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Title: LeBeau, Remy
Description: Gambit

Gambit - June 12, 2011 09:10 PM (GMT)

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AFFILIATION: Officially Other, though closely affiliated with X-Men and X-Factor.

FULL NAME: Remy Etienne LeBeau.
NICKNAMES: Le Diable Blanc, Cajun, Swamp Rat, Gumbo.

DATE OF BIRTH: 1980. Remy's only been able to narrow it down to the year, not a specific day.
BASE OF OPERATIONS: New York City - Private Safehouses.
HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana.
KNOWN RELATIVES: Remy is an orphan, so he does not know his real parents.

Jean-Luc LeBeau - Adoptive Father.
Henry Lebeau (deceased) - Adoptive Brother.
Jacques LeBeau (deceased) - Foster Grandfather.
Bella Donna Boudreaux - Ex-Wife.
Marius Boudreaux (deceased) - Father-in-Law.
Julien Boudreaux (deceased) - Brother-in-Law.
Etienne Marceaux (deceased) - Cousin.
Theoren Marceaux - Cousin.


HEIGHT: 6'1''
BUILD: 179 lbs.
EYES: Red irises and black sclera.
HAIR: Brown.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Remy is currently donning an eyepatch over his left eye to cover up the hole in his skull.
CLOTHING STYLE: Remy usually wears his uniform in most places, but if needed for certain occasions or just has nothing planned to do, Remy will happily change out and give his uniform a wash. He fixes up nicely.
UNIFORM: A trenchcoat with a form-fitting uniform beneath. His leather shirt and pants (black) are lined with a light Kevlar weak for more durability against impact, tearing, and bullets. He wears a belt that holsters extra projectiles and his telescopic bo-staff.



Molecular Acceleration - Remy's mutation manifests itself in the ability to manipulate the potential energy stored within inorganic objects and convert it into kinetic energy. The process begins within the bio-kinetic energy within his own body, which he uses to activate the potential energy into kinetic energy in objects upon skin contact. Once an object is charged, it is colored in a glowing fuschia haze as characteristic of Remy's manipulations, signifying that the explosive potential within the object has been activated.

Gambit's manipulations are almost always instinctive. He does not need to put much thought into the amount of kinetic energy activated within an object to make it explode and the results are typically based on his needs. For example, he could trace a circle on a wall and simply have the line dissolve away with little more than a sizzle or turn a chair into TNT. His powers are, however, limited to the amount of mass an object possesses, as an object with greater mass possesses more potential energy. A single card, for example, explodes with a maximum force of a grenade.

In addition to activating the potential energy of an object, Remy can accelerate an object's existing kinetic energy.

Enhanced Physical Attributes - As a side-effect of his bio-kinetic energies, Remy possesses enhanced attributes adapted to deal with the energy swirling around in his body. His agility and reflexes are faster than the natural capacity of a human being. His natural speed, stamina, and coordination are better as well. His metabolism is also much higher due to these bio-kinetic forces, which allows him to metabolize foreign substances a bit faster than the average human.

Static Interference - A passive ability which originates from the charged potential energy always in his body, this energy interferes with the intrusive telepathic waves of even the most powerful telepaths. Though Remy can shut this power off temporarily, he rarely does so.

Hypnotic Charm - Another passive ability as a result of his molecular acceleration. Remy is always exerting a subtle field of energy which effects the processes of nearby sentient minds, allowing him to compel others to listen, trust, agree with, or simply relax around him.

Other Abilities - Gambit can throw objects with extraordinary accuracy from far away, which is both a practiced and natural ability. He usually employs the use of playing cards, but he will also use throwing knives, marbles, darts -- really anything he can get his hands on.

He is also incredibly talented in martial combat. He has trained in Savate, in the use of Bo staffs (he carries a telescopic bo staff on his person at all times), and street fighting.

Remy will also soon be getting a bionic eye to fill the void in his skull. This eye will have optical capabilities limited to colored sight, infrared/nightvision, and zoom.


Gambit's powers only work if he can make skin-to-object contact. His powers of control only apply when physical contact is established and maintained, meaning he can charge something but then remove the charge before contact is released.

Gambit cannot charge any organic substances, be it another person, the annoying small yip-yip dogs, or flowers meant for your mother. If it's alive, he cannot convert its potential energy to kinetic energy. This may be because living organism have a bio-electric field that interferes with his ability.

Remy's hypnotic charm can be resisted by someone in the right frame of mind or someone with a strong enough will.


As with many people who come from a dark and convoluted past, Remy is a highly secretive and complex individual. Raised among thieves and raised to be one of the greatest, Remy is always consciously aware of what he is doing and who is around, keeping note of faces he recognizes, has never seen, and ones to remember. He knows how to move, how to behave, and how to get out of trouble -- especially how to get out of trouble. Due to the environment in which he was raised, his habits tend to be private to the point that he is considered a true loner. Even in the presence of company or when it comes to those he is familiar with, Remy is almost always hiding something. If that something is important, he'll make sure no one knows about it.

When he isn't keeping quiet or ninja-ing about, Remy is quite the socialite. He is incredibly confident and expressive of how competent he is in nearly all fields. Though he might come across as vain or reckless if those fields tend to be daring, Remy never claims to be more than what he is and can prove. Impressing people is incredibly easy, especially when it comes to women. He is charming and knows what he wants, willing to pursue it for as long as necessary until he gets it -- be it of the flesh or a pretty little trinket. His charms and looks are usually enough to get a girl to raise her skirts. Still, raised as a gentlemen, Remy holds women in high regard and will often leap into issues that don't involve him, even if it ends up with him battered and bruised. He only gives them what they want.

Though he is a terrible womanizer and pursuer of the finer things to be experienced on this mortal plane, Remy is one of the most reliable of companions. Among his circle of friends, Remy is willing to do almost anything for them even if it means putting himself in danger to the point where he might be killed. A "bite the bullet" sort, Remy's loyalty is unyielding despite his history as a thief and criminal. This history, however, allows him to work between the lines of different groups. He can trade information, work for multiple groups, all for the benefit of himself and those he cares for.

Remy has a deep distaste for the Brotherhood. Having suffered what he suffered at their hands, the Brotherhood is one of the few organizations he would actively pursue working against. They took his eye, took too many lives, and are beyond the point of being redeemable. Even having been part of the Brotherhood for the better part of two years, the 'friends' he made while there aren't worth keeping around any more. Give or take a few, anyways.


(Primary Differences from previous Gambit: reworked prophecy and removed time travel. Prophecy is now told from a precognitive mutant rather than Remy traveling back in time/picture thing. Time travel completely removed.)

Born to the gutter in New Orleans, Louisana to nameless parents, from the moment he was freed of the wound he was known to be different. His mutation activated before he was even born. As soon as his eyes opened, his parents believed there was something terribly wrong because of his burning red eyes so they abandoned him at the hospital in which he was born. There, he was discovered by members of the Thieves Guild branch centered in the city. Whether it be coincidental or somehow divine in nature, his discolored eyes matched a prophetic vision handed down by the patriarch -- whom Remy would later assume was a precognitive mutant -- of the Thieves Guild, telling of "Le Diable Blanc", the white devil. For the vision of the patriarch's omen matching that of the child's eye, the Guild members took the orphaned mutant into their care.

Remy was placed into the lowest rung of the Thieves Guild -- a gang of street thieves -- and taught the ways of thievery from a young age. Provided with a roof and often forced to steal for himself to get by, Remy absorbed the art of thievery quickly. He could pick locks, pockets, sneak in plain view or hide in a crowd, and became well versed in street fighting. His passive mutations began to flourish, his agility and reflexes far more proficient than any normal child. These years laid the foundation of all the skill and talents he would show when older, the earliest demonstration of which would have been at the age of eight were it not for an odd twist. Remy happened upon a group of men threatening a young blond girl about his age. Naturally, Remy went to help her, but the girl proved to be able to deal with the men herself. The girl, Bella Donna Boudreaux, and Remy became fast friends. He learned that she was actually the daughter of the patriarch of the Assassin's Guild.

When he was ten, Remy attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc Lebeau, the then-patriarch of the Thieves Guild. Jean-Luc recognized the potential of the boy and brought Remy into his own house and raised him and trained him with the expectation of fulfilling the prophecy. As the tensions between the Assassin's Guild and Thieves Guild began to grow and cause conflict, Jean-Luc and the leader of the Assassins planned to arrange a marriage between Remy and Bella Donna when they were eighteen. This was to finally bring the two Guilds together which had been at war for well over a century and finally establish peace. Though Remy and Bella Donna had feelings for one another, they were somewhat reluctant to agree to the union because felt too young for marriage. However, for the sake of both of their Guilds, they agreed to it.

At thirteen, Remy's mutation became fully active. Discovering he could charge inanimate objects with some kind of energy with explosive effects, he learned and practiced his abilities in secrecy. It was something that he had to keep secret, even from his own family, in the event he ever needed a trump card up his sleeve. Remy managed to keep it a secret for nearly two years until he was forced to use it. At fifteen, Remy aided his cousin Etienne through the tilling, a rite of passage for members of the Thieves Guild. On the till, they encountered a woman named the Benefactress who worked between the Thieves and Assassin Guilds in her own independent, but neutral, association. She aimed to sell the boys to an organization named Hydra to purposefully escalate the tension between the Guilds. She worked with one of her associates, Pig, who was an appalling mutant who worked in human trafficking. Remy utilized his powers to free himself and his cousin, but when they managed to get out of the holding cells they discovered they were on a river boat. Pig caught up with them and severely beat Etienne, at which point Remy charged a playing card and threw it at Pig. The explosion severely disfigured Pig, but the monster managed to live. Remy and Etienne were able to jump off the riverboat to swim to safety, but Etienne -- so badly beaten and broken -- drowned. Remy returned to New Orleans with the grim news of Etienne's death and resumed his life with Bella Donna and the Thieves Guild. Remy blamed himself for Etienne's death.

At eighteen, Remy and Bella Donna agreed to fulfill their duty to marry one another in hopes of finally uniting the two Guilds and ending the war between them. As they prepared for the wedding, Bella Donna's brother Julien lashed out in jealousy and disgust for the union and challenged Remy to a duel. Remy won the duel, but accidentally killed Julien in self defense. Despite the nature of his 'crime', Remy was excommunicated and banished from New Orleans by his father Jean-Luc as an attempt to prevent a blood feud from growing between the guilds again. Without being allowed the opportunity to speak with Bella Donna to ask if she wanted to join him, Remy left New Orleans and began to wander through the States, employing his trade for profit.

As time went on, Remy's powers began to flourish and grow to new degrees. He could charge organic materials as well as inorganic and could even charge objects just by looking at them. His power eventually became out of control. He could hardly touch objects without causing them to explode, let alone eat a proper meal. Soon starving and weakening, Remy was approached by a man named Nathaniel Essex, who offered his services to cure Remy of his affliction. Despite his suspicions of the man and his generous offer, Remy agreed and Essex performed a surgical procedure, removing a small portion of his brain. The operation was a success: Remy could once again control his powers. When he asked what Essex wanted in return for the procedure, Essex simply told him he would be contacted to pay his debt. With an ill feeling twisting his gut, Remy nodded the topic away, resuming his life as a thief without issue.

Remy's talents became well known outside of New Orleans. Through the years, he came to have contacts in nearly every major city on the Eastern seaboard a few on the western side of the continent. He became known as a highly reliable resource and was hired to work for many of them. Eventually, however, Remy was contacted by Jean-Luc. His father spoke of two other members of the Tokyo Thieves Guild who had been kidnapped by Pig and meant to be put into the human trafficking network. Remy, who had also been kidnapped by Pig and whose cousin died because of the man, agreed to find them. Remy quickly pursued Pig and was able to find him. Goading the man, Remy reminded Pig that he was the one who disfigured him so and though fought. Coming out victorious and saving the missing thieves, Remy charged Pig's clothes, enacting revenge for the death of his cousin. As they left, Pig's clothing detonated, leaving Remy with a clean spirit.

Upon his return, Remy learned that his father and Belize Marceaux had disappeared. Along with another member of the Guild, a shapeshifter named Courier, they set out to find them. As it happened, the Benefactress reared her ugly head again to cause tension within the world of the Guilds. Infiltrating the Benefactress' adobe to rescue Jean-Luc and Belize, Remy discovered that Nathaniel Essex was in some way associated with her. Investigating further, Remy found that Essex was working under the cover of a man named Milbury. Courier shapeshifted into a woman and scheduled an appointment, but Essex was already aware of who "she" was. Capturing Courier and essentially turning her into a puddle of fluid, Remy made another deal with Essex to save Courier's life. Essex had the Guild track down Ozymandias to procure him a set of text while he restored Courier in exchange for a bit of his DNA. Unaware that Courier was actually a man, Courier remained a woman after his revival.

They were eventually able to defeat the Benefactress, where upon other members of a group of mysterious individuals that called themselves the Externals appeared to take her. Afterwards, Essex erased the knowledge of the texts from the Guild members' minds. Due to Remy's static interference, however, Essex was only able to lock the information deep in Remy's subconscious. Essex allowed them to leave afterwards, reminding Remy that he still owed him a debt.

Bella Donna had risen to take over the Assassin's Guild in her father's stead. Bitter with Gambit for abandoning her so many years ago, she decreed that the truce be lifted and New Orleans was once again a bloodbath. Remy returned to New Orleans upon hearing that Jean-Luc was stepping down as the patriarch of the Thieves Guild after his ordeal with the Benefactress. Ascending to the role of leader, Remy tried to parlay with Bella Donna in an abandoned building downtown. His attempt to make up with her failed. She became so enraged that she attempted to kill him, but he managed to avoid the lethal strike. They did come to a conclusion, however: to end the war, Remy had to leave the Thieves Guild permanently and never return to New Orleans. Agreeing to the deal, Remy left the Guild and New Orleans never to return, finally fulfilling the prophecy of the patriarch.

As years progressed, Remy made enemies and lost friends. Making a habit of living his life in hotels and bars, Remy was on the run from a displeased organization after his head, until he happened on a young woman named Alix three years ago. She spoke of a school with mutants working toward a peaceful existence between both mutants and humans, a dream which honored the belief and ambition of a man named Charles Xavier. Though he was suspicious of the offer, Remy accepted the invitation to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, seeking some sort of respite from his troubles.

Eventually, Remy found the setting a bit restrictive and he moved to X-Factor, feeling that his abilities could be better put to use by them than teaching students how to be thieves. At the inclination of Alex Summers, Remy left X-Factor to become a mole in the Brotherhood. Taking information on both members of X-Factor and the X-Men, Remy presented it to the Brotherhood and was brought into their ranks.

Wolf's Head was a travesty. An attack on the Brotherhood as a favor to the Hellfire Club resulted in the deaths of dozens. Remy participated in this, though he hid his actions. Vainly he attempted to hide women and children, but they were found. In the end, Remy saved none.

After the incident of Wolfshead, Remy brought Alix to the Brotherhood and held her prisoner. Under the guise that she would become his play-thing, Remy took possession of Alix. When Mystique was caught by the Hellfire Club, Longshot was able to convince the Black King to trade her for Alix. Graciously, the Brotherhood accepted and Alix was spared a worser fate.


When the world turned into the end of the world, Remy was conscripted into the joint forces of numerous factions. Participating in the battle against Famine, Remy was infected with Apocalypse's nanites and turned to the side. Upon being converted, Sinister implanted the missing piece of Remy's brainstem back into his body. Gambit was then 'willingly' pitted in battle against the side of good until the Eye of Horus burst an invisible electromagnetic wave across the globe, nullifying the legions of nanite-controlled mutants.

With the return of Remy's brain stem, Remy's powers grew in strength, allowing him to access the potential energies within objects to greater effect. Unlike before, his powers do not effect organic materials.


After the Apocalypse, a young Xavier was discovered in Egypt, leading through a series of events where men and women shifted consciousness with themselves in another universe. Leading towards a union of parallel dimensions, Remy joined the forces of this world against the power of Onslaught, a hybridized monstrosity of Magneto and Xavier.

Halloween, 2009, the Scarlet Witch conjured the demonic entity known as Ghost Rider, the manifestation of all the skeletons in his closet. Thankfully, some ladies and gents were available to save his skin.

Later, led by Cameron Hodge, SHIELD turned its eyes on Coney Island -- the secret home of the Brotherhood's Murderworld. Setting out with an army of soldiers, Remy finally revealed himself as a true ally to X-Factor. Defecting from the Brotherhood, he was able to inform Havok that X-Factor and SHIELD were walking into a trap. Before he could complete his escape from the Brotherhood's domain, he was caught by Primal and taken back to Sanctuary, not as a member of the Brotherhood, but as a prisoner.

Eventually, however, Gambit was able to escape. Thanks to the assistance of a young member of the Brotherhood, Remy's nullification cuffs were turned off. When Primal, the man who plucked out his eye, was sent to pry information out of the Cajun but discovered the lingering scent of Jesse. Gambit -- tortured and broken after months of containment -- was able to resist and incapacitate the saurian mutant. Remy proceeded to escape, recruiting the missing SHIELD agent Dugan and the lost soul, Pietro.

Most recently, Remy was approached to join the SHIELD wetworks team Thunderbolts, but he refused the offer. Instead, Remy decided to fall into the place of an ambiguous shadow. Believing that the Brotherhood would eventually come for him at the mansion, he refused to put them in danger, so he left again to set himself up in New York City. Despite being so distant, Remy remains a close ally of the X-Men and of X-Factor.


JP with Havok.

February 22, 2011. 2:30 am.

Doors. Funny thing about doors: they tended to be locked. Doors of all variable sizes and purposes were locked, but let's be serious, there wasn't a door in the world that could keep anyone who really wanted to get in, out. And given that this particular door wasn't locked given its nature, he freely let himself in. The mechanisms of the simplistic knob shifted, the familiar grating of the door. He remembered this door, the way the top happened to graze against the framing, giving a little scratch. Most doors eventually wore at the frame until it got by without making so much as a creak, but he supposed this was a door that had to be replaced a lot.

X-Factor was the house of mutants, after all, and he gandered they still had plenty of visitors. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head...

The Cajun closed the door behind him with his hand still on the knob. Not wanting to disturb anyone that might be sleeping or even worse, get that mechanical hound of Madison's barkin' mad. Never really a fan of dogs, it was just best to be quiet. Trench coat hovering just above the floor and tapping his boots to free them of a bit of dirt so he didn't track, Remy figured he probably tripped some sort of sensor to alarm a member or two of someone in the entryway. Funny thing about being mutant police: you never really had time off, not when a local could be threatened. Finding no reason to make his presence known otherwise, the Cajun paused for a moment as he caught a glance at a mirror set on a wall. He looked like a stiff, one-eyed mongrel... Not that the fille earlier was complaining...

The dark lobby lit up suddenly from a glowing white fist held high, above the smiling face of Alex Summers. "Here I am, trying to sneak a midnight drink," he held up a can of Dr. Pepper, "Non-Alcoholic, of course, much to my disappointment and strength of will, and I catch a ne'er do well creeping about in the dead of night." He flipped a switch on the wall to bring up the overheads, and banished his powers in a harmless popping of lightly heated rings that puffed at his hair, Remy's coat, and curled the edges of a few sheets of paper on the Receptionist desk. "I can offer you something stronger if you like. I maybe in recovery, but I don't think Lorna found all my hiding places yet."

He offered his hand to his old friend and said, "It's good to see you out and about, Remy. We owe you a hell of a lot more than I think I know how to repay."

Drawn away from his narcissistic admiration of himself, Remy canted his head to the side as the room lit up, illuminated by the raised, plasma irradiated hand of Alex Summers. "Sneaking 'round in de middle of de night's more my thing, non?" Remy replied with a typical casualness despite the nature of his late-night visit. The lights flicked on and Remy squinted his right eye, giving it a moment of adaption to the sudden brilliance against the darkness moments before. The ambient warmth that radiated from the dispersed plasma was welcoming, enough to lure the Cajun a few steps further in. "I wonder if you really want t' tell me where dem brews are, mon ami. Already got 'nough on you to keep you in my debt for de rest of yo' life," Remy grinned. "Doubt yo' beau would want me drinking 'round you, got enough with one magnetic after my head. Best I take all of it off yo' hands -- take 'em t' go."

Gripping Alex's hand firmly with his gloved one, Remy gave a quick shake before letting the bond drop. "You can start by offering me a seat," he said plainly but pleasantly, moving towards one. "Ain't de type to go about licking my wounds anything over two months. Still a bit stiff, 'specially with yo' brother breathing down my neck back at de mansion. Trip downtown took care a bit of that stiffness though," Remy smirked, having been a bit busy earlier in the night. "Doubt he'll be happy 'bout me taking his bike, though."

Settling down, Remy propped a leg over a knee. "Figured I'd drop by and check in wit' how ya'll are doing down here. 'Least you guys are alive, dat's always better than what I thought." Shifting, Remy reached into his jacket, fingering out a pack of cigarettes. "You mind?"

Alex smirked as Remy settled in and he disappeared into his office, returning with an unopened bottle of something that he really shouldn't have, and he shrugged, "Don't be too hard on Scotty. I don't know that he actually understands how he comes off some times." He sank down onto the sofa across from Remy's seat, and propped his stockinged feet up on the table. Alex was still in his night wear, which in his case consisted of loose shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt over his ever present black containment suit. "The way he is though, it's saved the world more than once, so I won't complain too much."

Remy joked about being surprised that X-Factor had made it, and Alex laughed, "I'm always a little shocked by that too, truthfully." He waved a gloved hand at the cigarette, and said, "No, have it. That's the one bad habit I never picked up, but knowing me, that's probably a good thing."

He leaned back and said, "So, how are you getting along, Remy? You had us..." His voice trailed off, and he said, "Dammit, I can't do this small talk. What happened to you, Jesus, I practically handed those bastards your eye on a silver platter, and you're just chit chatting about having a drink."

" 'Least dat ain't open yet," Remy mused, eyeing the bottle from afar. "I know plenty o' people who would'a turned that right up over into there mouths. At least you two Summers got dat in common; stubborn as all Hell." Settling for less, he tapped the package of cigarettes and pulled one out. "Don't blame yo' brother for de way he is. Some people are just born wit' a stick in the mud. I used to be like dat, though I started usin' de stick to hit people wit'. Filles like sticks, might be why Scott got himself such a catch."

Lifting the cigarette and placing it between his lips, the Cajun barely touched the end of the cancerous delight. Charging just a few particles of the paper around the tabacco, causing the white to glow a light fuschia as kinetic energies began to explode on a miniscule scale. Inhaling, the tiny explosions caught and the friction lit the organic matter within, thus the cigarette began to burn. All the while, Alex became frustrated with the situation. Apparently, he was being far too relaxed given the events that had come to pass back in December.

Shrugging carelessly in response, he said, "De way I see it, better this ball in my head than either of de ones down below. Sometimes you just got t' count yo' blessings. If you want t' get down to business, though," Remy began. With a swift turn of the wrist, like a magician, a set of cards were produced in his hand. Leaning forward, he dragged them across the table face down.

"Pick a card, any card," Remy hummed. In the center of the line was something other than a card, a ripped little piece of paper. On it, just an address and a set of numbers. Clearly, among fifty-three choices, Havok had it in him to pick just the right one, right?

"I've gotten pretty good at keeping those bottles closed," Havok said, "Makes me wonder sometimes why I ever started opening them in the first place." He put his head in his hands as Remy so casually joked about his tragedies. "Or maybe I don't wonder so much, and I don't blame Scott for anything. Hell, I wish I was more like him, more stable, stronger, more... more Scott, I guess."

Remy spread out the cards and like any good slight of hand artist, there was more to it than a game. Alex reached for the one card that was not a card, and said, "What did you bring me, Old Friend?"

As Alex reached for the card, Remy puffed a plume of smoke above them, letting it give a pleasant little light-show against the light of the room. The smoke quickly dissolved, caught away by ventalation, and Remy flicked one end of the line of cards over, causing a domino effect as all the cards flipped over -- right into his other skilled paw. Scooping up the deck, Remy leaned back into his chair.

"Those are my new numbers, homme. I got myself a new safehouse t' hide at here in de city. Don't want ol' Bucket Head's goons coming crashin' through de skylight at de mansion or I figure yo' brother will hit me with another eyebeam for it. I'm a wanted man, Alex, and I don't intend t' put anyone in more danger then needed. It's one thing to leave de Brotherhood, it's another thing to blow up a few buildings, aid in de escape of two other prisoners, and," a very cruel, pleased smile came across his face, "bust up one of dem Acolytes in de process. I have no doubt dat Magneto knows I went t' de Institute, he's probably just thinking how to get me outta there without starting a full-blown war. Might not bother with Pietro or Dugan, but me?" Remy smugly relaxed a little more, puffying away at his cigarette. "Ol' Remy knows a lot more than de Master of Magnetism wants him to."

"Dem numbers'll get ahold of me if you ever need me for anythin'. If you can't call me, I guess you can drop by -- just be sure t' bring me any more of de drink you got hidden 'round here and you ain't get followed on your way t' it. When you got dem letters in yo' head, toss it in a fire and make sure it burns. There are few people I can trust and more than plenty who want de rest of my head on a silver platter. But, if you happen t' drop de bomb on dat, I got a few other places to call home dat no one knows of. Just you n' Scott know 'bout dat little hideaway. I won't be teaming up with no-one for a while, but dat won't stop me from doing yo' dirty work. I've already wiped yo' ass enough, how much worse can it get," the Cajun jeered playfully.

Alex committed the address into his memory, not difficult. He had a good head for numbers and facts. Would've been a scientist, after all, if he hadn't been a mutant. Then, with just as much skill as Remy with his cards, Alex allowed his fist to puff out a theatrical burst of super heated plasma, that turned the little scrap of paper into ash. He reached over, and casually dumped the ash into the potted plant that somehow had ended up in their lobby. "I'll try to keep my ass clean in that case, Gumbo," Alex smirked, "Wouldn't want to inconvenience you too much, after all."

He leaned forward and said, "But don't you forget, Remy, you need us, you know where we are. I know how you are, this lone wolf kind of guy, whatever. You've been part of this almost from the beginning. You'll always be part of it. I'm not what big brother is, but I'm still pretty good in a fight. You need a little heat that your pretty pink playing cards can't handle, send me a smoke signal. I'm there."

Crimson-centered eyes paused and stared at the Summer's own in a long, understanding look. Meant for self-imposed exile for as long as he saw fit, Remy didn't need to be told that Alex had his back. Coming from a background where favors were regarded as currency as much as dollar bills, Alex already owed him at least two years worth of them without the compounded interest. It would defintely come handy if he ever found himself in trouble, especially with the older Summers. Two years on the enemy's side and copping a feel from any given redhead was something he was going to have to get over, hopefully without being blasted through another set of windows.

"Guess I better save this, then," the Cajun said as smoke came out with every syllable. Leaning forward, he plucked the cigarette from his lips and pushed it into the ashtray on the table. "Always good t' know I got an ace with circles instead of spades. Don't go knockin' de pink, though," Remy pushed himself to a stand, "Guarantee yo' beau would be wearin' dat instead o' green if I had been here instead wit' de enemy. Well..." he continued with his typical, smug grin. "Dat was, if she'd be wearin' anything at all..."

Before Havok even had a chance to protest the idea, Remy leaned across the table and confiscated the handle of secret booze and began making his way towards the door. "I better be taking yo' brothers bike back before he starts going mad and usin' Cerebro t' track it down. Don't be going and tellin' everyone else I was here, copain, they might start huffin' and puffin' worse than a toad being eaten by a moccasin."

He didn't bother looking back. The information of location had been traded for affirmation, a reminder of an alliance forged in blood, pain, and secrecy. With a flick of a wave over the shoulder with an unlit butt between his fingers, Remy closed the door in his wake and disappeared into the night, knowing that it was far more open than it appeared.

Betsy Braddock - June 12, 2011 09:38 PM (GMT)
I can't personally see anything wrong and I'm good on the early history change, but someone else might. y'know the drill.


Buford Hollis - June 13, 2011 06:21 AM (GMT)
Well, I was surprised to learn that there were time travel elements to Gambit here before, but that's not really your fault.

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