacker now, the lights slowly flickered back to life, allowing Box, the only one who couldn’t see, able to use his eyes once again.

“Don’t struggle and this won’t have to hurt.” she muttered in a tone telling the man she was serious. In honesty, she was. She would not hesitate to combust the energy within Box if she had to, but right now, with the guard dog, making him hurt or unconscious would be a mistake. Shina mentally cursed herself for thinking that the dog had been some random electronic device laying on the floor upon her entrance.

Box - June 20, 2008 03:38 AM (GMT)
"Funny," Madison grunted, grinning despite the pain. "I was just about to say the same to you. Ilsa, sic 'er."

The dog immediately changed course and charged the woman, bearing on her with the speed of a small rocket. Front paws were reached out, and the dog's normally blue eyes glowed bright red.

But Madison would not depend on the dog alone - no, he had plenty of other tricks up his sleeve. This, more so than any other area of the X-Factor headquarters, was his domain. His kingdom. It was time to show this woman who was boss.
"Security Alpha Five Beta - enact program seventeen, target lock on intruder, female. Full force."

Immediately, panels in the floor slid open and seven turrets rose from the open holes. They all trained themselves on Shina, and for all intents and purposes, they meant business. Each cannon hummed as it began charging its payload, primed and ready to fire.

"Guided, yet non-explosive missiles. Each one trained to hit you without hurting me. I'd start moving if I were you," Madison couldn't help but chuckle lightly. This woman comes into his home turf expecting to have any advantage? He controlled everything, especially now that his generators had kicked in and he had power again.

Shina Schwarz - June 21, 2008 12:54 AM (GMT)
Shina mentally sighed. She really didn’t want to reveal anything about her powers, but considering what she was going to do, he likely wouldn’t even get the hint really. First problem was the dog… a mechanical threat that the man had named Ilsa. Shina was actually kind of thankful that she wasn’t going to hurt an actual animal, but she would keep it to a minimum as it was… just in case it had some kind of sentimental value.

She also knew that she wasn’t going to have to worry about energy problems, not with being able to drain Box at her current pace. In a swift motion, Shina released the man’s arms, used her left hand to try and grab the back of her target’s neck, and also raise up her right hand towards the dog. In the matter of an instant, her energy transformed to the opposite energy frequency to the ambient energy lingering in the air right around her hand, and she pushed out a strong pulse of her energy through her hand. Instantly the air ignited in an explosion, which she manipulated away from the pair and towards the dog. Even fire and concussive force was nothing more than biological energy… of which she was master of.

The explosion lit up the room with a red glow, and it would hit the dog with quite a bit of force, so that should eliminate that threat… but the others were a problem. She pushed the pain from her now singed hand to the back of her mind, mentally noting that she was going to have to invest in some kind of fireproof gloves sometime. “Call off your defenses before I have to kill you! I don’t want to, but if you refuse to cooperate, I WILL!” she roared at him, watching the cannons finishing their preparations to fire. There was no doubt in her mind, or her voice, that didn’t say she was serious.

Still, considering he was right near her and she had just displayed what could happen to him, the threat should be good enough… or so she hoped. It would stink to have to have to kill him and turn around and try to dodge all those missiles. It was a stretch of her luck, and she was pretty sure she had brushed with Death enough that the next time could easily be her last. The cuts and singe wounds on her arms were proof enough of that. Infiltrating SHIELD had not gone unnoticed or unquestioned… and she certainly didn’t walk away unscathed. There were still some spots that were still sealed by dried blood. She had paid dearly to accomplish her mission… but it was done.

This mission could be her last if the situation didn’t improve quickly.

Box - June 21, 2008 01:22 AM (GMT)
"Kill me? Better than you have tried and failed, kid. And as for the missiles? Too late," Madison said, slightly strained. "Once activated, I can't call them off."

The turrets all fired simultaneously, their payload trained on the woman. The seven missiles streaked their way around Madison and zoomed towards her. He definitely wasn't bluffing when he told her they'd fire.

As Ilsa was knocked aside by the explosion and fell to the floor, stunned, Madison swung an elbow for the woman's gut.
"Box - activate assimilation by one!" he called out, and the effects were instantaneous.

A blue light burst out of the massive robot's chestplate, striking Madison square in the chest. It completely burned off his clothes and in a split second, Madison Jeffries was gone, gone without even a scream of the pain the assimilation put him through, leaving Shina to contend with a mechanical dog who was getting back to her feet and seven missiles zooming towards her.

Shina Schwarz - June 21, 2008 04:23 AM (GMT)
The missiles were pretty much the largest problem. Shina had drained a good chunk of energy from Box, and as such, even if he managed to squirm free, he certainly wouldn’t be strong enough to actually do too much harm to her in a fist fight. There were very few people on the planet that really could without a tool.

As her blind eyes focused on the incoming projectiles, she failed to notice the incoming elbow, and it collided with her gut. Even for her extremely toned abdomen, getting a blow like that while being caught off guard was something that was a little disorienting. She released her grip on the man, if only for a second, and in that time, a blind amount of energy hit him and sucked him into the armor sitting across the way.

Shina ducked instinctively and a missile sliced through the air, skimming through her hair, taking a few strands with it. While ducking, she placed a strong hand on the chair near her, lifted it up, and used it to take the force from 3 of the bullets. The last made her pop her wrist, the force sufficient to cause light injury and pain, but more importantly, she dropped her shield. Two more she narrowly dodged, but one last one hit her dead on, nailing her in the right ribcage. She felt the bone flex as it impacted and she was actually lifted off the ground for a brief moment, and then impacted the ground.

OK, that one hurt… and I know this guy did not just call me ‘kid’…

Standing up holding her side slowly, it was plain to see the dog was preparing for another assault. She was in a hell of a situation, but there was one end all solution. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

“Listen here ass…” she muttered, making a quick dash and smashing into turrets with a strong kick of her combat boots, denting or bending the barrel of the two closest to her. This time with the dog though, she simply spun with all the grace of someone in the NFL dodging a tackler, allowing the robotic dog to fly past, and hopefully, if she was lucky, crash. On her knee, she quickly barrel rolled towards the next turret, coming up and jumping over it, getting out of it’s point blank range line of fire. A quick roundhouse kick, and the turret detached from it’s base in the floor and turned into a projectile itself, flying at the dog.

“Damnit…” she muttered, holding out both hands towards the last few turrets and igniting the air, directing the explosion at them. This one was more powerful, and a little more directed. They smashed into the turrets, causing damage and filling the area with smoke. Now Shina moved through the ash and smoke, her blind eyes quite able to see the bio-energy that was Box sitting inside all the mechanical housing and such. Silent once again, she snuck closer and closer, preparing to make a move again, and staying particularly low to the ground.

Box - June 21, 2008 04:43 AM (GMT)
Ilsa skidded to a halt and turned as she passed the woman up, jumping into the air and snagging the kicked turret in her jaws and tossing it aside with a shake of her head. She charged at the woman again, but stopped short as she seemed to listen to an unheard command, and sat down.

Suddenly, the Box came to life with an electrical hum and the whir of servomotors and pistons, the visor glowing green with a soft light. He took one step forward and bent his knees lightly, bringing his fists up to chest-level, ready to move if need be, to react. Between him and Ilsa, Shina is flanked on either side.

"If you keep this up, you're just going to get hurt worse than you already are," the robot's voice boomed, amplified and distorted so that it sounded different than Madison's, yet still similar enough. "I'd rather not do that, as I know that what you're doing now is against your will. But if you persist in this course of action, I will have no choice but to take you down... hard. The choice is yours."

Ilsa stood back up, head low, legs spread wide, and a growl emanating from her voice box. She bore scratches on her armored exterior, and several scorch marks, but overall was none the worse for wear.

Shina Schwarz - June 21, 2008 03:25 PM (GMT)
Shina listened to the man as she moved through the smoke, silent and quick. All it would take was one single shot and she could end this… and unfortunately, it meant the end of the man called Box. It was regrettable that her hand had been forced like this, been forced to take the man’s life. But even with his robot shell, she could still see the biological energy that was the man. It was pulsing in the core of the machine, his life force. A good shot of opposite frequency energy and the two would mix and combust, causing the man’s energy that consisted of his very being into a small bomb inside the armor. Box would die, and likely take this lab with him. Shina still hadn’t figured out much of an escape plan, but that could come later.

Without warning the woman sprung out of the smoke and into the air, her palm outstretched and reaching for the core of the machine where her blind eyes saw the energy. Then, suddenly, she stopped as though someone had paralyzed her. Her hand twitched mere inches from the front plate of his armor, but that was the only motion she could muster. Even her breathing had stopped, and she stayed motionless, mid-stride, as though frozen. Then a voice emanated from her lips… one that did not belong to Shina.

“Sorry about Shina… she hasn’t really been sane lately…” the voice muttered. The voice now was more innocent, more joyful… almost kind. It was Jane… long since dormant with the help of a corrupted Jean Grey… finally unleashed as the barrier fell. She quickly took possession of their body, and smashed Shina mentally… repetitively. Slowly her arm retracted, and Jane stood up, completely relaxed. Shina was no longer with Box or Ilsa… it was Jane. The alternative personality was now the dominate mental character controlling her bodies movement. Just with the way her voice sounded and the way she held herself, anyone could tell that she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone anymore.

“I’m sorry for the trouble she probably has caused you.” her voice was in pain, tired… weak. Shina, able to push aside fatigue and pain as a part of the military training she was proficient at, had never shown this sign of weakness. Jane, however, didn’t like to push away emotions in order to better herself… she saw them as a sign of life… of hope. Even with that, the energy drained from her eyes, revealing the true blind glazed look that was dominent when her vision was no longer active.

Without another word, Jane fell forward, unconscious, the pain and agony coursing through both her body and mind being too much for her to bear.

[Shina/Jane is Down.]

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