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Title: Ayasli, Tessa
Description: Sage (Black Queen)

Tessa Ayasli - May 29, 2011 04:23 AM (GMT)

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Andi Muise


AFFILIATION: The Hellfire Club (Black Queen)

FULL NAME: Tessa Ayasli

DATE OF BIRTH: July 8th, 1987
BASE OF OPERATIONS: The Hellfire Club, New York City, U.S.A.
HOMETOWN: Rozino, Bulgaria (Birthplace)
Birth parents (Deceased)
Kadri Ayasli (Adoptive Father, Deceased)
Sura Ayasli (Adoptive Mother, Deceased)


HEIGHT: 5'9”
BUILD: Slim, Athletic
EYES: Brown/Red
HAIR: Black
CLOTHING STYLE: Sage is not overly concerned with fashion or clothing, but as a member of the Hellfire Club and a businesswoman she acknowledges the necessity to dress well. Since she is not hurting in the financial department, she wears clothing from the latest designers while performing duties for the club. Otherwise, she wears the same casual and comfortable clothing that any other ordinary person would wear.
UNIFORM: When necessary, Tessa will wear appropriate gear that is required for any mission or errand that she is currently performing. She sticks to comfortable tactical gear and veers away from tight constricting clothing that truly isn't optimal for physical performance. More often than not, she can perform her tasks while wearing her every day attire.

Tessa is also in possession of a pair of custom made glasses that function as a working computer and delivers her access to the internet via any wireless local area network (WiFi). She is capable of using these glasses with only her mind and due to extensive security precautions, she is the only person able to access the information stored on them. They appear as a normal set of sunglasses, possessing no real visualization of the working computer within. With her abilities, the operation of the computer, the information stored within and wireless access occur and visualize completely within her mind.



Sage possesses the ability to communicate and interface with any known and possibly unknown processor, computer, and other technologies by touch. While her mind works at a speed that is greater than an average computer, she can not work faster than the technology that she is connected with. For instance, an Intel Pentium 4 can run at 3.5 GHz a second. Sage's mind is able to transfer information at many times that rate, but she can not over come the speed of the processor she is drawing from.

With her cyberpathy, Tessa is able to read the basic coding that makes a technology work. Even if she is face with a program or technology that she has never faced, such as the nanites during Apocalypse, she is able to read the code and assume a basic understanding of what makes them tick. This allows her to hack, assume control, rewrite, become a living virus within, and understand most technologies. The more complicated the technology, the longer it would take her to understand the program in order to take action. For instance, she did not have the time to thoroughly study the nanites during Apocalypse, but she was able to resist and disable their attempts at taking control of her body.

Using information gained from the nanites, Sage was able to construct a powerful computer within a pair of sunglasses. She always keeps these on her person and this allows her to access and interface most technologies wirelessly. This important because she does not have to physically touch a technology so long as she has the glasses. The range of her abilities with her modified glasses is limited, much like a router would be within a person's home and the signal is disrupted by walls or other obstructions. This range is around 150 feet while indoors and about 300 feet while outdoors.

Kinetic Mind:
Along with cyperpathy, Tessa possesses a computer-like mind that processes information at around three times the normal speed of the human mind. Considering the human brain processes at somewhere around 168 GHz, Sage is capable of running thoughts and decisions at around 500 GHz. By comparison, that about 160 times faster than a standard home computer's processing power. This also allows her to make decisions and formulate plans or actions at an incredible speed.

This ability allows her to store an unknown amount of information within her mind with total recall. While this amount is unknown to her, there is a cap... however, if she absorbed information every moment for the rest of her life she would never reach it. By definition, she possesses the ability to remember with clarity every detail of the events of her life or of a particular event, object, or experience since her mutation went into effect. This allows her to master things such as fighting styles, weapons, and other skills in a minimal amount of time.

The third branch that comes from having a kinetic mind is the ability to partition her mind so that she can perform multiple tasks at the same moment without losing concentration on any single task. For instance, Sage could relive a childhood memory, fight with someone, think about what she is going to have for dinner that night, and ponder the meaning of life all at the same moment.

Telepathic awareness / Firewall:
Because of her computer like mind and her ability to partition it off, Sage possesses the ability to detect foreign intrusions and create a firewall. If a telepath were attempting to infiltrate Sage's mind, she would be able to create “firewalls” within her mind that would section off her thoughts so that a telepath would only have free access to the single spot that they entered, while Sage could instantly shift her memories and thoughts to a protected space. With time, a talented telepath such as Jean Grey or Betsy Braddock could work their way through the firewalls, but it would be a difficult process where they would encounter one slammed door after another.

During a recent event, Sage accessed the power of the Power Gem and it activated a latent mutation that was laying dormant within her:

Biological Awareness / Mutant Gene Detection:
Sage is capable of sensing living beings by "seeing" the minute electrical impulses that surge through everyone's body. Along with this ability, she is capable of reading the complex DNA sequences that makes every person who they are. In mutants, Sage is capable of reading a person's DNA and determining what their abilities are, sometimes to a degree that they are not yet aware. With this knowledge, she will be capable of assisting a mutant with their mutation - she can not boost a mutation - but she can help a mutant discover their own untapped potential.

Mortal: While Tessa has some amazing abilities, she can die as easily as a regular human being. It could be said that she is hard to kill due to her mutation, but should a person strike her with a mortal wound, she would die.

Overconfidence: Sage attempts to plan and predict the outcome of situations and she does so with the feeling that she is correct. However, there can always be something that she did not account for. While she can compensate for this rather quickly, there may be a time where her calculations turn out to be completely wrong and this could result in injury, death, or mission failure.

PTSD: Due to events in her life, Sage suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. This has helped to develop her into the cold and calculating individual that she is today, but it has also cursed her with the inability to function properly in certain situations. For instance, she is not comfortable around hospitals and she would prefer to avoid mountainous regions. She also may react to violence with a hypervigilance, meaning that she would be more aggressive (such as killing a robber instead of capturing) and also more protective to those that she is aligned with. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on the need for her level of aggression.

Fatigue: If Sage uses her ability for an extended amount of time, she becomes fatigued just like any other person. Much like a person who sits in front of a computer screen working, her mind can become tired to the point of needing sleep. Despite her mind being able to work several times the speed of a normal human's, it tires at about the same rate. After about an eight hour (continuous) length of time using her abilities, she will become fatigued. If she does not rest, she could become sloppy, much like a normal person would when they are tired.

Due to Sage's traumatic life experiences in Turkey and her fight for survival during Apocalypse, she has very little sympathy for those that can not fend for themselves. She is cold and calculating, with her computer-like mind attempting to use logic and reason before all else. Her primary goal so far in life is to advance her knowledge and her power within the business world, all the while advancing the Hellfire Club's goals.

This is not to say that she is not void of emotion. Sage feels emotion like any other human being, but she has become numb to certain emotions that coincide with sorrow and loss. This is attributed to a deep set post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that started when she was young and got topped off when she was in New York during Apocalypse. Because of the PTSD, Sage suffers from nightmares where she experiences the incidents over again, hypervigilance where she is overly watchful and reactive to threats, irritability, sleep disorders, and she tends to avoid locations such as the places she fought during Apocalypse and hospitals, and memory loss from her time in the Harem before her mutation set it. Because of her kinetic memory, her other experiences come forward in very realistic and detailed night terrors.

Since these are qualities about her personality that she keeps from the outside world, Sage more often than not appears to be a good looking businesswoman that is confident in her abilities. She does not back down from a fight or argument, and she will often volunteer herself to do things that others would deem impossible due to their limited intellect. Being a genius is given, and Sage uses it to her advantage at all times.

A quote from Tessa works well as a brief summary of her general attitude.

”I access. I plan. I act.”

It should also be noted that while she comes from a Islamic heritage, Sage is agnostic. From her observation and study, there is no sound proof throughout history that there is a god. However, since there is only theory and nothing to completely disprove a supreme being's existence, she can not discount the odds that there may be a god. If a time arises that she should show respect to a supreme being or use religion to her advantage, she would revert back to being known as a Muslim.


Tessa was born July 1987 in Rozino, Bulgaria which is a small town in the province of Ivaylovgrad in the Balkan region of Europe. Her parents were Roma, which are also known as gypsies in other parts of the world. They were a part of a traveling party that ventured from place to place in caravans made up of standard automobiles, trucks and trailers. Never settling down in one spot for very long, they made their way through Bulgaria and eventually traveled through Turkey, moving towards the southeastern border.

In a series of unfortunate events, the caravan traveled too far east until they cross the Iraq border in a time when Iraq was at war with Iran. They were spotted in the mountains along the border of Iraq, Iran and Turkey by Iraqi forces and were attacked and treated as spies. The soldiers ransacked the caravan and killed Tessa's birth parents, leaving only the very old and the very young alive. Since she was only a few months old, she was spared, and was carried back into Turkey by one of the elder women.

She was taken back to another group of Roma close to where she was born and lived among them as an orphan until she was two. In 1989, a Turkish businessman and human's rights activist named Kadri Ayasli went with his wife, Sura, to southern Turkey on a mission to give aid to the Roma and many other evacuees that had moved there to escape the Iraq – Iran war. As fate would have it, his wife came across the orphaned Tessa and fell in love with the child. They ended up buying several goats and other gifts for the caravan that she was a part of in order to take her from them.

Once adopted, Tessa began a path of a semi-normal childhood. They returned to Rome, Italy where Kadri turned out to be quite good with finances and began investing in petroleum discovery and acquisition, natural gas and other forms of energy production within Turkey. While Turkey was not where they were currently living, it was still Kadri's home country and though it may not have been as blessed as some of their Middle Eastern neighbors in the oil department, they have more than enough to make one man very wealthy. It was during this time that Kadri and Sura gained enough influence in Rome to become a part of the prestigious Hellfire Club. So as it was, the poor Roma orphan was raised and spoiled by loving parents.

On another mission trip to southern Turkey, which Kadri took almost annually, the obviously wealthy missionaries were attacked by Kurdish rebels along a mountain pass. Their bus was hijacked and several people were killed in the process, including her adoptive father, Kadri. As a young beauty, the Kurdish rebels took her and a few others as their prisoners and returned to their camp with them. Tessa spent two years being moved from place to place as a member of their harem, kept in an enclosed space with the other women who were the wives of the leader of the rebels. She was being saved until she was old enough for marriage, and thanks to the other women of the harem, she was never raped or sexually assaulted.

Still with plenty of memories of her life before the harem, Tessa began growing more and more impatient with her state of life once she turned eleven years old. Due to the high stress and the environment which she was living it, her mutation came forth as she began to hit puberty. It was a subtle change that was not obvious to those around her. She began examining and forming different hypothesis on how to escape. Considering the time span that she had been there, the security had grown a bit relaxed. Just before her twelfth birthday, she made a run for it and escaped during the night into the mountains.

Furious, the rebel leader sent out squads with instructions to kill or capture her. Since she was nothing more than an eleven year old girl, Tessa was caught up with quickly. However, with her mutation in full swing, the girl was able to analyze situations quickly and form conclusions on how to evade or defeat her opponents. For the next several months she managed to survive the attacks and as she scavenged weapons and supplies from the rebels, she quickly learned how to use them. Before long with the assistance of her mutation, she grew proficient with the AK-47 assault rifle, the RPG, and several survival techniques that she used to live in the mountains.

By fall, when she had already turned twelve, the rebel leader decided that she was more trouble than she was worth and stopped his attempts at recapturing her. Using her acquired knowledge, she moved towards the northwest into Turkey, often surviving attempts of capture made by bandits or other rebel tribes. In the winter of 1999, Tessa had reached civilization and for the first time began to experience her mutation in it's full glory. While only having limited computer access before her capture, she assessed one by touch and located her adopted mother's current address and phone number. Having thought she was dead, Sura had returned to Rome, Italy after the attack in Turkey. She made a quick return to Turkey in order to find her daughter.

Sura noticed a change in her daughter, but attributed that to the post traumatic stress that would be normal for someone who experienced what Tessa had been through. She began seeing different counselors to cope with her capture, but they could never find much wrong with her except that she had become very cold and calculating. Sage grew more and more proficient with her mutation, often spending more time with her computer than with real people. She completed her general schooling in Rome and when she was college age, she and her mother decided to move to New York City. Once in New York City, Sura used her Rome connections to find the New York chapter of the Hellfire Club, where she resumed being a contributing member.

Tessa was within a month of graduating with honors from NYU with a Science and Engineering combination, majoring in Physics and Computer Engineering, when War attacked New York City in April of 2009. Since she still lived with her mother in an apartment not far from Mutant Town, she was among the first to feel the deadly blasts that War unleashed on the city. The converted spread like a fire and before she really knew what was happening, Sage was forced to defend herself and her mother.

As the building that her apartment was in was near collapse, Sage and Sura were forced to take to the streets in the attempt to find safety and shelter. During this time she battled with the converted, confronting the nanites that attempted to take control of her. While she could not deal damage to them in large number, she was able to deal with the few that attempted to convert her and her mother via her cyberpathy. She learned a great deal from them in the ways of microtechnology, which ultimately allowed her to make a super computer within a set of ordinary sunglasses.

Despite her efforts, the large number of converted was more than she could handle and her mother was overtaken with nanites. Sura did not suffer from being converted for long as Sage dealt with her directly, shorting out the nanites within her mother. As a result, her mother suffered brain damage and fell into a coma, along with suffering other trauma. Sage survived the onslaught due to her ability to quickly adapt to the situation and her cyberpathy, which assisted her in holding off the converted swarm. During this time, she assimilated several different fighting styles with her kinetic memory and became proficient with fighting with a baton that she acquired from a downed police officer.


After the city was retaken and Sage was capable of coming out of hiding, she stayed by her mother's side in the hospital until there was nothing else that could be done for her. Forced with the decision to pull the plug on Sura's life, Tessa took control of her adoptive parent's fortune and investments. She donated a significant portion to the relief efforts in New York City and her home countries of Italy and Turkey.

Since then, she has completed her college through NYU and began acquiring her masters in Computer Engineering. Tessa has taken most of her investments out of the natural resource divisions that her father invested heavily in and used the money to invest in technology such as Apple and she even started her own company that specializes in microprocessors, which is already on the fast track to overtake popular brands such as Intel.

Along with the fortune and name that she inherited from her adoptive parents, Tessa also inherited a membership within the Hellfire Club. Stepping in as a simple member, she was quickly recognized for her mutation and her abilities as a businesswoman. Cold and calculating, she was a perfect fit within the organization and she was given the title of White Pawn. Currently, she serves the Hellfire Club as needed and she works to progress herself and her small company, which is simply known as “Sage.”


April 2009
War's attack on New York City

The army, as one, let out a primal battle cry, a sound from the depths of the human soul, a sound that Cain made when he slew Abel, a sound a woman makes when she dashes the brains of her rival's child against the stones, a sound a man makes when he turns his gun on his coworkers. It was the sound of every noble king who found his lands attacked, it was the sound of every conqueror obsessed with gaining more, it was the sound of War, the purest, basest nature of all men. This was a world of the warlike and the wartorn, and the Horseman who watched his army begin to tear down the old loyalties and extend the banner of Apocalypse felt nothing but pain and conflict.

It was a good feeling... the only feeling.

As his army began the work of all armies, conquering the enemy lands, and killing those who resisted, converting those who were suitable, War clenched his fists, and brought his powers into play. He moved through the streets, spreading Lord Apocalypse's doctrine, spreading hate, intolerance, anger, fervor, blood lust, in sprays of burning cinders. His soldiers followed.

6:15 A.M.

Tessa sat up in bed as the windows of the apartment rattled. She had been a light sleeper since she could remember, and the vibration that just coursed through the twenty story building aroused her. She sat there in the darkness for several moments and just listened, but she did not feel or hear anything unusual. Sighing and figuring it to be nothing, she laid back in bed. As her head hit the pillow, the entire building rumbled again and this time it was even more violent.

“Anne?” she called out, slipping her legs out of bed and calling her mother in their native Turkish tongue. She walked into the dark hallway as the building shook again with a concerned look on her face. She found her mother standing in the living room, looking out one of the windows that overlooked a small portion of the city. “Hissettiğin muydun?” Tessa asked as she walked into the living room, wondering if her mother had felt the vibrations.

“Evet,” her mother, Sura, replied, wearing a bathrobe over her nightgown and standing before the window with her arms crossed. The sun had yet to rise, but a pale blue light seemed to illuminate the sky. Tessa joined her in looking out the window. “Do you see that?” Sura asked, tapping on the window pane to a column of smoke that was rising a few streets over.

“Oh no. It isn't another terrorist att...” Sage began as the building shook hard enough to throw them to the floor and the windows exploded inwards as the frame of the building twisted. A thick black smoke rose up from somewhere below them and obscured their view outside. Scrambling up off the floor, Tessa coughed as some of the smoke made it's way into the apartment. It smelled like burnt flesh. “Anne, what is it?” she asked as she grabbed Sura's arm and helped her to her feet.

“I don't know, I...” Sura began, but then stopped as a primal scream was heard from outside. The scream itself seemed to shake the building yet again and it was followed by the sound of more explosions. “I don't know what's going on,” Sura said and moved over to the television and flicked it on. The tones of the emergency broadcast were sounding and it wasn't saying it was a test.

As her mother looked to the television for answers, Tessa went back to the windows and stepped out on the small balcony in order to look for whatever was occurring. Just as she reached the railing, two F-16 fighter jets roared out of the sky and came screaming by their building, making her fall backwards from the sound. Covering her ears and watching them fly further into the city, her eyes widened as an unseen force struck the jets, blowing one to bits while the other suffered catastrophic failures. The F-16 took a hard left and made a circle in the air until it was heading back in her direction with one of it's wings blazing with fire.

She scrambled backwards in the attempt to get to her feet and move, but the jet was coming too fast. It flew just over her head, barely missing the building she was in. As she rolled over onto her belly, she saw the jet strike the side of the next building over before dropping like a rock and exploding onto the streets below. There was chaos all around as a fire on a floor somewhere below them caused smoke to roll upwards over their apartment. Screaming could be heard on the streets and occasionally, an explosion occurred. Gunfire was heard throughout the city. Somewhere in the distance, she could hear a building falling. And hell, the building she was in was continuing to vibrate.

“We have to get out of here,” Tessa exclaimed as she came back inside the apartment, her face covered by soot from the smoke.

“The radio. It says not to go outside,” Sura said calmly, as if she was shocked from what was happening.

“Mom... this building is coming down... It is a war zone out there,” she explained, grabbing her mother's arm and standing her up. “Get dressed then we are getting out of the city.”

Sura looked as if she was full of more questions, but she complied. As her mother put on some clothing, Tessa ran to her room and put on a pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt, along with her running shoes. The way it looked down there, she would need it. After just a few minutes, she met her mother back in the living room and they proceeded into the hallway just as the fire alarms began going off on their floor.

A man ran past them heading towards the roof, laughing as if he were crazy. He was filthy and covered in blood. “The end is here! Praise God!” he exclaimed as he ran past them towards the roof access.

Tessa shook her head and continued forward, leading her mother towards the stairs.

6:45 A.M.

It took them longer than she would have liked to get to the bottom floor, but the stairs were crowded with other evacuees. As they reached the bottom floor, people immediately began screaming and some of them were pushing back to head back upwards. Tessa and Sura hugged the railing of the stairs as people rushed back upwards. Now it seemed as if they were all pushing against them to go the opposite direction. Tessa pushed her way forward, knowing for certain that the building was going to collapse.

As they reached the lobby, they found themselves strangely alone. The sounds outside could still be heard, but for the moment, the echoes of their feet going through the lobby was all that she could hear. She saw the doorway in front of them and it looked as if they were in the clear. Then Sage saw why the people had come running and screaming back up the staircase. Two converted stood over a group of bodies.

The two turned to face Sage and Sura, who were standing about twenty feet away from them hand in hand. As they faced them, a powerful entity passed by somewhere close by and a wave of energy more powerful than anything Tessa had ever seen struck the building. The building immediately began to fall, and as if their cares were forgotten, the two converted along with Tessa and Sura ran for their lives out of the falling debris. One of the converted got struck by falling debris, but the one converted, Sura and Tessa made it across the street in time to enter a coffee shop.

For a time, all that could be seen was a cloud of dust. The air seemed to sparkle, as millions of nanites patrolled the air for their next victim and to seek out those who were to be converted, or punish those who were not strong enough. Sura breathed in the nanites, as did Tessa and they both crumbled to the ground as the nanites coursed through their system. The one converted that survived moved on to do his master's bidding, eliminating those that survived the waves of nanites.

Tessa gasped for air as the tiny invaders swarmed within her and she turned her head and saw her mother staring back at her, experiencing the same as she was. Her eyes grew heavy and seemed to be forced closed as her mind swarmed with a dream. Visions of Apocalypse passed through Sage's mind as the nanites battled against her system in the attempt to convert her. She saw the Horseman, War. She saw her god, Apocalypse. She saw the destruction and the conquering that Apocalypse had in mind. For a moment, she was awestruck by his glory and desired to rise up and further his kingdom. Apocalypse was God. War was his angel of destruction, who she would follow to the death.

But somewhere deep within her, her mutation was aroused as she felt the electric surge of the small entities that were at the heart of this destruction. Each one separate, but each one was also connected with the other. They performed with a hive like mind, with each one performing a specific task in unison with the others in order to change the host. It was the nanites.

They continued to force the projections of Apocalypse's glory into her mind, but now, she could see it for what it was. Brainwashing. Changing. They wanted to change her.

Sage focused in on a single nanite and it appeared within her mind as if she were looking directly at it. She could see the complex technology required to assemble it and it's power source. They were communicating with one another, but they were also being directed by something larger. A host. But she did not have the time to focus on the host... no... because these nanites were attempting to harm her.

One by one, Sage searched through her body with a speed that only her computer-like mind could achieve and destroyed the nanite's power source. Even while moving at critical speeds, it still took her several minutes to free herself of their control. When the final one faded from existence, Sage's eyes fluttered open and she sat up, finding that she was still within the small shop that they had run into.

“Mom?” she asked, rolling over and crawling to her mother's side. Sura was convulsing slightly and a trickle of blood came from within her ears as the nanites within her were busy destroying the unfit host. Sage cried out with fury and touched her mother, immediately reaching into her mother's body in order to attack the nanites that were within her. It took her several more minutes, but in time, her mother was freed from the nanites' hold. While her mother was still breathing, it was obvious that the damage was done.

As the building rattled around her and a crowd of screaming citizens ran down the street and over the rubble of her apartment building, Sage wearily climbed to her feet in order to process what was going on. It would take quite a bit of effort to escape this and get her mother out of here and to medical attention. But one thing was for sure...

All hell was still breaking lose.

Marrow - May 29, 2011 07:26 PM (GMT)
Good to see you interested in a second character, Steve.

Having said that, I really really like this. The sample is leaning towards holycrapwow territory, but knowing what you've put out with Logan I don't doubt that it's of a standard you can't normally reach.

Having said that, I'm not HFC and I can't rightly comment on how that end of things plays out, so another reviewer may ask for changes that I have not.


Betsy Braddock - May 30, 2011 01:35 PM (GMT)
A very interesting take on Sage.

I'll give this my HFC stamp and my app stamp.


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